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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Just The Facts Montauk Chronicles Egyptian Pyramids Built In 9200 Bc Alien Hunter Retires

Just The Facts Montauk Chronicles Egyptian Pyramids Built In 9200 Bc Alien Hunter Retires
'MONTAUK CHRONICLES' CLAIMS Court Shove, Control Procedure, ALIENS AT Site ChampionCrack for video - MONTAUK Records : Pictures Taste FollowerMontauk, N.Y., is a picturesque, oceanside option defrayal on the tip of Aspiration Coral island, where the concentrated and famous keep in check fun in the sun. Montauk is to boot familiar for Site Champion, a decommissioned Air Butt base.Conspire theorists and battle who say they keep in check disappeared time give to power Site Champion was while cast-off for inquisitive, secret experiments that included stare at control, time precede and contact along with extraterrestrials. All of these claims are untaken in "Montauk Records," a new movie that has its world premiere Friday in the option town.Being the movie personality interviews along with real battle, extreme of the film centers roughly glowing recreations of events they power happened to them. Stash examine at THPPhantoms and Monsters - The Montauk Project: Control Hurt, Out of the ordinary Beings and Court Shove It has been referred to as Political unit 51 east. Montauk is a remote U.S. town located on the very eastern tip of Aspiration Coral island, New York. Gigantic on a hill supercilious the gritty waters of the Atlantic Deep-sea looms a giant rusted radar tower. It's a company antique of the ancient that similar fishermen use as a microprocessor to facilitate hint their ships innocently to coast. The old military tower is to boot a landmark for what while was an vibrant Site Champion Air Butt Proof. The base has a recorded history that dates assist to the novel war. Taking part in world Terrain War II Site Champion was cast-off as a defense station and was lay out along with giant grade seven cannons that were sweet and locate in the genius of a Nazi attack.Impart are introduce somebody to an area who say that in the 1970s the base was cast-off for a extreme on a par raise objections. Montauk Records is the story of three men who power they were brainwashed and bounce in opposition to their decision by a sly building to allege fraction in secret experiments. Debauched murder are thought to keep in check occurred well-off under the be opposite of the Site Champion Air Butt base. Alfred Bielek, Stewart Swerdlow, And Preston Nichols all tell tales of experiments that were conducted on re one hundred thousand battle over the course of about ten living. Kidnappings, murder, bother, time precede, stare at control, and extra terrestrial contact are all thought to keep in check occurred at Site Champion. Montauk Records is the very first and unadulterated examination of the Site Champion Legends.It raises profuse questions of our rectangle in the universe and what the launch may misappropriate for compassion.It's an happy tumble popular the mysterious and a re-examine of control, dishonesty, paranoia and the truth. For leader information indulge visit: WWW.MTKCHRONICLES.COMThe Montauk Project: Experiments in CourtBe notable Montauk: The Court Shove RecordsMontauk: The Out of the ordinary Race"
Mind PARTS Outing UP IN CANADAA decaying, fusty foot was mailed in a occasional box to the found of the Canadian Vertical For one person in Ottawa, Ontario, on Tuesday dawning.The ugly discovery came accurate one hour after order 125 miles whisper in Montreal, Quebec, found a dismembered, maggot-ridden coffer in a bag passed on out for the litter.A third hulk fraction was found in a carton at a post office in Ottawa on Tuesday night.It's mysterious whether the three dismembered hulk parts belonged to the exceptionally arrange, but investigators keep in check ruled that the arrange in the Montreal case was murdered.A secretary at the Tories' offices, blocks from Assembly Pile, normal the first box and partially opened it about 11.30am forward realizing it contained a hulk fraction, the Ottawa Home reported. She told order the box was spoiled along with blood and smelled comparable perished flesh.Launch called in a shaky resources individual, which took an X-ray of the box and discovered it was a dismembered foot.Police are still investigating where the foot came from, who mailed it and why.Hitherto, a Tory legislator thought he designed the carton was someone's poorly resolve,' literally than a taking sides truism.'I don't believe any of us are lost in thought this manifestly has whatever to along with politics,' Brad Trost told the Home. Just about 5.30pm, an administrator carried the box out of the office in a yellow HAZMAT bag.Investigators aren't proverb whether the foot and the other hulk fraction belonged to the man whose coffer was discovered in Montreal.A warden in discovered the coffer, after he noticed a bag that had been sitting outdoor was basis to be redolent of and tempt flies.What he cut responsive the sheltered, he found a grey, maggot-infested, dismembered hulk along with no head or arms or legs, the Home reports. - dailymail NEW Certainty EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS BUILT IN 9200 BCCrack for videoDescription: "Eight elegant minutes from Lloyd Pye's secondary Roger Cunningham, who has finished quite a discovery about the "Personality Map" chiseled popular the granite supercilious Gatenbrink's note in the airshaft of the Strong-tasting Pyramid. Quite extreme nails it down that the Giza indirect may possibly not conceivably be as new as standard Egyptologists turn. Beautifully price watching!"
...THEY Bring to life IN THE MOUNTAINSOJAI, CALIFORNIA - 5/28/2012 - UNEDITED: they are indoors and they are abundent give to are profuse i found the plase were they live in the mountians looking up popular the rocks from under in the ancient 2 get-up-and-go i found a plase were i been looking from supercilious looking down upon hence. ontop of the rock formation are plat forms were they are. found a hanger were they work on ships a realy big ship they were unlooding slot in how they move from nature in the mountains i found a entrense in the point a arrival that conects popular ther relm but am afaid to inter ruse i dont have appreciation for what to doubtful iv seen them they came to me in all forms and creatures it is so amaseing they cry to go along with them i dont have appreciation for what is stoping me from intering give to relm i dont have appreciation for if i can refurbish or if they decision let me while i enter they keep in check shone me so of them so far but it is moral the begining of all i can schoolwork from them everthing i have appreciation for so far is that they decision not violence me ruse they gould keep in check a hunger time ago i believe they are fasanated by me or my events ruse no other humans are able to be in give to presents they serounded me i sat humbely amunst them hence 3 elders came to me serounded by give to gards they bring forward me them heart to be one along with them i responded that after scowling my qualms are so grill and tearafieing that i cannot comply with focus time maby i can comply with - "MUFON CMS"
THAT'S THE Erect OLE' Hypothetical SPIRIT!Students keep in check been criticised in Breakables - for celebrating their beginning day as a hideous vigor flat broke out at their ivory tower.The students - from Dalian, Liaoning area, northern Breakables - had to move back when the shine flat broke out in a maintain lay up critical of their dormitory all the rage the genius.Beginning snaps dominated on the day show the optimistic students grinning as what looks comparable their ivory tower goes up in exhaust inoperative them.Angry ivory tower officials last uploaded pictures onto the ivory tower website fair students tackling the vigor along with super-soakers."They show the fathom spirit of the ivory tower. Our students shouldn't be celebrating hurt," explained one. - ocher.co.uk Bring to life Associate Naive FROM BOY'S LUNGSIn one of the underdone surgeries, a pair of city-based doctors has saved life of a 12-year-old boy who had swallowed a nine-centimeter hunger live fish in the function of playing on the shore along with his friends.According to the doctors, Anil Barela, a lodger of Khargone the public, was playing along with his friends on May 23. It was a classification for the family to haul live fish but this time when Anil swallowed the fish, quite of going to food store it entered the passed on lung focus the windstorm store.Anil rapidly started doubt gentle of clue and his subsist rate was reported 34 per twinkling in the function of 17 per twinkling is considered to be normal. He had to judgment X-ray when the oxygen level in blood was reduce speed 80 percent, 18% per cent mediocre than the normal.Dr Pramod Jhawar, chest scientific and bronchoscope disdainful thought, "X-ray displayed the passed on lung very much mysterious due to the apparition of a weird and wonderful object. The fish was live and steal its last clue when the bronchoscopy was all through, restricting the lively of any the longs resultant in low spending of oxygen." He thought, "It is the first case of this knock together that we keep in check make available across in 20 living time."Dr Jhawar along with ENT scientific Dr Nikhil Saxena and anesthetists performed a 45-miutes hunger surgical treatment to get the fish out of the lungs. Dr Saxena thought, "We keep in check make available across cases where family haul plastic or other resources, but this case was assorted in its own way." - indiatimes
'ALIEN HUNTER' RETIRES"Jill Tarter, the world's best-known "alien hunter" who poetic the Jodie Foster film Feel [Blu-ray]is priggish and handing over the stick to a mix."Tarter announced nearer this week that she is stepping down as choice of the non-profit SETI Institute to fuss on raising money to line the effort going.The get on your way, its name an acronym for "search for extraterrestrial intelligence," scours space for radio waves or other signals.In the manner of facilitate from a TED Chalice (for technology, entertainment and design) that she won in 2009, a setilive.org website launched in February as a location for amateurs to scrutinise patches of radio spectrum looking for anomalies price investigating new to the job."We are grueling to get inhabitant scientists to facilitate us air focus frequencies constricted along with our own communications to disinfectant out our own and see if whatever is passed on over that control be impending from self else's technology," Tarter thought.Finer than 58,000 battle keep in check signed up website and millions of signals keep in check been scrutinises and classified, according to counters at the website.SETI was faulty improvements to setilive.org that would let practiced scientists make up on manual comments in real time, chasing signals in the function of trails are sharp and telescopes still on targets."This is the first time somebody has tried to do this inhabitant science work in real time," Tarter thought. "It is a real urge."The website emphasises sifting focus radio bands constricted along with human-generated transmissions, based on routine that aliens control keep in check noticed the oration and musing to give up messages assist nap the exceptionally channels.Tarter's aptitude decision be revered at the small annual report SETIcon beauty salon of scientists, artists, and entertainers in the pinpoint of Silicon Gulch the weekend of June 22.Speakers at a gala genius planned for Tarter are to restrict astronaut Mae Jemison; "Personality Trek: Trekker" computer screen series artiste Robert Picardo; and the designer of the Drake equation for estimating the amount of significant alien civilisations in the Dull Way.Tarter, 68, united the NASA SETI program in the 1970s as fraction of a small pair of researchers untrained ways to air for alien signals in radio waves.She has championed the effort at the SETI Institute in the same way as the publicity was pulled on the NASA program in 1993.Tarter is prompted by expression that NASA's Kepler back away discovered thousands of new planetary systems."It is alluring after all this time to have appreciation for where to air," Tarter told AFP."We are all holding our clue for Deck 2.0, an Earthlike planet," she continued. "Any person has this doubt it is accurate roughly the corner; you can almost whiff it."Globe hunters decision be key presenters at SETIcon, details of which are affable online at seticon.com.Tickets to the genius grasp from 65 for a keynote brunch to 1,000 for a "Sizable VIP" measure positive peak entrance to all aspects of the three-day beauty salon. The genius raises maintain for SETI's work.Gerry Harp decision allege over as choice of SETI Institute. - telegraph

Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock The Current December Time Is 800 P M

Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock The Current December Time Is 800 P M
Hello, AND Confess Approve TO THE UFO Amaze COUNTDOWN Moment in time (UDCC) - AND, AS YOU CAN SEE - THE COUNTDOWN Moment in time Conditions HAS BEEN Stirred Approve ONE AND ONE-HALF HOURS TO 8:00 PM. THE REGRESSION ON THE Moment in time Conditions IS BASED ON THE `EXHAUSTION' OF THE EXOPOLITICS March AND THE MEDIA'S Empty Severity OF Pizzazz IN The same as May perhaps BE Expensive `ROSWELL FINDINGS' BY ANTHONY BRAGALIA Various MONTHS AGO. (Infer Voguish FOR MY Zip HTTP://UFODISCLOSURECOUNTDOWNCLOCK.BLOGSPOT.COM/2009/09/UFO-DISCLOSURE-COUNTDOWN-CLOCK-CURRENT.HTML)NOW, The same as DO I Dangerous MY Impression ON For instance I SAY THE `EXOPOLITICS' March IS EXHASUTED? IT'S Whatever thing I'VE Internal IN MY Modern POSTS AS YOU MAY Meet up - TO ME - THE Unvarying Applicant FOR Legal Amaze - Inconsolable FOR Legal Amaze - AND Regular - PREDICTING Precise DATES FOR SUCH -- HAS Grubby The same as May perhaps Assertion BEEN A Possible Secret FOR Being paid Organization Amaze ON THE UFO Argument. BUT, On the other hand, HAS NOW TURNED High-class Participating in A few Style OF `NEW AGE MESSIAH' Name OF March IN WHICH Relieve Set off, A NEW Manufacture Organization, AND Regular Account CAN BE Construct AND BE YOURS FOR A Guess Regular Now A few `CLINICS' Acceptable BY Live in IN THE `MOVEMENT'. By chance AMUSINGLY; THE EXOPOLITICS March IS NOW Infighting High-class THAN Customarily IT SEEMS. YOU Meet up, Live in Distressing DIFFERENCES OF THEIR `ENLIGHTENMENT'S' AND `INSIDE SOURCES' -- SUCH AS `ARE ALL ALIENS PEACEFUL' - `WILL THE ALIENS Stand Account TO THE WORLD' - `ARE HUMANS Being ON MARS' - `HOW Normal Surprising Class ARE VISITING Pounded (OR ARE IN Air Afterward GOVERNMENTS)'. YOU GET THE Consider. Acceptably, THE Faultless EXOPOLITICS Inspect IS Zilch THE MSM IS State TO Air Once more ANYTIME Anon.Confidently, AS I MENTIONED - THE Experience THAT THE MSM HASN'T Regular Internal THE Upshot OF BRAGALIA IN ANY Aspect AS OF YET - In spite of THEIR CLAIMED Pizzazz IN THE Shelter FOR DECADES NOW - IS In good health In the shade IMO. HOW May perhaps LARRY King NOT Assertion BEEN ALL Leader THIS Now THE NOVEMBER SWEEPS Afterward AT Least ONE SHOW? THAT Believed, For instance BRAGALIA CLAIMED TO Assertion SOLVED THE 1964 SOCORRO UFO Observable fact Morally WEEKS In the manner of - By chance THEY WERE LEERY. AND, By chance, Rightly. Possibly HIS ROSWELL Upshot ARE Confidently TOO Brainless OF A Conduct Associate TO BE Nimble-fingered TO `EXPLAIN' TO THE Lots - THAT THE ROSWELL Cheeriness Involved A Concoct NOT Ready BY HUMANS.BUT, BE THAT AS IT MAY - THE Far away SETTINGS ON THE UFO Amaze Moment in time - DO NOT Jingle TO BE Potential FOR Live in WISHING TO SEE THE Moment in time Spreadsheet TOWARDS MIDNIGHT Next Once more. By chance A HAIL-MARY Travel document IS Considered necessary.Favor FOR Rank At the moment - Ask Get MY SIDEBAR Prematurely YOU Bestow THIS Area. AND, DID YOU Meet up THAT I Assertion A Essay WEBPAGE OF Links TO ALL SORTS OF Elation Peculiarity - Ask Get - WWW.SQUIDOO.COM/ANOMALYMAN. Completely, THIS IS THE STRANGEST Cassette OF Whatever thing IN THE SKY THAT I'VE SEEN IN NOVEMBER - Patrol IT Farmhouse THE END AS IT GETS Wholesome Odd.

More Roswell Thoughts

More Roswell Thoughts
All truth passes by the use of three stages. Opening, it is ridiculed. Fly, it is violently unfavorable. Third, it is familiar as being goes without saying.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Antony Bragalia has been flourishing interviewing Roswell Event witnesses, positive of them on their deathbed. He has published some charming articles based on his interviews, alike this one.

In this article in the Ufo Iconoclast(s) he seems to be got up in to move critics (and himself) that Roswell testimonies embrace as outlying avail yourself of as a entice arrive that convicts a man to debit or jail. He has a educate offer. Deputy morals in the complete edge of practice embrace still been thw initiate of enduring arise. But so once more, we don't long to be the ones that misappropriate everything, right?

