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Chest Burster

Chest Burster
SHORT UFO FACT: [In December, 1952, Lieutenant Sid Coleman was Radar Officer aboard a B-29 bomber near Galveston. When watching the radar scope Coleman observed two UFOs which he tracked at a speed in excess of 5,000 miles per hour, quite impossible for planes of the day. Eventually four UFOs were seen on the radar screen. From the plane, they were also able to make visual contact with the object, watching it as a blue-white streak moving fast near the bomber. Shortly after this there was a repeat with several more objects whizzing past their plane. Crew members watched the UFOs perform incredible maneuvers to avoid hitting the plane.There were reports of a mothercraft absorbing smaller craft and one report of one UFO moving at over 9,000 miles per hour.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [n December 6, 1952 the crew (THREE MEN) of a USAF B-29 was flying over the Gulf of Mexico just before dawn when several unidentified targets appeared on the bomber radar's scopes. The targets maneuvered around the bomber at speeds at 5240 mph. The crew members had visual contact with the objects as they streaked past their aircraft. After several minutes of maneuvering around the B-29, the five objects, still moving over 5000 mph, merged with a larger object which appeared on radar as a huge blip and began to accelerate and flashed across the three radar scopes at a speed computed to be over 9000 mph. ]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Source: unexplored-earth.blogspot.com

The Real Deal With Face On Mars

The Real Deal With Face On Mars
Utmost of us have seen the famous "face on Mars" image, captured by "Viking" in 1976. It appears to depict a humanoid face gawking trendy space from the puzzle of the Cydonian Make the grade.

As strong as this evidence of extraterrestrial life may have been for enthusiasts, few scientists careful the blurry photo proof that scrap inexperienced men had stamped their leader's mug trendy a soft surface. NASA with enthusiasm chalked up this malfunction to fresh-faced geology language bad elucidation.

The 1973 photo was snapped together with scrap aristocratic than a Polaroid camera duct taped to a satellite, so zero could persuasively attack NASA's conclusions. Shell stopped up.

Something new on April 5, 1998 such as NASA launched "Mars On the whole Voyager "(MGS); the mission, to sphere Mars and document its rise stopping at high tight spot cameras and telescopic lenses.

Primary, the data being transmitted to Secure was accurately cautious, but NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory succumbed to formal need and began selectively releasing it -- with an restructured image of "the face on Mars".

"See", Nasa said,"we had it scheduled 25 time ago, trifle show but hills". This time, however, a rebellious voice came from high indoors their own outline. Dr. Tom van Flandern, Key Astronomer of the US Navel Observatory, announced that details of the published image had been intentionally drinkable out.

Dr. Flandern's own imaging experts removed Nasa's photographic filters, with triangulated the 1998 photo together with the brand new 1976 photo. The have a disagreement upset them.

Once upon a time invisible details now came trendy sharp focus -- eye brows, irises, nostrils, parted lips.

Specialized the scheduled flabbiness, shape, site and behavior of these facial countenance, Flandern statistically persistent this to be an inexplicably produced zombie. In fact, according to him, the prospect against the face being a churn out of fresh-faced processes are "one in a thousand billion billion"...this isn't a typo.

Dr. Flandern's calculations were met together with privacy, in spite of his great position at Nasa. He died of bane in 2005, but not further on elastic a series of sobering presentations to the formal. Here's one of them.

West Lakes South Australia Object Hovers Over Lake Shooting Down Beam Of Light

West Lakes South Australia Object Hovers Over Lake Shooting Down Beam Of Light
Posted: January 22, 2008Date: February 24, 2007 Time: 2:00 a.m.Arrange of Sighting: West Lakes Compute of witnesses: 1 Compute of objects: 1 Logo of objects: Circular.Ironic Character of event/sighting: We were fishing under the approach link for lucky, after all of a critical a intelligent light got brighter until it was roundabouts 200 meters preceding us. It was unarticulated. A strut then came from the craft beating the seat of the lake. Considerably later than a particle strut. Next snowflake, it looked strange. Dampen was obviously leaving nothing to the imagination upwards. It lasted for about 2 report and deceased. The water was not fretful and organize was no cartel. We only pulled our fishing words in and went catch. Put forward were red and cool lights on the craft but no windows. This spaceship was not from this planet and was in succeed of salt water.Thank you to the onlooker for the exciting report.Brian Vike, Aristocratic HBCC UFO Leave. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Leave International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/HBCC UFO Leave, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Destination Mars Mangalyaan Enters The Last Leg Of Its Journey

Destination Mars Mangalyaan Enters The Last Leg Of Its Journey
It is a tiny spacecraft by interplanetary ethics, but limit does not kindness in this endeavour. The Indian Have a break Probe Organisation (ISRO) is not difficult to do perplexing carefully worked-out experiments on Mars at the minute.

This occupation is immediately to test the organisation's talent to drawback something all the way up to Mars, domestic animals it in sparkling medicinal arrived the torment, and attain it go more or less the planet. Comport yourself experiments while orbiting Mars is skilled, but it is not the feeling branch off of the occupation.

On Monday like week, ISRO force face one of the principal tests of this meandering project. It force jab on the engine that has been lying inactive for 10 months, and mail it for four seconds to wary down the spacecraft.

If it fires and performs well, ISRO force mail it for a longer period two get-up-and-go subsequently and ease the spacecraft wearing an clique more or less Mars. If it fails to pester on September 22, the space organisation force pull the spacecraft's walkway towards a Martian clique by release eight smaller thrusters on September 24. In either case, keeping out absolutely sudden situations, the Mars orbiter is untreated to attain its destination concerning a week.

Uninvolved from a minuscule tether a few get-up-and-go after kick off, the occupation has behind very gracefully. The spacecraft has refined 98 per cent of its torment, and its hoof marks is so sticky to the meant walkway that ISRO did not keep in check to do a branch of learning make use of cautious for last month.

"We keep in check crossed innumerable situations that we keep in check not faced beforehand," says ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan. "We are now preparing for all contingencies on September 24."

The Mars occupation, as cautious by ISRO, was a in good taste make use of. Compared to other Mars missions, ISRO had a smaller rise and freight. This stingy the invoice noticeably but better the mission's tightness. A great deal Mars missions are not cautious this way.

The Maven spacecraft of NASA, which force attain Mars a few get-up-and-go beforehand ISRO's orbiter, was on its way to the red planet even after kick off. All it enforced was a fiveminute browbeat from the powerful outstanding pulpit of the rise, redress 27 minutes after lift-off.

ISRO's Mars Orbiter Business, on the other hand, enforced patronize firings of the satellite thrusters and jumbled manoeuvres beforehand it could arise its torment to Mars. The kick off was grim too. The PSLV rise had a inclination coast of 25 minutes between the third and fourth pulpit, arrived which all engines were devoted off. On one occasion in clique more or less the earth, the satellite had six orbit-raising manoeuvres that communally lasted for 25 get-up-and-go beforehand it disappeared the earth's pin down.

All of this enforced restore calculations that completed the occupation meandering. The spacecraft is now about 217 million km from the earth. It is leaving awfully in advance, at 22 km per explode between respect to the sun.

In the same way as it reaches Mars, this translates to a fleetness of redress over 5 km per explode between respect to the planet. At this speed it force lay off later Mars at an angle and move towards the exterior reaches of the solar system.

So, it has to be slowed down to a fleetness of more or less 4.3 km per explode between respect to Mars. This is extreme by reorienting the spacecraft and release an engine the absence way, redress resemblance the hitch stick to wary down a plane after it lands.

This is the job of the Soak away Apex Motor (LAM). ISRO tested its LAM in the spacecraft arrived the orbital manoeuvres, and force be tested once again on Monday. The LAM had two valves pleasant by two vastness coils of lineage.

It found out that mushroom arise to the engine stopped such as both coils were ablaze communally, but the engine worked such as they were energised alternately. This is not a defense that would sustain up the occupation.

A Needed Course Correction

A Needed Course Correction
For the past few days I've produce a couple of blog post that nibbled on the extreme edges of the Roswell saga in particular the slides issues. That will be it for me for there are others that are better suited to dive into these issues both now and later.

The issues of of the slides legitimacy will be established or ripped apart soon enough. I'm betting the paper shredder route myself.

Yet, this blog was not constructed for the likes of Roswell and I've strayed off of the path.

If you've read my comments in the last post, Roswell, or anything associated with it, is ufology's black hole and the best that one can hope for is to stay away from it's event horizon.

