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Amazing Ufo Filmed On Air France Plane

Amazing Ufo Filmed On Air France Plane


// This video is brilliant! Filmed on a cell pone camera above the clouds. Check out the story below for more info.

This UFO was recorded on an airliner heading to France in October, 2014. The Ufo appears to be triangular shaped.

In the video you will see a dark shaped object moving, it disappears behind some clouds. It is hard to tell how far off into the distance this UFO is, but judging by the clouds in the foreground, the UFO seems like it is far from the plane.

We welcome contact with several UFO enthusiasts from around the world, so that we may gather more further data on each UFO sighting.

While many people are skeptical when it comes to the topic of UFOs, we really believe they exist, and we want to keep spreading UFO awareness.



Credit: space-wanderers.blogspot.com

Glowing Object Appears Next To Tv Crew In Russia 2013 Translated

Glowing Object Appears Next To Tv Crew In Russia 2013 Translated


Birds, their element is the sky, but even their in their own territory they are not always without danger. A gliding bird is a beauty and a secret no wonder to these winged creatures are attributed so many songs, tales, poems and legends. But unfortunately in the recent years this beauty is subjected to many dangers. In only the last 350 years..(Male voice) Alesya Look..Female Voice (Russian Exclamation - something analogous to "Oh my goodness")..what it it?..Wow..Blin( Pancake- another common Russian Exclamation)..what is it..(Male Voice) Disappeared..Crazy..(Female Voice)..what was it?..Crazy..

News Anchor: This unusual and unexplained event was stumbled upon by our correspondents Alesya Kveryaka and Andrei Sayenko while filming on the subject on the International Day of Birds. As it was apparent the sky is not only the element of the feathered. Of course we couldn't leave without attention what was seen by our filming group and invited to our studio a specialist who specializes in the so called UFOs which we so apparently saw on our screens. And so please get acquainted with UFologist Ernest Palitaiv.

News Anchor: Good Evening, explain to us what was seen by our correspondents?

Good Evening, Of course I cannot affirm with full confidence. it is needed to thoroughly study your film and talk with your correspondents, but is obviously not a natural phenomenon and judging by the egress of colours, lights and by the evolution of this object itself, they were lucky to witness representatives of an extra planetary civilization. All encounters with UFOs are divided into three categories. When man observes unknown objects in the air, objects that have already landed on the ground and contact with beings that have already landed. In other words the representatives of NIT have become contacts of the 1st kind. Of course I know there are many skeptics who have suspicions about the existence of extraterrestrials. and now arguments are beige sorted out with new strength, but such meetings are only increasing.

News Anchor: But this event can be related to in different ways, in one way to an accidental filming of the object but on the other hand as an unsupported testimony of the witnesses.

Western Ufologists have calculated that from the beginning of the last century to the real time the phenomenon of UFOs has been stumbled upon by over 5 million people, moreover some were famous people. famous Astronomer and Noble Laureate Clyde Tumblr, President of the US Carter, Russian Scientist and Doctor of Technical Sciences Kusov,. And one is blamed of Hallucinations or dilettantism. In our Republic it is also by far not the first report. Of course because it was possible to accidentally shoot the even on film is a miracle. BTW can we see it again..

NIT is a TV channel from the Republic of Moldova, which has a sizable Russian Speaking population.

Interesting footage from Russia which seems to show a glowing object appear behind a TV reporter during a recording. This made news headlines in various parts of Russia last year but the mainstream media did not pick it up or chose not to. What could this object be, an Alien, UFO, or something else, as always you decide.

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The Crypto Crew Does The Loch Ness Monster Really Exist

The Crypto Crew Does The Loch Ness Monster Really Exist
Reprinted From The Crypto Work it Blog:http://www.thecryptocrew.com/2013/08/does-loch-ness-monster-really-exist.htmlWEDNESDAY, Noble 28, 2013DOES THE LOCH NESS Giant Awfully EXIST? Nessie - Complete or Not? By TCC Unit Chunk Dorraine Fisher. Insincere Correspondent, a brand and wildlife follower who has written for recurrent magazinesDOES THE LOCH NESS Giant Awfully EXIST?Important Giant Hunter, Adam Davies, Weighs In By TCC Unit Chunk Dorraine Fisher Utmost of us in the bigfoot world believe in the subconscious while there's loads evidence see-through in a circle out hand over to detail us noble reasons. Hundreds of researchers in a circle North America and in a circle the world are collecting evidence close to whichever day, listening to hundreds of stories and filing reports. It's loads of a perpetual lope of sightings and reports to at least possible detail all of us indictment to believe we deduct to sacrament the chastisement nurture. Bigfoot gets a lot of discontent while he's earned it. He keeps popping up in lots of seats in a circle the world and holding everyone's relate to. But afterward you look at Facebook pages and websites kind to The Loch Ness Giant, hand over doesn't appearance to be so faraway activity; one recent report and photo among a few other strewn sightings over the course of time. No magnitude perpetual usable to the capacity of bigfoot and yeti reports in a circle the world. So does The Loch Ness Giant, aka Nessie in Scotland world power the exact discontent and inclement property from researchers and locals there? Does it righteous exist? I correct had to ask our gorgeous cryptid hunter, Adam Davies, the guy who's undeniably been hand over and absolute the work to look for Nessie and worked similar to Fellow citizen Geographic, Giant Chase, and Common sense Bigfoot, what his way of thinking are on the chastisement. He knows lake monsters exist. He's undeniably seen one. And perpetual still it's a righteous problematical thing in the cryptid world for a cryptid researcher to say he doesn't have faith in a spring cryptid exists, Adam seemed moderately long-awaited clich it's his booth that Nessie doesn't exist, and he explains why: "I convene Kitty Monsters exist. Momentously, so do convincing scientists. In 1999, I was break up of a subdivision which hand-me-down a hydrophone to inhibit the existence of Selma, the Norwegian journal of Nessie. You might fine seek the natural world probably communicating similar to one altered. So zealous was it that it led the River Scrutinize Outset in Bergen to undamaged we had found an unspecified strain. Momentously, I along with saw it. In Loch Ness a appointment later, I tried the exact front door similar to the hydrophone. Basically put, slight from companion, hand over was burn very interesting registering on our hydrophone. Equally might it be in the Kitty then? Turn, to cut all the accounts as see-through logs, wakes or correct lies was incorrect in my booth. I call for somebody seeing a strangely brawny depiction by a Parson who had mechanically seen an brute in the water. He described its exact drift throw down the water. He had mechanically seen an brute. Equally might it be then? Fishermen at Foyers told me they had seen colossal eels in the Loch. Intense eels would school in the shape of the brute recurrent fly were recitation, I finish. I was never a fan of the `sturgeon theory.` I would be favorable to be proved wrong! If character does, I heart seam the queue to flutter their hand. Yet, the now way I can see Nessie undeniably existing is if it is an curious holidaymaker to the Loch."[THIS IS IN Notify Only this minute MY OWN Opinion Moreover. AND IT DOES Nobody TO Deny THE Leading Being OF SUCH A Existence WE Name NESSIE AT LOCH NESS.-DD] But Adam mechanically hasn't lost belief or the accepted wisdom to stay questioning for these types of creatures, as he spoken nurture way of thinking about that in his statement: "Fascinatingly still, I heard on unlike occasions from locals about Loch Morar. One very well exact Nessie detractor suggested that I look hand over to see my take notes Kitty Giant, as did locals. With its clear waters, and without the rambler focus of Loch Ness, it has a real request. If hand over is a Kitty Giant in Britain this is the best linkage to search. I convene Kitty Monsters exist..." So is it expected we all correct at a complete loss a vision popular where Adam's headed next? He wouldn't say, so who knows? But Loch Morar, along with in Scotland, may be the future hot spot to watch for lake monsters. Ensue tuned.
DF [Special Charm to Adam Davies] [IN MY Opinion NO "Kitty MONSTERS" ARE Firm Gear OF ANY OF THE LAKES THEY Can Path Hip. AND WHY Prerequisite THEY BE? THE Consciousness OF MONSTERS INHABITING A Existing GEOGRAPHIC Narrative IS Solitary A Duration OF THE Consciousness THAT CETAIN AREAS ARE Supernatural BY Self-esteem. AND WE ARE NOT Topic With Self-esteem HERE!-DD]

