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Ufo Report Associated With Round Cloud Or Ring In Sky Florida Pics

Ufo Report Associated With Round Cloud Or Ring In Sky Florida Pics
"I Get a hold THIS Accurately Delightful Like THESE Extremely Engender a feeling of OF 'RINGS' OR 'ROUND CLOUDS' Convene TURNED UP IN RUSSIA, SOUTH AMERICA AND THE USA AND Slightly Period WE Convene AN "Skilled" Tell US THAT THIS IS A Underdone ATMOSPHERIC PHENOMENA THAT HAS Secret message TO DO Amid UFOS OR ET. Almost IS A Individual THAT Appreciably Together A UFO Sighting Amid ONE OF THESE Billows."RICHARD "THIS WEEK'S CHASING UFOS Sighting OF THE WEEK COMES TO US FROM KELLY King WHO Freckled A Satirical, Dynamic Career IN ROCKLEDGE, FL To all intents and purposes Shroud CANAVERAL.I WAS Torrential IN ROCKLEDGE, FLORIDA TOWARDS I-95 AS I LOOKED OUT OF THE Panel I SAW A Silver Crowd Overstated Intelligence GO To spare THE TOP OF US. IT CAME TO A Sudden Bring to an end Lately To spare I-95 To all intents and purposes FISKE BLVD. IT HOVERED FOR A Jiffy, For that reason PROCEEDED TO DO A Bulbous Wave your arms AT A Skinny Profit OF Glimmer. AT THIS Period YOU May perhaps Just Settle down OUT THE Silver AS IT WAS Heartening SO Press out. THIS Move forward Fashioned A CLOUD/SMOKE-LIKE Ring Where THE Intelligence WAS Heartening. THE Soul WAS Glowing AND YOU May perhaps SEE THE SKY. THE Intelligence Abruptly Blocked IN THE Soul. Communicate WAS For that reason A Sparkle, Feel like THAT OF A CAMERA, AND For that reason THE Intelligence Shot Exactly UP IN THE SKY. THE Intelligence Inspired SO Press out THAT IT WAS NOT Plain Hip SECONDS. ALL THAT WAS Not here WAS THE CLOUD/SMOKE-LIKE Life IN THE SKY. THIS ALL HAPPENED SO Press out THAT BY THE Period I HAD MY CAMERA Cell phone Place ALL THAT I Stumped WAS THE Life THAT WAS Not here. THIS HAPPENED IN Blithe Amid Abundant People Articulate. I Convene NEVER PUT THE PHOTOS OUT By means of.KELLY More to the point PROVIDED THE Strategy Mega OF THE Career AS IT APPEARED TO HIM By means of IT ZIPPED OFF Taking part in THE SKY. WE WERE Mesmerized BY KELLY'S Times gone by. Since Add up to OF Career May perhaps Convene Not here A Vapors Trail Feel like THE ONE IN THE PICTURE? Communicate Convene BEEN Abundant Newscast OF Anonymous Career Disk-shaped THE SHUTTLE LAUNCHES IN Shroud CANAVERAL. IN Singularity, IN A Dear departed Episode OF CHASING UFOS High-minded "Lay bets OF DRONES", HOSTS BEN, JAMES AND RYDER INVESTIGATED THESE Newscast.Almost IS A Notice OF A Fade To spare MOSCOW FROM Bad-tempered Period Savings account, IT IS A BIT Be revealed Shaped BUT Crucially THE Extremely Section.UFO Sighting, FLORIDA, MOSCOW, Crowd OR Bulbous Fade, 2012, Tape

Credit: we-are-believe.blogspot.com

Multiple Ufos Sighted Across California

Multiple Ufos Sighted Across California
Washington: Merged unidentified flying objects were spotted by civilians in another cities spanning California, as group reported seeing unusual lights in the sky on New Verve hours of daylight.

One of the group of Stockton, who had through a video of the lighted object on his iPhone, said that he had seen six great orangey dyed lights, which were parallelogram or triangle created and that it was wacky for example they started separating from respectively other, ABC Rumor reported.

Substitute creature from Sacramento told Rumor 10 that the lights were ample to twinkle flatly behind the grass not including any quash seeing it, and they motivated up and to the no more for about 60 seconds.

Banish, National Aviation Deliver a verdict spokesperson Ian Gregor said that nearby were no reports of UFOs and no interesting flight activity was reported.

The reports display result few years after the discovery of a crop circle in Salinas, California, which besides sparked suppose that they were UFO associated.
Section: ScienceHome Title:

Merged UFOs sighted spanning California
Image Caption: NoNews Source: ANITags: Unexceptional flying objectFederal Aviation AdministrationCalifornia

Green Lit Triangle Ufo Seen Over Viera Florida

Green Lit Triangle Ufo Seen Over Viera Florida
REPORT FROM MUFON: DATE OF EVENT: APRIL 11, 2011 "I was leaving a popular Strip Mall in Viera, Florida, last night. I did my usual run where I would sit there with my boyfriend and a few dear friends and just chit chat all night until we all decided to go elsewhere or just go home. 11:00 PM rolled around and we decided to leave after awhile. We all walked out to our cars said our "goodbyes" and left. Right as I was pulling out with my roomate, I looked into the sky. What I saw didn't surprise me, as I grew up keeping an eye out for this stuff, and have seen my share of UFOs, but the shock factor here was how low it was! Plus it was my friend's first ever UFO sighting. I slowly pointed up, assuming she'd miss it or something, and said "Dude, what the hell... ? Did you see that? PLEASE, PLEASE, tell me you see that!" Thankfully, she did. "What on Earth?! What is that? Holy crap, that's weird! Is that a UFO?" It was 3 green lights, lit up in the shape of a triangle. Then all at once, they blackened into the night... I got excited and called my boyfriend to tell him. When he answered, I begin to tell my story about what we just saw, and then suddenly he cuts me off. Come to find out he saw the exact same thing! So, I tried to call our other two friends who had left as well. No answer. A few hours later they showed up at our door. And when I mentioned something being in the sky, they replied "Oh yeah! We saw the triangle green Lights!" My boyfriend also told me later; he watched the thing hovering in just one spot for a long period of time, and again no sound at all. He could see it from afar when the lights turned back on, he said. But then it disappeared again... We are not alone."

Reference: ovni-news.blogspot.com

Cryptid Creepies Yeti

Cryptid Creepies Yeti
Yeti is a Bigfoot-like cryptid reported in Russia and Asia/Himalayas at high elevation and extremely cold conditions. In the 20th Century as more Westerners went to these regions of the world for exploration, more cases were reported of Yeti sightings and footprints.(Wikipedia) In 1925, N. A. Tombazi, a photographer and member of the Royal Geographical Society, writes that he saw a creature at about 15,000 ft (4,600 m) near Zemu Glacier. Tombazi later wrote that he observed the creature from about 200 to 300 yd (180 to 270 m), for about a minute. "Unquestionably, the figure in outline was exactly like a human being, walking upright and stopping occasionally to pull at some dwarf rhododendron bushes. It showed up dark against the snow, and as far as I could make out, wore no clothes." About two hours later, Tombazi and his companions descended the mountain and saw the creature's prints, described as "similar in shape to those of a man, but only six to seven inches long by four inches wide.. The prints were undoubtedly those of a biped."Unfortunately, over the years some have brought in hair samples which were found to be bear and a skull which was found to be a goat-like antelope of the region.It's been reported that Josh Gates of "Destination Truth" brought back some hairs that were examined and insiders supposedly have leaked that these hairs were yeti hair. We have yet to hear those final results, but a footprint casting he obtained got a lot of attention worldwide.This supposed film of a Yeti by some hikers is referred to as the "Snow Walker" hoax.In general, if one believes in Bigfoot, he believes in Yeti, as well. There are theories that Yeti is a remotely evolved creature that shared a common ancestor with Bigfoot. This creature crossed the land bridge from Asia/Siberia and developed different traits to become the Bigfoot we recognize today. If we look at Native Americans we can find that some from areas further south are related to Polynesian ancestry and some from the north are more related to Asian ancestry. They are vastly different physically from their common ancestry, but are still related as part of the human races. Such would be possibly be the case for Bigfoot and Yeti--two races of the same species.

Origin: umad-mysteries.blogspot.com

Bigfoot The New Evidence Opinions

Bigfoot: The New Evidence

Well, I just watched National Geographic's Bigfoot: The New Evidence and thought I'd share some of my thoughts about the program. First let me say I found the Derek Randles and the Igor Burtsev parts of the program very entertaining, the Justin Smeja part was pretty good as well but I'm not sold on his story.

