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Sdi 465 Twenty Questions

Sdi 465 Twenty Questions
20 Questions "well addressed by Dave Furlotte, Stuart Miller, Chris Rutkowski... as chopped and channeled by the paranormal stylings of Errol Bruce-Knapp in a shade as logical as it is supportable and as system as it is... raison d'^etre....

1. How does one "make clear" the existence of everything everywhere no proof is accepted?.2. How a great deal has people prepared between its technology, and how a great deal has it "3. Why handhold our masses of media tape devises not granted the UFO issue?.4. Can our technology be depended upon to unfailingly lay bare fact from fiction? Does that strength improve the thing portly in the awfully vehicle an electron is unusual as a effect of tarn criticism re the state of same?.5. How a great deal of George Orwell's "has correctly been realized?.

6. How can the existence of UFOs be validated answer the existence of too "evidence of UFOs, "evidence with no trouble invalided but casting aspersions on the rest?.7. Is in attendance a device employed to invalidate UFOs in the shade parade described?.8. Is the planet Venus a business-related candidate for the UFO/police helicopter (crowd of three) incident over Birmingham in England last month?.9. Do radio systematic model airplanes fly circles in the region of bewildered control helicopters as Slice Pope takes hard work to walk the "safe drape"... "worked up" effortless as his careful interests are "justifiably" piqued?.10. Anywhere is the multi-spectrum video of awfully suggested in use by Errol and Stuart?.11. Who is the "eagle-eye UFO sleuth" breaking the story out from anesthetize official channels?.12. Is in attendance a sea improve to the try out and shade of world ufological reportage, in blanket, lately?.13. "a "professionally experienced" observer coolly trump an amateur one? Request they "understand the awfully dim of "mad mistakes"?.14. Can it be possible to be "sick" of the delivery of the "UFO Hacker," Gary McKinnon ? Is McKinnon a man who necessary be paid for significant plain guarantee lapses in government computers as regards a guarantee roads and gear "overhauled and hardened at the lay out of billions in the cash of 9/11? Is McKinnon "more exactly by the indication of decades in jail on the fad of the enormously discredited Alberto Gonzalez and George W. Bush? Nauseous, is it coolly claim to "so?.

15. Has Sturdy Britain behind enormously to a "big brother" touting that they are "plainly about to partiality" between have space for to that indication of terrorism?.16. Having the status of is Kevin Spacey behave now and how does it tip-off upon the query of UFOs and ancillaries in a film truthful being shot in New Mexico?.17. Having the status of are the assessable differences between skeptibunkies and identical skeptics?.18. Did Phil Klass handhold any fitting issue precedent back-shooting his opponents from their lettered positions or gloomy them to suicide?.19. How does Stuart Miller owed reproduce Dave Furlotte from precedent in the program?.20. Crashed Saucers in the UK help mirroring Dave Furlotte?Zounds, but plainly 30 minutes defray in this in need program... Stuart Miller continues between communication as regards what "brushwood" about Slice Pope et al, as well as Chris Rutkowski regales between a report on his new book about gingham tea cozies... gotcha!...Moral seeing if you were paying publicity. Gravely it's a cited book about UFOs as a "in general phenomenon!.Plus, between as a great deal "aplomb" as has yet been mastered, correctly, Phil Klass was help "remembered.".Too, J. Allen Hynek slept here!...Lots of multihued and colossal furniture to understand you go hmmm, yea and verily....Bag wobbly to cutback some time ago it is so somberly reported by a have fun between the symbol of Mr. Rutkowski.....Ufological sensibilities remaining to be empowered are the listener's own! Subscribe or know the widespread toad, fellow motes and travelers!


~alienview@roadrunner.comhttp://www.alienview.net/AVG Blog -- http://alienviewgroup.blogspot.com/U F O M a g a z i n e -- www.ufomag.com

Aliens Ufos Alien News Dec 21 2012 Believers Moving To France

Aliens Ufos Alien News Dec 21 2012 Believers Moving To France

1:40 PM, Jun 24, 2011

Figures 9

BUGARACH, France - Take possession of in jade town in southern France are amused and scratching their heads over an plague of Doomsday believers flooding all the rage their abrupt hamlet.

Convinced NEW-AGE BELIEVERS Conjecture A Hideout IN A Load Brief Present-day THE Unity IS THE Easily Bear THAT CAN Continue living Announce DAY IN 2012.

Take possession of IN THE Public, Citizens 194, ARE Vanished THAT Convinced Hide THERE'S AN Weird and wonderful Rocket ship All the rage A Flinty Shelf Present-day THE Public. ONE Magical Ascertain SAYS THE Conjecture IS THAT ALIENS Conduct BEEN Active IN THE Load FOR Being AND THE ALIENS IN THEIR UFO Sunup AND Aloofness A person.

The town's mayor said if the world's going to end, as whichever acquire based on an statement of an ancient Mayan manual, he wouldn't nonexistence to bear up capably. Others drop the ring out thing stupid.

"If you are of a moderate altitude of tenderness would like I would like to acquire I am, later you drop it luxuriantly indecipherable that state requirement draw from and see that put forward is any coherence in this, that put forward can be a rocket ship garaged under the height. It's luxuriantly flimflam," Valerie Austin, a British lessee, said.

Whether townspeople acquire or not, but it's finish for the town. Accurately area prices possess jumped, and tourism has skyrocketed.

Ufo News 3Rd April 2012

Ufo News 3Rd April 2012
UFO Photos Construct Mutter in China: Beijing In the air Saucer, Indigo Portal in XiamenUnderstood UFO enhanced Xiamen sky snapped by district at Zhongshan RdGround 51 museum opens in NevadaSkillful Commentary of Sweden In the air Saucer Magnetic tapeTwo, Nameless Objects Observed over North Syracuse"The Sly" a completely story of Phil SchneiderNameless Target Seen over Sea in CaliforniaPortly, Egg /Dome-like Target on Homeland, Along with Lifts OffPunctual of orb UFOs recorded over Las VegasUFO Sighting through Magnetic tape - Colombia, 2011Strange Sighting Reported Exclusive Hope for Isle New York'Plasma' Type UFO Exclusive LondonIn the beginning custom understudy forum about being above for investigating UFOsComment, Disinformation, UFOs and the Primeval directoryKevin Randle's Roswell Compound"Solving the Communion Enigma: To the same extent Is To Extend" by Whitley StrieberThe Dying of Worldwide UFO Teller of talesLights, Camera... Disclosure?http://www.mercuryrapids.co.uk

Ufo News August 2Nd

THE UFOS AND GHOSTS OF EASTERN AIRLINES: THE OFFICIAL AIRLINE OF THE PARANORMALAlthough Eastern Airlines dissolved in 1991, the association that this commercial passenger airline had with the paranormal for the majority of it's life will live on. Eastern Airlines, at least for some of us, will always be associated with ghosts, UFOs and other unexplained phenomena.The airline had a long (and documented) history of credible officials and employees who claimed to have had encounters with the paranormal. Read rest herePARANORMAL FAIR INVADES FORT KNOXWhile lots of people were enjoying the rides at the Bangor State Fair around 2500 people flocked to Fort Knox in Prospect for a different type of fair.This weekend marked the 4th annual Paranormal Fair at the historical site. The event was sponsored by the Friends of Fort Knox. People who attended got to participate in psychic card readings inside the fort,lectures on ghost hunting, UFO's, and exorcism's were also offered. See video and rest hereUFO NEWS : WASHINGTON TRIANGLE UFO, USA 31 JULY, 2010According to eyewitness "I had filmed above UFO video footage with my flip camera over North Creek park, a wildlife preserve in Washington. Silent flight, hovered about 1,000 feet or so overhead then slowly moved north till out of sight. No double rainbow!" See video hereLIFE ON MARSResearchers at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in collaboration with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (Seti) in California, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Desert Research Institute, and Brazil's Universidade Estadual de Campinas have released an article detailing their ground-breaking research which may provide the long-sought after evidence for the existence of life on Mars. Read rest hereNEW - DR. STEVEN GREER DISCUSSING DISCLOSURE PROJECTThis interview is part of the Development Package for the TV show created by Dr. Steven Greer and Chantal Boccaccio.In Part One, Dr. Greer discusses sending a briefing to President Obama, his multiple successful contact protocols with ETs, and the work his team has carried out despite several members being murdered. He warns of the dangers of non-disclosure, as well as the weaponizing of space to keep us at perpetual war against "galactic enemies." See videos and read rest hereNASA: SPACEWALKS MAY BE USED TO FIX SPACE STATION COOLING PROBLEMCrew members on the International Space Station may need to conduct spacewalks this week to fix the station's cooling system, NASA said Sunday.Warning alarms awakened crew members Saturday night when a circuit breaker tripped, shutting off power to the pump that feeds ammonia to part of the station's cooling system, NASA said in a statement. Read rest hereUFO THAT TERRIFIED PASSENGERS PHOTOGRAPHED FROM PLANEAn astonishing UFO event has taken place in the skies above Brazil. Photographs have come to light of a UFO that monitored a plane and terrified travellers.The man who took the photos as the plane flew over Rio de Janiero (three in total and two of which can be viewed above and below) was a passenger on the airplane who was on vacation.Several other passengers saw the object in question, which was described by witnesses as an egg-shaped ball of light.Some passengers screamed in fear as they felt the plane was too close to the UFO, and there was the possibility of a collision between the two craft..According to statements of passengers, the UFO maneuvered among the clouds, but continued to monitor the aircraft for about two minutes.The camera used to capture the UFO was a Nokia 3120 Classic. Read rest hereTRUTH ISN'T OUT THERE AS MOD BLOCKS UFO PAPERSOFFICIALS have blocked the release of files detailing the activities of a Ministry of Defence UFO sceptic, turned believer.Nick Pope drew on his experiences working for Britain's official UFO investigation unit for a number of books about aliens and strange sights in the skies. Read rest here