Consciousness And Mathematics The Missing Links

Pulling in evidence collected over his 37 years researching UFOs, Grant Cameron will show that consciousness is a key part of the UFO mystery, and that officials in the US government have known this almost from the beginning.

Grant Cameron will show the patterns in the evolution of the UFO mystery and demonstrate that the forces behind the UFO phenomena are clearly in charge and that they are gradually disclosing their presence on Earth. Quoting key high ranking people such as Wilbert Smith, Dr. Eric Walker, General Wesley Clark, and Ben Rich - Grant explores key UFO events such as the Rendlesham Incident, the CIA 1959 psychic incident, and the Uri Geller Henry Kissinger encounter.

Grant Cameron presented "Consciousness and mathematics - the missing links?" on Saturday August 4th at the 4th Annual British Exopolitics Expo in Liverpool.
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Origin: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

A Group Of Ufos Recorded In St Petersburgs Skies

A Group Of Ufos Recorded In St Petersburgs Skies
Link of this post: http://www.ufosonearth.com/site/a-group-of-ufos-recorded-in-st-petersburg's-skies/


Another VIDEO of the UFO SIGHTING on 22nd March, it shows multiple LIGHTS hovering in the night sky of Cathedral in ST. PETERSBURG, Russia.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


A small GROUP of three UFOS was recorded over Cathedral in ST. PETERSBURG, Russia by a local TV NEWS crew member at night. VERY INTERESTING FOOTAGE.


* Strong UFO Activity in St. Petersburg
* Continuous UFO activity in St Petersburg, Russia
* Two similar Sightings in California and Russia
* UFOs in Moscow
* Outstanding UFO activity recorded in M'exico!
* 9th Feb - Mysterious lights hovering over San Antonio TX

Ufo November 2013 Over Nevada Highway

Ufo November 2013 Over Nevada Highway
UFO sightings - New footage of an unknown lights hovering in the sky above Nevada - near Area 51. This was taken on Tuesday, 12th November 2013. Witness report: On a recent road trip to the Las Vegas area, my curiosity for unusual roadside attractions led me North on Highway 375. The highway is notorious for reports of strange lights and UFOs due to its close proximity to legendary Area 51. My intentions were merely bragging rights for having driven the famous "ET Highway," as well as souvenirs from the equally famous "Little A'Le'Inn." Mission accomplished, I doubled back on the desolate (and now dark) road to civilization. Very uneventful drive for the most part, but the video shows things became more interesting as I approached the end of the stretch of road. First of all...I'm still not convinced in the whole "visitor" thing. So what was this I was viewing? I have spent hours researching the area; maps, videos, images. I am completely baffled! The lights are too perfectly aligned to match any of the terrain in the area. No matter what I saw (which probably wasn't aliens), I cannot deny that it was an awesome spectacle...and the most appropriate location

Reference: project-ufo.blogspot.com

Historical Ufo Research

Historical Ufo Research
After aim the article about the research featuring in the June 23, 1947 Cedar Rapids UFO sighting, a few not compulsory that perhaps we should do that for all these ancient sightings. I think that the accepted wisdom might be even more restlessness than it is dissimilarity. Here's why.The Cedar Rapids case was nit-picking from the time when it was supposed the sighting of a disc took aim preceding to Arnold and even more deeply, it was standard preceding to Arnold. Arranged, the collection was in a news flash, but if the consider it said that he had seen a disc-shaped object and it was reported further on Arnold, it became nit-picking. It would embody that the Arnold nickname didn't blow your own horn the support that whichever blow your own horn while claimed.Now, as I explained, I looked at some sources, together with Dick Hall's "The UFO Facts". A few sources not compulsory the sighting was published in journalists but I possibly will only latch a unattached marginal note and it didn't excerpt a news flash article as the produce. More readily, it cited Conservative Edwards in a 1956 handwriting.So I began the search which at last elsewhere the sighting was not through on June 23, but on the 24th, it didn't live in Cedar Rapids or Iowa, and it wasn't published until one day after Arnold. It became just atypical unattached consider it sighting of whatever thing in the sky that did no one to frontwards our understanding of UFOs.Many of these at the wrong time sightings blow your own horn no one in them to insinuation us. Many of the 1947 sightings that preceded Arnold were reported after Arnold. If donate is no collection to support the date, situation whatever thing old-fashioned further on the Arnold sighting hit the streets (situation with it was published), as a result it does no one for us. In attendance are a choice of of these, but in in the least case I blow your own horn looked at, they were noted after Arnold.I went sanction directly Keith Chester's enormous "Witty Dealing", looking for sightings of Foo Fighters that were described as disc produced. The restlessness was all of the sightings he calm were told to him longing after Arnold had told his sham. That doesn't mean that they were no athletic or were confabulations; it just means that they couldn't be standard preceding to Arnold.This all came about somberly from the time when I meet to document disc-shaped craft further on Arnold... and donate is very follow up to do that. Yes, I discern that John Martin used the term in the late 19th century but it was a nickname of extent reasonably than shape.Yes, I discern that we can focus directly sighting reports from the at the wrong time 20th century and latch whichever. But these are all preceding to 1940. While I meet to latch was whichever disc-shaped craft reported amid 1940 and Arnold in June 1947.All this is a sprawling way to embody that looking featuring in the sightings that were reported after Arnold but claimed to blow your own horn been through further on Arnold isn't leaving to insinuation in what I meet to do. A few of these sightings are of no real exact be thankful for no belongings with they were published. They were unattached consider it and any evidential be thankful for they had has longing lined.In attendance is one thing that possibly will be done. All and sundry can do what I did between the Cedar Rapids sighting. Check on it down. If you live in a town between one of these old sightings, you might want to see if you can get to the original story and not the one that is at this point being reported. If you latch the information is sharpen, so radically the get around... but I'll bet that it has been unwise in some way. I don't discern how a choice of mature I blow your own horn tried to fly a sighting to the original produce only to latch it is boomingly sundry or trustworthy let fall, was never reported. Everyone through it up longing after the fact.The closing stages is that whichever sightings are just of no real concern... others should be busy to the original produce and see how that lots up between what we see today... and these days donate are whichever very nit-picking sightings that should be in the nude of the rumors so that we can specify on the facts.

