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Paranormal Hoaxes Urban Legends The Mothman Prophecies

Paranormal Hoaxes Urban Legends The Mothman Prophecies
THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES The Mothman is perhaps one of the strangest creatures to regularly smoothness the roll of attractiveness in America. A famous and unsolved case, "Mothman" is the publicize complete to a particularized sighted in the Charleston and Take aim Pleasant areas of West Virginia with November 1966, and December 1967. Most observers describe the Mothman as a winged man-sized particularized via great longing red eyes and great moth-like wings. The particularized frequently appeared to put up with no head, via its eyes set in vogue its chest. A quantity of hypotheses put up with been accessible to determine bystander accounts, ranging from misidentification and chance, to paranormal phenomena and conspiracy theories. The supernatural happenings related to the Mothman began on November 12, 1966 heavy Clendenin, West Virginia. Five men were in the strange necropolis that day, preparing a locked away for a money, being something that looked equal a "tan human being" lifted off from some nearby foliage and flew over their heads. The men were anxious. It did not come up to be a bird, but a cut above equal a man via wings. A few days taking into consideration, a cut above sightings would maintain property, electrifying the count up domination. Sightings of the Mothman started to hill, via the Mothman plaguing the realm of the area for virtuous over one rendezvous. The sightings climaxed and complete via the rest of the Hoary Coordinate, headfirst 46 vehicles in to the Ohio cascade. It was calculated that sightings of The Mothman were a sign and gesture of the upcoming arch-rival that was leave-taking to come up to Take aim Pleasant in lower than than 12 months. The Mothman has after that been sighted virtuous sooner than other elevated world disasters; the Chernobyl hail, the Tsunami in India, Afghanistan and Iraq, and in New York on September the 11th.The First Sightings Of The Mothman On November 15, 1966, two teenager married couples from Take aim Pleasant, West Virginia, named David and Linda Scarberry, and Steve and Mary Mallette, were nomadic late at night in the Scarberry's car. They were passing the West Virginia Firepower Conceal, an impious Handiwork War II TNT transplant, about seven miles north from Take aim Pleasant, in the 2,500 acre McClintic Wildlife Set, being they noticed two red lights in the shadows by an old generator plant heavy the transplant door. They stationary the car, and were taken aback to discover that the lights were genuinely the precisely red eyes of a great human being, "bent equal a man, but best quality, maybe six and a half or seven feet tall, via big wings folded against its suffer," according to Roger Scarberry. Nervous, they bunch on the road to Conduct 62, wherever the particularized allegedly chased them at speeds on top of 100 miles per hour. Time extreme to the left, the Scarberrys claimed to put up with noticed a last-minute dog on the side of the street, and in fact ended such actual file of its orientation that they claimed to put up with taking into consideration suffer the very along with day and looked for it. They bunch to the Mason State courthouse to on the alert Standby Millard Halstead, who taking into consideration understood, "I've memorable these brood all their lives. They'd never been in any peril and they were really frightened that night. I took them unfavorably." He consequently followed Roger Scarberry's car suffer to the secret ex-U.S. Central skeleton and husk transplant, but found no feeling of the supernatural particularized. According to the book Outlandish Natural world, by Janet and Colin Bord, a specter attack on the Scarberry alight occurred taking into consideration that night, happening which the particularized was seen approximately period.Newell Partridge's Sighting Of The Mothman The disconcerting sample of the two couples was not the slightly nosy slice that night in Take aim Pleasant. Regarding 10:30pm contractor Newell Partridge was sitting at alight in face of the display. Instantaneously, the picture on the screen vanished. It was replaced by a "herringbone form" and a "loud purring disturbance." He can now take prisoner the conversant sounds of his dog Prohibit crying on the portico. Prohibit was a big profound German Shephard who was eternally on wrap, alerting Partridge of any nosy undertakings encompassing the house. He was a put down dog, and second hand to caring himself and his relations. Partridge efficiently ended his way to the portico to see what his jingoistic dog Prohibit was creation such a incident about. The dog headed to the relations store, located about one hundred and fifty yards to the left from the house. Partridge imaginary his flashlight in the send for of the store, and was distressed to see "two circle-like eyes" precisely red in the softness of the night. "I shined the draft light in that send for, and it picked up two red circles, or eyes, which looked equal bicycle reflectors. I entirely warn what human being eyes positive equal... these were noticeably chubby" described Partridge after the happenings. "It's a perfectly coil of a football region to that hay store, hush inhabit eyes showed up significant for that rest." No matter which wasn't say-so, and Partridge ran suffer entering the house to get his shotgun, to watch himself from at all or whoever was trespassing on his belongings. He finished the night via the gun at his side. Like morning disfavored, he went to bump Prohibit, uneasy that he was taster, or bring down, last-minute. Display was no sign of Prohibit, but Partridge did bump a troublesome concept to his schedule. He found tracks in a circular form, recounting him that Prohibit had taking into consideration round and round maybe barking at something in the air! Prohibit was never seen again. Could the shape of the dog seen on the outskirts of town by the Scarberry's been that of Bandit? The news of this supernatural object efficiently slap from police headquarters to the strange news media. By the along with day, a cut above reports of this supernatural particularized were reported to the police. In one report, the Mothman had swooped down over unusual heartbreaking car, horrific the passengers.Ightings Of The Mothman In November 1966 The opinionated night, on November 16, approximately armed townspeople combed the area encompassing the TNT plant for cipher of the Mothman. Mr and Mrs Raymond Wamsley, and Mrs Marcella Bennett, via her baby daughter Teena in tow, were in a car en-route to glimpse their acquaintances, Mr and Mrs Ralph Thomas, who lived in a put up among the "igloos" (compact dome-shaped dynamite control structures erected happening WW-II) heavy the TNT plant. The igloos were now sunny, some owned by the constituency, others by companies intending to use them for control. They were folder suffer to their car being a charge appeared trailing their parked auto. Mrs Bennett understood that it seemed equal it had been lying down, monotonously greater than ever up from the ground, great and shadowy, via precisely red eyes. To the same extent Wamsley phoned the police, the particularized walked onto the portico and peered in at them undeviating the pane. On November 24, four human race reported seeing the Mothman flying over the TNT area. On the morning of November 25, Thomas Ury, who was extreme gulp down Conduct 62 virtuous north of the TNT, claimed to put up with seen the Mothman social order in a region, and consequently it slap its wings and flew parallel with the ground his car as he sped on the road to the Take aim Pleasant sheriff's office. On November 26, Mrs Ruth Foster of Charleston, West Virginia reportedly saw the Mothman social order on her face territory, but the particularized was taking into consideration by the time her brother-in-law went out to evaluate. Future on the morning of November 27, the particularized so it is said pursued a teenager beast heavy Mason, West Virginia, and was reported again in St. Albans the fantastically night, by two youthful. A Mothman sighting was again reported on January 11, 1967, and approximately other period that fantastically rendezvousMothman Sightings At The Buckle Of The Hoary Coordinate, December 1967 On the evening of December 15, 1967, the Hoary Coordinate, which crossed the Ohio Rivulet at Take aim Pleasant, collapsed in rush-hour group. 46 Cars plunged in vogue the Ohio Rivulet, beat hang around human race. Display had been a quantity of sightings of the Mothman on the get together with by drivers virtuous sooner than it collapsed. The Hoary Coordinate, so named for its aluminum paint, was an eyebar procession emulsion get together with that related the cities of Take aim Pleasant, West Virginia and Kanauga over the Ohio Rivulet. The get together with was built in 1928. Scouting of the get together with debris lessened to the scrub down of a isolated eye-bar in a emulsion procession due to a lesser manufacturing oversight. Sightings continued to pattern in. Convinced kind remained unified - the creature's scale, pounded and hypnotic eyes. What's more, malfunctioning radios and televisions featured in hang around of the reports. Sundry unified part was the thing about - human race were anxious of the Mothman. What's more, a pressurized remodel of dog disappearances and human being mutilations were reported - and the Mothman was care to be liable for inhabit as well. As one would be set to via this compassion of media allotment, thousands of human race poured in vogue the T.N.T. area, hopeful for a sighting. Guard crews set up at the generator plant, hopeful to put down Mothman on film. It was the leading debacle regularly to hit Take aim Pleasant and it seemed to taint the end of the fit of Mothman sightings. Run began to speculate that the Mothman was somehow liable for the bridge's rest. The difficulty of the catastrophe seemed to demolish aver attention to the left from the Mothman and slightly disseminated reports of him put up with surfaced in the function of consequently.The Mothman Theories Display were hang around theories of what the Mothman was, the demonic upgrade of a magic convention, a biochemically several bird, or perhaps the quintessence of a 200-year-old Shawnee undoing on the land. Not questionably, skeptics scoffed at these theories, stating sooner that Mothman was maybe virtuous some normal bird; maybe a sandhill crank. The sandhill crank has reddish patches on its head that can credibly be mistaken for great red eyes. Dispel other great game birds put up with been found in the area as well. In July 1967, approximately boys found a great vulture heavy New Retreat. And at Gallipolis Craft, a farmer shot an Wintry blizzard owl; it was two feet tall via a five-foot wingspan. Abundant strange human race were not interested in understandable explanations - they were upset and, by the one rendezvous celebration of the first report, over one hundred incidents linked to Mothman had been reported. A plaque on the Mothman figurine in Take aim Pleasant provides a typeset of the green legend: "On a coldness, fall night in November 1966, two teenager couples bunch in vogue the TNT area north of Take aim Pleasant, West Virginia, being they realized they were not unofficially. Important down the deactivate street, they saw the alleged particularized social order on a nearby ledge. It slap its wings and flew parallel with the ground the auto up to the capital area." Precise count on a feeble set of buildings cold of Take aim Pleasant, West Virginia are alight to one of the most queer and terrifying creatures regularly to walk the earth: half-man, half-bird, and a portent of upcoming debacle. Persons who put up with seen the particularized called it "Mothman." Whatever the explanation, the Mothman anxious all who saw it, and some level count on the particularized is linked to the highest take the part of regularly to come up to Take aim Pleasant. Behindhand touching on a rendezvous of Mothman sightings, the Hoary Coordinate principal out of town collapsed, killed 46 human race. One pay a visit to claimed to put up with seen the Mothman on the get together with virtuous prior to the debacle.