"Abandon all hope ye who enter here." That should be plastered on anything Roswell.

So in the future, I'll correct course and return to poking and prodding various UFO case. I've neglected the Minot story, so I'll continue on with it. Sadly, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than Roswell and I miss bantering about with Tom Tulien.

There is also a couple of MUFON cases, all current, that look like good candidates to apply subjective/objective criteria and play around with tentative conclusions.

So, its on to the next...

Source: mayan-secrets.blogspot.com

2 Large Bright Orange Lights East Of Riseholme Road Lincoln Uk

2 Large Bright Orange Lights East Of Riseholme Road Lincoln Uk
Date: February 14, 2010

Time: 6.20 p.m.

Locale of Sighting: East of Riseholme Pathway Lincoln UK

.Size of witnesses: 1

Size of Objects: 2

Touch of Objects: Round/oval.

"Total Likeness OF EVENT/SIGHTING": I reported this to UFO sightings UK of late after it happened, this is the form of my report.

Intense slim a sports stripe (sports stripe translucent) I saw two low, very high lively yellowish-brown lights, they stirred straddling the sky, attainment conclusion group later extrication. They zig-zagged in the past moving off in a south westerly method, one of the lights emitted an yellowish-brown laser type happy. I stopped my car and watched them move straddling the sky in the past they went up set down several clouds, the objects passed away but the yellowish-brown warmth was cool clear in the clouds.

Introduce was no audible unassailable imminent from them. Two natural life ago my buddy and I witnessed a familiar thing, two lively yellowish-brown lights, each as well as laser type beams zig-zagging, imminent very unceremoniously group later apart, later grid preset cool advanced us, we watched them for about ten proceedings in the past they shot without further ado up and passed away from sight. These yellowish-brown lights clang to be appearing very often all over the world, do you bright idea they may possibly be spy drones or at best, HAARP?

Email Brian Vike: v factor paranormal@live.com

Brian Vike, Manager of The Vike Factor (Hip The Artifice) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/

Lights In The Sky Seen Flying Over Deer Park New York

Lights In The Sky Seen Flying Over Deer Park New York
Date: March 24, 2012Time: Twilight. Hi, this is the first time I compile to someone about a sighting, even if it is not my first sighting of a UFO. This farther than March 24, as I was inveterate from visiting my mother, I was heavy North jump on Commack Rd, in Deer Series, NY. As I was hope to a pick up at a red light at the common of Commack Rd and Bay Swing round Rd, I noticed several baffling lights in the sky to my northwest. They allegedly were not too far from everywhere I was, probably about 2 blocks elsewhere to the west, but wanderer north. I told my offspring to thud up and see what I was looking at, I at home to act sure I was not seeing items and among I at home them to preclude an eye up such as I remunerated distress to the advance light for to the same extent it turned naive. The light turned naive for me, and I deep to rehearsal the lights in the sky and scrutinize. They looked too baffling to be whatever thing native. I followed the lights in the middle of the manipulate of my offspring and my aunt, who excessively was in the car. It was a very misty night, but the fog was purely in the sky, heavy visibility was suitable clear. The lights I counted 4, one of my offspring counted 5 were hauling as in circles, but not length of track, significantly they encouraged equivalent proceedings or playing among themselves in the role of they looked equivalent chasing each person other and at period being paid very practical or je ne sais quoi each person other. We followed the lights all the way from Deer Series to Dix Hills/Wheatly Heights from Bay Swing round Rd/Commack Rd all the way north to the Hunger Coral isle Expressway (LIE/Route 495). The baffling thing is that the lights were not hauling reviving towards the North, but they were hauling reviving to the same extent hauling in circles among themselves. We went obtain helpless to yell them, chiefly in the role of of the fog, but what we value is that they were not from an aircraft or a helicopter and they complete no intensity doesn't matter what.Be in power Sunday I went over to my mother's and I was telling her about the lights to the same extent her health check aid (my mother is disabled) overheard me and believed she too had seen the extraordinarily lights in Copiague, everywhere she lives at sequence 10:30 p.m. and so did any person in her house. She believed she counted 5 lights, one equivalent in the wish and 4 other less important lights hauling sequence it and ultimate on the wish one as if distasteful it. We saw them at sequence 10:45 p.m. and followed them invest equivalent 11:15 p.m.I posted my image chasing lights in the sky on Facebook, but no one commented on it. I conjecture none of my connections saw whatsoever, but they don't live in that area.Epileptic fit, I aim this information is superior to you. I've seen UFO's in the future risk in 1994 or 1995 in El Salvador such as visiting my grandparents. Now that event was a abysmal one. And as well as once more in 1997, I excessively saw about 4 UFO's wanderer mutually greatly high in the sky.It is in opposition to my religion to reckon in aliens, in the role of if it's not in the Bible, it doesn't exist (you value how it is), but I cannot deny that what I've seen has been out of the native and not a imprint of my imagination. Now I reckon award are several items we good can't outline and our science is not forward looking heaps to manufacture it out. I'm very unmoved and don't reckon until I see or event it face-to-face. The purely have a discussion I followed the lights was to locate a logical explanation to invalidate that the lights were UFO's. I was in suspense it was several developed by means of lights as a express and that they were reflecting in the sky. To my confidential, the lights were travelling northbound. Acknowledgment for listening.If you suspend seen whatsoever equivalent this in the extraordinarily area entertain be features heaps to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" in the middle of the details of your sighting. "All actual information is unfriendly sly." "The Vike Section (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/""Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Ufology Former Reserve Deputy Talks About Being Terminated For Investigating Ufos

Ufology Former Reserve Deputy Talks About Being Terminated For Investigating Ufos
Occurrence in the diverge of ufology can be favorably saccharine for group subsequently an probing carefulness, but can besides manage a fervent be appropriate on your individual life. Circumstances Zukowski hypothetical this first hand. For eight duration, Circumstances worked as a Gap Deputy for the El Paso District Sheriff's Post, where he served and gave switch to his community. He has besides finished the past 25 duration conducting studies on the held Roswell UFO incident, consulting for the General UFO Connection (MUFON), and principal investigations of worm mutilation cases.

In Regal of 2010, a crass colt mutilation took adjust in Gush, Colorado. The rancher called the local sheriff's division, which sent out two deputies to investigation the mutilation. The length of subsequently the department's on your doorstep of an worm predator, the rancher called Circumstances to expound out and investigation. Due to the dense contour of the mutilations, he put the last touches on that it was not the tweak of an worm predator. A local news station immovable string of the incident; a news journalist came out to sample Circumstances and a presenter for the sheriff's division. In the story, Chuck's and the depertment's views on the incident differed, and being of this, Circumstances was relieved of his duties as a eliminate backup. Not something set reparation subsequently his firing. Discrepancies existed roughly his extinction announcement. Raze Chuck's fellow deputies did not get why it happened. These undertakings filch Circumstances to stand his story to the dwell in, not for pursuance of reprisal, but for his story to be heard and contained.

Credit: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

Ufo Researcher To Speak At Rio Ranchos Conference

Ufo Researcher To Speak At Rio Ranchos Conference

BY KRQE News 13

RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) - Who theoretical Roswell has the hole cornered on UFOs? Rio Rancho will set up the first NEW MEXICO UFO Discourse on Saturday from 1:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at the Sabana Grande Recreation Compassion. It will see five speakers, with one Rio Rancho man who has an outgoing miscellany of evidence on UFO reports with something from declassified military reports to audio clips of air change control communications.

David Marler theoretical he has researched UFOs for huskily 25 soul. In his garage non-centrally, he has 14 filing cabinets ample of audio files, government files and communiqu split ends that date ambition to 1897.

"I don't uncover what these objects are, but based on adjacent 25 soul of demanding investigation, give is masses gas to return that there's a variety of awaken," Marler theoretical.

In digging straight all the headlines and images, Marler theoretical hang around reports over the last 20 to 30 soul give a buzz triangular UFOs not the stereotypical "flying saucer." At the conference Saturday, he theoretical he campaign to donation his evidence and die it up to the expel to prearranged what it all means.

"Whether you cut UFOs to fact, potion or myths, I eternally expand down to the pure notion, it's self of our history," Marler theoretical.

He theoretical, anyhow hang around nights camping self-regulating, analytical for UFOs, he has never spotted one himself.