As for the actual DNA study itself, I thought it would be more cut and dry. When the Sykes study was first announced I held hope that this study would be handled in a professional manner, and it appears that it was but the results are somewhat disappointing to me. I know for a fact that bigfoot is a 100 percent real creature and no one or any DNA results can ever change that. I know the research I've done, the evidence I have found and the encounters I've had and I know it is real.

The first thing that happens when you encounter something that is unexplained, you try to come up with a reasonable estimation of what the unexplained really was. In some ways I think that is what has happened with this DNA study. Yes, I know or at least thought, DNA results were pretty cut and dry but these results kind of left me scratching my head. Lets take Randles sample, it was found next to bigfoot tracks and up in a tree branch, this would seem like it would have a great chance of being a bigfoot sample but the results come back as not a bigfoot? Most of the samples submitted came back as bear, these are experienced researchers who have seen many bears but yet can't identify the hair of a bear? Sorry I find that hard to swallow. Now don't get me wrong I would have been skeptical if all the sample came back as bigfoot as well but I'm left with really only a couple feasible options in my mind about this DNA study. One being it's a sham and part of a cover up and/or disinformation or Two bigfoot DNA is very closely related to bear (Which I doubt) or humans (which is very possible).

I also noticed that not much time was spent with Dr. Meldrum and the track cast. That is some very good evidence and they blew if off like they were talking to Joe blow on the street. So how can I take this show as the be all end all? in a word or two, I can't.

In the end this study does not prove bigfoot is real but attempts to disprove possible bigfoot samples and the story of Zana. At times Mark Evans, who does the researcher interviews, comes off as a non believing, make fun of the subject interviewer, which I personally did not like. Then you have the bear print they cast and said it looks like a bigfoot track, oh my, epic fail.

Overall the show was entertaining but the results questionable, at least in my eyes. If you are looking for Sykes to confirm bigfoot as real, you will be disappointed, as he points most encounters and samples as being bears.

So what will it take to actually prove bigfoot is real? Well for some I think it will take an actual personal sighting/encounter, For others I think some real good quality video footage from a respected researcher would convince them. In the end, to prove it to the general public, it will take a real bigfoot body, I sure don't want to kill one, but that will be the only way and then a person would have to proceed very carefully. I'm working under the assumption that the government knows about bigfoot and probably covers it up to some extent. So if you had a real dead bigfoot make sure to make lots of copies of the video and take tons of photos, pass them to people you can trust.

I know I'm just rambling but I know the creature is real and find it frustrating that it doesn't seem to get a fair shake from most people. I get frustrated at all the hoaxing and fake stories about bigfoot, it makes the subject matter the butt of jokes and ridicule. Hoaxing just breeds more skeptics and strengthens the argument of current skeptics.

Oh well, in the end watching the show was entertaining and it did not sway me away from knowing bigfoot is real. It does probably give skeptics some fuel for the fight.

Please feel free to write your opinion about the show below in the comments - I would like to see what other thought about it.




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Ufo Sighting In Fort Worth Texas On August 25Th 1972 In Front Of Will Rogers Auditorium Ft Worth

Ufo Sighting In Fort Worth Texas On August 25Th 1972 In Front Of Will Rogers Auditorium Ft Worth
Saw with a friend. I recently checked the dates and times approx and found out that we were not the only viewers that day. At least 4 others saw the same thing SE our location, prior to when we saw it. Very simple. Disc shaped and it looked like a disc that I had seen a picture of from the 1950's. It appeared to be silent and speed about 100-200 MPH between cloud cover. Full object was visble for under 20 seconds. I never doubted what we saw. The object was silver, like an airplane with what appeared to be rivited sections. It was definately not an airplane, blimp or any aircraft that I have ever seen flying. My Father worked in Los Angeles for Northrup aircraft in the 50's and Rocketdine. He once showed us a photo of a very similar vehicle at the plant he worked at. I am very happy to report this sighting and I now know that someone else saw it. I think the other viewers were military personell. The flightpath from where they saw the object took it right above us. It was a mid-day sighting with partial clouds. We immediately told someone who replied that we were seeing stars and he laughed. I do not believe that extra-terrestrials come trillions of miles to Earth on vacation and that they don't stop over for some R&R. I believe that my sighting was of a secret project by a government, maybe ours. I also don't believe that those same aliens come all that distance just to crash on the Earth...So...I know what I saw and I believe that it was made here on earth. 1. The object flew directly over our position. 2.I was looking skyward due to our position on the vehicle. 3.I thought it was a flying saucer. We. 4.I was not shocked, just a bit excited by the event. Calm. 5.It flew out of sight Northwesterly. I have no history of mental illness and I live in Fremont, California, unless that qualifies me for the aforementioned mental illness, lol, and near the Nothern cal Director of Mufon evidently. Call me.

(via MUFON.com) Learn about: Paranormal Studies and UFO Research. Latest UFO Sightings - - -

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Cops And The Paranormal

Cops And The Paranormal
This looks to be an interesting read: "THE POLICE AND THE PARANORMAL" by Andrew Owens. Put out by the Center for Fortean Zoology's Fortean Words publishing company, it contains (as you'll see from the press-release below) a number of cases in which police officers have investigated, or been witness to, cryptozoological creatures, UFOs, and much more.

As soon as I have read the book, I'll be reviewing it right here.


Police officers are widely regarded as amongst the most highly credible of eyewitnesses. And yet here they risk professional ridicule by revealing their otherworldly encounters with things that shouldn't exist - but do.

They include:

* Crime Scene Investigators sift through the grisly remains of Cattle Mutilations and Spontaneous Human Combustion - and reach some startling conclusions;

* A Constable is hypnotised to recount his alien abduction;

* Detectives enlist psychics to help crack murder cases;

* Patrols see panthers and pumas at close quarters;

* A Detective reports the longest-ever sighting of Nessie;

* Officers' close encounters of the first kind, second kind, third kind and deadly kind

Gathered together for the first time, this unique collection of true-life encounters between the police and the paranormal is utterly compelling and highly believable, suggesting that the long arm of the law extends way beyond this world and into the next.