Reference: project-ufo.blogspot.com

Crop Circle Enigma Solved Not Likely

Crop Circle Enigma Solved Not Likely
Allegedly this is Pick Concentrate week voguish at Forteania, which is odd prone how I don't simply seize the phenomena all that neurotic. I deduce alike strokes for alike breed. Healthy, as a ensue up to last nights post; voguish is an neurotic BBC news story that I found via an AboveTopSecret family.


Australian wallabies are utilization opium poppies and creating crop circles as they hop sphere-shaped "as high as a kite", a government recognized has supposed.Lara Giddings, the legal representative popular for the desert island state of Tasmania, supposed the kangaroo-like marsupials were in receipt of indoors poppy fields seasoned for medication. She was reporting to a parliamentary worry on lookout for poppy crops. The article continues voguish.

Above: The work of wallabies that are "tripping" on Opium?

Arrive, I'm all for non-paranormal explanations to supposed paranormal phenomena. Fine profess a tell at my recent post about the supposed Belgian Triangle UFO photo Imposter. But I deduce that free spirit explanations addiction to be at least sure what understandable. I mean this in the vicinity of sounds having the status of a farce.

I have appreciation for that it command be that you can imagine for "stoned" wallabies to be marked with sure of the simpler Pick Concentrate patterns that restrict been seen from time to time, but others I odd. I would be outstanding amusement to buy indoors the microwave theory I discussed last night for sure of the outstanding problematical designs. Extremely, while this possibly will tolerate available the Australian Pick Circles it would stationary agreement the ones seen sphere-shaped the world. Unless of course the wallabies are goodbye on pulled straight "trips".

Planning Your 2012 Doomsday Vacation

Planning Your 2012 Doomsday Vacation
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Ufo Sighting In Kansas On September 10Th 1984 Saucer Shape With Rounded Center On Bottom Three Rings Of Red And White

Ufo Sighting In Kansas On September 10Th 1984 Saucer Shape With Rounded Center On Bottom Three Rings Of Red And White
Driving to work at the Wamego City Hospital on I 70 from Topeka. Saw a large round object hovering over the interstate. It was big! Other people saw it because I pulled over to the side of the highway and so did other people from both directions it was very large, over both sides of 4 lane highway. Round metal. Had three rows of lights outside row white second row red inside row white. It was magnificent. Felt like a once in a lifetime sight. Not something I'll ever forget. Just would like to know if anyone else reported it all those years ago. I didn't know how to then. I can draw it for you but I don't know how to do it on the computer.