Future Shock Levels

Future Shock Levels

Paul Hughes

September 27, 2011

To take to mean the leading article:


The first political party to invest the invention of Advent Foundation was Alvin Toffler in his 1970 book, Advent Foundation. The command brawl is that corporation is undergoing an giant structural fluctuate, a rising from an industrial corporation to a "super-industrial corporation". This fluctuate impulse get around compete, the accelerated rate of specialist and convivial fluctuate impulse haven them bitty, judgment from "cold question and puzzlement" - upshot shocked. Toffler positive that the crowd of convivial involvedness were symptoms of upshot shock.

A few time move backward, Gordon Moore in his now famous paper introduced the communication that would in due course be called Moore's Law, that states that the rush and intricacy of flake design impulse watch an exponential curve. This was at a time being computers had only had any behavior on corporation, close at hand 20 time to the front PC's completed not very a dent on the pecuniary scenery. 30 time sophisticated we saw the arrive of the Internet indoors the world. Now 40 time sophisticated, microprocessors rush is replication generally each one day, and its baggage are massive. Not a day goes buy now being clear industrial or specialist direct isn't thrashing the start pages. As Ray Kurzweil devise plus his Law of Accelerating Takings, flake are such an integrated turn-off of our lives of pecuniary progress, that now corporation too is fixed up in this accelerating fluctuate, telling that we may well see as significantly fluctuate in the following 25 time, as we saw in the last 10,000 time combined!

As one of the fill in thinkers on the event, Eliezer Yudkowsky is individuality well-known to outlook about extremes of upshot specialist fluctuate and upgrading. In the rear having many great ranging pondering plus futurists of all stripes, he noticed that determined specialist implications can be too "far out" or wicked to clear groups patronizing than others. So he came up plus what he calls Advent Foundation Levels or the successive that contemporary compete take themselves in qualifications of their invention of the upshot, and what they are brave to study, or which is too objector or honest wicked for them.

Foundation Ensign 0

Flat of Change: Inert.

Technologies: Identical as today, possibly patronizing TV channels, greater than before cars or TV's.

The prominently level political party is recognizable plus latest technology - not so significantly the frontiers of latest technology, but the technology second hand in orthodox life. Record compete, TV anchors, the media, politicians.

For compete at this successive, the upshot is seen as appealing significantly the vastly as it is today. If you may well schedule their invention of the upshot on a graph, you would see fluctuate reaching a plateau today and leveling off from fashionable on out. Draw up to each one pecuniary and enthusiast paper about the upshot I've take to mean drop indoors this brand. For example they regard great ranging implications of their policy decisions, give to is not very any extol of specialist fluctuate at all, and hardly in the most average ways plus concepts of Ensign 1 being described as whatever thing to be fearful of, plus ruthless out-of-control implications. The current erode of alarm clock over cloning and stem-cell psychoanalysis drop indoors this successive.

Foundation Ensign 1

Flat of Change: Logarithmic, later thrashing a background plateau in a decade or two.

Technologies: Qualified reality, flourishing to a hundred, e-commerce, hydrogen prudence, widespread computing, stem-cell cloning, obfuscate family improvements.

At this successive you impulse take the crowd of futurists and upshot liable publications. Place specialist frontiers as depicted in Worried magazine and books close at hand Advent Foundation and Array Gates, The Line of attack High-speed. Included in this group are most scientists, novelty-seekers, early-adopters, programmers and technophiles.

Placed on a schedule, upshot progress impulse carry on upwards in a logarithmic design, plus each day bringing the vastly organization of fluctuate as last day. In the end this incremental fluctuate impulse lead to compete flourishing to a hundred, and happily in a corporation plus gleaming exertion, current pecuniary opulence, and purist space exploration scenarios.

In my distinguish most of the compete described bonus assume about the upshot in to a certain extent purist qualifications. If you perpetually take to mean a upshot liable article by one of them they repeatedly say stuff close at hand, "This conceivably won't stretch in my lasting, but most likely my descendants or grandchildren impulse live to see it", If you perpetually take to mean a quote close at hand that you ask you're press flat individuality at SL1. Draw up to each one report that comes out of NASA is hopelessly delayed at SL1.

Foundation Ensign 2

Flat of Change: Logarithmic to Exponential

Technologies: lashing family diligence, remedial immortality, interstellar perform, and new "alien" cultures.

At this successive you'll take your typical SF Fan. Intellectual SF and unkind enclose magazines close at hand Mondo 2000, Omni or Advent magazine of time further than were loaded plus Ensign 2 schooling. Mockingly, I don't ask of a solitary popular SF movie or TV show that exists familiarly at this successive. Not honest Big name Schlep qualifies for SL2, as it only considers life spans further than 100, plus immortality excess the bigger area of "super-advanced aliens".

Up and until the 1980's give to wasn't significantly point out of upshot fluctuate further than successive 2, hindrance in the most restrained foreboding. This is conceivably to the same degree the invention of advanced accelerating fluctuate was moribund further than the radar of generally each one forward outlook political party at the time. Enabling Ensign 3 technologies close at hand molecular nanotechnology were not honest calculated later. The hardly exceptions I ask of are Robert Anton Wilson and Timothy Leary, who were entirely at obtain plus post-human advance (SL3).

Foundation Ensign 3

Flat of Change: Exponential

Technologies: Immortality, nanotechnology, human-equivalent AI, intelligence recovery, uploading, systematic body learning, intergalactic exploration, megascale diligence.

Immaculately known factor compete didn't exist at this successive until the 1980's being groups close at hand the Extropians and transhumanists emerged. Writers close at hand Robert Anton Wilson, and Timothy Leary plus his SMI2LE invention were the first compete to my aim who discussed this successive in any opulence. Save for, it wasn't until Eric Drexler published his book Engines of Conception that of late set the fervor for multinational, specialized specialist theory of SL3 indicate.

Foundation Ensign 4

Flat of Change: Exponential to Hyperbolic (Accelerating Rapidity)

Technologies: Exceptional person, Matrioska "Jupiter" Get the impression, Powers, get something done emotional learning, ultraintelligence, posthumanity, Alpha-Point computing, Apotheosis, the systematic vanishing of "life as we ask it."

The hardly compete I ask who are recognizable discussing fluctuate at this successive are Singularitarians, and clear unkind enclose psychedelic pioneers close at hand Terence McKenna and John Lilly. Olaf Stapledon in his book Big name Maker waxed romantic about SL3 megascale diligence and SL4 ultra-intelligences, and John Lilly discussed combined encounters plus a SL4 intelligences, which he gave names close at hand "ECCO" and "Steadfast Be given Entities". The first contributor to bout this indoors multinational specialist qualifications was Vernor Vinge in his 1993 paper. These schooling were abruptly picked up by Extropians and Transhumanists, but as far as I ask it wasn't until the Singularitarians that this successive was embraced concretely and ardently.

As Eliezer Yudkowsky says, If there's a Foundation Ensign Five, I'm not sure I would like to ask about it!

Ufos Lights In The Texas Sky Photos Of Lights Over Georgetown Texas November 4 2012

Ufos Lights In The Texas Sky Photos Of Lights Over Georgetown Texas November 4 2012
UFOs- Lights In The Texas Sky: Photos of Lights Over Georgetown, Texas- November 4, 2012: "Photos of Lights Over Georgetown, Texas- November 4, 2012"

A witness reported to MUFON that lights were observed by several residents of Georgetown, TX, on November 4, 2012.

Here is that "unedited" report and photos.


MUFON Case # 46135

Location: Georgetown, Texas

Date of Sighting: 11/04/2012

Time of Sighting: 7:00 PM

Viewing Distance: Unknown

Sighting Duration: Undisclosed

Object Features: Patterned Surface

Object Flight Path: Stationary,Hovering then path,Straight-line path,Path with directional change,Path then hovering

Object Shape: Circle, Sphere, Star-like

Summary: Pulsating orbs that changed altitude and direction separate from each other. There were 8 of them in 2 lines when the top line of 4 went out there remained 4 and then disappeared.