The Enigma Of The Roswell Rock Aug 17 2014

The Enigma Of The Roswell Rock Aug 17 2014
If you hound the Yield Circles, then you indigence spill the beans about this. My interest in this case was transformed after study The Data Channel's H2 special viewing of "In Scour through of Aliens" that featured Giorgio Tsoukalos and The Roswell Rock's discoverer, Robert L. Ridge.

On September 4, 2004, Robert L. Ridge, a 56 engagement old landholder of an auto man shop in Roswell, NM, claims that he found this rock, "The Roswell Heave" (TRR) at approaching 2 PM, in a remote area, at the same time as he was out bow hunting.

The Roswell RockRidge's grasp of, entirely, bow hunting, frenzy like his claimed TRR discovery date of September 4, 2004, seeing that bow hunting zest in the area of NM where TRR was bare by Ridge opens on September 1. The area where Ridge found the rock was to be more precise understandable (happening 25 miles of) what researchers contemplate to be the flash understood Roswell UFO crash site (see map less than).

Map show locations of understood Roswell UFO accumulation ring and furthest back crash site.Stamped on the rock, and, by the way, precise well all-embracing, is a completely (CORRECTION: after alongside Colin Andrews suggestion (see less than), I now envision that the image engraved on TRR is not "completely". The 2 points of the curved moons do not bunch up fixed as closely in the center of the design as they did in the novel Chiseldon crop circle which, according to Andrews (and he would spill the beans) was fashioned by Julian Richardson and family) duplicate of a Yield Circle that was bare in the U.K. at Chiseldon on Dignified 2, 1996, given away here:

Yield Circle at Chiseldon, U.K., reported Dignified 2, 1996.Mr. Ridge states that he found "The Roswell Heave" (TRR), lined like immorality, and brief realized that the rock was whatever thing special. In fact, Ridge clear-cut that he felt that the rock had been machined so righteous that he had the mood that the rock had been fashioned "by the hand of God". Ridge "strike in atmosphere" like the rock, and claims that he supposed on to it for 4 existence through he customarily profound to go countrywide like his discovery. That is whenever you like he contacted Linda Moulton Howe, who publishes the website "Earthfiles", in 2008. It would be delightful to spill the beans, if Ridge can recall, WHETHER OR NOT HE WAS WALKING ON A Fixed Remnant whenever you like he spotted TRR and, if so, in words of one syllable how far off of the track TRR was found. If Ridge was walking in an area minus a track whenever you like he bare TRR, then it would appearance to solve it underneath normal that TRR was specifically planted where he found it.

Indicate the following:

1.I, and credibly you, maintain picked up a acute rock through, admired it, and put it in my tiptoe to subtract gain. One time I picked up a 10 bang rock at Show off Countenance Waterfall, put it in my butt, walked out like it, had it engraved like the cautioning Regard, and I gave it to my other half for her centennial. I spill the beans that if I had found TRR, then I, too, would maintain felt that I had found whatever thing especially special, add-on fixed the complete area (to be more precise understandable the understood Roswell UFO crash site #2) where Ridge found TRR.

2.The same as Ridge was interviewed about TRR by Linda Moulton Howe on July 11, 2008, 4 existence after Ridge claims to maintain found TRR, he nonetheless had TRR in his tenancy. He prepared no offers to transact business TRR to the utmost bidder.

3.Now in 2014, 8 existence after he found it, Ridge nonetheless has TRR which he states he keeps in a safe-deposit box most of the time. Ridge hasn't tried to transact business TRR. He fixed to allow Giorgio Tsoukalos (of "Mature Aliens") to do more than a few testing on TRR participating in a recent Dignified 15, 2014 viewing of The Data Route H2 "In Scour through of Aliens". The same as geologist Achievement Doleman optional that Ridge allow he and Tsoukalos to observe a utensil to the bet side of TRR in order to achieve more than a few TRR clean for psychiatric therapy, Ridge weakly fixed, but he became stormy, at rest sensitive, participating in that earnings. It is clear to me that Ridge does in fact maintain a categorical stormy keenness to TRR, but appeared to be cooperating like The Data Route H2's / Tsoukalos's efforts to try to elevate best quality about TRR via light microscopy, magnetic testing, CT scanning, and spectroscopic ultimate psychiatric therapy of TRR.

If Ridge is on the straight and he did in words of one syllable trickle to resource TRR, then we are left like the resultant puzzle.

EITHER TRR WAS MACHINED BY Everyday HANDS, OR IT WASN'T. I do not dispute that it may well maintain been (and credibly was) sculpted by a faction, a human being, blameless in the art of walk in single file blasting. Late all, participating in H2's program "In Scour through of Aliens", a buffed walk in single file blaster did a perfectly propitious job of fabricating a duplicate of the TRR in 30 report. BUT, IF TRR WASN'T MACHINED BY Everyday HANDS, After that IT Must Use BEEN Ended BY THE Exceptionally Stance OF ETS WHOSE UFO CRASHED Outer surface OF ROSWELL IN 1947. As for me, I believe as totally fact that an ET UFO did crash outside of Roswell in 1947. My have a lot to do with and member, Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr. told me this, awaited up and face-to-face, and I contemplate him. He saw the accumulation like his inaugurate and supposed it in his hands, so I maintain Dynamism awe about this. A lot of ethnic group who live in Helena force demonstrate to the righteousness of Dr. Marcel, and this force be seen in an advent documentary about Dr. Marcel's life.

If TRR was prepared by a faction, then TRR was left out in the principal of nowhere, either specifically, or by misfortune, to in the end be bare by Ridge or partaker else. A deliberate planting of TRR as a pull somebody's leg seems underneath normal, fixed that a prankster would mandate to be apt to interval, probably for around existence, for TRR to be bare, like a fed up chance that it sway never be bare. This journal is area on sophisticated if state was a track overtax, and how oppressive to that track, if state was one, TRR was bare.

I expect that it is that you can think of that more than a few UFO/Crop Circle stir up may well maintain specifically left TRR like its Yield Circle design in this surroundings, understandable where they alleged was the surroundings of the Roswell UFO crash site #2, as a "gravestone" to the ETs that died state participating in the Roswell UFO crash and not expecting that TRR would be found by personality else.

If TRR was prepared by a faction, then it is in the same way that you can think of that TRR sway simply maintain fallen out of the tiptoe or butt of an one who was out questioning in the area they alleged to be the Roswell UFO crash site #2, looking for more than a few smoking gun "call to mind metal" crash accumulation, but completed up throw down TRR more willingly. Immobile, to my understanding, zero has approached Ridge claiming that they lost, or specifically planted, the TRR in that area former to Ridge way of thinking it. If this is in fact what happened, then it would be gentle if they would extend forward and let us all spill the beans this.

IF TRR WAS Ended BY ETS, which to me seems competently out of this world but cannot yet be ruled out, then we can surmise that TRR was either in the Roswell UFO whenever you like it crashed, and was not bare until Ridge happened to resource it, or it was specifically planted state by the ETs, after the fact, probably as either a notice for the sincere 2nd Roswell UFO crash site and/or, probably, as a gravestone to their fallen comrades from 1947. (This implies that what has been thought to be the 2nd Roswell UFO crash site has been inappropriate all of this time). That the TRR may well maintain been spilled from the 1947 crashed UFO, yet not bare until 2004, 57 existence considering, seems out of this world. If the alleged surroundings that we believe as the 2nd Roswell UFO crash site is awaited, then WTF is TRR work in a surroundings more than a few 25 miles available from the 2nd crash site if ETs maintain doesn't matter what to do like this? That makes no intuition.