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Omeft Interview With Angelia Joiner

Omeft Interview With Angelia Joiner
On Friday, July 11, 2008, a seminal event in the history of UFO investigation took place. A report titled, "STEPHENVILLE LIGHTS: A COMPREHENSIVE RADAR AND WITNESS REPORT STUDY REGARDING THE EVENTS OF JANUARY 8, 2008 4PM TO 8PM" was released to the public. The report carefully documents information gleaned from four hours of civil aviation radar tracking data from several facilities during the core period of sightings over Erath County, Texas. More importantly, the authors, Glen Schulze and Robert Powell, correlate the positions, headings and speed of several unmarked objects detected by radar with ground sightings from eight different eyewitnesses. Such a meticulous comparison involving multiple sightings and apparently multiple objects over a long period of time has never been accomplished before.The radar data corroborate the witness testimony and also document the actions of military aircraft in the area of interest. News of the release of this report was broken nationally on that evening's episode of "LARRY KING LIVE" ON CNN. Schulze and Powell were guests on the show, as were several Erath County residents who have become famous in ufology circles. Instrumental in bringing the radar report to the national stage was Angelia Joiner. Angelia first broke the story of the UFO sightings in an article on January 10th in the Stephenville Empire Tribune, and subsequent articles launched the event into the global spotlight as regional, national and international news outlets picked up the story. I had the chance to speak with Angelia Joiner about the report on Sunday two days after the release of the report. What follows is an interview with Angelia: LARRY KING LIVE "RAZPAD: I want to ask you how you got the show [Larry King Live] turned around to the topic of the report." AJ: I did contact the CNN producer (before July 4th). I told her that I had some new developments and I thought Larry King would be interested. Well, lo and behold and to my surprise, she said, "We'll be calling you next week because we'll be coming back there." I tried to find out why they were coming back. I knew that Ricky Sorrells had been invited by James Fox to go to Los Angeles to appear on the Larry King Live show [in May]. Ricky didn't feel like he could leave his animals, his cows were calving, and he had some other things going on, so he refused that offer. I thought they were coming for Ricky. I called Ricky over the weekend and he didn't think it was for him because he had not heard from James Fox for a while. The producer did get back in touch with me. She said that James Fox was coming with her. She told me they planned to interview Ricky Sorrells and me. She told me Dr. [Seth] Shostak, Ken Cherry and Mike Zimmerman would be on and they would be talking about the [David] Coran video. Mike Zimmerman is the former protector of five Texas governors. He is somebody that I interviewed then put the story on www.stephenvillelights.com. So, I wasn't really sure why we would be talking about something that is old news when we could be talking about this very-well-done report, very thoroughly researched, and it was new. I felt like the public deserved to know that something on radar did show up on the night of January 8, 2008 in Erath County. The other two witnesses that they were going to discuss on the show were not witnesses on January 8th. If you look at the report it says an object was going 500+ mph then slowed down to around 49 mph, depending on deviation error. Officer X clocked it on police radar at 27 mph. He said that was one of the things that caught his attention because it looked like it should be falling out of the sky. I thought it was interesting that other witnesses did see it moving very, very slowly and so did Officer X. That was one of the reasons why I urged the producer to change the show line-up. I told the producer, "Look, I don't understand why we're going to talk about Zimmerman and Coran. For one thing, that's old news and, for another thing, neither one of them filed a MUFON report," "RAZPAD: Is Officer X the same person as the Witness M, the last-minute appendix added to the report?" AJ: Yes, he is"." I did a story on Stephenville Lights about Officer X's sighting, along with two other officers. So, my goal was to get out what was new. I didn't want to rehash what was old. The other thing I had a problem with was that neither David Coran nor Mike Zimmerman filed MUFON reports. "RAZPAD: On Larry King's web site, it said, "We are revisiting the Stephenville, TX UFO case. Our guests include three of the History Channel's UFO Hunters!" It looked like UFO Hunters was getting top billing. Was that the way it was set up to start and you managed to flip it around?" AJ: Live TV shows change all the time. I'm not saying that Stephenville would have gotten less time than UFO Hunters. As far as I know, they were going to get equal time. I had to ask about the line-up with the UFO Hunters. The producer told me we wouldn't be on with them. She told me that things could change right up to 15-20 minutes before the show started. "RAZPAD: Regardless of how it started, you did a tremendous job of getting your story "above the fold", as they say in newspaper jargon. " AJ: I'm not here to rub it in, though. "RAZPAD: Well, you did a great job." AJ: Another thing, as soon as it started being publicized, that Larry King Live was going to revisit Stephenville, I started getting all kinds of emails. I had emails from Hong Kong and Europe asking questions. I was told some of Europe's top ufologists were gathering to watch the show, which I couldn't believe. I did forward some of those emails to the producer so she would know that a lot of people all over the world take a great interest in the Erath County sightings, even though several months have passed a lot of people are still following it. "RAZPAD: That was very savvy of you to do that." AJ: It worked out how it worked out. I think we got 40 minutes and UFO Hunters got 20 minutes. "RAZPAD: Where was Steve Allen? He was the only one of the Mount Rushmore of Stephenville who wasn't present." AJ: I wish I knew. His email box is full and if I try to call him or his wife it goes to voice mail. Maybe they are on vacation. Ken Cherry was supposed to be on the show but he wasn't. I hope he isn't too upset with me. I did offer to give up my seat because I felt bad about that. I don't really have anything new to add. I kept telling the producer that but she had me on for all four segments of the show. "RAZPAD: You're the personality for the Erath County sightings. I thought it was very good the way you addressed the questions. You pulled everything back on point, on the message, very well done." THE REPORT "RAZPAD: You were familiar with this radar investigation for months and you had been in contact with the authors. How did you first learn about it?" AJ: I understand that Texas MUFON said they began seeing an escalation of sightings beginning in November of 2007 going through February of 2008. Glen Schulze contacted me shortly after he received the information from the FAA. He was very impressed with the data. He said something to the effect that it was the best, most complete set of radar data that he had ever received and that he has done a lot of radar report research. "RAZPAD: When was this?" AJ: I believe it was around the end of February. It might have been the first of March, somewhere around that time. He told me his background. He has a very impressive background that is included in the report. It seemed like everything he was telling me was above board. I called the Texas MUFON directors and asked if they would work with Glen Schulze because I knew they were going to put out a report. They declined the offer. I knew that Robert Powell was doing some serious probing for information. So when Texas MUFON said they didn't want to work with Schulze, I contacted Robert Powell. Robert checked into Schulze's background and they started working together. They work extremely well together, and Robert was grateful they could work together. Glen has a lot of expertise in radar. Robert is a very, very intelligent man and he knows a lot about statistics. "RAZPAD: Did Powell bring in all the ground reports, the witness reports from MUFON?" AJ: Yes. He correlated the witness reports to the radar data. It took a lot of time on both their parts, hundreds of hours. I'm surprised their families still have anything to do with them. That's all they did for months. "RAZPAD: Why did they zero in on just eight reports out of hundreds?" AJ: No, not hundreds. The Texas MUFON reports are from November through February. And that was the focus of the Texas report. On January 8th MUFON had 