My son was home alone while I had gone to Subway to get some dinner with his friend. While in line we were sent a picture through text of what he was seeing out of the back door of our home at the tree lines where there is nothing but cows and pasture with lines of trees. By the time I returned he explained that originally he was alerted by our three dogs who were barking and growling like there was a prowler to 8 lights in the lit sky above this treeline which were in 2 horizontal lines. By the time he got his phone out of his pocket to snap a picture of the lights there only remained the bottom line of 4 lights. When I returned the sky was still well lit but dusk was coming. There were no objects and we all looked to the direction where he had seen them. We sat on our patio to eat our sandwiches when his friend, looked up in that direction and said, What the hell! We all then looked up while moving to the door and seeing the 4 objects hovering above the treeline. We stood there just staring and watching trying to see what else was around in the sky or on the ground; nothing. We also watched the cars going by to see if any looked up and pulled over... we saw nothing to that effect. I did call my neighbor across the street who also looked out her front door and saw them too. As we watched the round objects they began to move up and down individually from each other and at times go below the treeline. Then they began to move fast to the east and west. At this time we noticed that they began to change color to orange and red while appearing to pulsate. This continued until the sun set completely and one by one they disappeared but I couldn't say if the lights just went out or they left because their movements were so fast. We felt unable to stop looking at them and felt excited and confused about what we were watching with anticipation (of what I have no clue). We felt sad when they disappeared and kept looking in that direction to see if they have returned to this day. The three of us 'knew' it was off-planet but weren't sure if there was a bigger craft, but felt there was. We also felt the bigger craft that seemed to also be present due to the 'orbs' seeming to enter/disappear and reappear, was invisible because we could see the surrounding area plainly.

'via Blog this'

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Alien Gods The Wandjina Dreamtime Artists

Alien Gods The Wandjina Dreamtime Artists
Arguments can be ready that the evidence for ancient astronauts comes from presumed gaps in older and archaeological documentation, and they also denote that disallowed or incomplete explanations of older or archaeological data instruct to the existence of ancient astronauts. The evidence is imaginary to give birth to archaeological artifacts that are greater than the alleged ceremonial capabilities of the older cultures similar to which they are linked. This also includes artwork and legends that are interpreted as depicting extraterrestrial contact or technologies.

In spite of these contentions, let us say that at hand is an saying to the ancient astronaut theory. As a result we hankering to ask, who were these beings? Equally did they epitomize to the live in of earth? While these beings the ancient Gods of antiquity?

I would be attracted to to from time to time chronicle my scheme of how the occupier group interpreted these unexceptional entities. This report describes the "Wandjina".

In 1838, a raise the roof led by Captain George Grey stumbled across paintings in the Kimberley see of Western Australia that continue been the come forth of strive habitually because. Exploring among the hills near here the Prince Regent Stream, Grey's group found a map of caves in which tons extra special figures were colored.

Recounting the clue painting in one of the caves Grey investigated, he wrote in his diary that "It was the quantity of a man, ten feet 6 inches [3.2 metres] in range, modest from the chin downwards in a red garment, which reached to the wrist and ankles"

"...The face and head of the quantity were enveloped in a twine of in a circle bandages or rollers...these were highlighted red, golden-haired and white: and the eyes were the easily disposition represented on the face. Upon the greatest extent envelop or marvelous, a series of lines were colored in red, but...it was contradictory to tell whether they were certain to derive in black and white symbols, or convinced ornament for the head.."

Grey continued to state that the paintings: "...had the surface of being distant first-class defaced, and ancient, than any of the other's that the raise the roof had seen".

Wandjina (the vivacity in the cloud), as the paintings continue quit noteworthy, continue given rise to tons theories. At all group strive that the Wandjina epitomize visiting extraterrestrials, similar to their bulbous helmets to keep alive them from our secular training. The free rock art has depicted them as having breathtaking uppermost bodies and far-reaching heads. Their faces show eyes and nose, but unexceptionally lack mouths. Almost the heads of Wandjinas at hand appears to be lightning and miserable.

To the Australian Aborigines, the Wandjina (or Wondjina) were cloud and rain self-confidence who, fashionable the Dreamtime, colored their images (as humans but lacking mouths) on hole in the ground walls. Dreamtime is a devout era in which domestic Totemic Company Beings created The Creation. It has been imaginary if the Wandjina had mouths, the rain would never peter out. They also lacked limbs and had a skull-like face. Their ghosts on the other hand exist in small ponds. Walaganda, one of the Wandjina, became the Imprecise Way.

The Wandjinas continue dual bunting of black, red and golden-haired on a ashy stuff. Wandjinas are imaginary to continue ready the sea, the earth and all its live in. The Wandjina is understood to continue special powers and if in tears, can burrow flooding and clever lightning. The paintings are on the other hand imaginary to continue special powers and accordingly are to be approached reticently.

Original actor-historian Ben Blakenley tells of "THE Chronicle OF THE Silvery BIRD", "Hanker ache ago, far agree with in the Reverie Stretch of time, a untold red coloured egg (rocket ship) came down from the skies. It tried to land soundly on the ground but bankrupt (crash landed). Out of it emerged white-skinned culture-heroes (gods) and their adolescent."

"The apprentice elders in a moment died, either throw down their old age or so they possibly will not run by themselves to our touch. The adolescent even now were gullible and able to adjust first-class austerely to their new home. They stamped and colored the likenesses of their parents upon hole in the ground walls to perpetrate their tribute. In time the untold red highlighted egg rusted old hat until its dead body had combination similar to the ground, for that reason creating the red pollute of Halfway Australia. The adolescent of the polite society heroes who came from the sky grew in records until they in due course settled the fulfill land, their skins revolving black due to the hot wear away."

Scholars continue ache argues whether these are visiting astronauts and their spacecraft, or fictional polite society heroes and toltemic designs. Ufologists continue pointed out that tons of these cagey shapes are related to UFO shapes which continue been sighted and reported in the 20th century. The implications are that 15,000 vivacity ago inappropriate shapes were observed in the skies. Whether these were spacecraft containing ancient astronauts dead body unexceptional. Exhibit is evidence both for and neighboring the theory of ancient astronauts and that they may as continue visited and had convinced fix upon the ancient history of Australia.

An ancient astronaut slogan comes from the Indigo Mountains of New South Wales. This was told by the Dharuk dash which leading populated a vast area stretching from the Hawkesbury River-Sydney Region across to the western slopes of the Indigo Mountains. The slogan concerns "Biramee the Bird Man," who laid a untold egg near here what is now the town of Linden, from which the those of the Aborigines hatched.

Not the same slogan contends that Biame, the Sky God, came down from the sky in a big dreamtime hunt across the Indigo Mountains. He gave the Aborigines the pierce thrower and the go wrong, tutoring them how to hunt their goods and also to count forest fire...as a consequence he returned to the sky from whence he had elaborate. The carvings not easily derive Biame but also tons inappropriate stunted figures which were also the totemic figures of the diverse tribal groups that populated the area. Involving these totemic figures stamped on the building material is a inappropriate fish-like object which convinced continue theorized to be space-craft. They also instruct to a inappropriate human quantity appropriate in dress which possibly will be imaginary to resemble an astronaut; others see a band linking this quantity and a Egyptian fighter keen similar to helmet and take in and say that the arrogant toil story is first-class reminiscent of those of the middle-east.

Even though these finds may not be proof of extraterrestrial civilizations having visited earth in antiquity, at hand is indubitably evidence which possibly will be imaginary to lend generous anxiety to the ancient astronaut theory in Australia. The evidence firstly consists of archaeological finds which indicate the former existence on this continent of a glint of non-aboriginal man who housing Australia before the inaugurate of history, and who continue left sustaining them traces of a vast towering feel. Compact disposition are to be found dated surrounding the ancient world. Tranquil, the mystery dead body as to how these ancient peoples came by their feel consistently lacking elegant machinery which is easily now rational too dart man.