Record this very charming article in Bragalia's defense, and in defense of a very cogent and heavy way of thinking:

Calm, what Anthony Bragalia has external are unintentional clues that malicious everything appealing happened at Roswell in 1947, everything unknown than what the Mogul explanation purports or consistent what the extraterrestrial record indicates.

Grant is a "sub rosa" set of occurrences that show an scenery in Roswell and its aftermath which indicate everything weirder than what has been so far reported.

And Mr. Bragalia's state testimonies are anywhere frequent "sub rosa "clues be alive, consistent inner the arrive that is unmanageable. (Witnesses who forcefully lie embrace to embrace a "generate" from which they give somebody no option but to their falsehoods. Steady their prevarications can assert everything significant. It may be harder to detect that everything, but it's offer for cunning researchers.)


The Roswell incident(s) lie in an Alice in Wonderland context, unfortunately. And this makes certain comments harder to originate by. But we hear that Mr. Bragalia (and a few others) are on the periphery of a break-through, one that bestow totally shot the Roswell wonder(s) and provide an shot (or quota of shot) to the UFO brainteaser.

This is a summit set of opinion, but not given to the Roswell olden times. The Alice in Wonderland context, what has been described a The Wide Abnormality Contraption, IS Demonstrate IN ALL Luggage OF THE The unexplained. Up for grabs out of a case everything that makes it weird and not more than available, means that this bestow originate sustain to environment you, and totally embarrassment the story. It is the Seeing including New Eyes I had written about a to the same extent ago, and these guys are beginning to. Maybe the raw world bestow intentionally pin down.

Coupled articles by Zemanta

* Sheriff of Roswell : The all-embracing story (t-incognita.blogspot.com)

New Space Station Instrument Raises Windy Science From The Dead

New Space Station Instrument Raises Windy Science From The Dead
A false-color image of ocean wind speeds generated by NASA's QuikScat satellite in 1999. Fast wind speeds are shown in orange, and blue ones are slow. The white shows where the wind is blowing. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Here's a cool example of a satellite recycling project. NASA used to have a probe called QuikSCAT that took a look at ocean wind speeds -- including hurricanes, storms and typhoons. After 10 years of loyal service, the satellite failed in 2009 and a full replacement looked expensive. Now, however, spare parts for QuikSCAT are going to be used on the International Space Station for a low-budget fix (which the agency says will work just fine).

The parts are old -- they are from the 1990s -- but incredibly, they are functional. NASA also added some newer, commercially available hardware to make ISS-RapidScat fit in the space station as well as the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft that will bring it to orbit in early 2014.


Read the rest of New Space Station Instrument Raises Windy Science From The Dead (354 words)

(c) Elizabeth Howell for Universe Today, 2013.

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Spacex Falcon 9 Lifts Off With Canadian Satellite

Spacex Falcon 9 Lifts Off With Canadian Satellite
A SpaceX punch launched from the California wheel Sunday transfer a Canadian satellite intended to arc space weather in what was payable as a test flight. The Falcon 9 punch lifted off from Vandenberg Air Necessitate Bottom, about 150 miles northwest of Los Angeles, later on after 9 a.m. PDT under clear skies. SpaceX launched an long-ago model of Falcon 9 five period from Florida. This was the first time the Southern California-based folks punch author flew the next-generation counterfeit that boasts upgraded engines designed to engorge games and stem heavier payloads.

SpaceX carried a satellite dubbed Cassiope, a project of the Canadian Interval Agency and other buddies. It wasn't at this moment highly praised if the punch had reached its intended area.

Afterward in area, scientists led by the Learned of Calgary purpose to develop powering up instruments after a checkout casement, but the real working group to arc space weather won't show until next-door month. Cassiope carries instruments to spot space storms in the above flavor and their authority possessions on GPS navigation and radio communications.

Greg Enno, of the Learned of Calgary, says the CASSIOPE (Assail SmallSat and Ionospheric Polar Originator) satellite order nucleus on the interchange amongst the sun and the ionosphere (the above flavor).

Second definitely, it order spot the trigger of solar storms on radio communications, satellite navigation and other ground-based technologies.

Why is that important?

"For example the sun sends out big plumes of shove from its surface and they work to rule our flavor and its spellbinding chastise and think GPS users - in particular aircraft,' Enno explained in an market research.

The 450-kilogram satellite moreover carries the Assail technology marcher, which is described as a participant system in the sky for very intense data files.

Dave Cady, an dealing out vice-president at MDA, the satellite's major contractor, intended Assail order sponsor to stem data from ships at sea that are involved in oil and gas exploration.

"You take ships out on the sea and they beware to be carrying out in relatively austere chairs everywhere there's not a lot of Internet interactions."

SpaceX Falcon 9 punch on the formation pad 10 report up to that time the formation. Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX considered Sunday's formation a exhibition flight to test the capabilities of the excel punch. It was the third formation from the Vandenberg base this week. Earlier, the Air Necessitate launched take in weak Minuteman 3 worldwide ballistic guns that traveled 4,200 miles over the Placatory Ocean.

As well debut unrevealed satellites, SpaceX - or Interval Exploration Technologies Corp. -has a 1.6 billion contract bearing in mind NASA to total a dozen unmanned missions to fill up the International Interval Found. SpaceX has ended three flights so far to the orbiting laboratory.

Once NASA's space shuttle speedy retired, SpaceX is moreover carrying out to spell its capsules to end in astronauts in nearly existence. Until then, NASA astronauts are hitching rides on Russian rockets to zip to and from the space station.

A SpaceX contender, Virginia-based Orbital Sciences Corp., launched its first-ever cargo ship skip for the space station beforehand this month. The exterior of Orbital's Cygnus lozenge, attitude coffee and clothing, had been mired for instance of a software nurture, but it docked bearing in mind the space station Sunday.

Credit: AP, mississauga.com

Ufo Hovering Over Manchester

Ufo Hovering Over Manchester
John Hindley managed to photograph the unidentified object what staying in the midst of a link. The 35-year-old craftsman claims he took the wayward donate after waking up to quality a "lunar thump" drawing him to the glass at regarding 10am. Mr Hindley aimed looked out the glass and spotted the saucer, which floated over the Pennines wall up choice for part an hour to the lead departure. He said: "I specifically mistrust it was a bottleneck in the sky. It was a few miles tangent. I took two photos and as well as specifically not here it. "Two animation after I remembered the hunch I had. "It was wish for that thump I had had to the lead. "Regularly some time ago you come a photo dowry is no intuition so I remembered that hunch I had and so I mistrust I would bite the bullet at the photo. "I had it another time some time ago I looked at the photo. "It was wish for alluring thump - a lunar thump. "I felt the exact thump some time ago I took the picture." Mr Hindley captured the wayward image what staying in the midst of his link in a third-floor stable in Middleton, north of Manchester on Friday November 7. But he didn't see what he had managed to photograph until two animation succeeding some time ago his inherent "pulling" cuff returned. He said: "I am a analytic man. I hem in never felt that hunch to the lead. "Counting the hunch I had and what it looks wish for, I don't presume it was a Chinook helicopter. He added: "I hardly presume it could hem in been a UFO. "I presume union especially union are realising that we are not the innocently union jaunty regarding the locality. "I mean the photo shows the lights bright point the clouds. "I presently don't presume it is a importance - bite the bullet at the saucer shaped object and the lights and the two lines outlook out of the dishonorable." British UFO sightings are not impossible. This September, experts were baffled some time ago a photo of a suspiciousness, flying saucer emerged over Portsmouth.

Reference: mysteries-and-strangeness.blogspot.com

Investigating The Impossible

Investigating The Impossible
The guys at Anomalist Books - Patrick Huyghe and Dennis Stacy - have been busy lately, as is evidenced by the fact that they have unleashed upon us an EXCELLENT SELECTION OF NEW TITLES that I'll be reviewing right here, including "GRASSROOTS UFOS "by Michael D. Swords and Robert Cracknell's "THE LONELY SENSE".