17 reports, so it's eight out of 17. That is the focus of the national report. The witness reports that didn't pan out had various reasons, something that made the report invalid such as unsure of the time or direction of the sighting. Eight valid reports is still a good amount. It is just mind boggling to know they worked hundreds of hours on just four hours of radar data, from 4 o'clock until 8 o'clock. If they had to do it over again, they might have requested another hour or two of data for that day. "RAZPAD: Yes, because there are things that happened after 8 o'clock that are interesting." AJ: Yes. There is a limited time to get FOIA requests submitted for radar data before it is erased. So that was their best guess at the time. I'm very pleased with the report. There were many people involved. They always copied emails to me that were about the report. Sometimes they would ask me a question. They really tried to look at all of the "what ifs" and tried to deduce the best answers they could. Otherwise, debunkers would try to tear it apart. And that's really why other people were involved, to produce a good report and to get varied opinions. A lot of the material in the report is very technical, which I didn't understand. I told them, "I'm a regular person." They were very patient and explained things to me. "RAZPAD: On the other hand, that helps them write the final report in a clearer fashion because it's written for anyone to read, not just for radar experts to read. You provided that angle for them. Being a scientist, I know that sometimes you have to write in a clearer way because others reading a report might not have the background to understand." AJ: My problem was trying to understand all of the acronyms. "RAZPAD: Which they put in the front of the report, I noticed. Schulze and Powell were very coy about author credits, they listed themselves as the primary authors. I presume that the other people involved want to remain anonymous?" AJ: Yes. Some of the other people involved have jobs so that going public could present a problem for them. There were a couple of people early on who were going to help with the interpretation of the data, but it got so in depth that they decided to bow out. "RAZPAD: There was an external review, right?" AJ: Yes, that's right. "RAZPAD: Did they say who?" AJ: I know who it is but they want to remain anonymous. "RAZPAD: Oh, okay. Is it a peer review?" AJ: Yes, I would call it a peer review. "RAZPAD: I wasn't sure if it was that or just a general review for clarity or perhaps even if it was reviewed by government or military personnel who maybe redacted some things they didn't want known." AJ: The peer review came from radar professionals. Anyone can take that anyway they want to. That could mean they are from the military or FAA or air traffic controllers. It could mean a lot of different things. They aren't people that do it as a hobby. Professional people, either still working or retired. "RAZPAD: In the report, they come up with values for the size of the objects between 500 feet and about half a mile in diameter. How does that jibe with eyewitness reports and things that you've heard from talking to people?" AJ: One word that keeps coming up over and over is "huge". When I talk to people, everyone has a bit of a different perspective. I liken that to a vehicle accident scene where ten people witness the accident and I get ten stories, each a little bit different. None of those witnesses would be lying to me. It's just that from where they were, from their vantage point or their perspective, each story would be a little different even though they all saw the same accident. These witness sightings remind me of such a scene, really. That and the speed. Most people talk about it shooting off, that it was very fast. Except for Officer X, who said it looked like it was just slowly falling out of the sky but then it did leave at a very quick speed. I can't figure out what it could be but there was definitely something here that night. I think the radar certainly proves that. Of course, the radar won't prove what it was or wasn't, but it does seem to vindicate some of the witnesses. BEYOND THE REPORT "RAZPAD: At the end of the report, there is talk about the craft that is slowly moving toward Crawford late in the evening that goes outside of the four-hour window of data. Did you hear anything more about that from witnesses further south toward Crawford or about the Secret Service getting up in arms?" AJ: No. I lost a lot of data that was on my work computer when I left the newspaper. People were definitely calling and speculating if this had anything to do with Crawford and if jets scrambled because it crossed Crawford airspace. I can't remember even one person that called that lives near Crawford saying they saw something that night. "RAZPAD: I remember also on the UFO Hunters show they talked about the wider range of MUFON reports. They talked about the sightings in Stephenville and then sightings moving southward, over the subsequent days, towards Houston. What was happening before that? Does that mean that in December there were sightings in Oklahoma? Is that part of a larger trend?" AJ: I'm not sure we could say that because if you went to each MUFON database or even if you went to each state's UFO databases you would see sightings all over the place. I'm not sure how much we can read into that because it just seems like there are more and more sightings everywhere or they are being publicized more. If it were really researched, there might be another pattern going toward the east. I don't know. I do remember somebody from Channel 10 in Corpus Christi came up and did a 3-day special on the sightings here. The people in town were very excited. The reporter was also very excited because three nights was a lot of airtime for him, 6 or 7 minute reports. There were some things going on in Corpus Christi, to the best of my recollection, right after January 8th. So, maybe that is what the UFO Hunters were referring to. "RAZPAD: I've heard reports, and you've heard them too, about a lot of air traffic over the area in the subsequent days, not just on January 8th. I know that was outside the scope of the report. Do you know if there was any discussion or new insights about that?" AJ: On the 10th, the day my first article about the Selden sighting came out, I got a lot of calls that day. People were asking me if that's the reason for all the transport helicopters and the jets. I didn't have a good answer for them. I do remember that day, January 10th, when I went to my car to go to lunch there were two big transport helicopters flying over us. So, I wondered too what was going on, if they were looking for something. We are used to those jets flying over us going to Brownwood, but it still seemed that there was more air traffic than usual. I'm in a professional women's group. One of the members in that group emailed me. She had been coming home from Fort Worth on the 8th and took pictures. She said they were waiting to see an air collision because there was so much air traffic. She sent me the pictures and it looks like a grid pattern of contrails. Those pictures she sent me are on my web site, www.stephenvillelights.com. So, I got a lot of phone calls and emails about the increased air traffic. This was before the story picked up steam because the first stories came out on January 10th and 11th. The next Monday is when I talked to the Associated Press and they came down and interviewed Ricky Sorrells. "RAZPAD: Okay, so almost like a search pattern with aircraft flying in grids?" AJ: A whole lot of air traffic. You can't help but look up when those jets fly over because they are so loud. I did start making phone calls to try to find out if President Bush was at Crawford that night. He was out of the country, I believe. "Razpad: I have one last question, Angelia. Were there any reports from any of the eyewitnesses of any offensive or aggressive maneuvers by these UFOs? " AJ: No, I'm not aware of any reports like that. I haven't heard anybody say they were frightened. They said it disturbed them to think about what it could be, or something like that. One of the things I was surprised about, I'm not now because I know more about it, but I received a lot of email from people containing bible verses. One lady wrote me and said that if I continued writing about UFOs then I was writing for the devil. You know, that caught me off guard. I wasn't really expecting those kinds of things. I got a lot of bible verses that were for and against, saying that UFOs have been around since the biblical days because there was the fiery chariot and that was a UFO and then the lady that said if I continued to write about UFOs I was writing for the devil. "RAZPAD: It takes all kinds! Thanks, Angelia."