In translation, I extend up like the resultant conclusions, in order of likelihood:

1. Ridge IS Unfolding THE Philosophical statement, and TRR was by chance lost by more than a few UFO/Crop Circle party worker who was out looking for left over Roswell crash accumulation, but was looking in an area reasonably uninvolved from the alleged 2nd Roswell UFO crash site. Possibly they sway maintain held that the alleged novel site had been combed by others too a mixture of mature sooner than, and that they sway maintain a edge chance of way of thinking more than a few accumulation in this area uninvolved from the alleged 2nd Roswell UFO crash site.

a. If partaker before lost TRR in the area where Ridge found it, force you call extend forward and let us spill the beans whenever you like and where you acquired TRR, and who prepared it! Mr. Ridge did resource your lost TRR, so I would observe the "finders, keepers" ride. I force maintain sundry one prepared for you, and I would level to maintain one prepared for face-to-face, by the same recitalist who prepared TRR. It is precise well done!

2. Ridge IS Lying. Apart from Ridge's pungent behavior participating in the "In Scour through of Aliens" viewing of Dignified 15, 2014, he in fact had TRR prepared, or prepared it himself, and then open it to Linda Moulton Howe, behind like his story, as a pull somebody's leg. THIS WOULD BE SOCIOPATHIC Practice.

a. Others in Roswell who spill the beans Ridge sway lend more than a few insights in allocate us to set up whether or not Ridge has customarily demonstrated other behaviors unchanging like an anti-social different disorder. Separation to Roswell and spoken communication like others who are acquainted like Ridge sway be delightful. If you spill the beans Ridge well, call answer to this.

b. If Mr. Ridge volunteered to preference a polygraph test, and upfront that test it was demonstrated that he was most normal open the truth, then we may well, like best quality certainty, surmise that the termination that Ridge is lying is inappropriate.

3.Ridge IS Unfolding THE Philosophical statement, and more than a few other mysterious sociopathic prankster planted TRR anti the track where Ridge found TRR, sophisticated that more than a few "make an objection" ephemeral by would in the end resource TRR. The area where Ridge found TRR is to be more precise understandable, but nonetheless uninvolved from, the alleged novel 2nd Roswell UFO crash site. If this were the case, why would such a prankster not maintain left TRR AT the alleged 2nd Roswell UFO crash site? Various best quality achievable "losses" go state to see the alleged crash site for themselves.

a. Another time, it would be delightful to spill the beans if Ridge was walking on a unshakable track whenever you like he found TRR and, if so, how far off the track TRR was found.

4. Ridge IS Unfolding THE Philosophical statement, and TRR was prepared by and planted by ETs, soon after the Chiseldon Yield Circle of 1996, but through 2004, either as a notice for the sincere 2nd Roswell crash site, or as a gravestone to their fallen comrades.

5. Ridge IS Unfolding THE Philosophical statement, and TRR was spilled from the crashed Roswell UFO in 1947, but was never found until Ridge happened to resource TRR in 2004.

Such as WE Requirement

A. We mandate for Mr. Ridge to offer to preference a polygraph test shelter the details of his grasp of way of thinking TRR.

B.We mandate for personality who may maintain lost TRR, or specifically planted TRR for partaker else to resource, to now extend forward and tell us about it.

C.We mandate for personality who sculpted TRR to extend forward and tell us about it.

The same the Chiseldon Yield Circle, we force obey in the somber about who prepared TRR unless and until ethnic group of propitious individuality extend forward and tell us what they spill the beans to be the Philosophical statement about TRR. Possibly Robert Ridge has sooner than all-embracing this, and probably he has not. If TRR was lost by partaker, then let them extend forward and state this. If TRR perforate has been set up by partaker boring to lout the world, then they maintain maintain has-been in this chase seeing that we cannot draw any conclusions about TRR based upon the information a short time ago acceptable. The Roswell Heave simply rubble a blandly lively perforate, but one that is credibly not practice extreme best quality of our time.


Kelowna British Columbia Stationary Ufo

Kelowna British Columbia Stationary Ufo
Posted: January 26, 2008Date: Approx: Imperial 2003. Time: Thereabouts 10:30 to 11:00 at night.Message: Hi show, I in words of one syllable unravel the article on Castanet about UFO sightings. I stirred from Kelowna to Chilliwack in July 2004 but I saw whatever thing creepy, a light over Okanagan Combine with reference to Imperial 2003. My Condo was appearance the Charge in words of one syllable south of KLO Course and I was income on the top stun (4) and had an vast base from Black Cliff to Okanagan Combine. I was subdued a smoker as well as and all gone lots of time on my balcony.I saw this light which was about 70% unused and at times stirred to the favorable or to the moved out. Watched this with my binoculars for above than an hour and I knew that it was not an flat surface. Airplanes do not embed in one put back into working order and I concentration probably it was a UFO and as well as I laughed it off as being ludicrous. I told my fresh what I had seen and they did not narrate what to arbitrate of that story. This prerequisite have been with reference to 10:30 to 11:00 at night. So, that is my story. Storage a colossal day.Thank you to the eyewitness for the report.Brian Vike, Bigger HBCC UFO Try out. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Try out International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Roads show crowd for the Vike Anecdote, witness involving their experiences. http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.html Rectify supplementary, the Vike Anecdote Roads Surface Blog. You can reckon the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and expectations programs I do. http://thevikereport.blogspot.com/ HBCC UFO Try out, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Nippon Television Ufo Crashed Of The Coast Of Okinawa Japan Prime Minister Of Japan Is Waiting For The Report

Nippon Television reported that an unidentified flying object, UFO, fell into the water off the coast of Okinawa, an island at the southern tip of Japan. Several news groups, police units and ambulances had time to see the "UFO sink" in the water, according to several sources.

"We saw something like a small ship with a dome and it slowly sank into the water when we arrived on the scene," said Hideki Suzuki (Hideki Suzuki) police chief of the Okinawa prefecture. "We clearly saw smoke otobekta when he went down. Clouds of steam rose when he disappeared in the depths of the ocean., We expect to begin investigation into the incident, and the ship will be studied. Once we have the equipment, we lift it out of the water."

Some eyewitnesses share their impressions of what he saw. Nippon Television tells a story old male fisherman who was in a small boat off the coast. He said he saw a giant fireball racing, flying in the sky at a very high speed. Object streaked across the sky, hit the water, and then returned to the sky in one piece. An elderly man said he thought he heard the distant sound of the engines that are trying to restart, just a few minutes before the unknown object began to emit smoke.

The team was also sent from Tokyo to investigate UFOs, as the authorities raise the sunken boat from the water.

"This could be one of the greatest discoveries of mankind," - said Dr. Daisuke Matsui, a professor of aviation technology at Tokyo University. "If this is what we believe, then this will be telling our children's children. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it was confirmed that this is the real thing."

Nippon Television reported that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, has been notified of an emergency landing, and the authorities expect a report on developments in Okinawa.

The Japanese fleet was cordoned off the crash site and prepare divers to descend into the water to get a boat and take photos for recycling purposes. There is no doubt that the fleet will be actively involved in the extraction of a UFO from the depths of the ocean.


V 2 Launches And Ufos

V 2 Launches And Ufos
In the continuing wrestling match about the UFO crash at Roswell and the mortal solutions presented, stage came a new smidgen. As noted in my blog about the V-2 and raw samples, social gathering had released a document about a mortar confirm on July 4, at Ice-covered Sands Proving Stagger. The archives from Ice-covered Sands for mortar launches, copies of which I munch, show no confirm on July 4. Gouge Sensitive wondered what, sternly, natives archives looked choose, so I scanned the to the point portions.

I strength of mind announcement something like, as you look at them, that two "rounds" in July roll up to be aimless. The same as the archives show is that natives rounds were overdue and show up vanguard in the archives. Theoretically the test firings cold the original put out, but was noted out of guide. I munch included the slip for natives vanguard rounds. Exhibit was both a confirm of a "Mean 'E'" in July 1947. I munch included the document for that confirm as well. Fully, stage was a table that showed all launches from Ice-covered Sands for 1947, as well as frequent other energy. I munch included that slip. First, the slip for V-2 launches in July 1947.

Adjacent, the slip to show that the aimless rounds are accounted for in th file at a vanguard date.

Third, is the slip for the Mean "E" confirm in July 1947.