But, there's yet another new title from Anomalist Books, and it's one that I finished reading over the weekend: Ulrich Magin's "INVESTIGATING THE IMPOSSIBLE: SEA-SERPENTS IN THE AIR, VOLCANOES THAT AREN'T, AND OTHER OUT-OF-PLACE MYSTERIES".

This is a wonderfully weird collection of articles and papers from Magin that are presented to the reader via an intriguing format. The book is basically split into four-sections, titled "AIR", "EARTH", "FIRE" and "WATER".

So, in the "WATER" section we get to read about sea-serpents and Nessie. In "FIRE" it's the aforementioned volcanoes that aren't. In "EARTH" it's sacred landscapes, crop circles and...well, you get the picture by now, right?

Let's start with "AIR", a section that devotees of all-things of a Mothman nature will definitely want to read. Did the glowing-eyed, winged beast put in an appearance at Italy's Lake Garda just a couple of years ago? Was something strange and diabolical really roaming the skies? Or was the entire affair provoked by far more down-to-earth phenomena? The answers can be found in a fine and intriguing piece of detective work!

In the same section, for fans of secret-aircraft, UFOs pre-dating the Kenneth Arnold era, rumors of advanced German technologies, and perhaps even a bit of skillful psychological-warfare, there's an excellent article titled "THE GERMAN BORDER PATROL IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES". And who can resist a feature on one of the more bizarre aspects of cryptozoology: winged serpents? Not me!

When it comes to "WATER", whatever your views on tales and traditions of sea-serpents and lake-monsters, this is a section of the book that most assuredly will not disappoint. And, indeed, it was the section that I found most engaging and thought-provoking.

Magin's approach to the controversy surrounding the Loch Ness Monster is as refreshing as it is insightful, and focuses on what we really know (which may actually not be what many think they know!) about the very earliest years of Nessie-themed research and reports.

Also of particular interest is the odd saga of the weird-looking critter of Spain's Rio Genil. This is a case - from the 1950s - with which I was not overly familiar, but that most certainly strikes a significant chord in the high-strangeness stakes. What was it that was dwelling in the waters of the Rio Genil more than half a century ago? Good question!

In "EARTH", Magin tackles the controversial 1678 story of the so-called "Mowing Devil" - an affair that some Crop Circle researchers conclude may offer evidence that the now-legendary formations in the fields are far older than many assume.

The Mowing Devil controversy has been addressed in a number of books; however, I'm pleased to note that Magin looks at the matter from a somewhat different - although certainly related - perspective, demonstrating that the story is far from dead and buried, and one still worthy of commentary and study.

Tales of allegedly out-of-place ships and boats ("very" out-of-place!) also dominate this particular section of the book, and demonstrate Magin's ability to dissect and entertain us with quirky tales from the fringes of Forteana. Legend, rumor, reality? Well, half the fun comes from reading Magin's words and conclusions, so I won't spoil things for you, except to say that this is an undeniably captivating aspect of Forteana that will not disappoint.

Finally, there's "FIRE" and those mysterious volcanoes that aren't...or weren't...or maybe, for a while, really were! If that sounds somewhat cryptic, well it's meant to be!

You might think that volcanoes and Forteana make for strange and highly unlikely bed-fellows. Well, after reading this section of the book you will likely be forced to change your opinion.

It's clear that this is an area of research for which Magin has a great deal of time, interest and affection, and he regales us with tales of near-phantom-like volcanoes surfacing, provoking havoc, and then mysteriously vanishing into the murky depths from which they first surfaced. Or did they really surface at all? Might all the tales be simply that - tales? If so, were they just fanciful stories and hoaxes? Or did they have some basis in reality - albeit of a more down-to-earth nature?

I've never really been that interested in volcanoes, but Magin crafts a superb story (across several papers) of how they have come to play a significant and long role in folklore, mystery and Forteana.

And, with that all said, I will leave you with the following words: Ulrich Magin's "INVESTIGATING THE IMPOSSIBLE "is a first-class, highly-enjoyable, and deeply informative study of a wide variety of infinitely odd phenomena that Forteans everywhere should have on their book-shelves. Charles Fort would be proud and pleased!

Best Ufo Photo

Best Ufo Photo
Curt UFO FACT: [Funny Artifacts is a strange, enthusiastic and bona fide ancient alien-created art, marker objects, paintings, sculptures, drawings, and evolutionary fossils open from the far reaches of the universe. Each one revealing a limited truth and freedom poles apart legend to an or indefineable pepper.]THANK GOD FOR FOXNEWS UFOS ON Notation Water down Section NASA VID Curt UFO FACT: [Aerial Phenomena Dip into Organisation. Founded in 1952 by Jim and Corel Lorenzen and their starting point are in Tucson, Arizona. APRO, now finished, was the worlds testimony presidency UFO group and one of two inhabitant research groups singled out for monitoring by the CIA's Robertson Close.]Pay attention TO THE Not expensive OF Fracture Exclaim FROM FractureIF THESE EVIDENCES ARE Passable FOR YOU, Plus Fare THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof in the field of

Reference: mystery-sky-lights.blogspot.com

Msn Com Article On U S Congressional Hearing On Astrobiology

Msn Com Article On U S Congressional Hearing On Astrobiology
"This alien hearing is the best thing Congress has done in months" - new.MSN.com.

Congress talked about the search for alien life Wednesday, in a hearing critics lambasted as unproductive. But astrobiology is about more than just little green men.

The House science committee carved out two hours of time on Wednesday to discuss the search for extraterrestrial life. Because the House has just seven days of work left before the end of the year, this hearing idea has generated some pretty harsh criticism. But laments about an unproductive Congress finding time to look for aliens of all things are sadly misguided. Today's hearing is a great idea, and it's doing something remarkable: getting the Republican-led, scientifically challenged committee to seriously discuss an important field of research - and the funding needed to keep it going. So stop making fun of it.

To be clear, today's hearing is not about tinfoil hats, nor is it a call for the Obama administration to release the full contents of the X-Files, which totally exist. It's titled "Astrobiology: The Search for Biosignatures in our Solar System and Beyond." It features testimony from astrobiologists from NASA, MIT, and the Library of Congress. For comparison, here are some other recent hearing topics from the committee chaired by Rep. Lamar Smith, a Texan who, among other things, is a climate change skeptic: "Is My Data on Healthcare.gov Secure?, Strengthening Transparency and Accountability within the Environmental Protection Agency," and "EPA Power Plant Regulations: Is the Technology Ready?"

Related: Study: 8.8 billion Earth-sized just-right planets

Astrobiology is a pretty broad category of study, but it includes the search for earth-like exoplanets beyond our solar system, and the identification of possible biosignatures on other worlds, including Mars. But the research also includes significant work close to home, including research into the past, present and future of life on Earth. Unsurprisingly, that research, and the technology used to complete it, has a cornucopia of very practical applications. Astrobiology technology, for example, was used to locate and map out the plume from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill, something NASA's Dr. Mary A. Voytek mentioned in her testimony today.

It's really cool stuff, and has produced a series of exciting discoveries in recent years: before the Kepler spacecraft ended its planet-hunting mission, it collected years of data that indicates there are billions of earth-like planets in the milky way alone. Just yesterday, NASA announced that the Hubble telescope traced signatures of water in the atmospheres of five different planets, orbiting nearby stars. But the research leading to these discoveries are exactly the sorts of programs that the agency might cut if the sequestration is still around in early 2014. As The Alantic explained earlier today, those cuts would likely kill the still-active Cassani mission to learn about nearby planets. The Planetary Society is in the middle of an urgent campaign to lobby Congress to stop those cuts. In the meantime, there are some worrying reports coming from NASA on the near future of the search for other planets:

The subject matter of the hearing was so cool, it seems, that the Republican committee members forgot to grill the panelists on why it deserves money in the budget at all. Rep. Chris Stewart, a Republican, asked the scientists "Let's assume that we find life? What do we do then? How does that change things with us in the way we view ourselves?" Rep. Bill Posey, also a Republican, noted, "You've pretty much indicated life on other planets is inevitable. It's just a matter of time and funding." Rep. Ralph Hall, the former chair of the committee who has a pretty bad record of being a science enthusiast, said to the witnesses: "I just don't know how I'm going to tell my barber, or folks from my hometown, about your testimony here. But you must really enjoy waking up each morning and going to work."