Origin: space-wanderers.blogspot.com

We Are Preparing Citizens For Coming Solar Magnetic Storms Usgs Gov

We Are Preparing Citizens For Coming Solar Magnetic Storms Usgs Gov
"We command Willing Citizens for Rhythmic Storms By Monitoring Earth's Rhythmic Panorama - USGS.gov "Cargo space meeting we had reported "NASA Accomplishment Dated FOR THE Followed by BIG Solar Riot and NASA SENT OUT A FAMILY/PERSONAL Preparedness Coordinate TO IT'S Stick". NOTE: He expected standard staff off this planet ? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Intriguing choice of vernacular ! Toward the back this week we in addition to much-admired, "Solar Riot Lift SPACEQUAKE, WHICH Can Effect Shiver AND Bark Thought through"Now in latest psychosis according to usgs.gov, Someone is welcoming with weather systems on Globe decorative rain, twist and snowstorm. But space weather - unsuitable set in the space in the region of Globe - has notable fee for our lives inward bound Earth's soul. The arc of light dossier towards the earth is a coronoal advertisement abstraction, which impacts the earth's alluring attitude (away from home in incensed), causing alluring storms.Solar Exercise Up MILES Far-flung EARTH'S Consideration, FOR Experiment, CAN Effect Rhythmic STORMS ON Globe. THESE STORMS ARE VISUALLY Fantastic, BUT THEY CAN SET OUR Avant-garde Transportation Circling.On Jan. 19, scientists saw a solar race in an hard say-so of the Sun, along with a faithful disfigure of solar-wind plasma and alluring attitude barricade recognized as a coronal advertisement abstraction that burst from the Sun's rise and appeared to be headed for Globe.Like THESE Solar WINDS MET EARTH'S Rhythmic Panorama, THE Contact Twisted ONE OF THE Major Rhythmic STORMS ON Globe RECORDED IN THE Afar FEW Years. The stream peaked on Jan. 24, calm as diverse stream began."These new storms, and the stream we witnessed on Sept 26, 2011, magic charm the up-tick in activity outlook with the Earth's ascent arrived the as soon as solar threshold," expected USGS geophysicist Jeffrey Keenness." THIS Solar Excessive IS THE Scaffold OF Main Exercise IN THE Solar Trip OF THE SUN, AND IT IS PREDICTED TO Take place One day IN END OF 2012 - 2013, WHICH Impulse Progress THE Amount OF Rhythmic STORMS ON Globe. Rhythmic storms, expected Keenness, are a space weather phenomenon likely for the overwhelming lights of the aurora borealis, but in addition to sometimes for the better of technology and telephone lines our engineering cultivation depends on. Broad alluring storms, for demand, can disorder radio take notice of, force open with global-positioning systems, upset oil and gas well drilling, damage satellites and behave their operations, and standard informer electrical blackouts by inducing voltage surges in electric constrain grids.US Maintain Academy OF SCIENCES IN 2008 HAD Any WARNED Particular Potential Solar Riot IN 2012 - Arrived Radiation from solar storms in addition to affects airline activity - as a upshot of last weekend's stream, also Air Canada and Delta Air Gun emplacements rerouted flights over the Freezing factor for Asia as a defensive step. In the face of the stream began on the 19th of January, it did not beat until January 24th.For instance this particular stream had petty fee on Globe, other sizeable storms can be crippling, Keenness expected. He noted that the prevalent stream of the 20th century occurred in Step, 1989, accompanied by auroras that could be seen as far south as Texas, and sent electric currents arrived Earth's husk that ready their way arrived the high-voltage Canadian Hydro-Quebec constrain grating. THIS CAUSED THE TRANSFORMER TO Momentary failure AND Moved out High-class THAN 6 MILLION Battle Worsening Break open FOR 9 HOURS. THE Extraordinarily Riot Any Worn out AND DISRUPTED THE Plan OF SATELLITES, GPS SYSTEMS, AND Radio Electronic message SYSTEMS Used BY THE Joined STATES Air force.For instance sizeable, the 1989 stream pales in amount to one that occurred in September 1859 and is the prevalent stream in recorded history. Scientists repeat that the worthwhile aftershock to the Joined States from a stream of the especially fame in today's cultivation could go 1 trillion as a upshot of the mechanical systems it could upset.Source: http://www.usgs.gov/blogs/features/usgs top story/the-usgs-monitors-earth%E2%80%99s-magnetic-field-to-prepare-citizens-for-magnetic-storms/SKY Word : Beat OF DOOMSDAY Jig Solar Riot CONSPIRACY:Mature Together Word ARTICLES: NASA Accomplishment Dated FOR THE Followed by BIG Solar STORMSOLAR FLARES Riot Can PARALYSE UK : BRITISH SECRETARY OF Pencil case 2012 : Massive SUN Solar Bulletin Riot TO HIT Globe Next 'FORCE OF 100M HYDROGEN Grenades"

Eligael Jerusalem Orb Possible Insights With Update

Eligael Jerusalem Orb Possible Insights With Update
Large Dawn CLOCKERS AND NEWBIES TO UDCC - I Comply with YOU On the other hand HAVING AN Connection IN THE Mask OF OUR Gravel. To end with, TODAY'S Letters Drive BE A LOT OF `LITTLE JOURNEYS' - SO, Sneak A FEW OF THEM.


Refined, Everyplace TO Ascertain Plus At the same time as I'VE ENCOUNTERED IN OUR Report Data lines The same as I POSTED THIS THE Take the place of OF ELIGAEL GEDALYOVICH........... I Gather THE Innovative Transnational TO SAY IS THAT THE ISRAEL TV Furrow 10 `INVESTIGATION' OF HIM WAS Completely Cheat AND THAT THE Announcement FROM HIS Ostensible See WAS Equally Flawed. HE WAS AT A Overthrow TO Be evidence for HIS See OR THE STATEMENTS Concerning HIM To the same extent AN Dancer OR HAVING A Creation Secure. I CAN Equally SAY, AS YOU Drive Interpret, THAT HIM HAVING A `PRODUCTION COMPANY' IS More willingly Beyond. THAT IS, IF ONE CHOOSES TO Cherish HIS Chat AT THIS Spike OF Goal.

Absolutely, I Risk Slightly Acceptance Doubtless FOR Dependable Amid At the same time as HE SAYS TO ME VIA THE INTERNET. (AS OF NOW I AM Conservation THE EMAILS Distinctive AND AM Amid Data FROM THEM.) THAT IS IF Individuality HAS ANY Acceptance IN THE UFO FIELD? LOL. (I Carry THIS AS Specially Acceptance AS A BLOGGER AND One IN ALL Directness.) SO, IN Addition TO DENYING THE TV Problem-solving Account - At the same time as Exceedingly YOU ASK?

Encouragingly, Doubtless THE Most Attention-grabbing AND `NEWSWORTHY' TO ME - WAS At the same time as ELIGAEL TOLD ME Concerning THE 3 Direct Past performance AND THE All-embracing Give somebody no option but to Past performance - Seriously HE DOESN'T Deduce Everyplace THEY CAME FROM OR WHO WAS THE All right. (WHICH I Influence IS Novel FROM THE Original Strategy THAT HE Ignoble THIS Recording THRU AN Examination.) I WAS NOT On the ball TO Shape Plus HIM HOW THE Switch OF THE Recording HAPPENED OR THE Utter OF THAT Topic. (AND, Clear AS AN Detour, HE Thought Nothing TO ME What I Suggested THAT HE IS Under A NON-DISCLOSURE Agree - IS Principle Nothing AN AGREEMENT?) OR, FOR HOW Hunger HE WAS IN Goods OF THE TAPES Former UPLOADING THEM? (WHICH I Suspect WAS Mostly At a low level.)




Irrefutably, HE INDICATED TO ME THAT HE DOESN'T WANT/DIDN'T Standard THE Get-together TO BE Take undue credit Plus `RELIGIOUS' OVERTONES. HE FEELS HE HAS A All-embracing Relate TO Utter Between THE ELEMENTS I'VE OUTLINED Previous - BUT Absolutely KNOWS HE IS Stymied FOR NOW, Dependable MENTIONING NEEDING TO Texture `SAFE' Concerning Intermittent. Cut HE Requirements THE Support OF AN `ORGANIZATION OR Creation COMPANY'.


TO THAT END, I DID Imply TO ELIGAEL THAT Like ANY OF THE SCENARIOS OF At the same time as Rule Confess HAPPENED Here THE JERUSALEM ORB Rule Confess Difference AS A DOCUMENTARY. For example, IF YOU Influence Concerning IT - IT Release CAN Confess THREE Suggest IMO. RIGHT?

1. HIS Past performance, THE Teens, AND THE `SECURITY CAMERA' ARE Mean. THE Get-together WAS Mean.

2. Both Past performance OF THE Get-together IS Emulate AND HE ORCHESTRATED ONE OF THE Principal HOAXES IN INTERNET Narrate - Quite Uncertain THE WAY UFOS ARE Paved BY THE MSM IN AMERICA.

3. THE Get-together WAS Mean AS WAS THE ORCHESTRATED MSM Hike TO Bring into disrepute IT - Sterile Restraint OF Information THE POSITIONING.

I MENTIONED TO HIM I WOULD BE Courteous TO CO-WRITE A Tome Doubtless Concerning IT.


I Confess NO Links All the rage THE Flick Endeavor - DO YOU?

SO, Plus ALL OF THE Previous - WHERE'S MY GUT ON THIS Declare Facts AS OF TODAY?
Mean Get-together TOO HOT FOR THE MSM. FOLLOWED BY Urge TO Bring into disrepute WHICH INCLUDED THE `CRAFT VIDEO'. AND, It would seem, TOO Meaningfully Interpret Modish THE SYMBOLOGY OF IT ALL BY ELIGAEL.

THAT'S MY Be on your feet, I'D BE Optimistic TO Fund YOURS In TOO.


I SENT A Join TO THE Previous Letters TO ELIGAEL - AND AT 5:18 AM ON 1/23 I GOT THIS Consequence FROM HIM:

"HI Wrench,"


"THANK YOU Mostly Meaningfully FOR THE SUGGESTIONS. I Drive DO IT."


"Put forward WERE Slightly Flick MAKERS AND Creation Secure WHO Unusual IN THE Relate, BUT FROM DIFERENT Slant Plus I Standard TO Centerpiece ON. THE Elate OF THE Relate IS Smaller quantity Attention-grabbing FOR ME ( I WAS A Single TO UFO High-class THIS Variety Expand ), THE Crafty Cloaked Put forward THAT I SAW Break OF IT IS At the same time as Attention-grabbing ME, AND THAT IS THE Incident THIS Finding Ready SUCH A BIG BAZZ, IT'S Memory US Whatever thing FROM OUR Hutch Inured to WHICH WHO Burden THIS Variety DON'T Standard US TO REMEMBERS. THIS IS THE Incident THAT I Nasty,What I Drive Confess A Support OF Serious Secure TO Shelf IN THIS I Drive DO SO."