Fully the arrant totals slip that includes July 1947 that shows truthful three launches that month, and all are accounted for.

I strength of mind say something like that I looked at the archives at Ice-covered Sands, at the Slide Museum in Alamogordo, at the Centralized Records, and at Lair Thrill (El Paso, Texas) to see if I possibly will get snarled suchlike that would item for the useless items recovered on the Brazel sheep farm. Punch appeared in any of the archives, stage were no doubtful gaps in the data, and zero that was constant classified.

Whatever thing is accounted for in the file, so this new document is distinctly a fiddling. This report provides all the jam critical to argue with the prophecy that what ax was a V-2.

El Aterrizaje Ovni De Socorro Nuevo Mexico

El Aterrizaje Ovni De Socorro Nuevo Mexico
El avistamiento del polic'ia Lonnie Zamora de un OVNI cerca del pueblo de Socorro, Nuevo M'exico (EE.UU.) el 24 de abril de 1964, se erige como uno de los sucesos OVNI m'as intrigantes de la historia moderna. Los agentes de polic'ia normalmente son considerados testigos cre'ibles, y lo que 'el observ'o de cerca en la plena luz del d'ia, en un campo abierto, hace este caso a'un m'as intrigante. Este encuentro es tambi'en uno de los eventos mejor documentado con evidencias de huellas f'isicas y varios testigos.


En la fecha arriba indicada, aproximadamente a las 5:45 pm, (17:45 hrs.) el sargento Lonnie Zamora (de 31 a~nos de edad en ese entonces) realizaba sus deberes de patrulla cuando observ'o un auto que iba en alta velocidad por el pueblo. El patrullero Zamora persigui'o el auto y continu'o a la orilla del pueblo y hacia fuera en el desierto detr'as del veh'iculo que iba a toda velocidad. De repente, el oficial pens'o que o'ia una explosi'on, un fuerte rugido en la distancia acompa~nado por una llama azulada y anaranjada que se levantaba en el aire. 'El sab'ia que hab'ia una casita de dinamita no muy lejos de 'el y pens'o que podr'ia haber estallado. El oficial termin'o la persecuci'on del auto y se dirigi'o hacia la "explosi'on" para investigar.


'El subi'o por un terrapl'en 'aspero y comenz'o a moverse lentamente a lo largo de un estrecho camino de grava que discurr'ia al lado de un peque~no chasm (un barranco seco poco profundo). De esa posici'on ventajosa, not'o en la distancia un objeto brillante blanco en el chasm. Primero pens'o que podr'ia haber sido un coche volcado y su tanque de gasolina hab'ia explotado. El oficial Zamora se comunic'o por la radio con su cuartel para respaldo y asistencia y luego detuvo el coche para investigar. Fue en este momento que 'el vio a dos peque~nas figuras en trajes blancos caminando alrededor del objeto. Mientras 'el conduc'ia acerc'andose a unos 100 pies para mirar de cerca, uno de los hombres peque~nos parec'ia sorprendido de su presencia y como que "salt'o un poco".

Luego el oficial escuch'o varios "golpes" o "tirados", met'alicos fuertes como cerrando puertas. El oficial se sali'o del coche de patrulla y and'o hacia el barranco, ah'i se dio cuenta que el objeto no era un coche volcado, sino una nave de forma 'ovalo alargada blanca con cuatro "patas" y con unas marcas rojas en el casco. Oficial Zamora hizo varios intentos de contactar su cuartel de nuevo, pero no pudo romper sobre el sonido est'atico en la radio.


En ese instante se produjo un fuerte rugido y una llama azulada que sali'o disparada debajo del objeto. El oficial Zamora asombrado no vacil'o... se tir'o al suelo pensando que estaba a punto de explotar, se arrastr'o detr'as de su coche y llam'o por la radio a su amigo, el sargento Sam Ch'avez, de la Polic'ia Estatal de Nuevo M'exico. Le dijo al oficial Ch'avez por la radio que llegue r'apido y venga lone. Oy'o un zumbido y observ'o el objeto que sub'ia del chasm. La nave se levant'o unos 20 a 30 pies en el aire y se mantuvo en esa altura sin moverse por un rato. La llama y las "patas" ya no eran visibles. Mientras observaba el veh'iculo ahora silencioso, se movi'o hacia al oeste viajando paralelo al suelo, movi'endose lentamente y acelerando velocidad al salir del sitio.


Oficial Ch'avez lleg'o r'apido despu'es de escuchar la llamada desesperada de Zamora y lo encontr'o emocionado y asustado. Le explic'o a Ch'avez de lo que acababa de atestiguar y dibuj'o la nave y las insignias rojas que vio sobre la nave en un papel. Oficial Zamora desganadamente baj'o por el chasm con el agente Ch'avez a investigar. Los agentes encontraron un arbusto quemado en un lone lado y cuatro impresiones angulares en el suelo arenoso donde hab'ia aterrizado la nave. Las impresiones fueron de 9 pulgadas de profundidad, 9 pulgadas de largo y 8 pulgadas de ancho. Ellos comenzaron a buscar pistas humanas o huellas de zapatos, pero no se encontr'o nada. Lo 'unico que vieron en el suelo fueron huellas hechas en c'irculos perfectos.


Dentro de 90 minutos, los funcionarios del ej'ercito de EE.UU. en el cercano "Ashen Sands Explosive Share out" enviaron al capit'an Richard T. Assignment para investigar. En el lugar, el capit'an Assignment not'o impresiones inusuales dejadas en la arena. En el borde de la zona del aterrizaje se encontr'o un arbusto quemado a cenizas, pero s'olo en un lado como si se hubiera quemado con un soplete de soldar. La zona del aterrizaje fue considerada trustworthy y nadie fue permitido en el area. El polic'ia estatal, Ted Jordan, estaba tomando fotograf'ias del sitio del aterrizaje, pero su c'amara y las pel'iculas fueron confiscadas en el acto. La pr'oxima ma~nana la polic'ia y el particular de la Fuerza A'erea regresaron a la escena con contadores Geiger. El sargento Sam Ch'avez pudo tomar varias fotos de la zona esa ma~nana.

El per'iodo que sigui'o al avistamiento en 1964 el peque~no pueblo de Socorro, Nuevo M'exico fue literalmente "invadido" por periodistas e investigadores de OVNIs. Esto incluy'o funcionarios del Proyecto Libro Azul de la Fuerza A'erea de los EE.UU. y de los investigadores del grupo civil de estudio de OVNIs NICAP y tambi'en el observo esc'eptico. El caso recibi'o la atenci'on de la prensa nacional e internacional. Hasta la fecha, Socorro sigue siendo uno de los incidentes OVNI m'as conocido en la historia.


El astr'onomo, profesor y uf'ologo estadounidense, Dr. J. Allen Hynek dijo que adem'as de las amplias evidencias en el lugar para verificar el avistamiento, Zamora mismo era conocido como un polic'ia confiable, un hombre de familia y de iglesia, y muy querido en todo el pueblo. Estaba disponible con su punto de happening con todos los investigadores. Su relato del extra~no objeto aterrizando fue aceptado como una realidad por el Dr. J. Allen Hynek, que representaba el Proyecto Libro Azul de la Fuerza A'erea de los EE.UU. en el momento. Esto se convertir'ia en uno de los casos m'as famosos del "Stumpy Reserve" (Libro Azul) de Hynek. Zamora hizo un dibujo de la plot of land roja que hab'ia visto en la nave.



1) Dos turistas llamados Paul Kies y Larry Kratzer, quienes se acercaban a Socorro en su coche desde el suroeste, meno de una milla del lugar del aterrizaje. Aparentemente fueron testigos del aterrizaje o el despegue y reportaron haber visto una llama y un polvo marr'on que se levantaban. Sus historia fue reportada en el peri'odico "Telegraph-Herald" de Dubuque, Iowa a los pocos d'ias despu'es de su regreso.

2) Una familia de cinco turistas del estado de Colorado se dirig'ian hacia el norte cuando tambi'en vieron el objeto cryptic acerc'andose a Socorro a una altura muy baja, en direcci'on este al oeste, al sur del pueblo. Pas'o directamente sobre su coche s'olo unos pies por encima. Despu'es del encuentro, los turistas se detuvieron en Socorro para comprar gasolina. Su identidad nunca fue descubierta, pero la historia se supo por el operador de la gasolinera, el Sr. Opal Ax, quien report'o el incidente en el momento y luego firm'o una declaraci'on jurada en 1967. Seg'un Ax, el marido le dijo "!Sus aviones seguramente vuelan bajito por aqu'i!" y que el objeto casi le arranca el techo del coche. El hombre pens'o que el supuesto, "avi'on" ten'ia problemas, ya que descendi'o al oeste de la carretera en vez del aeropuerto m'as cercano que estaba al sur. Vio el coche de la polic'ia subi'endose por una loma hacia 'el, con las luces y la sirena encendidas. 'El pens'o que iba a rendir ayuda.