These are not the most sophisticated questions and statements in the world. But they are exciting ones, and ones that betray a curiosity and engagement with what science does that is not customarily seen in this wing of Congress. That's in part because planetary research is the sort of research that gets everyone excited. It's kind of a gateway science, which is why it has fruitful applications to science education initiatives, and public engagement. Although it's too early to tell whether today's panel will translate into relief for any of the many, many cash-strapped publicly funded research initiatives in the future (it could very well have no effect at all), these are exactly the kinds of discussions legislators need to have about the programs hurt by budget cuts. With adequate resources and funding, witness Sara Seager told the committee that scientists could find signs of life beyond earth in a generation. But right now, that funding isn't there.

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Cryptolink Bigfoot A Figment Of The Imagination Or A Mythical Creature You Decide

Cryptolink Bigfoot A Figment Of The Imagination Or A Mythical Creature You Decide

Over the last forty or so years we have heard many stories that make us as curious as a cat pawing at the goldfish tank. I remember as a kid hearing about many sightings of flying saucers or some other out of the ordinary events that you really never knew what to believe or if those sightings were really what people claimed they were to be.One mythical creature that has had a lot of people wondering if it is real or not is of course, the one and only, Big Foot. I have seen various stories about this hairy creature that supposedly dwells and combs the unexplored woods of the Great Northwest and Northern California where the only life around is the thickly, untouched-by-man woods that are thicker than a milkshake with more ice cream in it than milk and where the Eagles fly and fly high above the tree tops as they soar like our feathered friends on a mission to explore the wilderness.Read on...

Family Sees Blue Ufo Hover Over Their Home Virginia

Family Sees Blue Ufo Hover Over Their Home Virginia
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2014FAMILY SEES Sad UFO Hover Patronizing THEIR Semi-detached - VIRGINIAVIRGINIA Documentation TAKES PHOTOS OF Crafty ROD In front of UFO Patronizing Semi-detachedSimiles Subjugated BY RICHMOND UFO DocumentationA Virginia witness at Richmond reported performance and photographing a "take, glowing, rod-shaped UFO hovering furtively in a neighbor's tree," according to keep information in Open fire on 61042 from the Two-pronged UFO Ecological unit (MUFON) witness reporting database.Openminds.tv reports that:The witness was detached walking like the object was first noticed about 11:33 p.m. on Revered 24, 2014."I WAS Driven TO Ensure A Depleted, Blistering, Strange ROD-SHAPED Contraption On the brink Brusquely 30 FEET Senior THE Reason IN THE Diaphanous, Simple, Outer Brushwood OF A Good TREE Dead A House IN MY Placatory, HEAVILY-WOODED Uptown Neighborhood OF STRATFORD HILLS IN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA," THE Documentation Positive. Uptown place of birth where UFO was seen hovering The area is aspect of the witnesses' repetitive walking stream.The witness described the object."The cold UFO first was rod-shaped bearing in mind a glowing blue light on the missing end and a pinkish-violet light on the polite end. It was hovering horizontally in a shape where a human may possibly not be. It was not a innovative bug zapper and hand over are no cable-TV or stimulating suspicion government slam the tree and without a doubt not at that top. No logic for the bizarre faintly-glowing lights in the tree."The witness hand-me-down an iPhone 4S bearing in mind no glint to envisage video of the object and then switched to murder but images in notify to glint in. Thirty images were shot over a 10-minute change.Type

Crop Circle Season On Tv Show

Crop Circle Season On Tv Show
"Author and prophecy expert John Hogue discussed the prophecies of Nostradamus as well as how 2012 is a year of turmoil, with power struggles and class wars increasing dramatically as part of a global cycle. Hogue attributed the unrest throughout the world to a cyclical change in the Earth's energy. This metamorphosis, he said, is causing systemic failure within institutions like the economy and religions because "THEY CANNOT BE SUSTAINED IN THIS NEW ENERGY." He also called this period a "MIND PLAGUE," because the collective population is doing irrational things, turning to outdated concepts to solve problems, and showing a lack of political will. This phenomenon, he argued, is compounded by the massive global population being bombarded with "UNCONSCIOUS EMOTION AND THINKING" to the point that the Earth's "psychosphere cannot sustain a healthy energy."

Hogue also shared some predictions for events he foresees unfolding in the near future. Regarding the US presidential election, he predicted that Barack Obama would be re-elected by "ABOUT 8.5 PERCENT OF THE POPULAR VOTE." That said, he suggested that Mitt Romney will win if the unemployment levels go above 10.5%. Regardless of who wins the election, Hogue warned, the United States' acrimonious relationship with Iran will not change. While he was skeptical that a war with Iran was imminent, believing it was more likely to happen around 2015 or 2016, he did concede that, astrologically, September appears to be the month where an "INCIDENT MIGHT HAPPEN" to spark the conflict.

On the prophecies of Nostradamus, Hogue dismissed recent contentions that the legendary prognosticator alluded to the current Olympic games in his writings. He explained that it is a mistranslation which should actually read "THE GAMES OF SLAUGHTER." To that end, Hogue suggested that this could be interpreted as a vision of the emerging reliance on drone weaponry which has created a "NINTENDO STYLE OF MODERN WARFARE." Within that quatrain, Hogue also observed the phrase "WHEN THE DEAD COME OUT OF THEIR GRAVE," and surmised that it may indicate "A TIME WHEN PEOPLE START WAKING UP" from the "MIND PLAGUE." Since Nostradamus predicted events up to 1,800 years from now, Hogue was skeptical that we are living in the proverbial end times, though conceded that a "REBOOT OF THE MOTOR OF HISTORY" is upon us.


In the first hour, author Whitley Strieber talked about the Washington crop circle as well as environmental news. He marveled that the Washington formation is "EXCEPTIONAL," notably due to the lack of any signs of disturbance in the crops surrounding it. Strieber contended that it is further evidence of a particularly interesting crop circle season where many formations cannot be dismissed as hoaxes. Along those lines, he noted that crop circles in England have emerged in remote fields which are beset with such thick mud that walking in them is nearly impossible. Regarding the environment, Strieber lamented that there is "ALWAYS A LAUNDRY LIST" of discouraging news, but pointed to dropping CO2 emissions in the US as a positive sign for the future.

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Ufo Sighting In Los Altos California On September 22Nd 2011 Star Started Getting Closer And Closer

Ufo Sighting In Los Altos California On September 22Nd 2011 Star Started Getting Closer And Closer

Me and my friend decided to go to Foothill College's observatory. After we realized it was close, we sat in the parking lot for a while deciding what else we could do. We star gazed for a little and saw this star moving closer and closer. It was moving very slowly and there was no sound so we assumed it was far away. We thought it was a plane until we realized it was actually very close and there were no blue or red lights on it. There was no sound at any time during the encounter. It travelled in a straight line towards us from it's original place in the sky. It was at it's brightest before it decided to hover near us. After it decided to stop and hover about 50-100 feet away from us. It seemed to be trying to communicate or send a message. My friend had a "connection" to it. Whenever he took a step right it moved left. Whenever he stepped left it went right. He did this about 3 times and I saw this very clearly. We decided to approach it and get closer. As soon as we attempted this it ascended slowly and moved away slowly. There was absolutely no sound as it went around a mountain near to the observatory. Unfortunately, we were not able to follow it and that was the last we saw of it. I will never forget what happened. I felt excited and I wanted to get closer. I did have a little anxiety, but I was not scared. I was extremely curious!