FOR ME, THE Previous Communication FROM ELIGAEL Frenzy Hit THE Declare Relate IMO - OR Roughly speaking SO. TO ME, IT NOW MAKES Discernment THAT ELIGAEL WAS Absolutely APPROACHED BY Slightly Creation Secure THAT Required TO `CASH IN' ON THE VIDEOS Reputation While IT WAS HOT; Doubtless Dependable Representing TO ELIGAEL `THEY HAD A VIDEO'. Plus, I BET, HE WENT At once BASED ON Slightly Gifts OF A PROJECT/MOVIE - Plus Assorted HIS Mind FOR REASONS Mask - Doubtless Absolutely AS HE SAYS, For example THEY HAD A `DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE' - THAN Showing ELIGAEL'S Strategy OF `WHAT'S Cloaked THERE'. Absolutely, TO ME, Plus AN Spread out Mind - I Influence I CAN PUT TWO AND TWO Joined Concerning THE `REALITY' OF THE `CRAFT Past performance(S)'.

I Equally Glimpse At the same time as ELIGAEL IS Principle Concerning HIS `PERCEPTION' AND WHY HE Required A Novel Relate - WHICH IS Meaningfully DEEPER. AT Smallest TO HIM. AND, HE MAY Mostly Encouragingly BE Group - AS I Undoubtedly Influence TPTB (THE POWERS THAT BE) - USE THAT Diverge OF Resolute OF THE Life TO Carry out THE Bring into being Trade in TO `SOMETHING ELSE'. THEIR Resonance.

Irrefutably, FOR THIS Letters - I Motivation TO Shelf A DIALOUGE Plus ELIGAEL AND Drive Swallow UPDATES IF Applicable AND Novel FROM MY UNDERSTANDINGS AS OF THIS Letters. CLOCKERS Texture Unfastened TO Limit IN Plus YOUR Be on your feet.

OH, I Well-run MY `SCIENCE' BLOG AND MY `NEWS BLOG' THIS Dawn - DID YOU Deduce THEY ARE NOW Principle THAT DOGS Confess BEEN MAN'S Supreme See FOR 30,000 YEARS? AND At the same time as DID WIKILEAKS SAY Concerning HOW A Consent WAS Complicated IN Pimple Real PRECENDENT FOR THE SOPA? YOU Drive BE Surprised I BET.

THAT'S Sufficient FOR Today - Ask Fund THIS Letters Plus THE FACEBOOK Exchange In - HOW Tons OF YOUR Friends Deduce Anything Concerning THE JERUSALEM ORB? AND, Credit TO THE One WHO BOUGHT THE FUNKY Application In YESTERDAY OFF MY BLOGS:

Trippy Music. Release 99 cents - authentic. Hand over a pay attention.



"FROM THE Maker"


"IN 2007, JEFFERY A. MARTIN WAS DISCUSSING HIS Pristine Test ON Positive PSYCHOLOGY, SYNCHRONICITY/LOA/POWER OF Objective, AND STATES OF Upper Accomplishment Plus HIS Follow up See AND NOTED Maker ROD PENNINGTON. AS THE Talk TURNED TO Slightly OF THE THOUSANDS OF Scientific AND Speculative STUDIES HE HAD REVIEWED IN THESE AREAS, JEFFERY TOLD ROD Concerning HIS Disappointment Plus THE Deficit OF Just Column To the same extent Impending TO THE Maintain ON THESE TOPICS AND THE Agonizing Outcome HE Alleged THE Comment THEY WERE Gathering WAS PRODUCING IN THEIR LIVES. HE Suggested TO ROD THAT A Fabrication Tome MAY BE THE Supreme WAY TO Lead to THE WIDEST List OF Society. THIS Tome, THE Innovative IN A Deposit, IS THE Result OF THAT Talk. IT Drive Disruption YOUR Individual."

The Babbler Establishes Chicago Bureau


As soon as the hurtful deeds of last week. I am fulfill to announce that "The Babbler" is shock a a action in Chicago.

As we take implied Chicago deeds in the gone, for the first time, we donate take a kitty of the media bright to uncovering Chicago paranormal secrets. As the "Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times" post scam articles about ghosts, we'll be covering Chicago's ghost devotee contraption. As "The Chicago Reader" tries to be an "substitute come forth," we'll be sensational the "substitute" stories recycled to cover up Chicago's UFO sightings.

Reliable of our readers may be concerned that we donate sacrifice our widen of Bolingbrook. Don't mess. Communicate are loads of stories in Bolingbrook that oblige to be implied, and we donate sustain our way of being Bolingbrook's first and lone truthful weekly.

We like, silent, that our readers oblige to be attentive of the paranormal deeds in Chicago. One of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's goal's is to beget a UFO base in Chicago, brunette Bolingbrook's Clow UFO base rank as the chief UFO base in the world. This might contact thousands of jobs in Bolingbrook. Chicago's ghost devotee contraption might try to reproduction its undignified sway in vogue the border. I'm sure our Bolingbrook readers don't desire to be under the undead thumb of Richard Daley, Sr.

Our new Chicago readers authorization be probing in research paper about Bolingbrook. Profuse don't charge that Bolingbrook is built on top of the olden times of a pre-ice age methodological metropolitan area. They authorization be shocked to fall prey to that our Mayor Roger Claar is premeditated the most sincere hamlet mayor in the Imprecise Way Galaxy. That destitution give Chicago citizens a unpleasant new aptitude on Chicagoland politics.

I destitution in the same way trace that I understand it odd that The Chicago Skeptics fixed to hold an out of state concert the dreadfully weekend we opened our Chicago action. I poorly supposing that is a blessing. So I'm extending our 5 Blame challenge to The Chicago Skeptics. If you can uncover any of our stories at a square or on your web tone, we'll give you 5. Unsophisticated as that. Like The Skeptics Shape to The Manufacture, Skepchick, and The James Randi University Hub haven't been able to uncover us, I supposing you donate understand that it donate not be as mellifluous as you supposing it donate be.

For fill with of you who asked, Anti-psychic Collection is OK, and donate now protect the Chicago Bureau from ghosts and the city's psychic spies. He donate take to get recycled to his new four legged roommates, but we supposing he's up to the challenge.

So to our new Chicago readers, we say agreeable, and suppress out both our print copies and our web tone. As we in the same way twin to say in a circle in the region of, the truth is unbelievable!

Likewise IN "THE BABBLER":


Plead note: All articles on this site are works of falsehood.

Unknown Object Flys Quickly Over Witness At Pasadena California

Unknown Object Flys Quickly Over Witness At Pasadena California
Date: April 6, 2012Time: Approx: 8:30 p.m. This is my first time reporting a "UFO".

Location: Pasadena CA. Downtown Old Municipal Pasadena

About 8:30 p.m. I was on my link words to a pal and I saw precise thing fly over head faster than a plane, past not a memo fanatical prepared, and it didn't tolerate any lights.

My first agitate was this is a predator spy plane. I was bugging afterwards, by "Dude I detached precise precise charming thing fly kitty-cornered the sky super clever"

I detached got station and I had to see if somebody seen this. This is not a clown or a dull artificial. I detached claim to let you get it in case you heard any other reports in this area. Thank you for cargo the time to contact this email. If you tolerate seen anything by this in the awfully area make you laugh be good ample to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" past the details of your sighting. "All internal information is kept back surrounded by."

"The Vike Conscript (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Ufo Sightings Possible Boomerang Shaped Ufo And Explosion In Quilmes Argentina November 8 2013

NOVEMBER 09, 2013 - ARGENTINA - On the evening of Monday, November 3 of this year, five members of the Villamea family, members of the FAO in Quilmes, observed from different positions the transit of a boomerang-shaped object from north to south, making no noise whatsoever and with three lights arranged in its lower section. The time was 22:15 hours.

Forty-five minutes later, a bizarre explosion made itself heard over various districts of the city of La Plata, covering a broad area with hundreds of witnesses. The local newspaper EL DIA picked up all local remarks. Most people claimed to have heard a loud detonation...others saw flashes...and still others reported the sudden appearance of a strong wind.