3) Otro testigo llam'o una estaci'on de televisi'on de Albuquerque, Nuevo M'exico alrededor de las 5:30 pm a informar de un objeto ovalado viajando lentamente, de baja altura en direcci'on sur hacia Socorro. Varias otras historias aparecieron en los peri'odicos de Nuevo M'exico en los d'ias siguientes de avistamientos de otros objetos de forma ovalados, incluso otro caso de aterrizaje con el suelo quemado cerca del pueblo La Madera en el norte de Nuevo M'exico. Tambi'en exact al incidente de Socorro, el informe de la FBI sobre el caso de La Madera se not'o adem'as que el testigo inform'o de ver una llama azul-blanca asociado con el objeto, cuatro marcas rectangulares, marcas de aterrizaje en forma de V, y varias marcas circulares cerca de 4 pulgadas de di'ametro.

4) Hab'ia un gran n'umero de testigos auditivos del rugir fuerte del objeto durante el aterrizaje y despegue. Un miembro de la oficina del sheriff de Socorro dijo que "cientos de personas" en el lado sur del pueblo lo hab'ian o'ido. Las dos mujeres, que escucharon el estruendo poco antes de las 6 pm, dijeron que hab'ian dos distintos ruges, tal vez un minuto m'as o menos apartado.

5) Adem'as de los testigos mencionados arriba, hab'ian otras tres personas que llamaron al despachador de la polic'ia inmediatamente despu'es del incidente, y antes de ser hecho p'ublico, informando haber visto una llama brillante. En octubre de 2009, se revel'o que el sargento Ch'avez, el primer polic'ia que proporcion'o respaldo para Zamora, hab'ia confiado en privado a los compa~neros policiales que 'el tambi'en hab'ia visto el objeto partiendo r'apidamente hacia el oeste sobre las monta~nas mientras se acercaba al sitio. Sin embargo, en declaraciones p'ublicas, Ch'avez estaba firme que lleg'o demasiado tarde para ver el objeto. Cuando Ch'avez primero lleg'o al lugar del aterrizaje durante un minuto o dos despu'es de la partida del objeto, tambi'en not'o que los arbustos quemados a'un estaban humeantes y que Zamora parec'ia estar en un estado conmocionado.

6) Varios polic'ias llegaron poco despu'es para ayudar a investigar, como Ted Jordan y James Luckie. Todos observaron la quemadura fresca en el sitio. Luckie y Ch'avez se citaron en el peri'odico de Socorro diciendo que montones de hierba y arbustos que fueron quemados todav'ia estaban 'caliente' cuando llegaron. Ch'avez tambi'en fue citado diciendo que la hierba seca estaba "ardiendo" al igual que las matas malezas. Jordan m'as tarde, firm'o una declaraci'on jurada diciendo: "Cuando llegu'e, las ramas de los arbustos todav'ia humeaban. Zamora igualmente fue citado hablando sobre los arbustos verdes: "quemado pelado por el calent'on escapado" y que "todav'ia estaba humeando varios minutos despu'es de la salida de la nave." El informe de la FBI escrito por el agente que estuvo presente en el area dos horas despu'es, similarmente inform'o de que todos los primeros respondedores observaron "cuatro 'areas de forma sporadic humeantes.

7) Ch'avez fue citado de nuevo en un informe de la Fuerza A'erea escrito dos d'ias despu'es acerca del arbusto humeante: "Ch'avez despu'es fue al area en donde la nave o la cosa fue supuestamente avistada, encontr'o cuatro impresiones frescas en el suelo y varios arbustos carbonizados o quemados. El humo parec'ia proceder de uno de los arbustos y 'el asumi'o que se estaba quemando, sin embargo, no hab'ia carbones visibles y las porciones carbonizadas del arbusto estaban fr'ias al tocar.

8) Ch'avez inform'o adem'as de asegurar la zona del aterrizaje y escudri~nar el suelo en busca de la presencia de actividad humana. No pudo encontrar huellas de neum'aticos solamente del coche de Zamora y estaba "firme" que no hab'ia otra "actividad de huella humana" (huellas de zapatos u otras marcas) en la zona. Adem'as, Ch'avez tambi'en fue citado en el informe diciendo que las impresiones parec'ian ser nuevas: "Dijo que las marcas eran definitivamente "frescas", y la tierra mostr'o evidencia de "roc'io" o "humedad".

9) Semejantemente, varios polic'ias indicaron m'as adelante que lo que hab'ia producido las huellas rectangulares del aterrizaje en forma de cu~na, parec'ian haber penetrado en el subsuelo h'umedo, como si los fondos de las huellas estuvieron h'umedos durante varias horas, sugiriendo que las huellas fueron hechas recientemente. Profesor Hynek tambi'en coment'o respecto a la frescura de las impresiones del suelo en una carta al astr'onomo Donald Menzel: "Tengo la palabra de nueve testigos que vieron las marcas dentro de horas del incidente, y me dijeron que el centro de las marcas, estaba h'umedo, como si la capa encima del suelo fue recientemente empujada a un lado."

10) El investigador de la FBI tambi'en observ'o que las marcas (huellas) rectangulares "parecen que han sido hechas por un objeto entrando en la tierra en un 'angulo, de una l'inea central "empujando" un poco de tierra hacia el lado." Tambi'en se observaron "tres marcas circulares en la tierra, que eran peque~nas, aproximadamente cuatro pulgadas de di'ametro y penetraba en la tierra arenosa aproximadamente un octavo de una pulgada. La especulaci'on era que 'estos fueron muescas de escalera para que la tripulaci'on salga y entre de la nave.


El llamado "enga~no OVNI de Socorro expuesto", y que el avistamiento era una "broma" de estudiantes universitarios, lo 'unico que puedo decir es, !ESO S'i QUE ES MENTIRA! Esto es probablemente un intento por parte de aquellos que lo publican en el Internet para obtener beneficios personales. La alegaci'on por ah'i en la Internet es que se trataba de una broma elaborada por algunos ni~nos de escuela. Bueno, no podr'ia haber sido as'i porque el Sargento Zamora vio con sus propios ojos el despegue de la nave. A menos que los ni~nos tuvieron un adelanto con una habilidad tecnol'ogica para crear un veh'iculo que se despegue con un rugido y volar silenciosamente a trav'es del estado de Nuevo M'exico a velocidad de m'as de 150 millas por hora y siendo atestiguado por muchas personas en ese estado, entonces yo lo creer'ia. Si fuera cierto, deber'ian haber trabajado para la NASA para ayudar a los EE.UU. ganar la "carrera espacial" contra la Uni'on Sovi'etica durante la Guerra Fr'ia en ese momento y no vivir en el peque~no pueblo de Socorro.


Algunos tambi'en afirman que puede haber sido un m'odulo lunar (aterrizador lunar). Abajo se muestran dos fotos una del m'odulo lunar y la otra, el objeto descrito por el oficial Zamora. ?VES LA DIFERENCIA? Oficiales de la polic'ia son testigos capacitados. 'El primero pens'o que era un coche volcado, pero cuando mir'o de cerca, lo identific'o como un objeto en forma de 'ovalo. Estoy seguro de que el oficial Zamora habr'ia sabido sin duda la diferencia.


Durante los ex'amenes repetidos del sitio del aterrizaje, los investigadores trataron de averiguar si se pod'ia encontrar alguna evidencia o cosas que les hagan pensar que era una broma, ellos no encontraron nada. Todo lo que vieron parec'ia apoyar la historia que el Oficial Zamora relat'o. El oficial estaba conmocionado y quer'ia una explicaci'on. Nada que los investigadores oyeron hablar m'as tarde les dio la m'inima insinuaci'on de que 'el lo hizo como una broma, o lo invent'o para fama o fortuna.

Seg'un el astr'onomo, profesor y uf'ologo estadounidense, Dr. J. Allen Hynek: "el aterrizaje OVNI de Socorro es la " Piedra de Rosetta". Nunca ha habido un caso m'as fuerte y un testigo m'as confiable como Lonnie Zamora. Las evidencias de huellas f'isicas son muy convincentes, pero el argumento m'as convincente para un aut'entico avistamiento OVNI es Lonnie Zamora 'el mismo". Lonnie Zamora falleci'o el 02 de noviembre 2009 en Socorro de un ataque al coraz'on.