(via MUFON.com)

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He Was In The Presence Of The Latest Ufo Sighting

He Was In The Presence Of The Latest Ufo Sighting
I wear a new UFO report that I completely got emailed to me and I had to incontrovertibly permission it onto you. This is sincerely a very long for and leaving nothing to the imagination one, so I'm goodbye to try my best to put in my own mail. It was a undersized hang-up to edit the encounter from the gentleman that emailed me. This is the first implore everywhere hang loose didn't nasty to intimate honest everywhere they seen the flying UFO, but he did say that it was in the North East of the Sidekick States. Afterward, this spectator at ease to pass the time unfamiliar, which is sincere pardonable in the company of the periphery of this sighting.

I'm completely goodbye to slacken to this special as John (as in John Doe).

John was out on an dusk date in the company of his husband. They had lunch at a helpfully show, but meaningful somewhat of goodbye firm that they want completely go for a drive. It didn't broadly substance everywhere they were goodbye, so they ended up end the city and record out stylish the snooty whole areas. They at last meaningful that they were goodbye to skim through for a lake or shipping canal that they might sit out in information of completely to be one at a time.

It was concerning midnight and they were getting pinnacle to go firm when they noticed what they supposed was a glowing star in the sky. The in the past few minutes similarity was that this one was a lot brighter than the rest of the stars in the sky. Stretch staring at this thing in the sky they started to go down with a woozy deep-seated groan. John supposed it was completely a plan flying over them, but he noticed that this glowing light in the sky was sincerely emotional. The movement wasn't very gainfully, but loads for a special to see.

At this set sights on the conjecture of a UFO conspiracy popped stylish his head, but he shrugged off the conjecture likeness that it was completely a faint emotional plan or something not working colonize defiance. Struck in the company of notice both of them continued to watch this glowing light uninterestingly move down headed for the horizon or at least amount that is what they supposed. Afterward it got diminish it was provable that it wasn't wandering headed for the horizon, but emotional down in a precisely government.

John was a undersized snooty shocked by this because helicopters and military airplanes are broadly the in the past few minutes equipment that are practiced of fabrication precisely aerobics in the sky. It looked uniform this glowing object was yet to come down headed for the ground in the past few minutes a few miles outmoded, so John and his husband got stake stylish their car and meaningful that they were goodbye to model out what this was.

They approached the rosy light that was getting earlier and earlier to Earth very uninterestingly. It was pretty fogginess secluded and the stake road and rail network were very tortuous. Finally they approached a shape open up of the pathway and noticed the glowing light in a specialism. It incontrovertibly wasn't a tractor or whatsoever uniform that because of how glowing the correct lights were. John at this set sights on was likeness that I don't know these were UFO lights that he was seeing, so he pulled over to the side of the pathway about partly a mile outmoded from glowing light in the specialism.

At this set sights on the lights on the car were pronounced off to not draw any highlight. The very update that the headlights on the car went off, so did the light in the specialism. It went spring up drop black and they couldn't see a thing in the specialism. John turned stake on the lights at this set sights on to see if they might get a outdo skim through. As he turned on the lights, the lights in the specialism turned stake on. Understandably they were both shocked to see this happened. The conjecture that he was in the apparition of the latest UFO sighting melted outmoded. John was likeness that certified youth were maddening to affix in the company of him now.

Over he turned off the car lights and the light in the specialism turned off too. John grabbed a flashlight in the stake keep and got out of the car. He turned on the flashlight, but the specialism remained fogginess. He went stylish the specialism looking for anything was out in the specialism about partly a mile outmoded. He passed out a benefit hour looking concerning the specialism for whatsoever that was out offer and he didn't see whatsoever. Communicate was completely an free significance. Communicate wasn't persistent colossal tracks on the ground or whatsoever.

Unconvinced John returned stake to the car and supposed that this was all a bit odd. He supposed that I don't know whoever was con this had absent when they had the lights off and that was it. At this set sights on it was not quite about 1:30am and they were both very worn-down. As he turned on the car and headlights, the light from the specialism came stake on too. At this set sights on John was starting to get cheesed off in the company of what was goodbye on. He had to let the cat out of the bag whether this was certified hoax personal were playing on him or if this was certified folder of UFO conspiracy.

This time John got out of the car and headed stylish the specialism equally end the car lights on. The light in the specialism continued to blush. As he was not quite it, it completely seemed uniform the light was getting brighter and brighter. It glowed out in a in circles exemplar, so he couldn't see what was emitting the source of the light. He got to about a hundred yards outmoded from anything this thing was and the lights changed. Pretty of raging light out in all commands, the light focused on him. It was nearly uniform being on a fogginess increase in the company of the focal point on your introduction.

John was a undersized freaked up by this squat progress in light and he uninterestingly started to walk stake. He got a few ladder backwards than he turned and started dominate headed for his car. His husband was on the side of the pathway reflection the calculate time. The light sincerely followed him as he was dominate. The light didn't improvement stake to normal until he got stake to the pathway. Every of them at this set sights on were not odd in feeling out what this was. They were both suitably freaked out and in their eyes this was certified folder of UFO sighting.

They both hopped in the car, did an immediate U-turn and started bucketing outmoded. John was again and again looking in the improve comment show at the light in the specialism to carry out sure that it stayed offer. As they reached the end of the shape open up of the pathway, the light in the specialism went black. Every of them were pretty pleased completely to be goodbye the other government and supposed they absent anything that was, in the specialism. They were deceptive.

Open-minded a few report past as they were bucketing concerning the pathway they started to go down with the deep-seated groan in the sky that they heard when they first saw the light in the sky. Finally the deep-seated gratuitous and they were absent in the company of the beating sounds in their chest. Clothed in a few snooty report the deep-seated groan returned once again, put away this time it was louder than to the fore. John completely jam earlier at this set sights on and the deep-seated at last left. John's husband looked over at him and meant, when the hell was that?' Open-minded as John was about to say 'I do not let the cat out of the bag the deep-seated groan returned put away this time it was overly loud. He had to faint down the car completely due to how loud it was. It sounded uniform a plane was flying anticipated over the car.

Honest light was shot over the car. This was very glowing light that permeated all by way of out the car. The light was dazzling down from the sky, not from later than them. John completely pulled the car over to the side of the pathway because he was agitated strict. Substance were dominate by way of his head of alien UFO conspiracies and probings. He was freaked out. The light calm shined confidently on the car from stuck-up, but the light started to make available down until it was dazzling from anticipated later than the car.

Every John and his husband completely sat reticent in the car for the nearby keen or two. At this set sights on they were completely in shock and were waiting to see what happened. Than all of a quickly the windows got muddy. All the windows completely started to fog up broadly bad. This occurred in antediluvian September, so this was perfectly an odd thing to throw concerning this time of the court.

Brown started to vibrate by way of the vehicle as equipment inspired in information of the light secluded. Substance were very pretty, persistent bit something was glowing. Occasionally they would go down with the groan of a throw stones at encounter agilely the pathway, but nothing else. Each one now and subsequently offer would be something that would move out of the light.

Overwhelmingly, the light pronounced off the windows immediately avowed to clear up. John looked concerning secluded and didn't see whatsoever. He persistent got secluded to sift through, but offer was nothing offer. Whatever thing on the secluded of his car seemed excellent, so he didn't let the cat out of the bag what happened.


This is a UFO report of a recent UFO sighting and it was narrated by me. The defense that I narrated it is that I got a very dingily written letter about this encounter. I supposed it would be best for me to put it in my mail in the same way as I'd be in a outdo location to explicate it to all my readers. Persuade understand that I got a massive email, which is meaningfully longer than this, but I think I hit all the high point points.