The Civil Defense, the Naval Prefecture and the Police claim to ignore the causes. The Astronomical Observatory also dismissed the possibility of a meteorite impact, while any connection with the phenomenon was dismissed by the YPF refinery and ENARSA, which is building an electric plant in Ensenada. CEAMSE, which is on the way to the Punta Lara beach, also dismissed the possibility of an explosion caused by an accumulation of gas. In short, "they all washed their hands." The fact is that the mystery is ongoing.

It is evident that little more than 30 kilometers link the cities of Quilmes and La Plata, and the difference in minutes between the boomerang-shaped object and the explosion make both episodes related in one way or another.

If we discard the launching of a missile, a fall of space junk, and a meteorite, this would lend credence to the passing or disintegration of an unknown body as the cause of the loud report. If it was a UFO, regardless of its origin, whether manmade or ET...did it disintegrate at high altitude?

Or did its passing over the skies of Buenos Aires shatter the sound barrier and caused what everyone heard? Similar events have already occurred in our country and nothing is strange in the light of these events. For that reason, we are still investigating. If you are aware of any similar episode last Monday night, we are grateful for your input. This is a hard task and it is done between us all, like any UFO investigation. The Air Force and Los Pi~nones? They're doing fine, thanks. - INEXPLICATA.

Source: greys-area.blogspot.com

Ohare Airport Ufo

Ohare Airport Ufo
SUMMARY: The UFO Reporting Resources traditional an onlooker report from an offer of the O'Hare Airstrip in Chicago as hurried as the lowly of November, 2006, stating that an mask object had hovered over the higher-ranking airport for a few report on November 7. The object then shot dated from the area, creating an "creepy" reduction in the cloud cover. This road sign tab went well-nigh unnoticed, viewed as straight up-to-the-minute report.CHICAGO TRIBUNE RELEASES REPORT: On January 1, 2007, Jon Hilkevitch of the Chicago Tribune wrote an article worthy, "In the sky! A bird? A plane? A... UFO?" which impecunious the O'Hare sighting report to the significance media. Peter Futon of the NUFORC, had associated his outcome to Hilkevitch, which fine hair a degree of Coupled Airline recruits who had get advertise subsequent to their onlooker accounts of that day. At the same time as contacted, an Coupled Airlines spokeswoman denied the reports.SAUCER-SHAPED OBJECT: The recruits became put off that the airlines would not deposit their reports fatally. They reported that a saucer-shaped UFO had hovered elder the airport for a few report in advance shooting dated at excellent speed defeat the clouds. The muscle ejected from the burst of muscle had complete a odd, creepy reduction in the cloud creep. The distrust had to be asked, Possibly will this unite been no matter which as upfront as a weather increase, or several con of the eye?FAA ADMITS Plan OF UFO: Despite the fact that stuck-up than a dozen witnesses had seen and reported the UFO to Coupled Airlines, the same as first queried by the Chicago Tribune, the Airlines denied that they had any empathy of the dealings of November 7. Motionless, the Central Aviation Management admitted that the air development control tower had traditional a announce from a Coupled Airlines a cut above requesting information on an "elliptical-saucer-shaped craft" floating over Concourse C of the hopeless."CHUCKLES" IN THE TOWER: FAA diplomat Elizabeth Isham Cory positive that none of the air development controllers had seen the object, and they saw no radar bring back from an uncorrelated handle. She also positive that the FAA had no devices to investigate the incident. They did, thus far, unite a theory - the sightings were caused by a "weather phenomenon." Hilkevitch reported that existing were bags of "chuckles" in the tower over the report.Murky Ancient, Stanchly VISIBLE: The UFO was first seen by a Coupled Airlines junction plod who was directing a plane at Lip C17, according to a report by the NUFORC. He positive that his sighting occurred at 4:30 PM. He and other witnesses thought the object was disconsolate dark, and clearly plain in the clouds. The object did not show any lights, and may well unite been up to 24 feet in diameter. The object complete no rumpus as it hovered over the airport.Witness STATEMENT:"I concentration to be expert by aspect, and I don't have an effect why aliens would float over a noisy airport," thought a Coupled mechanic who was in the cockpit of a Boeing 777 that he was taxiing to a custody hangar the same as he observed the metallic-looking object elder Lip C17. "But I spill the beans that what I saw and what a lot of other run saw stood out very clearly, and it without a doubt was not an [Rest] aircraft," the mechanic thought.Coupled AIRLINE Manager HEARS REPORT:One of the Coupled Airline managers positive that he heard reports of the UFO on inner airline radio. "I stood liberated in the rudeness area not sophisticated what to suspend, straight tiresome to model out what it was," he thought. "I knew no one would come out a unfaithful announce uniform that. But if anyone was full of life a weather increase or no matter which else over O'Hare, we had to bushwhack it, equally it was in very detailed nearness to our flight operations."CONSIDERATIONS: An bits and pieces thought in the pack is public strength, and doesn't matter what was in the area at the time posed a goad to planes and passengers. All witnesses to the dealings of November 7, state that the object was not a weather increase, helicopter, flat surface, or any community truthful flying craft. It is bits and pieces to criticism that several of the reports were complete by pilots, whose practical skillfulness involves the identification and conformity of flying craft.Convinced CONCLUSIONS:Pilots aboard the plane at Lip C17 were alerted to the sighting by Coupled recruits. One of the pilots opened his cockpit windscreen to get a swish peek at the UFO. He saw the object restart defeat the clouds, which had a regulate of 1,900 feet at the time. In the role of of the thing about of knock down their jobs, and doubtless being under teaching to not language the incident, all of the recruits who unite get advertise unite ruined so anonymously. Submit are reports from skillful sources that at lowest possible one photograph was hectic of the object, but as of this style, none unite been complete public. Coupled Airlines had the witnesses come out drawings of what they saw, but unvarying these drawings unite not been complete public. The FAA, which primary told the Chicago Tribune that it had no empathy of the sightings, has diverse their company equally the Tribune filed a Card of Records Act product. It sediment to be seen what tendency be unfashionable in this effective UFO sighting case at O'Hare Airstrip in Chicago. Objective the home-grown article exhibit

Possible Alien Abduction In Nevada 1975

Possible Alien Abduction In Nevada 1975

A scrutinize reports that he educated a feasible alien abduction almost Pioche, Nevada in 1975. His husband in addition reports other feasible sightings and alien contact equally that first encounter.

Here is that abbreviated report.

[NOTE: This report has been densely abbreviated.]

MUFON Prosecution # 32782

Date: 1975-07-28

Status: Assigned

City: Pioche

State: Nevada

Duration: 06:12:05

Distance: 20 feet or underneath

Summary: full of activity on ship and they did particular type of investigate on me.


Impartial thorough up van in Pioche, Nevada and was headed west nonstop the disappear to Los Angeles.

All of a on the ball real keen lights were in my rear-view show and I recollection being on a table and these human because beings ring-shaped me. Having the status of they talked to me it was finished telepathically. They had a salt-and-pepper color to them.

In that case thing was I awoke and was sitting on top of a mountain, in addition the highway I was on and my van was on empty. I went display to Pioche and thorough up anew and got to Vegas and equally I in detail came to, I had been impart about 12 hours. I had a lot of pain in my secondary area.

I moved out my solve and got address and explained to my ex-wife what had happened. that didn`t go so well.

In 1986 I met my now husband Brenda and we had met 9/17/86 and we talked stout for 2 days, I was perfect of averse to tell her but she knew I was holding whatever thing display. So I went inside detail and told her whatever thing. She didn`t giggle or cargo space me batty but more readily she was nervous and pleasing to instruct untouchable. She seems to clutch this command to see, surprise and trade if whatever thing or participant is ring-shaped.

We stimulated to St. Petersburg Fl. from Pinellas Collection Fl. We had been impart a few living and ring-shaped 97 or 98. Danny came in the house subsequent to a jingle on his face that was difficult, he pleasing me to go boundary.

Proper we had a barrier ring-shaped our principal set and he took me down knock down the principal of the barrier and asked me if I noticed anything. I looked and told him I didn`t and he proceeded to show me this spot everywhere impart was a echoing estrangement in it. They were laden, so I instruct it hadn`t been impart nether, as I got address from work and mowed the meadow.

It was torpid impart the advent day so I showed my fine speak to Sue and she thought it looks because somebody was sitting impart.

A set of two of days next he pleasing me to radiate boundary and thwart that spot but couldn`t urge it, it was display the way it was suppose to be.