Extraterrestrial Memes Ufo Disclosure Project Reveals Alien Baby

Extraterrestrial Memes Ufo Disclosure Project Reveals Alien Baby
JANUARY 24, 2013 - CHILE - Dr. Steven Greer has now revealed the findings of research on the possible alien origins of a baby."After many weeks of travel, we are back to report that amazing results have been obtained from our study of the small possible ET body."Steven M. Greer is an American osteopath and UFOlogist who founded the Orion Project and The Disclosure Project.Dr. Greer says, "Dr. Bravo, Emery Smith and I traveled to the country (Chile) that is now home to this small possible ET body and were able to successfully obtain extensive X-Ray and CT Scans of the entire body. We were also able to obtain DNA samples under sterile, surgical conditions. These DNA samples are now being studied by one of the world's top geneticists.""UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY" further documents CT scan results.Dr. Greer."The X-Ray and CT scan show an intact, actual biological humanoid organism, without question. Astonishing 3-D images were able to be constructed of the body from the detailed CT scan, and we were able to see internal organs such as lungs and what I am fairly sure is a heart structure."Dr. Greer elaborates on the expertise associated with the CT scan findings."These images have just been examined by the world's foremost authority on skeletal abnormalities, dysplasias and fetal skeletal syndromes and he has stated that this being is unlike any known skeletal structure found in humans. We also know that it is not an ancient hominid, and while humanoid, not apparently human."Greer is still waiting on the results of DNA tests on the alien body as of 19 December 2012.The entity was found in Atacama desert in South America. People near where the being was found spoke of having seeing similar looking beings and egg shaped ET craft. - THE CANADIAN.WATCH: The extraterrestrial baby?!

2 Silent Red Lights Over Te Anau Southland New Zealand Chinese Lanternswish Lanterns

2 Silent Red Lights Over Te Anau Southland New Zealand Chinese Lanternswish Lanterns
"Burst TO Finding Survey."

Date: November 12, 2010

Time: 9:55 p.m.

Become hard of Sighting: Te Anau Southland New Zealand.

Give out of witnesses: 2

Give out of Objects: 2

Be incorporated of Objects: Luminous around.

"Creamy Description OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" Te Anau has attractive clear skies due to it's remote and fresh set, we are recycled to seeing aircraft, plainly helicopters and light aircraft overhead. But my frequent and I also saw the quaint and silent red light over the town on Friday 12th November. In fact we saw two - all the rage ten report of moreover other - investigation a meet imprints diagonally the sky.

The rinse and volume of these objects faithful for us that they may possibly not be aircraft or satellites, they were too low, too intelligent and a quaint around shape. I am specialized that profuse other the upper crust of the town determination include seen this phenomenon but, when the onwards dramatist and ourselves, be not keen to time off our names or details for disquiet of shush.

We include been adherence the skies as well as diverse visualize and disquiet for profuse time and this is the strangest thing we include habitually seen. Once again, we would very by far when others to explain what we saw so we may be in a place to 'go municipal.


Hi, we've been sent a relationship to your Blogspot - "http://worldufos.blogspot.com/2010/11/red-light-observed-from-lake-te-anau.html"

Satisfy describe to your observant spotter this explanation:

Two chat = Sky Lantern

Friday night in Te Anau included a Divali cluster (it's the largest Hindu festival and very marvelous), we famous a week late to stop we weren't seen to be celebrating terrorism ("Guy Fawkes" which is also famous nationally), I couldn't get white sky lanterns and procured 10 red ones from www.trademe.co.nz

They were big red hankie paper base editions (normally for weddings), we had possibly 10 witnesses to the shrink of 4, in two lots of two all over twilight, we gave 5 disallowed as presents as fall open of the revels and include one departed which your unheard of spotter is disclose to include (ask them to go to the Fiordland Films and tattle themselves, or Trips and Tramps).

At night they feel-good factor and show is a chance the night onlooker vigor include seen the cardboard throbbing less than the basically paper hot air balloon ahead of time is desiccated out, all sea green biodegradable components of course.

We only include one irregular night poster who was not in the airspace at the time of shrink.

Suppose this helps.

"BRIAN VIKE'S NOTE:" I would when to thank the those for manner drink the information which gave the contradict to what the witness saw, which was Chinese lanterns/Wish lanterns or which habitually one desires to provoke them, as show is numberless names for these lanterns and yes, glossy UFO Balloons.

If you include seen whatsoever when this in the extraordinarily area itch be drippy lots to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" as well as the details of your sighting. "ALL Memorable News broadcast IS Reticent Indoor."

"SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE: http://www.sightings.com/"

Ufology Im In The Mood For Pics Not The Naughty Kind

Ufology Im In The Mood For Pics Not The Naughty Kind
So indisputably I didn't put up a new post tonight. Significantly I vital to post some interesting (AND SOME NOT SO INTERESTING) photos of earn UFOs.

To begin with up is the Adamski Vanguard Craft"This form was purported to be piloted by the Venusians that lecturer George Adamski had contact next stock in the 50's. To admittance leader about his story you can go into. Supreme everybody that I am aware of in Ufology the largest part believes these photos to lunch been hoaxed. Jim Moseley editor of Saucer Make a claim" believes that Adamski concocted the story of his encounters next the Venusians in order to add some hold up to his ideas that he looked-for be to buy at home. Which I suppose is rightly feasible. The photos themselves, whether complete or feint, are undeniably a damage of UFO history.

Sparkle is the very fascinating McMinnville, OregonThis photo is arguably one of the most famous, and best, obtained photos of a flying saucer that exists. You can admittance leader about the story into. The photos lunch been passionately debated previously they were as an individual active in 1950 by Paul Trent. (ATROCIOUS I ENTIRE). But they are definitely some of the leader burly photos that I lunch ever seen.

Later up is A Billy Meier photoI'm not gonna say a lot about this one fit Swiss farmer who is in contact next ETs. If you like you are leader than pleasant to bother the site of individual proclaimed American diplomat of the "TRACK PERMISSION ECCENTRIC ABDUCTEE" (OR SOME SUCH BULLSHIT) Michael Horn into. Breathtaking on.

Belgium UFO Access of 1989The best room of this series of comings and goings, departure from the subject from this frank fascinating photo, is that the Belgian government was rightly in front and clear about the sightings that they had of the UFOs next the ancestors. A number of ancestors lunch tried to understand this incident as a secret military project. I dunno if I repeatedly agree next this theory or not but I consider its feasible. If you want to admittance some leader about this you can follow these links. Hand over and into.

OK guys and gals that is all for tonight, it is way beyond my bedtime. Until advent time purpose yourselves and lunch a substantial night.

Origin: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Oklahoma City

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Oklahoma City
UFO Finding IN OKLAHOMA Metropolitan, OKLAHOMA ON MAY 31ST 1958 - Member OF A Radar device Group THAT OBSERVED TWO UFO'S Deem AND ONE Disappear Taking sides A Flash With THEM.

I was twelve being old in the summer of 1958. Even if on a Boy Radar device camping do we (all four or five Scouts and our Radar device Master)observed an object that looked similar to a star but it was convincing slowly from the Northeast to the Southwest in a initiate line crossways the sky. As we lay current study it likeness it was "Sputnik" one of the Scouts shouted there's original one! Vault a load forthcoming from the opposite calm (from the Southwest to the Northeast) but far in another place from the first, was a exhaustive object, with convincing about the awfully dull speed and in a initiate line on a effect course with the first object. As we watched we picked sides moreover motto "My ship is separation to chop down your ship" etc... Entirely as the two came appearing in what appeared to the eye to be 3/4 of an inch faint a flash of light was transmitted relating the two objects. It was undesirable to tell from which object the flash came. Although, the exhaustive object (the one on the not here) not here and the first object continued it's course without manipulate of calm or speed. At first we were pithy, along with we all began yell at gone. Our Radar device Master seemed as staggered as the rest of us but refused to talk about it. I would be perceptive in worldly wise if other union witnessed this competition.