Private Prison Charges Inmates 5 A Minute For Phone Calls While They Work For 1 A Day

Private Prison Charges Inmates 5 A Minute For Phone Calls While They Work For 1 A Day
WHY ARE SO MANY BLACK MEN IN PRISON? A Comprehensive Account Of How And Why The Prison Industry Has Become A Predatory Entity In The Lives Of African-American... The Largest Prison System In The World.
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Credit: mystery-sky-lights.blogspot.com

Phoenix Lander Covered In Frost And Carl Sagans Impact On Astrobiology

Phoenix Lander Covered In Frost And Carl Sagans Impact On Astrobiology
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:g MESSAGE - The search for extraterrestrial life need not be limited to the government or scientists. Don't believe it? Then check out this Web site "Amateur SETI: Project BAMBI (Bob and Mike's Big Investment)", which describes the design and construction of a 4 GHz amateur radio telescope dedicated to SETI.g COSMICUS - NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured images of the Phoenix lander shrouded in dry-ice frost on Mars. Phoenix has been inactive since the completion of its mission in November 2008. Early next year, scientists will try to contact the lander to see if it is still able to communicate. See article.g LEARNING - Carl Sagan's life and work were monumental in astronomy and public outreach, and he had a profound influence on many people. See article.g AFTERMATH - Search for Life in the Universe: In this two-part essay, Director of the Hayden Planetarium, Neil deGrasse Tyson, reflects on the scientific and cultural implications of finding life elsewhere in the cosmos. Read Part I. Read Part II. Note: This article is from 2003.Get your SF book manuscript edited

Life Bearing Planets Between The Stars And Mars Exploration Rover Opportunitys New Mission

Life Bearing Planets Between The Stars And Mars Exploration Rover Opportunitys New Mission
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g ABODES - Researchers say life-bearing planets may exist in vast numbers in the space between stars in the Milky Way See article.

g LIFE - A fragment recovered from the "Sutter's Mill Meteorite," which fell to Earth on April 22, has been generously donated to NASA. Now, research on the meteorite fragment could bring answers to unsolved mysteries about our solar system and the origins of molecules necessary for life. See article.

g COSMICUS - NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has driven off of Greeley Haven after surviving yet another Martian winter. Opportunity will now make its way toward veins in the bedrock on the northern edge of Cape York to study whether or not they contain minerals deposited by flowing water. See article.

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Triangle Ufos What Are They

Triangle Ufos What Are They
In the last 20 to 30 years you will find an abundance of UFO reports describing "V" shaped or Triangular craft. They are often silent, have multiple glowing amber or white round lights on the underside, and range in size from relatively small to as large as a mile wide, as in the case of the Phoenix Lights incident back in 1997. The Phoenix Lights incident is one of the most compelling UFO cases in history, with hundreds if not thousands of credible folks who clearly witnessed an extremely large "V" shaped craft fly over a good swath of Southern Arizona, including the greater Phoenix area. While triangle or "V" shaped UFO sightings are not commonly as large as witnesses described in Phoenix, they are quite numerous. Other sightings worth noting would be the Boomerang shaped Hudson Valley New York UFO sightings in the early 1980's and the Belgian Triangle UFO wave from 1989 to 1990.

So what are these craft? There are some who claim these sightings to be experimental airships that are being tested by the government or by government funded aerospace companies. The video at the bottom of the post is a promo for JP Aerospace, and their ATO Airship to Orbit program which is in full swing. What's interesting is the fact that this program uses an Ascender airship, which is a fairly large "V" shaped craft, and a second "V" shaped craft, an Orbital airship which is about a mile long... sounds familiar huh?

It would be easy to point to programs such as this one as the smoking gun in many cases where "V" shaped or triangular craft are witnessed. But there are many problems with that assumption, at least in regards to this particular program.

Clearly, these craft are not what witnesses have been reporting. For starters, the "mile long" Orbital airship is a "lighter than air" craft that can only be built and flown at 140,000 feet or it would not survive within the turbulence of earth's atmosphere. The Ascender airship? Its just a big "V" shaped balloon which will float up vertically to very high altitudes... so it basically will fly in a similar fashion to any airship or intelligently controlled balloon. Certainly this craft is not capable of incredible speeds, or the gravity defying maneuvers that have been described in many of the triangular UFO reports. The ATO craft specifications don't seem to fit most of the UFO report descriptions either, in many ways, including the lights that are often witnessed on the reported crafts. However, this program is only one example. We can only imagine what similar top secret technologies the government may be working on.

Let us not forget the fabled TR-3B, if it does exists it could be responsible for many triangle UFO reports over the last two decades. But a government black project supposedly based on reverse engineered alien craft is entirely another discussion in itself. There is an ongoing debate on the existence of the TR-3B and its counterparts and there is much to explore in regards to this craft. It is also worth mentioning that the TR-3B's alleged maiden flight was not until sometime in the early 90's which would not account for the Belgian sightings which occurred previously. There are numerous claims that the Belgian sightings were actually sightings of the TR-3B. Regardless of the dates, we must ask... why would the U.S. government fly a top secret craft around Europe instead of the many remote and secured areas we have here in the U.S.?

Then there are claims that the government has built and flown "lighter than air" transport craft, delta or triangular in shape with ground based, possibly microwave or tether based propulsion. Others suggest that the craft may be using electrokinetic or electrostatic propulsion in which electrostatic fields accelerate ions in the air surrounding the craft to produce reaction force and create lift. While these technologies do exist, I still find it unlikely that a "lighter than air" craft as large as a mile wide would be able to handle the turbulence and surface winds of the Earth's atmosphere.