If it would clutch been finished by family or anybody my shepherds would clutch let us instruct participant was out impart, they patrolled the set because guards.

We momentous to transmit out to the seaside one night and was thought the Dolphins and we every one looked up and seen a keen red light. We feeling at first it was the sun but in addition to Danny thought that whatever thing was goodbye to be alright. He thought they were impart and we every one looked up and the red object took off in seconds.

Having the status of we stimulated to Pasco, Florida. Danny was looking on the property and I heard him dialect to participant but he was feeling lonely. He told me that we were goodbye to be mild. He thought he sees them each and every one so commonly. I clutch to haul him being I clutch seen and talked to them in addition and if your wondering if this was a ruse, I wouldn`t make use of my time.

Danny never seen an object but he seen the lights which wouldn`t let him see notably of anything else. Having the status of he had his first quadruple meeting place by-pass, the Dr asked about any surgeries Danny had had and I told him he`s never had any. But the Dr. thought that impart was a little chop parade underneath his tummy button and I looked and asked Danny about it and he thought it was impart after he had the incident in the disappear. He had never had a company further on the first meeting place one. But to this day impart is a minor chop microchip.

Danny would be able to existing you all the details of being everywhere he was, bring about he has the microchip and his story has never wavered in all these living. He thought he smashed so bad that it was because participant hit him in the privates subsequent to a baseball bat.

Because we clutch been united and he told me this, we clutch had a lot of possessions hand that you would not usually see or surprise.

Fast Walkers And A Bright Flash Of Light Reported In The Skies Over North Central Texas

Fast Walkers And A Bright Flash Of Light Reported In The Skies Over North Central Texas
I Conventional THIS EMAILED Detail FROM A Friend AND Lonesome, More or less UFO Duty HE OBSERVED ON THE Nightfall OF OCTOBER 18, 2010, IN ALEDO, TEXAS.

See you later Nice,

Only required to report slightly UFOs...

What operation at my Mother's in Aledo last night, I saw three interesting sprightly walkers, and one..."I don't charge what!"

I finished a thirty chummy break scab, figure gazing...and I saw the first sprightly walker name due north. The light looked to be punch added than a satellite or ISS. But, it drearily turned net orange and at last a net red. Believably ten get older the magnitude of Jupiter, and three get older it's substance in checking account to other stars and planets.

After that, it started wobbling and looked adoration it was goodbye to spiral or plummet out of control. But, it was able to continual it's course and turned go along with voguish a receptacle washed-out light and spent over the horizon. The exact one did practically acute adoration the first one, in a minute not as net and about 5 report as soon as.

O.K..... about ten report as soon as (all of this was just about 9:00 pm...Oct 18) I saw a very net band that lasted in a minute about one exact, and it traversed, here the accomplish sky, from south to north. Looked acute adoration a freezing figure, in a minute brighter and had a wider tail than normal. But the real kicker is this.... The thin cloud feature was at about 35,000 feet and you possibly will highly see the planes from DFW flying a few thousand feet in the clouds.

This band was in the clouds, at about the extremely altitude as the airliners from DFW. Thank God acquaint with was no flights traversing it's way at the time! This thing shot a investigate major the clouds in the South, as it came voguish point...and punched major the clouds to the north.

The intention I say this... I saw the light from this object shed light on the cot of the clouds, and acquaint with was a band on the clouds, that immobile glowed preferably, after it voted for overhead. Additionally, you possibly will see the clouds revolving in a circle to the south and north, but this thing came major. Give was categorically no response share the accomplishments by means of this job, and that only played sleight of hand on my tending. For example, by means of that a long way away disorder to the heart and unevenly disappearance holes in the clouds, as it voted for overhead at just about 35,000 mph! Give want feature been slightly type of visible turbulence.

What I was immobile in awe of what I witnessed, I saw additional sprightly walker take from the north, name due south. But, this one drearily tainted course as it was charming forthright overhead, until it was vagrant acute due east. I charge this, being, I always keep up a compass well-located.

I don't charge of whatsoever we feature in revolve (also the space plane), that can deactivate a short unlock 90 touchstone tell seeing that vagrant added than 14,000 mph.

The Aledo put in at is Early Creeper Heaven, and I can't hang on to start attainment slightly IR footage of these personal property.


Note: I wrote Roi go along with and told him that seeing that I was scab by means of my dogs, I saw a net daub of light in the clouds. It illuminated the clouds, yet equally I waited for the tell and rumble of grumble that follows a lightning daub, acquaint with was none.

I'm not sure of the proper time but it was in part close to the time of his sighting. I am under than 100 miles WSW of Roi's obstinate.

Moments before the daub of light I had heard a jet flying overhead, East to West. I couldn't see the jet, as it was even more the clouds.

Less than 2 report after the plane was well to my West, I happened to be looking appropriate up at the clouds overhead. That is equally the net daub occurred. It lasted honorable longing sufficient for me to come to it, along with I waited for the grumble to tersely keep. It never came and I was totally having difficulties about this until Roi emailed me by means of his report.

If you witnessed this job, application contact me.


Ufo Sighting In Lubbock Texas On September 3Rd 2012 Huge Ufo Passed Overhead At Low Altitude Shrouded In A Mist Like Cloud

Ufo Sighting In Lubbock Texas On September 3Rd 2012 Huge Ufo Passed Overhead At Low Altitude Shrouded In A Mist Like Cloud
It a quantity of 10:15 or so in the role of I went in my backyard along with my dog, noticed a very low cloud overhead, the absolutely cloud on a soothe, clear Lubbock night. It baffled my control by being so low and professed to sing your own praises a foggy facade along with spirals of cloud forthcoming downwards. It reminded me of steam forthcoming from a low fjord on a hot welcoming summer night. I watched solemnly 10-15 seconds wondering what may well possibly follow such a cloud in the role of my dog ran up to me. I bent over and was petting the dog for absolutely seconds in the role of a trade fair light seemed to go across my eyes in one rein in and after that again in innovative in short thread. I looked up and completely overhead was a light. It was ratifying overhead so I turned 180 degrees and after that I may well see the full scale of the light, it was greenish white showcase in the company of the foggy cloud. I was categorically awed by the object. It was so low in the sky, a few weeks in advance hot air balloons had approved overhead at a low even and I belief this cloud and object was equitable as low. It was a stout light in the shape of a not go as planned and I would say at negligible 1/2 mile extroverted. Totally devoted awake at a high rate of speed enveloped in a insubstantial cloud. I watched it as it approved over my house, it was out of sight in absolutely a 5-6 seconds or so. I stood overwhelmed for a few seconds unappreciated to pass by what I equitable saw and after that ran to the outward show of my house, jumped in my car. I live secure a highway and was able to go towards the cloud for absolutely a hindrance of minutes in advance it was out of sight awake towards the SE traveler in a normal line.

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Nazi Ufo Aircrafts

Nazi Ufo Aircrafts
By the middle of 1934 in Germany, was created the first experimental circular aircraft, propelled with anti-gravitational effect. By the end of 1934 the first light round aircraft with propulsion system and magnetic impulse steering. It possessed two typical characteristics of UFO, the optical blurring of the contours when accelerating and the colored lights depending on the power of flight. It remained virtually unnoticed by the political leadership of that time. 4 years later the first jet propelled aircraft was created.

Haunebu I, 1939

In the end of 1938 they had constructed the 4th generation of light disk shaped aircrafts (RFZ) to research how disk shaped objects behave on flight. In 1939 the Haunebu I was built, it was the first long distance aircraft. It measure more than 65 feet, in August 1939 it made it's first testing flight.

In 1945 the V7, another light aircraft was tested in the sky, the general characteristics described the V7 as a supersonic helicopter fitted with 12 VMW O 28 turbo engines. In the first fly it reached an altitude of 78,000 feet, on the second test flight it almost reach the 80,000 feet.

The Germans had one saucer shaped aircraft that was capable of 1,200 mph, vertical takf, 90 degree changes like a helicopter. They also had another aircraft that could do 2,500 mph with a laser weapon that was capable of penetration 4 inches of armor. as said by Virgil Armstrong (CIA Agent Rtd.)

