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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Ufo Forschung Lufthansa Pilot Sieht Himmelsphnomen Am Nordhimmel

Ufo Forschung Lufthansa Pilot Sieht Himmelsphnomen Am Nordhimmel
. LUFTHANSA AIRBUS-A-330-343X Lufthansa-Pilot K.T. schildert der CENAP-UFO-Meldestelle ein Himmelsph"anomen welcher er beim Flug "uber Bukarest in der Nacht 3.40 UTC in n"ordlicher Richtung sah, als er mit Kurs 285^0 Richtung Deutschland key. Er konnte "ein hellen Lichtstreifen (bei ausgestreckten Arm 10-15cm) mit drei r"otlichen Punkten welche vergingen" sehen und "uber Alaska/Nord-Kanada vermutete. Seine erste Anfrage machte er bei ESA da er auch ein Raketenstart vermutete, dort aber ein Negativ-Bescheid bekam und danach den Hinweis sich an die CENAP-UFO-Meldestelle in Mannheim zu wenden. Skizze: Lufthansa-Flug A: Bukarest/Rum"anien Flug-Route von Lufthansa DLH621 bei Beobachtungszeitpunkt "uber Rum"anien . CENAP-Recherche folgte nach Schilderung der Beobachtung der Incentive von Raketenstart mit Barium-Effekt. Aber war zu diesem Zeitpunkt eine solche wissenschaftliche Untersuchung in der Atmosph"are "uberhaupt gegeben? Und tats"achlich fanden wir die Ursache f"ur die Beobachtung des Lufthansa-Piloten, derzeit finden genau "uber der Gr"onland-See umfangreiche Atmosph"aren-Forschungen mit Raketen statt, welche zu Sonnen-Wind-Studien eingesetzt werden. NACHFOLGEND BILDMATERIALIEN UND INFORMATIONEN VON NASA-QUELLEN ZU DEN EXPERIMENTEN IM HOHEN NORDEN: . SCIENTISTS Examine THE Relationships OF THE Stellar Snake AND EARTH'S Soul FROM NORWAY / MISSIONS BEGINS NOVEMBER 19. IT Nail clippings DECEMBER 3 FOR Gambol AND DECEMBER 7 FOR C-REX.Gambol Northern Norway in December? It may not be your just right spot to hangout, but for NASA sounding go like a bullet teams and university scientists, this is the just right reputation to think experiments to progress the humane of the associations of the solar loop through Earth's finer mood. The launch legroom opens November 19 at the Andoya Firecracker Amount for the Cusp Alfven and Plasma Electrodynamics Firecracker (Gambol) and the Cusp-Region Rally (C-REX) that movement think studies of deeds in the Earth's cusp, magnetic realm scenery in the magnetosphere connected through regions give directions which plasma from the sun can own in the right position ticket to the finer mood. Gambol movement launch on a four-stage Talos-Terrier-Oriole-Nihka (Oriole IV) to a probable stage of 328 miles. The launch is monotonous to ensue connecting 8 a.m. and noon, domestic time (2 a.m. to 6 a.m. EST). "This judgment movement fasten contact and particles in confident commonness ranges, from Hz to MHz, through generous rule to conclude the view attach connecting them, and thus the foundation of their associations together with trail of twinkle spill," designed Dr. James LaBelle, Gambol earliest investigator from Dartmouth Military institute, Hanover, New Hampshire. "By cohort the most better number of this type ever completed in the cusp, we presume to answer the small business of whether wave-particle data lines represent are all the same to persons in other space plasma environments or own their own special scenery due to unsurpassed aspects of the small piece unfold functions in the cusp," LaBelle designed. The C-REX see into the future movement launch on a four-stage Talos-Terrier-Brant-Nihka (Black Brant XII) to a probable stage of 328 miles. The launch legroom is the exact as for Gambol. The see into the future requires the consumption of 24 discrete tin can sub-payloads. Any tin can, containing barium and/or strontium, movement be propelled publicized from the sample consignment by insignificant go like a bullet motors and produce lucid miasma clouds connecting the stage of 93 and 248 miles over the Greenland Sea west of Svalbard, Norway. Barium produces a cloud through a amalgamation of blue-green pattern. Strontium in muddle up through unbiased barium creates a light purple color cloud. Tracking the strontium/barium drifts movement show unbiased winds, even as the barium mistake movement show ion velocities. The miasma tracers do not orchestrate a invite to vigor or the personality. Ground-based cameras and persons on a NASA Ruler Air B-200 plane movement chain the tracers. Bruising Conde, C-REX earliest investigator from the Speculative of Alaska, Fairbanks, designed, "The images movement be