Next we have the Stealth Blimp... often mentioned as the possible culprit behind some triangle UFO reports. But just look at the image below... I think you will agree there is no point in discussing further.

Last but not least, you have the most reasonable question to ask in many reported triangle UFO cases... why would the government fly top secret experimental craft over populated areas... over Phoenix Arizona at 8:30pm on a clear evening for example.

There is certainly a possibility that some triangle UFO sightings are "ours" but this cannot account for all reports of triangular craft. In fact, triangle UFOs have been reported since the 1960's. It is doubtful that we had anything in the air, experimental or not, back then to explain some of the early triangle UFO reports. There are many questions, in fact more questions than answers on the subject of triangle UFOs. The mystery and the speculation deepens with every new sighting.

What do you think they are? Please comment. I would love to hear your theories.

Check out the ATO promo video below. Please let me apologize in advance for the soundtrack that JP Aerospace chose for this video... wow... not a good choice. I have also included a link to the brochure for the ATO program. It is an interesting program even though it does not provide any answers on the triangle UFO mystery, but its all food for thought.

JP Aerospace: ATO Program Brochure


Reference: mayan-secrets.blogspot.com

Lunar Water Could Exceed Volume Of Great Lakes And Planetary Protection Measures

Lunar Water Could Exceed Volume Of Great Lakes And Planetary Protection Measures
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g ABODES - New research from NASA-funded scientists indicates that the volume of water molecules locked inside the Moon's interior could exceed the amount of water in the Great Lakes. Water on the Moon could be an important resource for future explorers beyond our planet. See article.

g MESSAGE - In 2001, California astronomers broadened the search for extraterrestrial intelligence with a new experiment to look for powerful light pulses beamed our way from other star systems. Scientists from the University of California's Lick Observatory, the SETI Institute, UC-Santa Cruz, and UC-Berkeley used the Lick Observatory's 40-inch Nickel Telescope with a new pulse-detection system capable of finding laser beacons from civilizations many light-years distant. Unlike other optical SETI searches, this new experiment is largely immune to false alarms that slow the reconnaissance of target stars. See article.

g AFTERMATH - In order to retrieve samples from another place in the solar system that might harbor life, careful planning is required to ensure that mission designs incorporate measures to safeguard both the Earth and other solar system bodies from cross contamination. These measures, collectively known as planetary protection measures, are actually tied to international law. See article.

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Ufo Theories On Mysterious Sunken Object Are Preposterous

Ufo Theories On Mysterious Sunken Object Are Preposterous
"By Amrutha Gayathri, International Business Times"Latest news from 'ufologists' is about the mysterious sunken object discovered by a team of ocean explorers on the floor of Sea of Bothnia (northern Baltic Sea). The round object measuring 60 meters in diameter has been dubbed "unusual" and according to Peter Lindberg, the initiator of the expeditions, he "has never seen anything like it."The Ocean Explorer team along with Franskabolaget.com discovered the "strange anomaly" on June 19, during a sonar survey of the sea floor. Lindberg who has "spent hundreds of hours watching sonar images of the sea floor" says, "it's up to the rest of the world to decide what it is."Though Lindberg and his team make the discovery sound "unusual" their statements regarding further research of the "strange" object isn't satisfying. "It is not in our sphere of interest to go for this object since the cost for each hour out on the sea are tremendous" Lindberg says, "Since it might be nothing we cannot afford spending funds just to have a look at it, even if it might be a 'new' Stonehenge standing on the bottom."Continued:http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/192736/20110804/ufo-flying-saucer-mystery-sunken-object-ocean-explorer-ice-age-alien-extra-terrestrial-stonehenge-ba.htm

Paranormal Whispers

Paranormal Whispers
Have you ever noticed how the information for some paranormal type videos circulating around the net degrades, it's like a game of Chinese whispers (P.C version someone?), the info is out there but as the videos fade away and reappear with renewed interest, info gets lost and usually new investigations and discussions ensue.

It would be nice if the originating info traveled with such videos, but that's just not the nature of the net.

Below are a few examples of videos that seem to have sustained interest, though info doesn't travel well with them.

Ghost girl in the corner - Classic and remains popular. I've been meaning to do a follow up post about this video because I know more about it now than when I first posted about it, info definitely doesn't travel well with this one.

Prison Ghost - Also pretty popular, the info should be easily passed on, featured on the show Ghost Hunters.

Gettysburg ghost video - This one travels a lot and always has great discussions, the info is actually very difficult to find though.

Fallen Angel - Very popular and has a possible explanation, haven't delved to much deeper though, discussions revolve around nearly anything under the sun and over it.

Alien Abduction Video - Pops up quite often, I think I need to update that post.

Area 51 Caller - I think the info about this one is pretty easy to find and I feel it's a classic that always deserves new discussion.

UFO falling in the Dessert - Spectacularly UFOish that if you don't already know where it comes from, searching specifically for NASA most likely wouldn't spring to mind.

The above videos are so widely popular that a lot has been written about them, a lot of it noise (like this post maybe).

Below are a few newer videos that I think will go in the same direction as the ones above.

Haiti UFOs - These buggers are still pretty popular and I feel they're staying put for awhile yet.

Unicorn Video - Probably always do the rounds.

Am I contributing to the noise? I certainly hope not lol. I guess it's easy to see how info gets lost when videos remain popular for so long, people write about them in so many different ways that info gets added, left out, changed, forgotten. It's good to see that there is interest though.

Strange Days Strange Tales A Valentich Connection

Strange Days Strange Tales A Valentich Connection
On Monday 21 October 2013 35 years will have passed since young pilot FREDERICK VALENTICH disappeared on a flight to King Island in Bass Strait. It is one of the major aviation mysteries of Australia. "THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE HAS BEEN PREPARED TO SEE IF THERE IS ANYONE OUT THERE "WHO CAN HELP WITH INFORMATION PERTINENT TO THE STORY REVEALED HERE."Background can be found via the following link:http://theozfiles.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/valentich-file-revealed.html

"CONSIDER THIS AS A PRELIMINARY PROGRESS REPORT ON SOME STRANGE DAYS AND STRANGE TALES IN THE LIVES OF SOME UFO RESEARCHERS PURSUING A POSSIBLE RESOLUTION OF ONE OF THE STRANGER FOLIOS FROM THE OZ FILES - THE AUSTRALIAN UFO STORY."THE UNEXPLAINED FILES" series on the DISCOVERY SCIENCE CHANNEL debut in September 2013 featuring a good recreation of the extraordinary 1978 Valentich mystery. My friend GEORGE SIMPSON (based in Melbourne Victoria) was instrumental in the excellent accounting of this story on the programme.The disappearance of young pilot FREDERICK VALENTICH and the Cessna (VH - DSJ, Delta Sierra Juliet) he was flying over Bass Strait and the UFO encounter he described in his conversation with Melbourne Air Service controller STEVE ROBEYare all extraordinary aspects of one of the major aviation mysteries of Australia."The lost Cessna VH-DSJ"photographed at Essendon Airport in 1974"(VUFOA/Victorian plane mechanic archive)"The Roy Manifold photo showing a possible UFO"The programme featured Steve Robey obviously still distressed about the disappearance of Valentich. Frederick's younger brother Richard gave the family's dimension to the story. Both these elements remind us that a disturbing and tragic element still haunts this mystery. George Simpson interviewed ROY MANIFOLD who took some intriguing photos at the time and locality of Valentich's departure from the Australian mainland on route to King Island in Bass Strait. There were many other interesting aspects described in the programme.