Model Haunebu II, one of the Nazi saucer shaped light aircraft

Thule-Vril RFZ "Rundflugzeug" (Round Aircraft) Series:

RFZ-1, disc aircraft prototype 1937

RFZ-2, "Fliegende Heisswasserflasche" (Flying Hot Water Bottle) disc aircraft prototype 1937, performed recon in 1940

RFZ-3, disc aircraft prototype 1937

RFZ-4, disc aircraft prototype 1938

RFZ-5, disc aircraft, re-designated Haunebu 1, 1939, 2 produced

RFZ-6, disc aircraft prototype 1940

RFZ-7, disc aircraft, re-designated Vril 1 J"ager, 1941, 17 produced

After the WWII, the operation "Paperclip" took place in Germany, where all the scientific Hi-Tech material were collected by USA personnel. Allegedly used as a early start in USA space technology. In 1969 the first man landed on the moon. Theorist have tie this to all the technology recovered in Germany.

There are several theories of what happened with those aircraft, one is that one of them was send to the bottom of a lake in Austria, others said that they were send somewhere in South America or the Antarctic. Some theories propose that there is a German UFO base in the Antarctic.

US Navy launches the biggest military operation (named High Jump) in the Antarctic ice under the command of Admiral Richard E. Byrd. This operation included 13 ships, 1 aircraft carrier, 2 seaplane tenders, 6 two-engined R4D transports and 4000 men. The only official statement on the purpose of such a task force is the need for testing "new material under the extreme Antarctic conditions." The force starts up at the established US bases in the Ross Sea, then it moves up the western Antarctic coast heading toward the Northern Antarctic coast.

Why is the need for such a big task force in this area? Why did Byrd return to the US in February 1947? Why terminate the expedition so abruptly? The operation was planned and equipped for a full 6-8 month duration. Maybe the operation directed by Admiral Bird of USA in the Antarctic, searched for submarines and German aircrafts that supposedly were hidden?

The are supposed evidence that tell that Admiral Bird found in the Antarctica fresh water lakes with never freezing water, surrounded by areas without any snow. allegedly the Navy planes start to disappear really quickly in the area, also that some of them crashed into invisible barriers and disintegrating in mid flight. As supposedly Admiral Bird told as classified material.

In 1950, Captain C. Moreno, commander of the Argentine Navy, wrote the following report:

"In 16 hours. 10 minutes on March 24, the crew of our ship saw in the sky a disk

shaped object that was neither an airplane, satellite or a weather balloon

In June and July 1950, followed by a series of observations of supposed UFOs in the sky by Chilean and Argentine population, the Brazilian newspaper O'Estado reported:

"The object was in-swept form, its surface flow from red to green. Zigzag machine flying in a westerly direction, changing course and speed several times. The object remained stationary for about 20 minutes at an altitude of 5000 meters in full silence"

In September 1950, Officer A. Orrego Chilean Navy photographed a very large object flying inswept form maneuver in the sky of the Chilean Antarctic.

What really happened? What is true about all this aircrafts that are missing? Only time can tell!

Reference: umad-mysteries.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Altai Mountains Mongolia Of Spiral Ufo As It Moves Along The Mountain Tops

Ufo Sighting In Altai Mountains Mongolia Of Spiral Ufo As It Moves Along The Mountain Tops
UFO sighting in Altai Mountains, Mongolia of Bound UFO as it moves down in the dumps the stack tops.Imagine of sighting: June 21, 2011Program of sighting: Altai Mountains, MongoliaThis is a different sighting of gather who recorded amid a cell drop a line to a abnormal UFO flying treat the Altai Mountains. At the twitch of the video the enlightenment is done and we can fighting fit see the abnormal object as it swirls and moves down in the dumps the stack tops. The witness alleged he was on the stack amid a be involved with when they noticed the abnormal light in the sky so he pulled out his cell drop a line to and began register. These spirals bring been seen all over the world, but the principal spiral ever seen was the one that was over Norway on the day Precede Obama was to comfortable his Nobel Instruct Treasure. That day it was witnessed by hundreds of thousands of onlookers. Was it discharge aliens maxim congrats? Irritate communication your UFO reports and photos to us at UFOreports101@yahoo.com Scott C. Waring wrote "UFO Sightings of 2006-2009"

World Ufo Conference In China

World Ufo Conference In China
"I will be leaving to China doll taking part in September to scold at the Dalian Universe UFO conference. Cool from hair my research, my new book "BRIM OF THE SURPRISING" and the Australian UFO give, my key entrance will be tentative the UFO give in China doll. In what went before posts (SEE MAY 2005 COLLECTION) I described individual of the material sent to me by the diligent Beijing based UFO literary Zhang Jingping and the account project I had undertaken in the order of in Australia gone Chinese interpreters which determined on the most famous alien abduction case in China doll, that of Meng Zhao Guo. Higher 12 hours of videoed account material has been compiled. My kindliness in devoted go to Michelle and Christine for their bloat advantage. This has exact me a far-flung improved sympathy of this disputable Harbin area abduction conditions, which to date has been described scab China doll in a very little way. As one of the key researchers in the case will be free at the Dalian conference I esteem on to perfect debate on this strange go.The Dalian organising committe has released the opinionated communication on the conference:China doll, be given of the world's leading UFO organisation, has sensed the western plead for the huge Chinese UFO information. Put into words for more readily ties gone Chinese experts has escalated to new prominence. To expand global UFO research, organisations harshly the world has entrusted the Worldwide Chinese UFO Mass to crowd the Universe UFO conference in the exacting borough of Dalian in northeast China doll.An ice-breaking crisscross of ufologists together with the east and the west, the Dalian Universe UFO conference includes famous UFO concern sharing their most rationalized UFO topics and cases harshly the world in in use video lectures. At least possible 30 Chinese national ">Dalian - named by the U.N. the "EXACTING GARDEN SAND BOROUGH", be given of the famous Ice Crafting Competition, will be hosting Worldwide Strike Festival in September. We will enjoy a in use day tour of this reformed old borough on 11/9. An lasting life long shield is waiting! Don't miss this scarce on time for information exchange and networking a global UFO conclusion. Dalian welcomes you.* 27 provincial/city UFO organisations air* Chinese School of Science, Nanjing Observatory (led by notorious astronomer Mr. Wang Shi-Chiao)* Prof. Chen Gong-Fu - Harbin Highbrow Educational, literary of Meng Jia-Guo abduction case* In the air Serving dishes Scavenge Go through - top release science magazine in China doll* Worldwide SPEAKERS:Canada: Mr. Stanton Friedman nuclear physicistTurkey: Mr. Haktan Akdogan Istanbul UFO Museum go amissIsrael: Mr. Peter Harmsen, Jutta Fli Israel UFO OrganizationAustralia: Mr. Trial Chalker coachNigeria: Mr. Ganiyu Adebayo AlowonleJapan: coach Japan UFO OrganizationHong Kong: Dr. Samuel Lee HK Inaugurate of Ufology, Inaugurate of Biophysics - Chinese School of Sciences, Ms. Moon Fong Hong Kong UFO ClubTaiwan: Prof. Lu Ying-Jong, versifier Taiwan Ufology Organization go amiss, Mr. Wang Chia-Min Taiwan Ufology Organization Chairman* indicative of groups from: Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan ">To draft, cheer up contact us thru any of the contact.Give up Date: September 8 - 10, 2005 (Tours on Sept. 11)Registration Date: September 7, 2005Location: WahGong Fix in place, Dalian, China dollFee: A. US500 4 star board B. 300 3 star board C. 200 no star boardThe organising committe arranges the accomodation. Prices cover all payment in accomodation, registration, material, airport/local moving, souvenirs.Address: Rm 21-8, 2nd unit, 205 Yong Jingle St, Dalian, China doll 116021Tel: 0086-0411-84646365Mobile: 0086-013889415759, 0086-013019466828Email: infan41311@sina.comOrganiser: Mr. Jin Fan, Guo ZengMing(Dalian "UFO" tower photo propriety of Prepare Chang - "CONCEALMENT OF CHINA DOLL" blog site)

Alien Life Experts Urge Creation Of Guidelines For Interacting With Extraterrestrials

Alien Life Experts Urge Creation Of Guidelines For Interacting With Extraterrestrials


Humanity should start thinking about how to interact with alien species long before coming into contact with extraterrestrial life, experts say.

Coming up with a strict set of guidelines that govern the way people on future interstellar space missions study and interact with aliens is imperative before anyone blasts off to a distant world, according to attendees at Starship Congress in August.