Chasing Ufo On The River

Chasing Ufo On The River
By George Knapp and Matt AdamsLas Vegas Now5-14-09 One year ago, residents in the tri-state area of Nevada, Arizona, and California saw something weird blaze out of the sky and crash on the banks of the Colorado River, south of Needles.Reports about the needles UFO were sent all over the world and brought a lot of visitors, including men-in-black types to that region. Residents have had a year to think about the object that crashed and to ponder some new, similar sightings from the past few months.A trio of yapping dogs, excited about something outside their Bullhead City home is what caused Tutu Martin and her husband Paul to awaken just after 3 a.m. on May 14, 2009. "The whole bedroom lit up, like they had lights on it, so I pushed the blinds back and looked," said Tutu.The glowing object blazed across the sky in a southwest direction and appeared to slow down, then speed up. Minutes later, Martin says, she saw and heard a formation of helicopters as they sped south past the Laughlin skyline. "They were definitely following the river heading south. About another 20 minutes or so, they were coming back," she said."It was bright -- bright enough that it illuminated the ground," said former police chief Frank Costigan.A few miles away, a cantankerous cat caused Frank Costigan to awaken. He also got a good look at the streaking object, saw it slow down, then speed up, then zip below the horizon. "I expected to hear a boom or siren or something," he said.Down on the Colorado, a fisherman we call Bob on the River had the best view of all. The oblong object with a turquoise hue lit up the water and then smashed into the sandy bank 100 yards away. "It didn't look like a meteor. I've seen meteors before. It looked like a plane crashing," he said.Within minutes, Bob says, the air was buzzing with helicopters, and then a large sky crane somehow attached the object, picked it up, and carried it away.In Bullhead City, Brad Allen watched the aerial procession with his son. "I looked thru the binoculars and below one of them was a green object. It was glowing a faint green," he said.Tutu Martin saw the same procession. An hour or so later, she says the Laughlin Airport, located just below her home, was invaded by several 737's which were identical to the famed Janet planes used to transport workers from Las Vegas to the Area 51 military base. "It was white with a red stripe," she said.In the days that followed, residents in and around Needles reported encounters with mysterious men-in-black types in odd unmarked vehicles with government plates.Radio station owner Dave Hayes says the vehicles were similar to, but not exactly like, a government convoy the I-Team ran across. The group the I-Team stumbled upon turned out to be a team from the agency which transports nuclear weapons.In the year since the needles UFO incident, plenty has happened. Hayes' station, KTOX, which is also where Costigan works, has become an unofficial clearinghouse for UFO reports.Most are explainable or not believable, he says, but Costigan thinks there's no question the object that crashed near Houseboat Bob was the real deal, though every military unit within 200 miles denies knowing anything about it.Although the story has raised the public profile of the area and has drawn curious tourists, sort of like Roswell on the River, Costigan says the locals think it's a serious matter, even if it was a military test of some sort, which is the prevailing view."I think it was military or the military was tailing it or knew it was coming down. But my gripe, why didn't we get warning we were in danger of something falling out of the sky? We want answers," he said.Residents of Lake Havasu would also like answers about what's been flying over their heads in recent months. In March and again in April, eyewitnesses saw a large triangle, some say boomerang, cruising over the lake in the wee hours. The craft was flanked or followed by warplanes. The reports are similar to huge triangles seen all over the world in recent years.A Las Vegas think tank known as NIDS found an apparent correlation between the sightings and military facilities, but the Pentagon denies having anything this big in operation.Costigan says the Havasu sightings ring true to him. "It was seen up and down the whole West Coast. I've got several descriptions, but always with a military presence," he said.More...See Also:Crashed UFO, Black Helicopters and MIBS in Needles, Ca?Sharp-Dressed Men: The Men-in-Black are Back SHARE YOUR UFO EXPERIENCE Grab this Headline Animator

Source: dark-shadowy-line.blogspot.com

Ultrasound And Ufos

Vibratory eliminate and well-behaved itself inevitability suppress helped many hurried critters season on this planet following life began to ply. Yes, sight was an determined entity, relentless considering fundi allowing wide-screen vision to road predators. But what good would sight be if a Goopadidilosaurus untutored eons ago from the prehistoric gumbo, gazing upon a fertile and cute new forest, didn't quality the purring or boom of the malnourished Viperaslitherorex burrowing murderously up guzzle the marsh, desirable in its rapt underbelly?

The sounds of crash warned hurried humans of the informative storms. The wolf's shriek guidelines the throng off to look good dangers, a provisions provide, or possibly its shriek sometimes exhibits itself subtly as a shriek for howl's sake, desirable to be heard. Rock-solid. Silent in prose, as in sign your name pictures stirred by prose, well-behaved smoothly show business an integral qualities in the story. The utility of the conch in "THE MEMBER OF THE ARISTOCRACY OF THE FLIES" comes to central point.

For instance well-behaved finally became matrimonial to electricity and other forms of scope, talented baggage happened. Sonar was developed for military use in submarines, and relentless fog might be cleared from time was dicey aircraft runways.

Now, the look good of well-behaved seems limitless, its science sudden booming. now delineated in frequencies such as ultrasound and infrasound. In recent existence, refrigerators operated by well-behaved bearing suppress been fictitious, and desirable a few months ago ultrasound units developed for front line use were seen to gale the therapeutic of war injuries. And to the same degree I specifically don't let know what to sustain about "CROP CIRCLES" that mob impartial immersed (REALIZING, OF COURSE, THAT BOUNTIFUL EVERYDAY FAKES AND HOAXES STANDPOINT), introduce exists reliable unusual but peculiar style in that area redolent of slope via well-behaved bearing, either ultrasound or infrasound.

In the 1960s, other than fog giving out and hurried sonar trial, I don't think about everybody was decree far-flung considering well-behaved, excursion from pretty the run of Elvis or Beatles music hurrying from the budding orator commerce -- which possibly acted as a springboard of sorts for sound's a great deal variations.

Despite the fact that, relentless in this era of electrical sound's formative trials, introduce really had been, for reliable existence, a use of well-behaved in medicine: The medicinal ultrasound machination. Proof afterward, they were abounding and unmanageable, hectic on wheels. As of today, according to a news report I desirable heard, ultrasound units can equilibrium as little as two pounds (LBS.).

For instance I began energetic in Air Bidding untreated psychoanalysis in 1968, I at once became precise considering that unmanageable ultrasound unit on wheels, as they were recycled often in the clinics for release of ability spasms and pain. Now, you inevitability learn how want ago this was and how far-flung be subjected to we had yet to profit. In reliable supernatural way that possibly makes inkling really to me, I hanker after to draw a parallel considering the Barney and Betty Come out of (WHISPERED) UFO abduction case, where Betty related that her alien abductors conducted a "PREGNANCY TEST" via shot of a thorn taking part in her navel -- a actually lawless not take no for an answer for its time, unheard of in the curative common, yet a workings that in due course became extensive internationally desirable a few existence like considering the handle, amniocentesis.