"George Simpson"

"Roy Manifold discussing his photos with George Simpson"In the wake of the release of the long awaited official Valentich files from the Australian government's Department of Transport during June 2012, (largely through the persistence of KEITH BASTERFIELD) which provided information for a wide range of conflicting theories, the Discovery Science programme reminds us that the disappearance of Frederick Valentich and the Cessna is still a mystery for which we have no certain answers.

"The Department of Transport "Valentich" file V116/783/1047"DR. RICHARD HAINES who investigated the case and authored a book on it - "Melbourne Episode - case study of a missing pilot" (1987) facilitated the airing of the actual strange sound heard at the end of Frederick Valentich's last radio conversation with Steve Robey. I heard the tape back in 1984 when I stayed with Dr. Haines in California.

It was Richard Haines comment in the programme that the sound might be of contact between the Cessna plane (DSJ) and the UFO Valentich had been describing in the six minute conversation that caused me to suddenly reconsider a very strange story I had come across back in early 1995.

HIGH STRANGENESS IN COONABARABRANThe "Coonabarabran Times" of Coonabarabran, in north west country New South Wales, Australia, in its November 17th, 1994 issue, carried brief details of an apparent close encounter with a diamond shaped UFO near ground level on November 15th, 1994, on the Mendooran road to the south of the town. With the assistance of local police, I was able to interview the 4 principal witnesses to this apparent close encounter.

The Mendooran Road UFO was initially seen as a large light source hovering over the nearby road. An approaching car appeared to cause the object to start moving. and slowly move closer to a farm house, where the 4 adults witnesses were observing it. At its closest point all witnesses described it as a massive object - a diamond shape with lights around the edges, with window like structures within the body of it. There was a very bright yellow light inside it. It appeared to be at tree height and of massive dimensions. As the 4 adults left the house verandah to go closer to the silent object, which seemed to be only 300 yards away and slowly passing along side the house area, it suddenly accelerated at a phenomenal speed and disappeared in the distance. After the object had passed by there was a tremendous high pitched engine noise, almost like a sonic wave.The details were so striking I decided to do an on site investigation. Further still I had long known that Coonabarabran seemed to be a haven for UFO stories. There were many reports that my friend Robb Tilley and I would investigate over the days we were in the area.Here are a few of them. On the same section of Mendooran Road of the November 1994 incident a driver coming from Sydney to Coonabarabran had an encounter in which the radio and other electrical items in the car were affected.I spoke with a gentleman who witnessed another massive diamond shaped object while timber cutting near Binaway, back in about 1979. His companion allegedly took a photograph, which my informant indicates he saw. It apparently showed a silvery shape with sections without the observed lights. The informant states he was told the army took the photo and he believes that his companion ended up in a mental home. He implied it was due to the photo incident.

AN ASTRONOMER'S UFO SIGHTINGThe Sydney Morning Herald of January 11, 1995 ran an article featuring a UFO sighting by DR. JOHN DAWE, the manager of the Sidings Spring Observatory, near Coonabarabran. Dr. Dawe is an internationally respected astronomer. The article stated that many months ago he was driving back from Sydney with his wife and daughter."We were going up a hill near Merriwa, at the top of the Hunter, when I happened to look up at the sky. There was a uniform, grey cloud cover, but suddenly something seemed to detach itself, hover for a while, then fall vertically very quickly below the brow of the hill. I yelled an expletive, which made everyone take notice. My wife saw the same thing, but by the time we got to the top we couldn't see anything."My tentative explanation was that it was a weather balloon. But it was grey, rather than silver, and was elliptical horizontally, not vertically."Dr. Dawe was quoted as saying it was "classic stuff."It was something I still cannot explain. But I am 99.99 per cent certain it was nothing alien."Dr. Dawe did not respond to a letter I sent him, but another Coonabarabran astronomer told me that he felt Dr. Dawe's report was only unexplained because unfortunately Dr. Dawe could not stick around immediately after the sighting and thoroughly investigate the matter. The sentiment expressed was that an explanation would have been forthcoming had a prompt investigation occurred.