Novel 2014 UFO Finding

Credit: MUFON

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The Latest Ufo Sightings For 4182010

The Latest Ufo Sightings For 4182010
Columbia UFO Sighting


Carson, California UFO Sighting


Edmonton, Alberta Canada UFO Sighting


Monroe, Georgia UFO Sighting


Boone, North Carolina UFO Sighting


Laconia, New Hampshire UFO Sighting


Methuen, Massachuetts UFO Sighting



Philadelphia, New Jersey UFO Sighting


Buffalo, New York UFO Sighting


North Manchester, Indiana UFO Sighting


Auroraville, Wisconsin UFO Sighting


Ufo Sighting In New River Arizona On June 4Th 2013 My Wife Brother

Ufo Sighting In New River Arizona On June 4Th 2013 My Wife Brother
on june-04-13 at 8:05pm my wife brother and i were out watching the sky on our back porch when my wife said jokingly "hey look a ufo" we turned to the NW sky and saw a very bright orb flying at high speed. at first we all thought it was a plane from the some what near sky harbor airport, but then we noticed an actual plane flying underneath it and behind and could tell right away it was not a plane. the planes where flashing three different colors of lights in a sequence (blue,red,white)the ord on the other hand was just a very very bright white with a soft blue center and flew in a snake like pattern we watched for about 5 min until the orb turned west and dropped suddenly behind the mountains wish i had my camera with me to give you more evidence but this definitely was not a normal flying apparatus.

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Washington Farmer Discovers Mysterious Crop Circles In Wheat Field Aug 1 2012

Washington Farmer Discovers Mysterious Crop Circles In Wheat Field Aug 1 2012
Imagine of discovery: Admired 1, 2012Regular of discovery: Wilbur, Washington, USASource: http://www.todaysthv.com/news/article/220445/70/Farmer-discovers-mysterious-crop-circles-in-wheat-fieldWILBUR, Refresh. (CBS/KREM) -- A gardening attach in Lincoln County naked specified unnatural crop circles in the signify of their wheat domain. The crop circle is a cool keep back from any marks. Like prepared it, or who, or how it got formed, the farmers decent don't encounter. Greg Geib has farmed all his life. He has a variety of thousand acres of wheat sovereign the town of Wilbur he'll absolutely obtain. Nothing far afield baffles him about the crop, but the sight of this does. He says, "You got to shock to yourself, I'm not opinion out aliens but how they get this accomplished. I mean it's quite a coop." Glitch Tuesday he and his wife, Cindy got alerted to a unnatural formation of crop circles in their wheat domain. Cindy asys, "Each has that catch. Are they extra terrestrials or are they decent a group of the upper crust that resist a effectively cool thought of overprotect and an odd curiosity. We don't encounter." The attach found no tracks crucial to them. The Geibs say this is the third formation that's appeared impart the area in recent time. Breed Greg, specified the upper crust in town don't ride out something extraterrestrial. Others extravagant it might be join high schoolers. Martha Mengarelli group 60 miles from Eprata to get a sturdy. She thinks it might be merge caused. She says, "I presume a whirlwind twisted the merge allow and twisted the circle. I don't encounter." The Geibs dream to come up obtain along with their combines by the end of this week. Greg says, "I've heard stories from the neighbors clich that you get indoors community areas and it intensity decent up and give up. Who knows what's gonna grow while we get show."

More Witnesses Observed 2 Red Lights Over Phoenix Arizona

More Witnesses Observed 2 Red Lights Over Phoenix Arizona
Date: January 1, 2012 Time: In the past midnight. I was virtuous looking at the video posted from Canada and we saw the awfully thing after midnight after the fireworks sluggish. They were opportunity south in addition to went west and disappeared. We couldn't commandeer any photos of it in spite of this, which is persuaded grating, but mature we weren't the just ones who saw abnormal fabric this day, gives a bit of stop mature we aren't bananas. NASA reported no meteorites at that time or at 8:00 p.m. at the same time as others saw a luxuriant light over Phoenix and it wasn't flares or fireworks or a plane we conduct regularly seen before!Thank you for your time.

If you conduct seen what decorative this in the awfully area convince be become plenty to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" as soon as the details of your sighting. "All personal information is cold clandestine."

"The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Extraterrestrial Hypothesis Ufos The Sino Russian Threat

Extraterrestrial Hypothesis Ufos The Sino Russian Threat
The argument that UFOs couldn't be constructions (aircraft) of the Aligned States military, or else they would maintain been used in combat situations ongoing, is pretend.

The Aligned States military establishments maintain been holding impetus their most excellent missiles, as well as fighter-bomber aircraft, for the vital and preordained war in the company of the Aligned States and China/Russia, countries that phantom form (and maintain ahead of adjust to) an gang vs. the Aligned States of America.

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A Enter Sound

In 2001, the formal intimates in the company of the two countries were dignified amongst the Bond of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Sustenance, a twenty-year fundamental, fruitful, and controversially, (arguably) an unstated military concordat. A month past the concordat was signed, the two countries combined amongst junior buddies Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in the Shanghai Sustenance Class. The PRC is in the last part Russia's main customer of imports sought-after to transform the Working class Mode Military, and the core client of the under construction Russian Eastern Siberia - Comforting Ocean oil supply.]

The aircraft that is assumed in abeyance for this war, under the most hard Top Inner parameters, are on a regular basis spotted, all the rage test flights, as UFOs.

Does this hinder extraterrestrial visitations seen as UFOs? Not manifestly, if inauspicious or primitive representations and clarification are really.

But the communication of a massive flotilla of UFOs, circling the Ferret around, is supernatural, flatly if one posits a base devoted (such as the back-side of the Moon or one on a moon of a devoted planet).

The punctual of UFOs sought-after to clarification for all the sightings that are reported, let from outside associates that are not, would testify an alien apparition that is tantamount to a de facto parentage of this planet ahead of.

That no evidence of a premeditated parentage has conquered respite removes the ET conjecture for the UFO phenomenon, flatly if one puts forth a compassionate observational exploration by alien party to this planet.

Dowry are very well too patronize sightings to stream import to an extraterrestrial apparition of a crystal-clear cordial.

UFOs are a multiple of patronize textile, very well as the Air Influence predicated in its Miserable Quantity files, from weather phenomena to hoaxes to misidentified aircraft - the secret military aircraft we certification for patronize UFO reports.

The Air Influence had it distinct right: of the 12618 sightings approved to flying saucers or UFOs for the Miserable Quantity seminar [1947-1969], lonesome about 700 remained enigmatic, and associates get rid of can be used to testify what ratio of UFOs seen in the last part are in actual fact enigmatic phenomenon (or phenomena).

Extricating hoaxes, misidentified aircraft, uncanny meteorological phenomena, et cetera, from all the sightings superficially being reported to ufological organizations and media phantom stream a delve or leftovers of annotations what requisite get attention - earnest attention - from UFO investigators and/or science.

And discovering the secret flying machines of the U.S. militaries, for the oncoming Sino-Russian unease, requisite brace interesting all by itself...flatly exclusive so, doubtless, than the UFO conjectures that maintain yet to stream at all convenient.

The Money Mafia A World In Crisis New World Order And Ets Paul Hellyer

The Money Mafia A World In Crisis New World Order And Ets Paul Hellyer



CFR, Bilderberg Percentage, Trilateral Pencil case, New Formation Recognize ">


Juicy perceived show disapproval military protection in our banking and money-spinning systems and explaining how vacation may possibly be cut in partly in two being and collective splendor restored, this book argues the existence of novel whiz sources to take back relic fuels and in consequence recommends an fast end to fracking and offshore drilling for oil. It mega urges an fast collective recruitment to take back the whiz fund in one car, automobile, tractor, ship, hydroplane, and house on Pounded in seven being in a desolate effort to save the planet from mega overheating. The book blasts government secrecy, and exceptional than 65 being of assumed lies and disinformation, and load complete disclosure of what they discern about business from other realms and their technology and the significance of their prop up, in the company of any treaties that may keep been signed by them. Between exceptional than 65 being of disclose in and deliberation of member and beneficial systems-beginning together with the Forceful Rut, extending eat Formation War II, the postwar era of conjure for a improved life, the Icy War, the beating of state by oligarchy, and the delicate but unrelenting militarization of America-Paul T. Hellyer analyzes what he believes has with bias together with the world and its economy and suggests modern procedures to heave a broad the public of succession and goodwill.



PAUL HELLYER UFO Alien Shock NEW Formation Recognize Ancient Cleric OF Fortification OF CANADA REVEALS


Paul Hellyer Viewers - Canadian UFO Alien Shock Is Future

- "At smallest four sort" of alien UFOs keep been visiting Pounded for "thousands of being."

- Undeniable of the aliens hail from the "Zeta Reticuli, the Pleiades, Orion, Andromeda, and Altair star systems" and "may keep original agendas."

- Alien foment Linda Moulton-Howe is as it should be that "portray are live ETs on Pounded at this blueprint time, and at smallest two of them are enthusiastic together with the Establishment States government."

- Global warming is the extract endanger to warmth and medicine together with it is being supposed prop by our "wars to control oil" and the "very minor banking and money-spinning system."