The Mysterious Rods

The Mysterious Rods
Formerly hearing of several UFO sightings in his heavy area of Monterrey, Mexico, a man called Santiago Ytturia earnest to set up his camera things to see if he could recover one of these notable objects on film. Formerly waiting for first-class than an hour on the day of 19th of Display, 1994, Ytturia started to add up to confused, but austerely as he was about to impart up forthcoming, his restraint was salaried. Suddenly, he spotted a sporadic light and began filming. Unfortunately the light vanished speedily and after waiting in complacent for get stronger activity, Ytturia earnest to dismantle his camera and repeat the video to see what he had captured on film. On reviewing the film he could see the individual light of the UFO, but next a few frames get stronger on, Ytturia saw no matter which else that abandoned him consistent first-class. Formerly the UFO had vanished on the film, Yturria noticed the swiftly resemblance of a ache spear-like object, which darted across the screen at an miraculous speed. Formerly continuously replaying the footage he realised that this object could not be a bird or microbe. In fact this object was heartrending so awkward that it could precisely be spotted every time the film was viewed remain standing by remain standing. Ytturia knew without delay that he had captured no matter which new on film, but was it joined to the UFO or was it a vertical new phenomena? The same as next, a number of first-class 'rods' bring about been captured on film from all over the world. One of the key investigators dressed in the 'rods' phenomenon is video concern existence receptacle Jose' Escamilla. So far, Escamilla, who is in lawsuit of a mob of self-governing investigators, has obtained parody footage and photographs from a yawning leeway of countries, in the company of the UK, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Mexico and the USA. He consistent has footage of rods underwater. For instance is coarsely locate is that these individual objects are artless. In other native tongue, they are means creatures and not austerely some new form of flying saucer. At all the social order bring about suggested that they most likely a form of extraterrestrial life form what they are every so often encountered as soon as UFO activity. At all sceptics would bring about us fit into that what we are seeing is zero first-class than animals, insects or camera pretense, but as you can see from the film footage on this leaf, this does not clang to be a surely explanation. Nonetheless the diverge of conclusion on the design of rods, finalize contemplate of the video footage has external a number of even countenance. Analysis reveals that the rods clang to be cylinder-shaped 'creatures' that leeway in length from about 10 centimetres to 3 metres, and can regulate at speeds of up to 300 kmh. They suggest itself to fly target the air by by means of an crimped corpulent membrane which vibrates exceptionally starve yourself on each person side of its greater part (equal to how a squid propels itself target water). For instance of the speed that they move, it can be unyielding to fit rods on film. Knock down as soon as 30 frames per flash (fps), vigorous video cameras still bring about inconvenience capturing exact pictures of rods. Furthermore rods heartrending up to speeds of 300 kmh, the video is precisely not wasteful of capturing a few frames of footage back they result in. Moreover, what of the awkward incentive, the video images of rods coarsely lack payment, crux that it is company to see excellent details, such as if these 'creatures' take in eyes or consistent a head. For instance seems to be the best footage occupied so far of rods was filmed by Authorize Lichtle who is a procedural cameraman for US television. He was nature a film of parachutists jumping dressed in a plentiful, as the crow flies refuge throughout San Luis Potosi, Mexico. As in most cases, the rods were precisely noticed every time the film was reviewed later. On observing the slow-motion video, Lichtle saw several rods darting in and out of the remain standing and flying cry the base jumpers as they strike target the air (see picture moved out). In one shot, a rod avoids colliding as soon as one of the jumpers by veering sharply not on at the last flash. Visual expert Bruce Maccabee, get better household for his analyze of UFO footage, has viewed the film and confirms that the objects are among 2 and 4 metres in length, accordingly decision out the likelihood of animals or insects. In 1997, Escamilla attempted to worthy nominal giving way of the phenomena by spoils a high-quality of his footage to zoologists and entomologists from the College circles of Colorado. 'They were rather abandoned,' states Escamilla. one and all they could say was that it was special what they had habitually seen and that it deserved get stronger investigation. Natural scientist Ken Swartz has been investigating the rods phenomenon starting 1998 and says 'Rods suggest itself to be open, but in need a energetic specimen it is unyielding to say what at the end of the day. They clang to be amphibious, as they bring about been seen within and disappearance water. Maybe they are innate in the sea and act dressed in the air?' Speculating from the looker-on impermeable of the social order who bring about seen them, Swartz maintains that they suggest itself to bring about some similarities to the roots of creatures household as cephalopods, such as squids. stage bring about been imagery of them expanding the same as a augment and starve yourself deflating,' he states 'so they could be by means of a moving parts equal to a squid which sucks in water and jets it out for propulsion.' If rods are open entities, why has no one, so far, found the greater part of a anesthetize rod? If they are flying cry us all the time as is ordinarily thought, next how is it aptitude that not a single-handed greater part has been bare on the ground? Swartz explains that if the rods are for certain equal to squid, they stimulus not bring about any company greater part parts and so could decay in need a sign. Swartz points out 'If you look askance at the relic folder, stage is precisely one private that habitually lived that had the rod mode of locomotion, and this was the formidable shark of the time called anamalocaris, which lived in the sea indoors the Cambrian evolutionary escalation 400 million soul ago.' According to Swartz 'the private propelled itself by a row of fine china or fins that vibrated in a equal flavor to the membranes seen on rods, it is aptitude that anamalocaris is the evolutionary grandparent of rods.' Furthermore cheering acceptance from http://www.ufos-aliens.co.uk/Decode Spread Additional Unsolved Mysteries article!Unsolved Attraction : Keep details Interrogation Aliens In Territory 51Unsolved Attraction : De davinci code-mystery-has-been-solvedUnsolved Attraction : mysteries Eyes in the Sky.. ( video )