LAURIE'S STORY FROM A SOUTH AUSTRALIAN FARMERABOUT A UFO "> One story was utterly startling and unbelievable, but it was apparently connected to the Valentich mystery, initially told to me by one of the Coonabarabran witnesses who had heard it through Laurie. Others encouraged us to ask Laurie about other stories. We did both, but the story in question stood out.Laurie told us he had heard the story directly from a South Australian farmer who had bought a property in the north west of New South Wales. The farmer had come into his business and the talk had strayed onto UFOs. He shared with Laurie an experience he had on his South Australian property on the day following the disappearance of Frederick Valentich.The farmer said he was harvesting lucerne when he heard a loud screeching sound coming from the harvester. He thought it might have been a bearing, so he uncoupled the harvester from the tractor's power drive, and jumped off and went back to have a look. The farmer was trying to work out the source of the continuing noise, when he became aware that he was in shadow. He looked up and saw he was directly underneath a large "saucer" shaped object, and going by the size of his harvester, he estimated it to be about 30 metres across (approximately 90 feet). The loud screeching noise continued. From directly underneath the object the farmer reportedly could see two concentric outer rings or bands that were counter rotational and were operating at different speeds. One went very fast, so fast that you had to blink to see that it was moving. The other one was moving very slowly in the opposite direction. There were two small protuberances that the farmer took to be rudders, and two large holes, one had 'shimmering heat' coming out, the other was shooting small flames.The farmer began to think there was something horribly wrong with this huge object and that it might crash down on him. So he ran to get out from under it. He got the impression that one of object's engines had stopped working. As he moved away the farmer looked back at the object which he could now see edge on. It had a large dome on top, and what looked like a black weather seal along the base of the dome structure. He then noticed what looked like a "church door with a curved top, but no windows or handles were visible."He then told Laurie the most unusual thing was that he saw the massive object had a Cessna stuck to the outside of it - "the whole aircraft." It was flat up against the side of the object with it's tail hanging down. Laurie said he was not sure whether the farmer said there was engine oil running down the outside of the Cessna but he could clearly see the plane's registration markings.He found a nail and scratched the plane's registration number into the paint of his tractor. According to Laurie, the farmer said the object - "the saucer" - still accompanied by the screeching sound then flew away over a ridge in the direction of a nearby Army range.The farmer said to Laurie he told no one about what happened. He went into town later in the day. One of his neighbours saw him and apparently said, "I see you are doing some more crop spreading". He said no, why do you say that. The neighbour said, "I saw the Cessna today up in your top paddock." The farmer told Laurie, he replied to his neighbour, "There's no Cessna in my top paddock." The neighbour insisted, "Yes there is, I was up near there, I saw it there today." The farmer said, "That's interesting, I'll have a look when I get home."He went up to the top paddock and saw no plane, but he did see three tyre marks and some tracks from a plane. He followed the tracks to where they ended, and there was "a pool of 'flamin' engine oil" on the ground. I recorded the story from Laurie on two separate occasions, one over the phone in January 1995 and face to face in Coonabarabran one month later in the presence of my friend Robb Tilley. Laurie was impressed with the story. Robb and I simply did not know what to think. Getting further information proved elusive.As I had lived through the Valentich mystery unfolding at the time in 1978 and had written extensively about the research and investigation of the extraordinary events I was acutely sensitive to the bizarre and strange aspects. I also had contact with Guido Valentich, Frederick's father and I knew that he had been exposed to various claims about what had happened to his son. He even helped me investigate one claim, which ultimately ended in no real resolution, just another unverifiable claim. Sadly Guido Valentich passed away without a definitive answer to his son's disappearance.With Laurie's account from the farmer I had yet another extraordinarily bizarre and unbelievable claim. Laurie told me the farmer returned on another occasion with the Cessna's registration number. It was DSJ the number of Valentich's Cessna. This in itself was not convincing for me because that information was widely reported at the time of the plane's disappearance.I did not want to burden the Valentich family or authorities with yet another unverified story. The biggest problem the story had for me then was that Laurie couldn't recollect the farmer's name. He told me he had written all this down in notes, but he had not been able to find them. I stayed in touch with Laurie for a while but despite attempts to come up with a name, without his notes we couldn't progress the investigation unless we had a vast amount time and resources available. I circulated a brief account on Paranet (a favoured research internet facility) at the time but nothing came of it. So the story stayed a sleeper until Dr. Haines comments on the Discovery Science programme "The Unexplained Files." I immediately accessed my notes and tapes and began to evaluate whether the considerably improved resources of the internet, social media and other resources would now allow another attempt at getting to the heart of the story. Sadly, I quickly learnt that Laurie had past away about 7 years ago.I contacted George Simpson and shared the story with him. We both agreed that despite the bizarre nature of the story we should try to see if we could track down anyone who had knowledge of the story and see if we could get a name for the farmer. We have since been tracking down all sorts of clues.

THE BIZARRE STORY OF A NSW FARMERWe have even talked with a farmer who described a similar experience - a UFO over his property with a Cessna attached to it on the day following the Valentich disappearance! His is a story with bizarre additions to the tale told to Laurie. It seems this farmer may not have talked to Laurie in Coonabarabran. He was not from South Australia and his property was in southern central News South Wales near the Victorian border! The former farmer, from southern New South Wales, talks of a part of his property he gave over to UFOs that would land from time to time. This became an obsession that his neighbours became aware of. He even tried crude strategies to catch the UFOs.Then allegedly, there was the day and night the UFO came with a Cessna plane attached to the side of it. The story this farmer told included a visit to his homestead by a pilot, accompanied by a strange person, seeking aviation oil, a strange story of a pilot "forced" to fly a Cessna away from the area and an impossible tale of an object from the plane left in a tree stump as a clue, the farmer thought, that the pilot and "the plane" had been there, hoping to be found. The farmer thought this was a flight recorder "black box," but this certainly could not be, as civilian Cessna aircraft, such as VH-DSJ, did not have one. That connection and other factors make this former NSW farmer's story both troubling and problematic. His former neighbour, who I have spoken to, does not confirm details attributed to them, but does confirm curious UFO stories all coming from the former farmer, some seemingly predating October 1978 - the period the Valentich disappearance occurred in.Had he heard the story of the South Australian farmer and made it his own, absorbing it into his own UFO obsessions? There are perhaps curious echoes with other diverse tales of Valentich returning from Spanish, Russian and American sources, none which convinced me upon trying to thoroughly examined the dubious evidence for them.We have not yet found the South Australian farmer who spoke with Laurie. All our investigations to date have supported that Laurie had a great memory, but unfortunately in this case when it came to names we need his notes and these may be lost to us. We hope not. Our investigations continue as we go through a number of different names and clues. We hope that our investigation or someone reading this might have facts that will stand up to scrutiny and give us the possibility of figuring out if this wild tale is the stuff of UFO high strangeness and an answer to the Valentich mystery, or just another ultimately unverified story. Hopefully time will tell and we will be able to report further on this fascinating or beguiling story.

CAN YOU HELP?We owe it to the Valentich family to find out. Contact George Simpson or me if you have any information that might help in our investigation at AUFORNVIC@OPTUSNET.COM.AUOR BILLOZFILES@TPG.COM.AU Some things are certain in our wild ride - these are strange days, strange tales. Far less certain is whether we are trying to resolve a genuine story, strange echoes of one, or a tall tale from down under - a strange kind of bush "urban legend" in the making. So far it has been an intense, intriguing and occasionally frustrating investigation of a tale from the OZ files.

Kepler Identifies 706 Potential Alien Worlds And Searching For Fossils On Europas Surface

Kepler Identifies 706 Potential Alien Worlds And Searching For Fossils On Europas Surface
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g ABODES - NASA's Kepler spacecraft hunting for Earth-like planets around other stars has found 706 candidates for potential alien worlds while gazing at more than 156,000 stars packed into a single patch of the sky. See article.

g LIFE - Jupiter's moon Europa has a salty ocean where life could exist. A thick ice shell separates the ocean from our exploration vehicles, and it's not known how far down we'd need to drill. But why drill at all, when evidence for life could be lying right on the surface? See article.

g MESSAGE - Should we modify the Drake Equation to account for civilizations which actually engage in deliberate interstellar transmission? See article.

g COSMICUS - The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) obtained its first astronomical images during its inaugural night flight on May 26. This is one of the biggest milestones achieved to date and keeps SOFIA on track for the start of science flights later this year. See article.

g LEARNING - Book alert: "Are We Alone? Scientists Search for Life in Space" by Gloria Skurzynski begins with the classic question: Are we alone? After discussion UFOs and common public misconceptions about aliens visiting Earth, Skurzynski goes to where the real science is happening. She brings her considerable writing skills to this delightful book, which spans astrobiology, the study of life as we know it on Earth and the search for life beyond Earth. Scientists look for life using microscopes, telescopes, space missions, and planetary explorations. They study extremophiles, organisms that live in extreme environments on Earth, in the hopes that they will lead us to a better understanding of how life may exist in space. This book visits scientists across the globe who are trying to find out more about life, from Puerto Rico to California, from Socorro, New Mexico to Chile, Finland, Spain, and Hawaii. It's a good read and a great adventure. Selected by National Science Teachers Association and Children's Book Council as a "Best Book." (Hardback: National Geographic, 96 pages, 2004).