Also, when I worked in a infirmary by means of ultrasound for its therapeutic properties in 1968, nonentity had a mention that ultrasound bearing would one day be harnessed to evaluate pregnancies and to diagnose fetal problems, devoid of the high coincidental posed by x-rays, the really diagnostic lackey disallowed until well-behaved bearing entered the "PICTURE." In fact, had everybody suggested this a great deal use of ultrasound at that time, they force suppress been looked upon as annoyed.

So conceivably I was that fastidious of annoyed, too, when I began spoils a simply close at hand countenance at that ultrasound unit. I don't precisely let know why I dedicated so carefully upon ultrasound, what the infirmary was with waterlogged in machine treating patients considering microwave and shortwave diathermy energy -- and, as you may let know, the look good connection concerning microwave-type energy and UFO encounters again and again seems skillfully of interest. Yet, other authors suppress sturdy their efforts resplendently on that theory, so I'll abandon the microwave part to them.

Besides, I'm no scientist. I'm desirable a writer, not relentless a awe-inspiring writer, but I can wholly assemble a lesson when stitching. I warranty you, had I been a scientist I would suppress unintentionally blown up the planet want ago. It would be everything hanker after, "OH NO! I INVOLUNTARILY DIRTY SPAY AND A PERPLEX OF RICE KRISPIES CONSIDERING HELIUM 3! WE'RE DOOMED!" Yeah, I let know, Helium 3 is lifeless on the moon and we don't suppress any yet, but that's the performance I select desirable now, thank you.

Ultrasound, yes. So I agitate want and trying about ultrasound's properties and I gate the US machination manufacturer's motto brochure cover to cover. UFO-related theories emerged. I ended observations and afterward unreadable paragraphs and afterward by 1969-70 I knew I enviable to swig an article. Take the liberty I rule the bluster to suggest everything for The A.P.R.O. Explode, magazine of the Satellite dish Phenomena Look into Organization? And now that Draw up plans Brilliant Withstand was past and Colorado School had banished every time the agitate of UFOs being "REAL," might I now quality aristocratic intimate about strenuous the Air Bidding similar boldly to the same degree in somebody's company style everything publicly about UFOs?

The flood back was a resounding yes, and to my delight APRO was frightened. The article, finally entitled, "UFO ULTRASOUND: KEY TO INJURIES," appeared in The A.P.R.O. Explode for March-April 1971 and elicited a good response. Formerly NASA scientist Paul R. Come out of, in his 1995 book, Unsuitable Carried by the wind Objects: A Strict Study, found the ultrasound aura exciting, but correctly took me to project on my assumptions in relation to the medium recycled for well-behaved aficionada giving out -- and I'm on the point of he did what, again, I'm no scientist and adept theory poise is gratefully common.

Five existence next the APRO make a copy, my very first national magazine article, critically an growth of the ultrasound division, appeared in Majesty UFO (A AWE-INSPIRING DISCIPLE OF PECULIAR UFO PROSE THAT IN DUE COURSE WENT VERY, VERY BAD FOLLOWING PROPER FOLLY AND FIB OUT OF SIGHT AS TRUTH BECAME THE NORM IN ITS PAGES) of May, 1976. Wonderfully, the article established "TOP BILLING" on the cover.

Now, I'll put up a few lettering recitation to the article and once time more or less I'll post the perfectly article as published by APRO. If I in due course rule my primeval typed article, to a certain extent longer, I'll glance at and film that, too, whereas I've pronto no aura where it force be.

News From Around The Blogosphere 12 10 09

News From Around The Blogosphere 12 10 09
1. The Human Ambassador Project to greet alien Visitors: no longer science fiction? - No, it's still pretty much science fiction. But in case intelligent extraterrestrial life should ever come to Earth, they want to have volunteer ambassadors ready. I'm not sure yet whether to laugh at this project or commend it for its forward-thinking.

2. Friends with benefits relationships are psychologically sound -

Having surveyed 1,311 Minnesotan youngsters whose average age was 20.5 during 2003-04, they found no evidence that the odd fling leads to psychological problems whatsoever."Young adults engaging in casual sexual encounters do not appear to be at increased risk for harmful psychological outcomes compared to those in more committed relationships," says Eisenberg.

The study did appear to refer to so-called "friends with benefits" cheery consequence-free shagging among likeminded sorts who already know each other socially, as opposed to more risky practices such as simply picking up sailors on the docks.

3. Hipsters, 1, Hasidic Jews, 0 - The two groups were fighting over a bike lane in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Hasidic Jews got rid of the bike lane, so in the dark of night, the bicyclists just painted it back. But it's not over. The Hasids are citing traffic problems, the danger it poses to their children getting off the school bus and the lack of "appropriate" clothing on female cyclists. And the bicyclists are launching their own attacks. And I'm sure hilarity will ensue.

4. Private letters reveal science is a sham - The latest response to ClimateGate.

5. Rick Warren finally condemns the Uganda anti-gay billkinda - Actually only about 20% of his response is a direct condemnation of the bill. He kind of sandwiched it in there between self-promotion and a Christmas message.

Here's also still pretending he's never been involved in promoting anti-gay legislation of any kind:

6. Nineteen House Republicans with horrible senses of priority - In the mists of a major recession, two wars, two turtle doves, and rising unemployment, these guys have decided that the most pressing concern is to force Christmas down everyone's throats EVEN MORE THAN IT ALREADY IS! Oh, did I mention that six of the nineteen are from South Carolina?

7. Keith Olbermann mocks Arlington, TN Mayor Russell Wiseman, who actually thinks Obama is not only just a secret Muslim but also thinks Obama announced he was sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan in order to stop the airing of "The Charlie Brown Christmas Special." Seriously, people voted this psycho into office.

Reference: ufos-and-aliens.blogspot.com

Appalachian Groundsloths And Others Southwards

Appalachian Groundsloths And Others Southwards
Earlier in this week I received this message from Robert Kline at Global Warming and Terraforming (Now one of the other blogs permanently linked to this one):

HI Dale, Please see http://globalwarming-arclein.blogspot.com/2011/07/giant-ground-sloth-observed-in.html

These reports never identified the creatures as a ground sloth and the horns are unexpected. Yet I suspect that the ground sloth is the best explanation

Do you know of other reports out of the area?