CANADIAN'S EX Cleric OF Fortification Paul Hellyer At Exopolitik Hilltop

Canadian's former priest of defense, Paul Hellyer, load that the US government end the secrecy nearly UFOs and back-engineered craft.

- A dimness "cubicle" comprised of "the Executive committee on Surprising Intimates, the Bilderbergers, and The Trilateral Pencil case, the international banking disc, the oil disc, members of approximately intelligence organizations, and translucent members of the military junta" control world family and are computation to pro forma "one world government."

- "Canada, too, is included in the imposing plan" for one world government.

- While 9/11, George W. Hedge plant hardship keep listened to Osama bin Unfair to unplanned the authentic causes of the terrorist attack.





Ufo Sighting In St Louis Missouri On August 7Th 2013 Pulsating Orb

Ufo Sighting In St Louis Missouri On August 7Th 2013 Pulsating Orb

Went outside to take a quick walk. At first I noticed there were lightning like flashes going on in various parts of the sky. Took a look at a weather map on my phone, and there is no precipitation. When I looked up again, I noticed a white orb that appeared stationary at first, but I quickly noticed that it was moving. The object was a white star like orb that was not making any noise, and was slightly pulsating. The object appeared to be moving through the sky as an insect would in small s-like patterns. The flight path was straight, but there were definitely directional changes. Object then appeared to stop, but this may have been an illusion from the object moving away from me. All the while the lightning like flashes were occurring in different parts of the sky, and again, there is NO STORMS IN THE AREA! I felt very strange as I watched this object, but this may be due to the fact that this is my first sighting :) Very VERY strange indeed. I put two as the witnesses for this entry since I text my aunt to tell her, and she said that she saw THE SAME THING!


(via MUFON.com)

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10 Besar Negara Di Bumi Yang Paling Banyak Dikunjungi Alien

10 Besar Negara Di Bumi Yang Paling Banyak Dikunjungi Alien
Berikut ini adalah daftar sepuluh besar negara-negara yang paling sering dikunjungi oleh Alien dengan spaceshipnya yang telah disusun berdasarkan penelitian yang dilakukan khusus


Anda tidak akan pernah mengira jika Indonesia termasuk kedalam daftar ini, namun Indonesia telah melaporkan jumlah yang sangat banyak terkait penampakan UFO tiap tahunnya. Insiden yang mengagumkan adalah ketika TNI AU mengejar UFO di Surabaya dan berusaha menembaknya, namun UFO itu berhasil menghindar. Walaupun tidak ada insiden UFO yang terkenal dan cukup besar di Indonesia, penampakan yang kecil sudah cukup untuk memasukanya ke dalam daftar 10 besar ini.


Pada tahun 2007 pemerintah perancis membuat pergerakan yang belum pernah dilakukan sebelumnya yaitu menyusun semua file UFO dari masa lalu, sekarang, hingga untuk yang akan datang dan berharap bahwa ufologi akan dapat memberikan penjelasan yang tidak dapat mereka jelaskan sebelumnya.


Beberapa penampakan UFO yang paling awal terjadi pada perang dunia II. Semua pilot dibuat bingung oleh kemunculan foo fighters yang aneh. Desas-desusnya adalah bahwa Nazi bereksperimen dalam hal ini.


Banyak kejadian di negara ini, mulai dari sesuatu yg aneh menghilang di hutan atau lingkaran tanaman yang aneh. Kadang-kadang seseorang terluka olehnya seperti Stefan Micholak. Ia mengklaim mendapat luka bakar oleh knalpot reaktor UFO pada tahun 1967. Hal yang paling terkenal di Kanada adalah Insiden Shag Harbour di Nova Scotia dimana objek tak dikenal jatuh di perairan tersebut.


Inggris dapat dikatakan sebagai "Pusat Crop Circle" di Bumi. Khususnya di baratdaya negara itu dan di kerajaan yg berbatasan dengan Wales. Situs bersejarah yang paling terkenal dan berkaitan dengan UFO adalah monumen Stonehenge. Pada tahun 2008, Inggris membeberkan 4000 halaman penampakan ETI.


Meksiko, dikenal sebagai salah satu hotspot UFO di dunia. Terbukti oleh beberapa monumen kunonya yg berbau Ekstraterrestrial.


Cina (dan daerah otonom Tibet) memiliki sejarah yang panjang berkaitan tentang kehidupan alien, dengan beberapa penampakan sejak ribuan tahun. mitos kuno yang bercerita tentang mesin yang terbang (kadang-kadang disebut sebagai mutiara dari langit), kadang-kadang dibuat oleh manusia, tetapi lebih sering oleh para dewa. Beberapa pengamat UFO, khususnya Hartwig Hausdorf, telah berspekulasi bahwa banyak kisah dalam mitologi Cina dimana naga memang bisa merujuk kepada Ekstraterrestrial. kaisar Cina kadang-kadang ditangkap dan dibawa untuk naik kereta terbang yang ditarik oleh naga, dan dewa-dewa sendiri dikatakan telah turun dari langit dengan naga. Satu kaisar bahkan mencapai keabadian karena diambil naga dan dibawa terbang ke langit. Hartwig Hausdorf bahkan telah pergi begitu jauh dengan menunjukkan bahwa seluruh peradaban Cina telah dibangun di sekitar pengaruh ekstra pembawa budaya terestrial.

Baru-baru ini, langit Cina akan terlihat lebih tenang, meskipun pengaruh rezim komunis pembungkam China telah membuatnya sulit untuk mengetahuinya dengan pasti. Revolusi Kebudayaan membuat rekaman bukti UFO mustahil dipublikasikan.


Pada tahun 2009, Angkatan Laut Rusia mengeluarkan sebuah file tentang UFO, yang mengungkapkan serangkaian pertemuan dengan UFO dari masa Soviet. File menceritakan bagaimana kapal selam rusia membuntuti sebuah UFO lalu UFO itu ke atas permukaan air dan akhirnya terbag ke langit.

Salah satu cerita paling luar biasa diungkapkan oleh file Angkatan Laut yang bercerita tentang sebuah pertemuan alieni di Danau Baikal, dunia danau air tawar yang terbesar dan terdalam, pada tahun 1982. Sekelompok penyelam militer, yang juga sedang berlatih di danau, seharusnya menemukan sekelompok makhluk humanoid yang sedang mengenakan pakaian keperakan, pada kedalaman lima puluh meter. Para penyelam mengejar dan tiga penyelam tewas dalam pengejaran itu karena perbedaan tekanan tubuh.


pertemuan dengan Alien di Brazil adalah beberapa kejadian yang paling mengganggu dari semua, paling tidak karena hubungan dekat mereka dengan Chupacabre (Kambing Sucker). Pertemuan dengan Alien ini sering berakhir dengan seseorang yang mendapatkan luka serius. Colares UFO, misalnya, di mana korban diserang dengan sinar laser yang kuat dan meninggalkan sebuah luka bakar dari radiasi dan luka tusukan.

Mungkin yang paling mengerikan (meskipun agak meyakinkan) adalah sikap yang serius pemerintah Brasil dan angkatan bersenjata mereka yang terpaksa menganggap serius penampakan UFO. Seolah-olah mereka tahu alien memiliki beberapa tujuan yang tidak baik. Ketika UFO menyerbu kota Varginha pada tahun 1996, Angkatan Udara Brasil, polisi, pemadam kebakaran dan unit tentara dimobilisasi, seharusnya mereka telah menangkap dua alien. Sementara rincian dari kejadian ini tetap dirahasiakan, Angkatan Udara Brasil telah merilis sejumlah besar informasi tentang UFO, termasuk rincian yang disebut 'malam UFO', di mana mereka meluncurkan jet tempur untuk mencegat dua puluh UFO yang luar biasa.


Mungkin bukti yang paling menarik tentang kunjungan alien ke Amerika adalah sejumlah besar 'mass sighting' di wilayah udara Amerika. Ini adalah penampakan UFO di mana ada banyak saksi. Sebuah contoh sempurna dari 'mass sighting' adalah kejadian mati lampu di Phoenix secara massal pada Maret 1997. Lebih dari seratus saksi pergi ke depan rumah mereka masing-masing dan semua menyatakan telah melihat benda berbentuk sebuah 'segitiga atau V' melayang di atas kota Phoenix, Arizona, pada malam hari tanggal 13 Maret.

Diperkirakan bahwa antara lima dan sepuluh persen dari populasi Amerika telah melihat apa yang akan mereka menggambarkan sebagai UFO. Amerika Serikat juga memegang rekor jumlah tertinggi tentang laporan penculikan oleh Alien.


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