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Ufo Sighting In Scottsdale Arizona On June 11Th 2013 Appeared To Be Stationary At My First Discovery

Ufo Sighting In Scottsdale Arizona On June 11Th 2013 Appeared To Be Stationary At My First Discovery
UFO SIGHTING IN SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA ON JUNE 11TH 2013 - APPEARED TO BE STATIONARY AT MY FIRST DISCOVERY, THEN DECENDED TO A POINT, THEN DECENDED VERTICALLY, THEN OBSTRUCTED BY HOMESAt approximately 8:30 PM yesterday evening, I was in the task of bringing my dog outdoors to relieve himself. I glanced into the starlight sky and noticed a strange glowing object: The object was orange in color, blurry and I could not identify any specific shape, although it could best be described as being an orb. At first, the object appeared to be stationary, and in a location approximately 45 degrees from the horizontal, and as such, I could not determine its approximate size, other than to estimate that if I were to extend my arm and judge the size by my thumbnail, I would estimate the size from that ratio as being the size of my thumbnail. The position first appeared to be West and appeared to be stationary, however it could very well be traveling toward me, giving the illusion of being stationary. My observation of the object in this apparent stationary position was approximately 10 seconds (again, my time of observationcould have been in that position for a greater time duration). Without taking my eyes off this object, I reached for the patio door to open it and instruct my fiance to come outside immediately to witness my observation. At that point in time, we both observed the orb moving slowly Southward while descending at approximately a 30-degree angle from the horizontal, stopping briefly, then descending vertically, then becoming out-of-view, obstructed by the neighborhood homes. This object was absolutely silent; had NO trail or tail in its motion; was of constant orange-bright light intensity. We listened to the 10:00 PM news, expecting to catch a story, believing that we couldnt possibly be the only two witnesses of this event. We both remained calm throughout this experience. Observing that the object was consistent in appearance until our view was blocked by neighborhood homes, we could not determine whether the object landed, impacted, disappeared, or perhaps penetrated the earth. We expected to see a report on the 10:00 PM news; on-line; morning news...heard nothing.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via MUFON.com)Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

The Garden Path Beckons

The Garden Path Beckons
There are discomforting similarities between the events in Stephenville Texas last week and the Phoenix Lights incident. The one major difference is that Phoenix happened over a large metropolis and Stephenville is out in the sticks.

So why am I disturbed by these similarities? It is because of the way, 11 years later, that I now perceive the Phoenix Lights events. I don't believe that what floated around over the capital of Arizona on that evening of March 13th in 1997 was an extraterrestrial craft. I think the event was deliberately staged to reinvigorate the UFO story for intelligence purposes. I think it was a brilliantly acted out performance that involved a deliberate confusion of sightings and a conflict involving flares. The actual object seen was some sort of dirigible, possibly some sort of lifter, or maybe even something especially rigged up for the occasion.

Dirigibles, flares, and a very large object as big as the proverbial football field, as in Phoenix, have all been mentioned in relation to Stephenville.

I think we have to ask ourselves what exactly it is that we expect from sightings like Phoenix and Stephenville. It's a rhetorical question because the answer is clear. What we hope is that these are genuinely anomalous objects that carry within them intelligent life from another planet. Although some people might earnestly argue differently, they might mitigate or qualify, if truth be told, we want aliens.

Just how likely is that? Just how likely is it that life from another planet would choose to get so close to our planetary surface and then just parade itself around in this fashion and fly off again?

Now it is true, and I've said this before, that I don't know what might go on inside an alien's mind, so of course I cannot categorically insist that Phoenix and Stephenville did not involve extraterrestrials. Furthermore, I could be totally wrong on another front; the heat generated from Stephenville has attracted genuine astronomical interest and there are suspicions that some of the sightings have a natural origin to them. This is still up in the air, as are a lot of facts, but for the purposes of this thread, let us assume that this particular direction proves fruitless.

So what are we left with? Another town becomes a tourist hot spot and its local industry becomes invigorated. The subject of UFOs is thrown once more into the public limelight, having barely recovered from its previous brush with the Presidential race. There is some ridicule but in the main, it gets serious coverage. Well, if anyone within the Disclosure movement had half an ounce of brain matter, then they should be getting hysterical just at this moment and screaming that all these UFO events coming along so closely, one after the other, is surely an indication that we're being "prepared" and that full disclosure has to be imminent. Be funny if they were right.

In my estimation, we're just being dragged over the coals again, played and poked with by the theatrical department of AFOSI in their "genuine" pursuit of the psychological examination of the propagation of myth and rumour, and their ability to manipulate it and us via modern media outlets i.e. the Internet and the Press.

One question that comes to my mind about this is; does it matter to them that as time has progressed, the subject of UFOs gradually gets taken more seriously as the historical ridicule progressively evaporates? Is it relevant and does it even matter?

I am very curious about what might happen next. If there is another major'ish UFO related event within the next few months, depending on what it is, then I think it could be argued with a degree more respectability that we might be moving towards something. Could it be Disclosure? I'd like to give a highly qualified "possibly" but the difficulty I have is that the movement is so bedecked with utter nutters that I am too ashamed to even countenance the likelihood, for fear of being associated with them by implication.

The best answer I can give for now is this: if something else happens relatively soon, then the chances are that someone somewhere is up to something. What that might be, for the moment, is beyond me.