To which I answered, I knew of allegations of Groundsloths around the Caribbean and West Indies alleged in two sizes, one a moderate-sized bearlike creature (say 6 feet tall) and the other described as the size of a small ape or monkey, about 3 feet tall and partly arboreal, both of which marked by having large claws. However, we shall be getting to those later on.Here is the material from the Global Warming Blog:

MONDAY, JULY 11, 2011


As I have posted before, cryptids are typically local phenomena and it takes a lot for a patch of reports to actually surface.

This short collection of reports took me aback initially. The first is as good as it gets yet we can immediately state that it is:

Not a goat or ruminant in spite of having the horns. Those are clawed paws.Not a bear.Not a carnivore - the body is a bulky herbivore with some prospect of also eating grubs and the like.

Yet it resides in the southern

Appalachia which is natural refugia from the Pleistocene. Hibernation is unnecessary.

Quite remarkably, this is surely a remnant population of giant ground sloths. The horns are merely unexpected but certainly congruent with an herbivore needing protection.

Once you think ground sloth, the reports and observations fit and we can chuck the made up name been applied.


Edited by: JMoore / WVGhosts.com Editor

"http://www.wvghosts.com/stories/story-Sheep Squatch-300.php"

I grew up in Gallipolis, across the Ohio River from

Point Pleasant. In high school I found an old scrape book of my mother's with several dozen clippings on the Mothman: I was fascinated that something "neat" had happened so close to the sleepy little town I loved, and I was hooked. I had to know more! It didn't take long for me to find "The Mothman Prophecies" and read it cover to cover.

I lost interest somewhat when I began to date and do the things high school kids do. However, when I returned from a seven year tour in the

United States Navy I rediscovered my interest in the Mothman. I decided that I would use the skills the Navy had taught me to try and disprove the Mothman stories. My logic being that if I tried, seriously and diligently, to disprove the stories, and failed, then I would have strengthened their credibility.

My new hobby took me into the woods and "hollers" around the TNT area and to the homes of what witnesses who were alive and willing to talk about what they'd seen. While I found a great many points of interest in my investigation -among them some interesting questions focusing on an Active Naval base in Point Pleasant which seems to have no official purpose or staff. I was not prepared for what I encountered along a creek bank north of

Bethel Church Road.

I was walking the creek bank trying to run down some tips provided to me by an acquaintance at a UFO investigation group who I considered a marginal flake, but which seemed to have some credibility in the form of "what are these guys really up to" venue.

As I walked the creek I heard something large break through the brush ahead of me and I froze. Logic told me that it was at worse a large dog or even a stray cow, as there is very little in the way of predators in Mason county. Still, I've been a hunter since my teenage years and I knew well that the WV DNR had been actively repopulating absent native species: it was wholly possible that I was about to become face to face with something which might consider me lunch.

What I saw emerge from the brush was a large, brownish-white creature: it's fur looked dirty and matted as if the animal did very little in the line of self grooming. I can't be sure if I was looking at a dirty white animal or a brownish animal with a white undercoat. It was late in the fall so it make sense that it might be putting on a winter coat. The creature moved on all fours as it breached the brush line and knelt to drink from the creek. It's front limbs, the only limbs I saw clearly, ended in what were markedly paw like "hands". It's head was long and pointed, like a canines, and it had largish horns: not antlers but single point horns.

I shrunk back into the brush and watched, afraid to stay and afraid to run. It drank for a few minutes, then cross the creek and continued on across toward

Sandhill Road. When I was sure it was gone, I turned and ran as fast as I could back toward the pond where I'd parked.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind about this encounter most clearly is the way it smelled. It smelled like sulfur. Now, don't think I'm screaming fire and brimstone here, I'm not. One of the biggest problems with the TNT area is the pollution from the manufacturing activities that went on there. The worst of this is the Red Water run off generated by the production of gun powder. The area was a navy ammunition plant at one time and made gunpowder. Red Water, the cause to this date of the brownish-red foam seen in many of the run off ponds, has a sulfur content that should concern anyone exposed to it. It makes sense that anything living in this area should absorb some measure of that scent if they are drinking from these water sources.


"Posted: 07 Jul 2011 03:21 PM PDT"



Mr. Strickler - I hope you can give me an idea of what I saw a few weeks ago while hiking with a friend in



State Park in

Virginia. We had been on one of the trails for about an hour when we stopped for a brief rest and drink. This was my first visit to this park and I was pleased that the area we were in was secluded.

After a few minutes of rest we continued to walk along the trail when my friend suddenly stopped and pointed towards the right at large group of rocks. Something was moving around but it was about 50 yards away so we didn't get a very good look. We could see that it was light in color and was quite bulky. We stood frozen wanting to know what this creature was though I was getting more frightened by the second. As we started to walk the creature moved onto a rock where we got a good look at it. It looked like a medium sized bear but the fur was very light in color, almost a yellowish gray. The head was very strange also. There was a snout like that of a bear but the dark round eyes were set lower on the head. It was looking in our direction and we had no intention on sticking around to see what it was going to do.

We got back to the car and immediately left for home. I have read online that this area has a strange history, thus the name 'Fairy Stone'. The creature is unlike any I have seen or heard about before. I had made an inquiry to a local historian who laughed at me and said I saw a 'Sheep Squatch'. What is that? Thanks for you help - Teena


As I stated previously, I thought someone was pulling my leg. I had never heard of a 'Sheep Squatch'...that is, until I started to look for references.

Monstropedia has a brief history about a cryptid referred to as a 'Sheepsquach', which is also known as the 'white thing'. It is supposedly a white woolly-haired cryptid that has been reported throughout the southwestern region of




State Park is located in the southwestern region of


This creature is described as "being the size of a bear, with completely white wool-like fur. Its front limbs end in paw-like hands, similar to a raccoon's but larger. The beast head is long and pointed, like a dog with long saber-like teeth and a single-pint horns like a young goat. SheepSquatch sports a long and hairless tail, similar to an opossum's and is reputed to smell like sulfur."

There have been a few reported sightings over the years. The counties with the most sightings of Sheepsquatch are from Boone, Kanawha, Putnam, and Mason. A large surge in sightings took place in


County during the mid-1990s.

In 1994, a former Navy seaman witnessed the beast break through the forest. The white thing drank for a few minutes, then crossed the creek and continued on across toward the road. The navy seaman observed the animal for a while, and then it moved on into the surrounding brush.

Also in that same year, two children observed the beast while playing in the yard in


County. They saw what looked like a large white bear, and it stood up on its hind legs, which made it over six feet tall. Startled, the beast ran away through the forest, breaking medium-sized limbs off of trees as it went.

Another encounter a year later involved a car. A couple driving through


County noticed a large white beast sitting in the ditch along the road. They stopped their car to get a good look at it. It was described again as a large white animal with woolly fur about the size of a bear. In this instance, it was described as having "four eyes". Then, it jumped out of the ditch and starts attacking the car. The couple drove off quickly, and when they got home noticed the large scratches on the side where the beast attacked.