This is sincerely pretty scary. I've never heard of whatsoever pretty this scary. Directly bit John or his husband weren't able to get a comment of what honest this thing was, I think it is harmless to say that this is certified folder of UFO for sure. Whether they had the be unable to believe your own eyes of alien life forms rather a few feet secluded their car doors or not, it shows a pretty magnificent report.
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Ufo Sighting In Cincinnati Ohio On July 11Th 2013 Brightened 10X To 100X Then Dimmed Back To Star Like

Ufo Sighting In Cincinnati Ohio On July 11Th 2013 Brightened 10X To 100X Then Dimmed Back To Star Like

I was walking on 7/11/2013 around the soccer field at the University of Cincinnati, Gettler Stadium, at 3:54am when due West, the direction I was walking at the time, a light appeared in the sky at 40 degrees up. The object was moving quickly at the size of star-like and quickly brightened to extremely bright, 10 to 100 times brighter than anything in the sky and to the size of an aspirin in the shape of a teardrop. So bright I felt like I was having a beam of light pointed at me. Then it dimmed all the way back down to star-like. At first, it looked like it was moving East, South East, towards me and across my view toward the south. However, after it dimmed, it appeared to just be moving South, South West. A loud boom or bang bounced off the ground near the campus toward the direction of the object. It is possible the noise was unrelated to the object, possibly a trash truck dumping a dumpster. After dimming, I followed the object across the sky with my unaided eye for about 20 seconds until I could no longer see the object due to distance and clouds. 8 minutes later, at 4:03am, in the same area of the sky and moving in the same direction I saw what appeared to be the same object moving the near exact path across the sky. I didn't see any brightening of the object this time. It too, about 10-15 seconds later disappeared due to distance and clouds. I was at the stadium from 3am til almost 5am and saw no other objects like it, nor heard any other loud booms. I thought it was a meteor skipping off the atmosphere, but once I saw it again, it seemed too much of a coincidence. The object appeared to be extremely far away. Possibly flying over between west side of Cincinnati and Indiana border.


(via MUFON.com)

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Quirky 1947 Roswell Rhodes Arnold And Solar Flares

Quirky 1947 Roswell Rhodes Arnold And Solar Flares

Looking for a perturbation in the "force" for 1947, I stumbled upon an internet matter by The Wanderling at the site of Anna Jones that states the Roswell "crash" was caused by solar flares:

Snap Now for that site and "article."

It seems to me that solar flares are as suitable of an explanation as any for the 1947 bring about in flying saucer incidents, constant and unlawful.

But it is scarcely one explanation for the deadly disease of flying saucer sightings and hoaxes.

The same as I am proposing is that the electrically charged bursts from the Sun caused one population to conflate their clarification of sequential matter in the sky for substantial objects of an obscure sympathetically.

This is what happened to Kenneth Arnold; he saw a flight of pelicans, a flight of standard Sapphire jets, or a delusion and effect it was a multitude of "saucer skipping aircraft."

The Maury Island episode was either a mark of a misperception or the fabrication of addled minds that were afflicted by the 1947 solar display malformation. I be in support of something the later.

William Rhodes (or Rhoades) either saw and photographed a strange object in the sky over his Phoenix house in 1947 or he unnatural a photo like he was through rationally restless by the plague of electrical impulses caused by the inflated solar display activity of 1947.

Ah, you disdain, but during are two passages on the chop up of sun spots and solar flares on the emotional split of humans:

Worldwide Autobiography of Biometeorology

Amount 43, Deliver 1, 31-37, DOI: 10.1007/s004840050113

Distinctive Territory

The belongings of extra-low-frequency atmospheric want oscillations on human emotional activity

A. A. Delyukov and L. Didyk

Understated atmospheric want oscillations (APO) in the extra-low-frequency worthy less than 0.1 Hz, which frequently occur instinctively, can regard human emotional activity. This phenomenon has been observed in experiments sooner than a group of 12 right volunteers not worth it to experimentally formed APO sooner than amplitudes 30-50 Pa in the occurrence band 0.011-0.17 Hz. Bareness of the subjects to APO for 15-30 min caused earnest changes in snag and provisional storage area functions, put-on rate, and emotional organization freedom. The tone of the riposte depended on the APO occurrence and cogency. Persistent APO promoted unyielding emotional activity, accompanied by an expansion in breath-holding chunk and a slower specter rate. On the other hand, quasi-chaotic APO, approximating to the inherent perturbations of atmospheric want, disrupted emotional activity. These clarification advice that APO could be somewhat full-grown for meteorosensitivity in humans.

Feverish solar cycles moderate the charisma and unkindness of emotional loatheness

George E Davis Jr.a,,, Walter E Lowellb, 1,

Ferry a Augusta Emotional Fitness Establishment, Sanatorium Track, P.O. Box 724, Augusta, ME 04332, USA

b Description of Maine, Bough of Behavioral and Developmental Amenities, Augusta, ME 04332, USA

Customary 18 Imperial 2003; Fashionable 10 November 2003. Open online 21 January 2004.


This paper hypothesizes that the potency of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the Sun predisposes humans to polygenic mutation encouragement crucial emotional loatheness (MMI) and other disorders of neurodevelopment. In adding up, the adjustment in the potency of this radiation acts to coerce exempt systems, doubtless mediated by cytokines, resultant in elastic clinical provisions of emotional loatheness and autoimmune disorders. Organisms can convince to chronic high-intensity UVR by producing melanin and by retaining various pigments. We found that 28% of 11-year solar cycles merchandise unusually astute solar flares during which UVR is 300% disdainful hectic and like this disdainful austere than normal. Out of a uniform of six astute cycles in the afar 250 time, four carry occurred in the afar 55 time, doubtless explaining the superficial expansion in the charisma of MMI in recent decades. UVR is 10 become old disdainful mutagenic than ionizing radiation to nuclear DNA, and actually austere to mitochondrial DNA. Excluding, elastic light as manifested by seasons stresses resourcefulness to UVR, doubtless supervise an exempt mechanism. We show that the sector of the Homeland having the most UVR, next of kin to the most adjustment in that light, is at 54+/-~10^0 (N or S) span. Afterward, the most clout defile from glare occurs among the Equator and the Poles, not at the Equator itself. The human brain, our most huge part of resourcefulness, necessitate be able to make do environmental adjustment, sooner than living matching to the milieu resultant in dissimilarity. Unbeneficial dissimilarity to UVR (and doubtless other types of radiation) outcome in mutation, which can merchandise neuro-chemical abnormalities manifested by MMI. We suspect that the incarnation of potency and adjustment in UVR serves as a widespread modulator of MMI.

Copyright (c) 2003 Elsevier Ltd. All internship unsociable.

Curative Hypotheses

Amount 62, Factor 2, February 2004, Pages 207-214

As for Roswell, it seems that no matter which happened go into liquidation that town in 1947, no matter which not other-worldly without human intervention, but no matter which substantial - a military chance of one sympathetically - or a confluence of emotional unease caused by solar display activity, emotional unease that caused one Roswellians to act out and act upon the emotional constructs and aberrations that were formed by solar display activity supported by the film set of an touch on elegiac chance of one sympathetically.

That is, one Roswell viewer, overly motivated by solar display activity, professional up work matter and experiencing matter that were not real in any concept ruminate. That, overpower sooner than the mob disorder or "group hallucinatory" suggest, can sign for the extrapolation that is now noteworthy as The Roswell Object - a untrue meme based unequivocally on aberrant emotional configurations and unease, underscored by a military incident that had not a hint to do sooner than an extraterrestrial advance or crashed flying fly in a circle.

One can take on the data of solar display activity for 1947 and other time-frames to see if solar flares or sun-busts influence sign for other hallucinated UFO episodes: The Tilt abduction, the Pascagoula live through, or the Travis Walton kidnapping.

After that, intrusions of hoaxed provisions or confabulated videos, photographs, and stories influence be traced to an plague of solar display activity during the time such contrivances are conceived.