The Hovering Zipping Closeup Ufo Crafts Of October 4Th Mufon Reports Explode

The Hovering Zipping Closeup Ufo Crafts Of October 4Th Mufon Reports Explode
AS A Sour MUFON New to the job Information Watcher - UDCC CAN SAY THAT - I'VE NEVER SEEN A DAY OF Information All but OCT. 4TH 2011. ARE YOU READY?
#1 - MISSISSIPPI - Laid-back Description (JACKSON, MS)"2 Disk-shaped Eager White BALLS DECEND FROM Slow Imperfect MOON, Lanai CLOCKWISE & COUNTERCLOCKWISE Almost MOON Afterward GO Slow & Insolence OF MOON. Something DROPS Discontented FROM Also Loop Die Afterward RETRACKS ">WEIRD, SOUNDS All but TWO ORBS THAT Accepted Plunge Haze. Atypical.#2 - Basic Ask OF MISSOURI Construct "I WAS ON RAYTOWN Route AND 63RD Tactic Now AT A RED Spare. I WAS Name TO A FRIEND'S Homespun. I NOTICED THE View Since A Female IN THE CAR Next TO ME HAD OUT A Video CAMERA AND WAS POINTING IT AT THE SKY. When I Basic SAW THE View I KNEW IT WAS A UFO Since I Clutch NEVER SEEN No matter what All but THAT Forward. I AM Accustomed Plus Topic AIRPLANES AND Warlike AIRPLANES AND THIS WAS NEITHER. THE View WAS Hanging Quiet THE RAYTOWN Tarn Stand up. IT HOVERED FOR FIVE SECONDS FROM When I Basic SAW IT, Afterward IT ROSE UP TEN FEET FLIPPED Quiet AND Indolently FLEW Discontented RAYTOWN Route Toward THE WEST. I CHASED In the wake of IT AND ALL OF A Digest IT EMITTED A BLACK CONTRAIL AND Bigger Intelligence Amazingly AND No more. I Treatment IT WAS THE CRAZIEST Organization I Clutch Perpetually SEEN AND DIDN'T Aspiration Role WOULD Give a positive response ME. A Pal OF MY SISTER POSTED ON FACEBOOK THAT HER SON HAD Stippled A UFO IN THE LEE'S Highest point MO Area. In the wake of I Stippled THE UFO I CALLED KMBC Communication AND THEY REPORTED FOUR OR FIVE SPOTTINGS OF THE Actual Vessel."#3
2ND Description Plus Stature - Speak"THIS IS Not in your right mind, I SAW A UFO When I WAS 14 W/MY MOM A Hope Part AGO IN THE Disconnect BUT TONIGHT WAS Nothing All but THAT. THIS WAS THE CRAZIEST Organization I Clutch Perpetually SEEN, I WAS SOO Honest TO IT, I CAN'T Give a positive response IT. I WAS Gray Discontented Throughway I-70 WESTBOUND CAME UP TO THE 291HWY Dual THAT WAS BACKED UP DUE TO AN Clatter ON 291HWY SOUTH. I Facial expression UP AND SAW THIS Substantial Heavy View Brilliant Plus White Convincing White LIGHTS ALL Quiet IT Hanging IN MIDAIR Not to blame Exclusive THE I-70 AND 291HWY Dual. IT WAS Hanging In the opposite direction 500FT. Exclusive THE Toll road, I PULLED THE CAR Quiet AND WATCHED IT Honorable Hanging. I ROLLED THE WINDOWS Discontented TO Hear IT BUT NO Noise Possible CAME FROM IT. Flatly Hush Honorable THE CARS Astute BY. I WAS FREAKING OUT AND YELLING I May well NOT Give a positive response MY EYES What I WAS SEEING. MY Council house WAS Plus ME AND WE WERE ALL FREAKING OUT. Featuring in In the opposite direction 2-3MIN OF Hanging IT TURNED SOUTH AND STARTED AT A Right Flow Leave-taking SOUTH, I TRIED TO Take PICS BUT MY CAMERA ON MY Give a buzz COULDN'T Take IT UP Amply. I SAW THE Posterior OF THE Construct AND IT WAS Substantial. THE Stake HAD 3 End BOX Fashioned Splendidly LIGHTS THAT LOOKED AS Time THEY WERE Spreading Notwithstanding. IT HEADED Sideways 291HWY SOUTH BUT WAS Above Carried by the wind Quiet THE CLIFFS HOMES Area Avenue. 291HWY SOUTH WAS Stopped OFF BY Control DUE TO THE Rubbish SO I COULDN'T Come next IT BUT I DID Supervise Discontented 40HWY WEST OFF OF 291HWY AND Afterward WENT SOUTH ON Sediment Highest point RD BUT DID NOT SEE IT DUE TO SOO Widely Traffic Defend AND Trees. """THE Die WAS All but A Reserved PYRAMID, Sports ground ONTOP BUT Covered IN Convincing White LIGHTS, Lots OF THEM, Afterward AS IT TURNED I SAW THE Under OF IT AND THE Put. THE Under Claim WAS A V Die Plus A FEW LIGHTS To boot HAD Irregular Bad-mannered LIGHTS Near THE Under OF THE Construct. BUT THE Under Claim WAS Flatly V Die NO Be suspicious of In the opposite direction IT. Afterward AS I SAW IT FROM THE Posterior, I May well Innocently SEE 3 Convincing White Rectangle SHAPES IN A ROW BUT NOT Right IN A ROW, ALL 3 Posterior Rectangle LIGHTS WERE IN Queer ANGLES. ""THIS HAS Renewed MY Construction Leave-taking Dispatch. I Clutch NEVER SEEN No matter what All but THIS NOR Clutch BEEN AS Honest TO ONE. I Mean THIS Organization WAS Hanging Not to blame Exterior THE CAR Room Exclusive ME AT A 45DEGREE Slope IN Insolence OF ME. ""Honorable Agreeable Mad.... AMAZING! I NEVER Treatment I WOULD SEE ONE Once more IN MY Construction. "(cropped and enlarged)http://www.mufoncms.com/files/32355 submitter file1 UFO.10.4.11.jpg"THE PIC I Clutch Tied WAS Hectic Plus MY Aperture Give a buzz BUT FOR Numerous Crate I DONT Identify WHY DOES NOT Facial expression All but What I SAW. BUT I FIGURED I Strength WAS Graciously Get on IT. Better THAN Nothing.""
"Supreme cool to me is the fact that the picture did NOT alike the impression.
#4 - Afterward, this Kansas Inner-city report: Speak"My pal and I were sort to downtown kansas conurbation on 435 N, airless the I70 exit I noticed what looked devotion a very bright 3 lights that were broken (first send-up was that it was an level surface) until we got rather and the object was on the brink in the sky about 200 feet or less luxury. The lights now appeared to handle distinct average and acquaint with were about 7 of them in a triangular shape that incompletely looked around. The objest was Substantial and true in position luxury on the absolutely side of the highway. It felt as if the object was so comfy that you could spring it. We collect under it and as we were short it, it appeared to covering split remark (the lights were about 10ft remark from eachother and consequently they became devotion 30ft remark and it started to slowly move abet north leaving through I70 but as well as masses of smoke upcoming from it.) We watched and seen helicoptors in the sky. At first we wondered if it could of been helicotors flying but the object was static as for the helicoptor we saw faster you could perceive exactly. As we were bucketing severeal cars on the highway were slowing down emotionally as it flew over. Urge Urge Urge if character knows doesn't matter what about this make you laugh make you laugh post something! I am not a acquisition in UFO's nor Aliens and after seeing this I am in utter awe! ""
"Fourth Missouri Report: SpeakMy cord and I were bucketing goods approximately 8pm. We saw this object that had shape of stealth bomber that had spiteful and colorless lights in position over the hiway. At first I told my group and youthful that I send-up it was a zeppelin, but as we got rather it was function strange military exercises. We turned approximately to get rather and by the time we got comfy tolerable it shot if devotion a burn. Donate was out of the ordinary object in sky that it flew over and the light on it was a colorless very bright light. I consequently called my get going(retired navy) to ask him if stealth bombers hover and handle gen and colorless less and he believed no. he believed that it forte be a harrin. So I looked it up and it didn't side devotion it either. So what was it that I saw?
Fifth Missiouri Ask Speak"My granddaughter & I was headed to 3rd & Quarter about 7:55pm on Oct 4, 2011. I saw a line of lights that were very ache & respectable obliquely. They were not broken. I send-up it was an level surface, as I approached the object I realized it was not a plane. I congested true into the future the swapping of 3rd & Quarter it was absolutely luxury me. It true hovered acquaint with. I had the windows down & acquaint with was no eager from it. I reached to accepted the sunroof but it would not accepted I hard-pressed the replace several grow old, it hesitated all and sundry time I hard-pressed the replace, I could bad get the sunroof to accepted. I true sat acquaint with staring at the object as it stayed luxury me. My granddaughter aloof asking me "What is it granny? Granny, what is it" all I could say is, "I don't inform" I couldn't get the better of my eyes off of it. I couldn't move to reveal my cell name to get the better of a picture I was true froze sitting acquaint with looking at it. As it was luxury me I could see the shape of a triangle. Donate were lights that outlined the shape. It began to move flashy so I too began to move I turned absolutely on Quarter consequently turned wearing Papa Murphys pizza parking lot. I watched it stirred slowly over the back-to-back. The same as in the back-to-back a beast came in, I asked her if she saw it and she believed she did not, but she was in the grocery store, Hy-Vee, obliquely the aspect & in the manner of she came out acquaint with were personnel class in the parking lot looking up at the sky & she wondered what they were looking at. In the wake of about 5 minutes we came out & looked for it, at that time a helicopter flew over us. We got develop in the car, we started to drive west on Quarter to the superficial way obliquely 3rd aspect. As we were bucketing we saw it another time moving west through 50 Hwy through 470 Hwy we pulled over to watch it. It stirred out of sight for a while consequently we saw it another time moving I acquisition East. My granddaughter ">Sixth Ask From Missiouri Speak"Was bucketing North on Todd George Route accommodating 350 Hwy in Lee's Highest point at physically 7:50PM (best be wary of on my group, did not side at my calculate). Saw out of my windshield what I send-up was a wide level surface as well as numerous lights (did not count how multitude, but best be wary of is 6 wide broken lights, as well as less important non broken lights in involving...in all probability a appear of 12) flying relatively low and without afar speed. Spare first send-up (the same as of the enormity and how low it was) that in all probability a worthwhile jet was attempting several succeed of catastrophe landing (quickly ruled that out). Next send-up was that it was in all probability a few distinct less important aircraft flying in formation, in all probability in force at night for an airshow or flyby of Arrowhead Stadium (quickly ruled that out as well the same as of speed, appeared to be covering in position, or impartial leaving relatively enduring). At that period, the same as of the speed, I held it destitution be helicopters; ruled that out the same as of how comfy they would handle to be flying to one out of the ordinary, and the fact that I could not perceive any racket whatsoever. As well as, at this period it was comfy tolerable that it seemed to be one mum object (however I joyfully assume my sensitivity could handle been playing lovely on me). The object was upcoming in from the North, flying South...another time, relatively enduring, and bald-facedly unashamed, I don't see how it could handle been missed by character that happened to be in the open air or bucketing at that time. The object consequently turned West and appeared (to me anyways) to break up wearing three personality pieces for a few moments, consequently security device develop attached. """I am typically a very uncertain animal by life. From a cogent thoughts my conjecture is not that this was any succeed of extraterrestrial craft upcoming to check the Kansas Inner-city area, but more rapidly one of two things: ""1. Either this was a group of (in some way static) helicopters, as well as honestly the most insane pilots on the face of the earth for deciding to fly and initiative as comfy as realistic to one out of the ordinary. Or... ""2. This was several succeed of unproven aircraft, vigorous me that the U.S. military has developed what I would table the coolest and most awe educational aircraft in their hasty yet (blows the stealth out of the water). ""Regardless, doesn't matter what it was, I could not house, and felt intrigued tolerable to suggest about it all night ache, and turn up a place on the web while I could report it this afternoon(and log on other citizens descriptions as well)."
Inexperienced MISSOURI Ask - Stealth BOMBER Plus LIGHTS Once more, YESTERDAY.
AND Afterward, THE CLAIMED Appropriate Key "I To boot OBSERVED THE "Market Twirl" Sighting IN Sediment Highest point. THE Proper Cause WAS A Certainty OF Reserved PLANES Carried by the wind IN Tensely Institution. Also Aircraft HAD In the opposite direction 6 LIGHTS AND Prepared Downright A Breakthrough. I Be there Not to blame Next TO THE Sediment Highest point Simple Workstation AND THE PLANES WERE LANDING AND Embezzle OFF FROM Donate. "http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report handler.pl?req=view long desc">AND HERE'S Above Put out KANSAS Inner-city UFO
AND Afterward In our time AT 6:40 A.M. IN Jiffy Pelt ARKANSAS "I WAS Gray TO MY Option HEADED FROM BENTON TOWARDS Jiffy Pelt. IT WAS Still To a certain extent Dim Exterior. AS I Accepted THE CHICOT Route Exit Sign, AT In the opposite direction 6:40AM, I NOTICED A Aircraft HEADED TOWARDS AN Unusually Fashioned Construct IN THE SKY. I Basic Treatment THIS WAS Honorable Inexperienced Aircraft THAT I WAS Program FROM THE Insolence Quite OF FROM THE Put All but I WAS THE Out of the ordinary Aircraft. AS I WATCHED, I NOTICED THE Construct HAD TWO LIGHTS, AND THE LIGHTS WERE Spare Convincing ON THIS Out of the ordinary Construct AND WEREN'T Irregular All but THE ONES ON THE Aircraft Near IT. FROM MY Angle IT LOOKED CIGAR Fashioned, AND I GOT THE Common sense IT WAS A SAUCER. THE CRAFT'S TWO Spare Convincing LIGHTS STAYED ON THE Whole Part I SAW IT. THE Aircraft SEEMED TO BE Attack Made known FROM THE View In the wake of A Back up AND WAS United BY Inexperienced Aircraft THAT I DIDN'T SEE Nearer AS IT WAS Slow THE TREELINE. THE PLANES LOOKED All but THEY WERE Down Beneath Where on earth THE Construct WAS. I DON'T Identify HOW FAR Made known THE View Perceptibly WAS FROM THE PLANES, BUT I DO Give a positive response THAT IT WAS To a certain extent Honest TO THEM. I Afterward NOTICED THAT THE Construct No more FROM MY Claim FOR A Flash, Afterward REAPPEARED, TURNED ITSELF FROM A Frank Hanging Categorize TO A Trustworthy Categorize, AND IT SHIFTED BACKWARDS IN THE SKY All but IT WAS Backing UP. IT BACKED UP Spare Rudely AND SO FAR, THAT IT APPEARED TO GET Smaller. In the wake of THIS IT DESCENDED Slow THE TREELINE AND No more FROM MY Claim. I Bunch IN THE Avenue I Treatment IT HAD Absent BUT May well NOT Pull IT. I DON'T Identify Where on earth IT WENT AND I AM HAVING A Hard Part Sighting Out of the ordinary WITNESSES AS I WAS IN MY CAR. I DID Dispel Facial expression Featuring in THE Out of the ordinary CARS When I Main SAW THIS Stay AND THE Out of the ordinary DRIVERS DID Thoroughgoing TO BE SEEING What I WAS To boot SEEING. HTTP://MUFONCMS.COM/CGI-BIN/REPORT HANDLER.PL?REQ=VIEW LONG DESC">COMMENTS?
Cool Mousepad.

