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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Ufos And The National Security State The Cover Up Exposed

Ufos And The National Security State The Cover Up Exposed
Conduct test dramatist Richard M. Dolan tells all about orchestrated government mystery

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 29, 2009 - Poet and research historian Richard M. Dolan has released a tragic work implicating international governments, noticeably tethered by the mystery, secrecy tactics and control of the USA, in an orchestrated subterfuge of the sketchy and devotee reality of the phenomenon frequent as unidentified flying objects.

In fact Dolan's performance is a book-theatre on the UFO subterfuge. It is a veritably smacking and faithful pane after pane persuade of details citing chapter and verse of government agreement and devotee fabrication in its tactics to lid the reality of the UFO phenomenon for decades.

One analyst from during the UFO research payment made-up, "If one contributor in each of the necessary lead radio or test analytic news programs were to entry this book - the subterfuge would end, tomorrow - a true Enormous Watergate in the fabrication."

In appendix to reviewing dozens of UFO sightings Richard Dolan presents constant material on a all-embracing kind of topics telling, along with precise storm government attempts to lid this matter: inexplicable technologies, UFO crashes, renowned sightings by Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Delivery service, Legroom 51, pilot sightings and government documents sensitive the intimate send out officials grasp for the UFO emit.

After that absolutely no indistinctness or apprehension Dolan states: "The following pages are a arranged performance of facts and vista that show the UFO phenomenon to be whatever thing most indisputably 'not us'. It is equally a reality that is tirelessly being covered-up. It is a phenomenon so wide that elements of the human clasp kind grasp through it their position to laze information about it loudly to themselves, probably at all contract. As to the population of the secret keepers, numberless sources culled from evident decades of leaks... energy a acceptable case that they are scarce nation's. The U.S. clasp kind, at the same time as unruffled ingrained to the system of secrecy, may not be the disappearing confidence has it in the same way as was."

Give the once over a PR.COM Gossip Demand release on the announced book unveiling at: http://www.pr.com/press-release/168915

Hang around Richard M. Dolan's web site/Click!)

To perceive the book visit!

To contact Richard: keyhole@rochester.rr.com


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