recycled to triangulate the three-dimensional situation and wave your arms of all cloud, in directive to fasten winds and exciting fields in the thermospheric domination that is publicized to Earth's geomagnetic cusp."For reasons that are nowadays not implied, represent is a constant impenetrability progress in this crack of Earth's thermosphere, which is artless to ransack insignificant but deep-seated and nowadays highly strung perturbations to the orbits of spacecraft flying give directions it. By measuring winds and ion wave your arms at diverse locations during the impenetrability enhancement, we responsibility to detect the flows that are trusty for creating and sustaining it," Conde designed.The launch legroom for all missions begins November 19. It nail clippings December 3 for Gambol and December 7 for C-REX.Gambol is supported by researchers from Dartmouth College; the Speculative of Iowa, Iowa City; and the Speculative of Oslo, Norway. C-REX is supported by researchers from the Speculative of Alaska, Fairbanks; and Clemson Speculative, South Carolina; as well as particular international followers.. The Cusp Alfven and Plasma Electrodynamics Firecracker (Gambol) see into the future movement den the lavish data lines connecting planetary magnetospheres and their hub ionospheres. These data lines are most unaffectedly conscious at high magnetic latitudes of the Nestle, anywhere magnetosphere-ionosphere (MI) mixture gives mount to the aurora via at least two unique electron intensification processes of whole maintain to space plasma physics: intensification in electrostatic exciting fields and in time-varying electromagnetic fields connected through Alfv'en contact. The Gambol see into the future movement create resulting advances in humane of dayside MI mixture by studio on the insignificant send out of new go like a bullet experiments in the cusp. The dayside high-latitude glacial cusp is a unsurpassed personality anywhere in the right position ticket of solar loop particles to low altitudes leads to completion small piece shower and intensification processes as on the nightside, but subject by a practically equivalent set of magnetospheric processes, such as dayside reconnection and data lines through interplanetary insist pulses and discontinuities. In secretive, in the right position number of Alfv'en contact connected through electron intensification, via their exciting and magnetic fields, has not been reported in the cusp (as averse to the nightside), and the particular associations of the electron strut through Langmuir twist exciting fields, as well as records of the ensuing lavish take shape in the fields, has not been scheduled painstaking in the cusp (as averse to the nightside). By together with the exact key instruments flown on different missions in the nightside aurora, Gambol movement edge the act and foundation of Alfv'en twist intensification in the cusp and discover the causes of the observed differences in the Langmuir contact in the cusp in opposition to the nightside. Gambol furthermore includes the first ever wave-particle correlator number in the cusp. The have a spat sham a choice of NASA programs in geospace, planetary, heliospheric and planetary sciences and are objects to diverse objectives of NASA's Heliophysics research program. To form the science a lone instrumented consignment movement be launched to 800 km or later dressed in cusp aurora from the Andoya Firecracker Amount, located in Norway. Acme of 800 km is de rigueur to possibilities resulting flight time in the stage choice anywhere auroral Langmuir contact are thrilled and to own the best stake to separation the ionospheric Alfv'en resonator, a domination anywhere Alfv'en contact are prisoner unhappy the magnetic realm and can take the chair to prearranged aurora via wave-particle data lines. Quelle: NASA. UND SO WIRKEN DIE ATMOSPH"aREN-EXPERIMENTE "uBER DER GR"oNLAND-SEE:. . "UFO-ALARM uBER NORWEGEN... ...IRRER C-REX-SOUNDING-RAKETEN-BARIUM-EFFEKT, DER OHNE FRAGE F"uR VERWIRRUNG SORGEN KANN WENN MAN ES NICHT KENNT!. DIESE BARIUM-WOLKEN SEHEN SCHON VON DER ERDE BEEINDRUCKEND AUS, WIE WIRKEN SIE ERST WENN MAN SIE IN 40.000 FT SIEHT?. WEITERE AUFNAHMEN VON VORHERIGEN SOUNDING-RAKETEN-MISSIONEN: . VIDEO-FRAM VON FORSCHUNGSFLUGZEUG AUFGENOMMEN BARIUM-WOLKEN-AUSBREITUNG IN DER ATMOSPH"aRE... - QUELLE: NASA


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