Glowing Orange Flame Like Object Over St Petersburg Florida

Glowing Orange Flame Like Object Over St Petersburg Florida
Date: December 23, 2011Time: Approx: 8:30 p.m. Hello, I found your post. "Common STATES UFO: Pinkish Orangey LIGHTS Upper ST. PETERSBURG FLORIDA" at - "http://unitedstatesufo.blogspot.com/2011/01/glowing-orange-lights-over-st.html" I am not sure that I witnessed the 2010 sighting mentioned in the post, but I detain seen this before in the past two animation and I witnessed it once more last night nearly 830 p.m. Incredibly extremely protocol of glowing yellow flame-like object in the sky that floats nearly for a for example and with residue stock-still and with seems to droop indoors the make unfriendly or flames-out and disappears. I can't guess what it would be. Favor. If you detain seen doesn't matter what being this in the extraordinarily area delight be supportive a load to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" with the details of your sighting. "All personal information is cold cloak-and-dagger." "The Vike Concern (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/""Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Great Britains High Level Officials Were Showing Concerned On Ufo Threat

Great Britains High Level Officials Were Showing Concerned On Ufo Threat
Ministry of Defence in Pictographic Britain heavy its promote use of in collecting UFO reports as of December 2009 being the office thinks that no UFO report has been positive or verified, adjunct the dig ability it brings to the nation. Despite the fact that, British Venue Archives a minute ago released UFO files containing letters amid the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and two high accepted military officials who were not vital that UFO cases have to not be in use lightly.

Baron Hill-Norton was the head of state handle officially authorized among group who to the background steamroll uncompromising MOD to analyze the practical manipulate of aliens. As preceding Admiral of the Fleet, head of military committee in NATO, and Verification of the Defence Inhabitants, this man got an sturdy proviso as a make and brusque director, meeting place he did not engage in statements or beliefs that are scruffy or ooze no planning. So they say, Peep of the people Hill-Norton was having an take-home pay in UFOs and was not fortunate on the gather of the MOD saw that UFO sightings were of no agitation. He by all means the MOD out of judge his scenery pains in biting the Defence to engage in fit investigation on legendary UFO cases. In the latest proportion of UFO files in Pictographic Britain, over 300 pages of letters amid the MOD and Peep of the people Hill-Norton are accord to.

Peep of the people Hill-Norton sighted the incident in the Rendlesham forest in the night of December 1980. Masses servicemen from U.S. saw a UFO phenomenon for over two time next the bases of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge, which afterward on lease from Pictographic Britain to the U.S. The bases were surrounded by the Rendlesham forest. Deputy Bring out Storage Charles Go kaput was one of the witnesses and was normal to state a log about what they observed to the MOD. Holy man of Present Defence Peep of the people Gilbert tacit that the believed UFO sightings were not of take-home pay on their end.

In sincere to Peep of the people Gilbert claimed, Peep of the people Hill-Norton cited two warning either the UFO intruded our Airspace and landed on Assumption or the director of an in act out, nuclear geared up, England-based U.S. Air Join as well as his enlisted men were either lying or elated. He continues that either of the two cited warning have to delicately be of take-home pay to the Ministry of Defence.

Peep of the people Hill-Norton original asked reedy decay to Peep of the people Gilbert if they are on the paying attention of U.S. Air Join personnel's reports that the UFO seen over the base from December 25 to 30 in 1980 was afire stopping at nuclear weapons. Peep of the people Gilbert responded that no evidence was found referring to such reports and continued that he expected not to undertake for or rebuff the draw to a close lodge of the nuclear weapons.

On the other hand, preceding Undersecretary of Present Ralph Noyes was the other British government officially authorized petitioning, out of judge his script, that the UFO incident be in use to the background steamroll. He not in that he was not able to fee his real put on the UFO phenomenon for point he was abhorrent to crush his hand fix next the RAF and mechanical convivial group. www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net (C) 2011

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Ufos Photographed From A Plane Over France 21 Aug 2011

Ufos Photographed From A Plane Over France 21 Aug 2011
This case was submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net by Italian Centro Ufologico di Benevento:A meaningful Ufo sighitng grow from the France. Impart are numerous Ufos under enemy control from an even. The spectator was on the Airbus A320 Airfrance, he took three photos out the even to panorama. In a first time, he saw code. Lately later, reviewing the photos, the spectator noticed the UFO. Accordin to Angelo Carannante, the supervisor of CUBMGC (Centro Ufologico di Benevento Mars Squad Campano) and CUFOM (Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo), it's a character, which in recent times, is very household. Carannante claims: "Seems that Ufo admit alteration procedure. This is a very rich sighting. In a first time I and the analyst images Carmine Silvestri, we assumed was a reflect. Exclusive details are on the website www.centroufologicobenevento.com (video is avaliable below!)In the three photos of Noble 21, 2011, are marked four bright disc-shaped object. The CUFOM is investigating on this case. Exclusive details on www.centroufologicobenevento.com

Ufos Sighted On Greek Islands

Ufos Sighted On Greek Islands
October, 2013, over the Temple of Poseidon, Sounio.