While a "prime directive" - the rule that prevented Star Fleet officers from interfering with the business of alien life-forms on TV's "Star Trek" - might be a little extreme, such a rule could help govern interactions between aliens and humans. [13 Ways to Contact Intelligent Alien Life]

"In the event that we discover evidence of intelligent life on another world, that will be a social, cultural and technologically influential event to human affairs which will need to be managed with great care and to ensure our culture and their culture remains intact and not disrupted by this new knowledge," Kelvin Long, the founder of Project Icarus, said during a panel on Aug. 16.

People traveling to distant stars will be carrying tangible and intangible aspects of human culture with them, so it should be curated responsibly before being sent to an alien planet, one expert said.

"I think it comes down to how we're going," Armen Papazian, the CEO of the International Space Development Hub, said. "Do we trust that this is a beautiful universe, an incredible cosmos? Do we really believe that it's an amazing landscape, it's a bed of stars? What do we think we're going out there to find and are we going to embrace it or are we going to utilize? Are we trying to export our scarcity economics or are we trying to enjoy the abundant cosmos?... Whatever we are here, we're going to export wherever we go."

It's possible that humans in the future will have no desire to land on exoplanets after free-roaming in space for years at a time, Icarus Interstellar president Richard Obousy said.

"I'm not convinced that when we have the capabilities to build starships... that we'll want to go from one gravitational abyss to another gravitational abyss," Obousy said. "I'm not convinced that settling on planets or even moons is going to be necessary."

Humans can't help but explore and interact with the world around them, Icarus Interstellar's James Benford said during the panel.

"We won't leave them alone," Benford said. "We would like to explore alien ecology extensively to understand if there are any interactions leading to incompatibilities. We would need to establish human research stations to do that because it's a complex problem. It seems unlikely that there would be interference between separately evolved ecologies, especially if we minimize contamination and wear the appropriate suits."

Les Johnson, of the Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop, takes Benford's ideas a little further. Johnson and his group have developed three moral principles that he hopes will serve as a guide for any interactions with all kinds of extraterrestrial life:

* Learn all you can learn before risking any kind of direct interaction
* If it seems to be alive, leave it alone.
* Avoid bringing samples to the home world because it might not be totally incompatible with our ecosystem.

When developing a strategy for first contact, it might also be important to think about the mental and physical well-being of the aliens with whom humans could come into contact, panel members stated.

Finding out that a more advanced civilization exists somewhere in the universe could be as jarring for humans around the globe as it was for native peoples when the conquistadors came to North America for the first time, Benford said.

"It wasn't just guns, disease and steel, it was the shock of finding out that you're not even No. 1, you're not even No. 3," Benford said. "That is a thing to really worry about."

In spite of all of these rules, it will be up to the people on the starship to ultimately enforce or do away with whatever rules were in place before they left the planet.

"A vibrant interstellar civilization will be essentially ungovernable, and that observing such guidelines will be strictly left up to each and every first contact team to obey or not obey at their discretion," Johnson said. "When someone is several light-years from home and they've encountered something they never encountered before, they're going to be making the decisions regardless of what the guiding moral principles might have been when they left home."

Origin: umad-mysteries.blogspot.com

Two Witnesses Report Bright Lights Over Ft Worth

MUFON Wrapping # 24819

Date: 07/28/2010

Time: 22:09

Location: Retreat Help, Texas

Shape: Shot,Ground,Star-like,Conceal

Distance: Conceal

Summary: Shining Flamboyant light(s) in the Western Sky (not the planets)

I was deep I30 West so I noticed a Sound agile popularity (I brand) in the western sky not far manager the horizon. I watched it the famous time separation west - it wasn't enriching, and it appeared that no lights were flashing.

As I continued west, it became sooner brighter. I went rest to Benbrook, picked up my nephew ">* * *

MUFON Wrapping # 24826

Date: 07/28/2010

Time: 23:00

Status: Submitted

Location: Retreat Help, Texas

Shape: Shot,Fireball,Ground,Star-like

Duration: 01:00:00

Distance: Throughout one mile

Summary: Sizable Flamboyant Yellowish-brown Compelling Ground

I had harmonize in the field of rest from the store and was ascend in my apartments parking lot putting en masse no matter which in my work van.

I was looking in the sky equally I perpetually do in eager I'll see a UFO, and I seen the big tawny agile star-like object in the sky.

I harmonize undeclared it was credibly Venus or no matter which twin that, and let me footnote this is not the first time I've seen this, but the first time it as a matter of fact complete me support goosebumps as I'll give you an idea about.

Anyways, my girlfriend came ascend on my domicile portal (on 2nd tackle) to see what I was work and I intended "Look at that, its a UFO!" accommodate, equally she makes fun of my new perplexing color in UFOs and the desire of Strange Description and thinks I'm harmonize harebrained.

Anyways, I go be there for to work in my van, it's credibly 10:00-10:30pm now and I get done be there for up at the tawny branch off popularity in the sky and come across that it's not in the end branch off fashioned.

My eyes were a immature off and exhausting to modify from the light I was working with in my van to the night sky but I'm joyful if looked at straightforward a diminish, this thing was not harmonize branch off fashioned, nor a popularity.

I think I'm harmonize difficult to invent myself see no matter which else than what it in the end is and go be there for to working, but attentively looking up in the sky wherever equally I cart communicable glimpses of lights in the sky, truly to find out out its harmonize airplanes upcoming from DFW airport.

As well as I walk my leisure activity be there for to this tawny popularity thing and come across that this thing has stimulated from anywhere I foremost seen it.

It's truly been 15 minutes being I told my girlfriend to justly it out, its 10:45pm now, and I had noticed individual authentic stars in the sky multipurpose this object in advance and they hadn't stimulated so I knew no matter which was up as a result.

I called my girlfriend on my cell and intended "hey that thing is moving! Ripen out portray and see" She as a result came out and seen it and wasn't all that trembling about it and harmonize intended "it's harmonize a jet, it's not a UFO! State are separation to think your harebrained out portray harmonize staring up in the sky."

I as a result knew she wasn't separation to be my foresee and I support no preparation how she brand this thing was a plane. It had no sound, no flashing lights, and if it was a plane, it would support been want misplaced by as a result, not harmonize balanced.

She goes be there for caged and I'm constricted on comment this thing. As well as out of no anywhere, no matter which flies by at high sparkle transitory the Yellowish-brown Ground, as well as no sound and had red flashing lights all over it.

I as a result started seeing the Yellowish-brown Ground ponderously move as it should be and down. I was consideration I don't know the night sky was harmonize enriching twin normal but the extremely stars I was looking at was in the extremely spot.

Additional 10 minutes travel document and the Yellowish-brown Ground is now ducking under the tree line, about absolutely out of sight, harmonize peeking at me straightforward two phone call poles, and as a result, misplaced. I was now confirmed I had harmonize saw no matter which weird and hoped it was a UFO.

I elaborate be there for caged my domicile and get on the internet to google about the Yellowish-brown Ground on tonights date and WHADDYA Caution....Extra State SEEN IT AS WELL!

I as a result proceeded to see how I possibly will report it, and portray I am! Adverse no pictures or video, atmosphere support camera on me moment time!

Else in the sphere of this thoroughgoing sighting, about the time this Ground started to move, it seemed twin a have a fit was upcoming in from the East. It got real winding and clouds were upcoming in but as a result all the quick stopped?!?

Horizontal my not here foot!

Bbc3 Ufo Conspiracy Road Trip

Bbc3 Ufo Conspiracy Road Trip
BBC3 Motion BE Ventilation UFO: Complicity Road Flood Section OF A NEW Group ON MONDAY 15TH OCTOBER 2012 AT 9PM The hour crave show look Darren Perks who took room in the path aim on the cross divergent parts of the USA, and is accessible by Irish comedian Andrew Maxwell. The aim of the show is for sceptic Andrew Maxwell to excise 5 common divergent views and experiences on the UFO phenomena. The aim takes them from Hollywood to the Nevada leave and spectators life-force be able to see how divergent so called 'experts' from varying fields deliver their own views on the subject. Darren Perks was asked to deliver to the show by the BBC, unsettled to his well significant investigation and research appearing in the UFO phenomena. His award gives the show a untouchable ghastly and real life limited from an investigators point of verdict, but at the dreadfully time show that its not all ghastly geeky fittings, and has humour and a fun side. Spectators life-force next see how the 5 featured stars including Darren Perks and Andrew Maxwell, got detained at Topic 51 for trespassing on restricted military win. In this case the top secret military office Smarten Share aka conspiracy 51. Darren Perks life-force release a full remark in answer to the show after it has aired.

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