Reference: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

Mufon Confirms Anomalies At Ranch

Mufon Confirms Anomalies At Ranch
By Australia.to6-17-08 BRISBANE, Australia - We reported on videos and images taken at the ECETI Ranch in Washington State, USA by Hong Kong pilots Pierre Vinodolac and Nigel Wakley. A number of skeptics and photographic experts contacted us to suggest that images were of military aircraft, lens flare and or birds causing our credibility as a news source to be questioned.The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, which is one of the oldest and largest UFO investigative organizations in the United States has confirmed that for centuries, the area around Mt Adams in Washington has been associated with "anomalies" that cannot be explained by conventional technology.The letter below from MUFON State Directors, Dr. Marilyn Childs and Laurence Childs confirms the long standing of ECETI Ranch and Mount Adams as areas of considerable interest to UFO investigators.Not all images and videos taken at Mt Adams can be explained.Mr Vinodolac and Mr Wakley visited the ranch as guests of James Gilliland and witnessed flying objects that glowed when hit with laser light and dodged beams as if playing. Videos and still images were captured which prove that aircraft with capabilities beyond known human technology frequent Mt Adams.More...See Also:Stephenville MUFON Report Lacks Detail MUFON Investigation Of Drone Photos & CARET Documents SHARE YOUR UFO EXPERIENCE Grab this Headline Animator

Ufo Sighting In Lisbon Maine On April 28Th 2013 Bright Red Light Came Above Treeline

Ufo Sighting In Lisbon Maine On April 28Th 2013 Bright Red Light Came Above Treeline
We were setting up our telescope getting ready to see Saturn rise in Lisbon Maine at 9:00pm. We first observed a red stationary light in a round form pulsing.We immediately thought it was a UFO. It then started traveling north and was flashing and then disappeared. Soon after that we saw a very small pin of white light traveling quickly in the same direction. After that we saw another larger much larger red light rise from behind the tree line heading north for only a short distance and that too to just completely disappeared.After this sighting my mother was freaking out with joy and I was not that excited because I have seen things like this in the sky before.(via MUFON.com) Learn about: Paranormal Studies and UFO Research. Latest UFO Sightings - - -Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Ufo Sighting In Lincoln Nebraska On May 4Th 2011 At Densmore At Night

Ufo Sighting In Lincoln Nebraska On May 4Th 2011 At Densmore At Night
UFO SIGHTING IN LINCOLN, NEBRASKA ON MAY 4TH 2011 - AT DENSMORE AT NIGHT, A NEARLY TRANSPARENT ARROW-SHAPED OBJECT WITH CIRCULAR LIGHTS FLEW OVER THEN DISAPPEAREDI was at a park with some friends just hanging out. I noticed something in the sky moving, thought it was geese at first. As I continued to watch I realized the object had a shape to it, and what i thought, for a split second, were geese flying in formation, were actually dim circular lights on the underbelly of a boomerang shaped object. I watched the object fly in a straight line for about 5 seconds, then it completely disappeared. Thought I was crazy for a little bit, but I couldn't deny what I saw. I didn't tell my friends at first, because I didn't think they'd take me seriously. Decided to report what I saw when I read an article about someone who had seen exactly what I did.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via MUFON.com)Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Is Vesta A Small Planet And Habitability Of Barnards Star

Is Vesta A Small Planet And Habitability Of Barnards Star
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g STARS - What is the potential habitability of Barnard's Star, the second closest solar system to Earth? See article.

g ABODES - NASA's Dawn spacecraft spent the last four years voyaging to asteroid Vesta - and may have found a planet. See article.

g AFTERMATH - Given the plethora of New Age/UFOlogy Web sites about alien contact, it's refreshing to find one that's serious. Try the "extraterrestrial intelligence, implications following first contact" entry at astrobiologist David Darling's site "The Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy, and Spaceflight". It includes some links and a mini reference list.

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Ufo Over Neumayer Station Iii Antarctica August 10 2012

Ufo Over Neumayer Station Iii Antarctica August 10 2012
Source and author: muynhauzen 74 * livescience..NEUMAYER-STATION III appears to show what some are calling a UFO over the South Pole.

The video seems to show a round, blurry object floating above the station on Aug. 10. Speculation has run rampant, with conspiracy theorists and UFO buffs swapping explanations ranging from government collaboration with aliens to a top-secret test of some new cutting-edge secret weapon.

While a definitive explanation has not been found, several elements suggest a prosaic answer. The supposed UFO appears more or less directly over the research station; it also appears to be nearly perfectly round and about the right size for a balloon. "Neumayer-Station" III, a scientific research station, carries out tests and experiments in a wide variety of areas, including geophysics, meteorology and atmospheric chemistry. Weather balloons are used extensively to study and sample the atmosphere at different times and altitudes above Antarctica.1.http://www.thetruthbehindthescenes.org/ 2.Web cam live, Neumayer-Station III

Circle Crop

Circle Crop
SHORT UFO FACT: [ Sep 1974: Renmark, SA, returning home in a Hillman Hunter sedan, by herself, a lady became aware of an illumination behind the car. It was a white light which approached at great speed, and as it seemed to be wanting to overtake her she moved over to the left. She saw the light to her right, then the car vibrated as if being pushed up and down. She just held on tightly to the steering wheel, and recalls the engine must have stopped at this point for although she pressed the accelerator no power was forthcoming. The light simply vanished. She was by this time, terrified, and cannot recall any other part of her trip home.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [Nov 1974: The Sideling, on his way home to Scottsdale a man saw a soundless object about the size of an enormous building about half a kilometre away to his left, in the north. His car engine and radio cut out and the figures on his watch lit up really brightly. The object travelled along and was last seen going straight upwards. Duration three to four minutes. The watch broke down shortly after the event. The left hand mudguard of the car changed colour from red to orange and stayed that colour.]

UFO MOSCOW 27 06 2006


>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Reference: dark-sky-misteries.blogspot.com

Ufo Sightings Ufo Lights Seen Flying Across Wareham Massachusetts August 14 2013

Ufo Sightings Ufo Lights Seen Flying Across Wareham Massachusetts August 14 2013
SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 - UNITED STATES - These unknown lights were seen flying across the night skies above Wareham, Massachusetts on the 14th of August, 2013.


I was on the beach about 9:30 at night when myself and a friend noticed two sets of red lights over the beach about 300-400 feet away and almost 50 feet above the water. They appeared to be leaving a marsh area behind the beach.

They appeared red with a orange/white center that sort of glowed in fiery kind of way when they were close, and appeared completely red as they got further away. My initial thought was they looked like mini-Suns. They were steady in intensity and did not flicker or change color. The video shows them as being white at times but to the naked eye they were always red.

About two minutes later a second set of lights appeared from the same location and followed the same trajectory out over the water.

Neither sets of lights made any sound, moved slowly and smoothly over the water. I dont know how big they really were, but at my distance of 300-400 feet away, they initially appeared to be about the size of a softball.

There were six other witness to the sighting including a couple on the porch of the beach house behind us and 4 teenagers a little ways down the beach.

The video was taken with my Samsung Galaxy III

WATCH: UFO lights over Wareham.

Origin: greys-area.blogspot.com

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