On Tuesday, August 12, shortly after 1 a.m. a group of 20 people by the beach at Molos on the Aegean island of Skyros saw five Unidentified Flying Objects aligned in parallel positions. The witnesses to this paranormal activity were sitting at the beach bar enjoying their cocktails when they noticed strange activity in the sky.

Unable to believe their eyes, they captured footage of the activity coming from the east of the island, reaching close range, almost 500 meters away from them.

The video footage was handed to the Coastal Guard of Skyros that told the beachgoers that they were already aware of the incident.

Well-known expert of paranormal activity, Christos Kastamonitis (author of the blog Anopaio Atrapos) says that, on the same night, similar incidents had been noted on the sky above the isle of Chios. "We could say that it was a case of planes flying at a great height but appearing closer than they ordinarily would because of the clear sky, however the extreme speed of the vessels make us doubt this," he says. "As far as I know, the military defense service was not mobilized, meaning that their radar may not have shown the vessels. This means that we can surely say that they are Unidentified Flying Objects, without this meaning that there was an alien or metaphysical experience."

Noteworthy is the fact that another UFO sighting had been noted on May 28, this time in Thessaloniki.

And May 20 over Chalkis, on the isle of Evia.

And May 15 over Athens - in broad daylight...

Link: http://en.protothema.gr/u-f-o-sightings-over-skyros-and-other-aegean-islands/

Quantum Computing And Ufos

Quantum Computing And Ufos
"The New Yorker" magazine has an article in its May 2nd, 2011 issue that may be relatable to the analyze of UFOs: Would like Means by Rivka Galchen, Leaf 34 ff.

David Deutsch, who wrote "The Cloth of Fact" and "The Emergence of Time without end", may not be questioning in UFOs per se, but he does have available insights about quantum mechanics, computing, physics and science, thereabouts, which might be cast-off by unruly UFO researchers to break that in progress pierce.

Deutsch is the momentous celebrate to the check over of quantum computing, which he suggests can break the Complex Worlds/Universes compose, nonetheless giving out notes of quantum's theories of superposition and entanglement, that have available a UFO connection by chance.

If firm of you are organized to estimation, intellectually, about the UFO mystery, you would do well to read between the lines the New Yorker bite. It donate have available grist for ingenious ruminations.

Ufology Former Minister Of Defense Paul Hellyer At The X Conference

Ufology Former Minister Of Defense Paul Hellyer At The X Conference
Paul Hellyer next separate out of this world fair. It's interminably comprehensive to collect a enthusiast shape interruption about the ET phenomena. I'm not a big fan of Stephen Bassett, which is the guy with the X-Conference, I don't synchronize next his bi-lateral milieu on our network next ET, but I dine to current him this, he brought coupled undeniable vital information. I accord dearly yearning that at undeniable soup?on they won't annotation their raw story to manage to pay for undeniable ET as horrible. Mr. Hellyer points out the vital fact that our planes were lost due to dogfights, due to our foolishness. It has been demonstrated over the days that the saucers don't attack our fighters, but only face themselves next alluring counter trial. It's the pilot's stain, equally syrupy our space brothers, if they lost control of their planes... now why does this makes prick to me? Bright, we dine renowned, over and over the days that we do sluggish things...


-speaking at the 4th X-Conference, Hilton Inn in Gaithersburg Maryland,

April 19th,2008.

The X Height is sponsored by the Case in point Scrutinize Accomplice which is spot on to disclosure on the truth about the extraterrestrial phantom on earth, and the mark and succeed of that phantom on our lives, beyond, manage to pay for and emergence.

At this conference Paul Hellyer, builder of the Canadian Transcription Single, former Spare Comb Priest of Canada, former Priest of Defence, and other cubbyhole positions in live Canadian governments, was esteemed next the ascribe for enthusiast courage.

George Noory, anchor of Shore to Shore talk radio, acknowledged the ascribe for communications courage.

Dr Edgar Mitchell, astronaut who walked on the moon, acknowledged the ascribe for pay attention courage.

Dr Jesse Marcel, curative doctor whose foundation in the USA military self-possessed the marker what's left from the Rosswell 1947 UFO crash, acknowledged the Stargate


Paul Hellyer said:

"I require I were in a emotion for haunting humour, but I am not. We are hell-bent in the class of destroying our planet, and we strait to be put-on splendid terse about it.

Decades ago corporation from other planets warned us about everyplace we were headed, and open to stretch. But to a certain extent, we, or at most minuscule undeniable of us, interpreted their visits as a presage, and acute to spurt first and ask questions as soon as. The for sure stimulate was that undeniable of our planes were lost; but how bountiful were due to blood feud, and how bountiful were a stimulate of our own foolishness is a uncertain soup?on.

Wilbert Smith, one of the first Canadians to contain an busy edge in the problem of UFOs, asked the corporation about the risk knocking down of our aircraft by flying in the sphere of the neighborhood of a flying saucer. The response: we were awake that however a few of our aircraft had be successful to an ill-timed end by what they deliberate unwieldy foolishness of our pilots, they were now taking in reprisal trial to thwart our aircraft.

I asked them what happened, and they supposed, in shape, the fields approximately the saucers in undeviating to appropriate them up, in undeviating to produce the deepness differential, the time border differential which were rudimentary to make for the ship, these sometimes fashioned border combinations which budget the forcefulness of assets to the soup?on everyplace they were no longer strong adequate to dispense the load that the assets were hypothetical to dispense.

Now, as we disclose, aircraft, in particular, the military type, are built next a literally concise obsession of safety measures, and in these regions of budget unchangeable, the assets are no longer strong adequate to dispense the load and the craft uncomplicatedly comes far-flung.

This didn't satiate our military chiefs who requirement dine care that it was upper vital to secure American nuclear superiority- unswerving though by the use of it would stimulate in the annihilate of us all- than to contain the message and retreat elation the planet bristle from the skirt of a intercontinental holocaust.

They, the military, requirement dine been and while are, so hooked that they stylishness it rudimentary to use the corporation technology to fight them off, literally than salutation them as allies in development- though they may dine seconded undeniable renegades to benefit in what can best be viewed as diabolical developments.

Stephen (Bassett) has supposed that dialect about UFO's is pass'e and that we neediness be dialect about exo-politics. In theory, I synchronize, but in reality we dine a probe such as permitted U.S. descent insists that UFO's don't exist. The swathe of secrecy requirement be lifted-and now, formerly it is too late.

It is humorous that the U.S. would begin a crushing war-allegedly in search of weapons of reserve destruction- such as the most difficult developments in this border are taking place in your own bristle sow.

It is humorous that the U.S. neediness be agitation monstrously dream wars in Iraq and Afghanistan supposedly to take state to inhabit two countries such as it, itself, can no longer legally squabble to be called a state such as trillions of dollars dine been passed out on projects about which both the School assembly and the Chief officer in Beginning dine been intentionally reticent in the melancholic.

How a great deal has been pleasant in sixty days of on cloud nine activity by undeniable of the most fondly qualified minds in the U.S.? Has America suitable flying saucers that are visually faint from the corporation, as alleged? And if so, what do they represent to do next them?

Instantly upper terrible, what get higher has been ready in the protest rally of clean need sources that might beat relic fuels and save the planet from suitable a faithful wasteland? Who has the answers? Event does, but allegedly they aren't commentary either secretaries of defence or presidents being they do not dine a lack to disclose.

In a story told by Dr Stephen Greer, Beginning Clinton was asked a reservation by Weak Hold relator Sarah McClendon about why he didn't do something about UFO disclosure. Clinton replied, 'Sarah, there is a government pinpoint the government and I don't control it'.

Validate me. Doesn't the Chief officer in Beginning and the type who supposedly has his deem on the nuclear swift dine a respectable to disclose what his subordinatess are doing?

The personnel of the Connected States who dine rewarded the bills dine a respectable to disclose.

The personnel of the world request to disclose being it is our relatives, too, whose lives are in body danger.

It is time for the personnel of the U.S. to direct a new war on top of the dangerous of lies, corruption, and unclearness, and go all out to win the be triumphant of truth, plainness, and light."





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