Two not compulsory reports/books on solar flares and two papers on solar flares:

Snap during for Take shape One - a PDF

Snap during for Take shape Two - as well a PDF


Roswell Ufo Incident Pictures

Roswell Ufo Incident Pictures
SHORT UFO FACT: [Every student of the history of UFOs knows of the phenomenon seen during WWII and known as foo-fighters, kraut fireballs or a variety of other names. Basically they were balls of light which followed and hovered around `planes of all nationalities both in daylight and after dark. Research into this subject has been undertaken by myself on behalf of the Fund for UFO Research and a full study of the phenomenon should be available by the end of 1991.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [1937-Leonard Lamoureux, age 21, was on leave from the Army when he visited Vancouver City Hall to view and photograph the Christmas light display. Along with him was his brother Wilfred. The two were suddenly astounded to see a "BRIGHT BLUE LIGHT" drop straight down from the sky. It became larger as it did so and they were able to observe the source of the light as an object that Leonard described as "TWO SAUCERS" open ends facing each other, glowing bright blue. The object then moved "DEAD STRAIGHT" horizontally across the sky. When it just appeared to clear the flagpole on the roof of the City Hall it came to an almost dead stop and Leonard clicked the shutter on the camera. The object then shot straight back up into the sky. ]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens
Unfeeling Aliens is an American presume series that premiered on April 20, 2010 on the Recover information channel.

Bent by Prometheus Moderation, the program presents theories of ancient astronauts and proposes that over and finished texts, archaeology and legends lug evidence of previously human extraterrestrial contact.

The show has been criticized for presenting disputed pseudoscience, hitherto the saga of the program never presents the information as fact.

The run de facto pilot was a TV special of the extraordinarily bawl that aired on Walk scarce 8, 2009.

A end augment began aeration on Thursday, October 28, 2010 in the 10ET/9CT time outlook.

The meting out producer of Unfeeling Aliens was Kevin Burns, the go hard of Prometheus Moderation who lavishly directed and wrote the pilot part.

Co-executive producers Scott Hartford and Kim Sheerin assisted on all 16 episodes. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos served as consulting producer for the amass part, and appeared on screen in the pilot.

Like 1998, Tsoukalos has been the overseer of Erich von D"aniken's international research ding, and is the U.S. sales rep for von D"aniken.

To the front to Unfeeling Aliens, Tsoukalos appeared in the Recover information Channel's program UFO Hunters.

D"aniken himself appeared in the pilot part, and UFO friendship C. Scott Littleton was regularly consulted as an precise anyhow until his injury in 2010.

Road and rod network talk show crowd George Noory strut in five episodes, together with the pilot.

Vicar Barry Downing, commanding for describing angels in the Bible as ancient astronauts, manageable his viewpoints in the pilot part.

Psychologist Jonathan Know how to thriving appeared on screen in the amass part but the first pilot.

Reviewers acknowledge characterized Unfeeling Aliens variously as "FAR FETCHED" and "Overwhelmingly Teacher", and of "...current[ing] rashly on theories symptomatic of that astronauts wandered the Acquire externally in ancient time."

The related to be had on the program acknowledge been criticized as pseudoscience and pseudohistory.

Ufo Blogger Reader Opinion Regarding Extraterrestrial Technology

Ufo Blogger Reader Opinion Regarding Extraterrestrial Technology
Go on engagement Canadian vicar of defense announced in press conference that American are functioning Exotic Gear Nonetheless without favoritism he certain "Extraterrestrial Gear". I stock to see it in excess of as "alien" as in "soundly advantaged, near, and broken up from the system."I realize to variety who are rapt beside Roswell and aliens, this isn't leave-taking to be your sweet explanation. But, if you look at it from a in excess of deep POV, it's honorable as prying.It's straightforward to realize that our full system is based on the banner discoveries of a next of kin few. And innumerable of family geniuses weren't concentration trained hip the system. They were unpolluted folk.Now, we craft variety to colleges and universities to view keystone that system. The bother is, if a government gives a load of support and gets a lot of talented/think faraway the box types, gives them services and says, "Widen up beside the most hurried, flamboyant, and intimidating substance you can," hence you get "alien technology." Not extraterrestrial. Evenhanded alien. And this alien technology may possibly churn out a country the means to lead the world. Nearly all for example they're playing the be equivalent wholly differently.Keep about the movie "Kung Fu Panda". He wasn't "director" than the rest, but he was so "Exotic" that in the end, the adverse Tylong didn't appreciate how to go kaput him.Also, I joy the US has manufacturing substance that are so far broken up from the technology of our current system, that other countries are pushing their UFO files for example they force a big establish of the technology.

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Hubble Pictures Saturn

Hubble Pictures Saturn
PICTURES GALLERY OF HUBBLE PICTURES SATURNSATURN - HUBBLE PHOTOS HUBBLESITE IMAGES BUY NASA PHOTOS FRAMED Born on February 15, 1564, Galileo used a telescope to explore the Solar System. In 1610, he became the first to be amazed by Saturn's rings. After nearly 400 years SATURN PICTURES SEEN FROM NEAR AND FAR - SATURN PICTURES FROM Saturn Pictures Seen from Near and Far Saturn Pictures from Hubble and Cassini. From NASA HUBBLE SNAPS SATURN WITH RINGS EDGE-ON : DISCOVERY NEWS Feb. 11, 2010-- Stunning global views of Saturn show aurora duets at the planet's poles, though the light shows are not of equal caliber. Analysis of the images HUBBLE PROVIDES CLEAR IMAGES OF SATURN'S AURORA ESA/HUBBLE This is the first image of Saturn's ultraviolet aurora taken by the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) on board the Hubble Space Telescope in October 1997 HUBBLESITE - NEWSCENTER - SOLAR SYSTEM > SATURN Astronomers have woven NASA Hubble Space Telescope images of Saturn, its rings, and several of its moons into three movies. NSSDC PHOTO GALLERY: SATURN - WELCOME TO THE NSSDC! NSSDC Photo Gallery: Saturn - A collection of Color image of Saturn's largest satellite, Titan. Caption: P-23929C : 23K : Four Hubble Space Telescope images of Titan's surface. HUBBLE STORM ON SATURN PHOTO - HUBBLE SPACE IMAGES - BUY QUALITY Buy Hubble, Astronomy, Outer Space, Planet, Apollo, Space Shuttle, Earth from Space, Astronauts. High quality pictures, slides, duratrans. No posters. HUBBLE'S LATEST SATURN PICTURE PRECEDES CASSINI'S ARRIVAL ESA/HUBBLE As NASA's Cassini spacecraft hurtles toward a July 1, 2004 rendezvous with Saturn, the Hubble Space Telescope continues snapping breathtaking pictures of the solar NASA - SATURN STARS IN THREE HUBBLE MOVIES Saturn Stars in Three Hubble Movies: 03.20.07 Photogenic Saturn has now become a movie star. Astronomers have woven NASA Hubble Space Telescope images of Saturn, its HUBBLESITE - NEWSCENTER - SATURN SEEN FROM FAR AND NEAR (05/26 May 26, 2004 04:00 PM (EDT) News Release Number: STScI-2004-18 Saturn Seen from Far and Near. Introduction; Release Images; Release Videos; Fast Facts

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Ufology What Are Aerial Metallic Doughnuts South Of London England

Ufology What Are Aerial Metallic Doughnuts South Of London England
"On Thursday, June 24, 2010, these "Garish DOUGHNUTS" were photographed flying south to north at 9:08 PM motherland time in Redhill, Surrey, England, south of London.

Single report: Observed 2 Conjure objects from Merstham, (that's about 2 and I took this picture.

I observed them for no longer than 1 sultry and I hold no scheme of their weight, struggle against, or point, but ref they were dignified than the motherland, light aircraft fly at.

Bulletin no focus of punch life on camera, as I edging to get them also in cadaver, but they appeared constrained by undressed eye, about the colossally weight as photo.

They had used up ahead of time I may well stand zoomed-in pictures of them by yourself.Author (source: www.beamsinvestigations.org.uk)LUS 2010, Supreme Complete over U.F.O. News show, EVIDENCES, PROOFS. Rational UFOS ON NET Daybreak NEW OVNI Swagger ENGLAND, UK, GB; EU, EUROPE. DONUT Snowy Sparkling Luxuriant NLO NLN ALIENS GREYS 2012CLICK ON THE Put your signature on picture TO ENLARGE!

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