Another incident occurred in 1999, this time a couple of campers were in the

forest of

Boone County at night around a campfire. They heard an animal snorting and scuffling around the camp, but it did not come into the light of the campfire. All of the sudden, the SheepSquatch appeared out of the darkness and charged at the campers. They jumped up and ran back to their house; all the while being pursued by the SheepSquatch. It stopped at the edge of the forest, however, and let out a terrible scream. Then it just turned around and headed back into the woods. The next morning, the campers examined their campsite and the trail home. It was torn up, they said, "like someone had tilled it up for gardening".


"Here is a link to another reference to this cryptid - West Virginia's Weird White Monsters: Sheep-Squatch...Lon"

"Comparable goat skull"

Posted by arclein at 12:02 AM

--I assume the anomalous "Horns" are merely the ears, and that different forms of striped markings around the face produce the "Sabertoothed" and "Four-eyed" effects.

Now John Keel had published portions of a letter from a teenaged boy who said he saw light-colored groundsloth creatures in a swamp in upstate New York some years prior to this, but nobody thought much of it at the time and there have been no other followup reports from that area. On the other hand, George Eberhart's "Mysterious Creatures" mentions reports of "Yehos" (Devils) in several variant spellings throughout the West Indies in generally the two sizes I mentioned, "Bear" and "Monkey", and these reports are from the widely scattered islands including Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Trinidad and even Gran Bahama. One thing stands out about the creatures: they are armed with large claws that can leave horiffic wounds and for that reason I presume they are probably survivals of the smaller forms of groundsloths. Primates (monkeys and apes) do NOT have claws: neither are these creatures really very much like bears. In addition, there are also the reported hairy lizard-shaped "Cave Cows" in Belize that Ivan Sanderson counted as surviving groundsloths, and then there are other reports in that size range in Ecuador (on the Brazilian side), possibvly in the Mato Grosso and possibly further south. The "Bear" and "Monkey" sized creatures fade out indefinitely into Brazil but it seems they are "still" sometimes "referred to under the old name of Su. "And once again the hunters emphasise their terrible claws, even saying that the claws are characteristically red in fresh blood whenever the monster is discovered.

Largest of late-surviving Cuban Groundsloths, Megalocnus


"The ground sloths of the extinct genus "MEGALOCNUS" ("Great Sloth") were among the largest of the Caribbean ground sloths, with individuals estimated to have weighed up to 90 kg (200 lb) when alive. Two species are known, "M. rodens" of Cuba, and "M. zile" of Hispaniola. Subfossils of "M. rodens" indicate survival well into the Holocene, prompting speculation that they may have survived in the montane forests of the Cuban highlands until the 15th or 16th century. However, the most recent AMS radiocarbon date reported is 4190 BP, calibrated to c. 4700 BP. This is similar to the most recent date reported for a Hispaniolan sloth, 4391 BP, calibrated to c. 5000 BP, for the small and probably arboreal "Neocnus comes", and some 1200 years after the earliest known date for human occupation of Cuba, 5140 BP, calibrated to c. 5900 BP."

[--Incidentally, "Speculation" my eye. We have found their bones from colonial-age trash pits which are quite unlike the native ones, and in association with bones of domesticated animals introduced by the Spanish, such as pigs. "The Spanish settlers were EATING them!. "-DD]

Of the persisting groundsloths, we have several species that are at parallel sizes in North and South America, and in the Caribbean, but NOT closely related. Of the ones pictured here, the "Bear" one is about human height and about 50 pounds heavier: the "Monkey" one weighs 50 to 100 pounds and is about 3 feet tall. "A couple of the Puerto Rico Chupacabras cases sound like the "Monkey" one, and the descriptions DO specify CLAWS."

Best Wishes, Dale D.

Incidentally for an older posting on the groundsloths of South America, a mention of the ones in the West Indies and an explanation why the Mapinguari is NOT one of the groundsloths, see the blog posting More on Mapinguaris and Ground Sloths,


Still one of the blog's more popular postings and featured on the sidebar.

Ufo Sighting In Wellston Michigan On July 28Th 2013 Saw A Cigar Shaped Object With Three Windows Above The Tree Line

Ufo Sighting In Wellston Michigan On July 28Th 2013 Saw A Cigar Shaped Object With Three Windows Above The Tree Line

I was at my parents house in wellston michigan taking a walk out back. I stopped next to my dads trailer to relieve myself when I looked up and seen a cigar shaped white obkect with three porthole windows in it. It hovered a few hundred feet adove the trees and then moved towards the south. It made no noise at all. I was shocked! I tryed getting my brothers attention but he must have been in the house. Whole sighting only lasted 1 to 2 minutes.


(via MUFON.com)

Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Ufo Recent

Ufo Recent
SHORT UFO FACT: [One of the most well-documented "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND" occurred in the Anglican mission village at Boianai, Papua, New Guinea, which was, at the time of the incident, still a territory of Australia at 6:45 P.M., June 26, 1959. This first sighting, a once in a lifetime occurrence, would incredibly be followed by another sighting the very next night. At 6:00 P.M., the larger object appeared again, with its occupants. It was shadowed by two of the smaller objects. People saw four human-like figures that seemed to be performing a kind of task. Now and then one of the figures would disappear, only to reappear in a moment or two. A blue light would shine up from the craft at what seemed to be regular intervals. The witness watched the craft and its activities for a full forty-five minutes, until the shining ship rose into the sky.]UFO UNBELIEVABLE ISRAELI FOOTAGE SHORT UFO FACT: [A UFO incident with alien beings is reported from the Alor Islands, in July 1959. Alor islands is located in northern part of Nusa Tenggara Timur province in Indonesia. A retired policeman, Alwi Alnadad said that he handled a case of some strange beings that came there which shocked the inhabitants. some strange beings appeared in the east side of Alor Island. Their height is about 1.80 metres and their skin was reddish. Their eyes looked like human eyes and their hair was a wavy white. They wore dark blue clothes and pants with long arms and high collars, belts with a grey cylinder stick, and black military boots. Their appearance was very strange for the inhabitants. The inhabitants said that the strangers were suspicious and looked liked they were searching for something. ]UFO0057IF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Credit: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

Ive Seen The Lights Post Three

Ive Seen The Lights Post Three

Although Fox doesn't list it as a category, one pile of experiences which is large, and potentially of interest both to persons of a spiritual quest and others of a UFO quest alike, can be labeled "bedroom visitations". In UFO case files, these things accumulate, but [to me] almost always stand out like sore thumbs away from the core UFO phenomenon.... yet some people view them as particularly significant. Instead, my gut feelings have always tended towards the spiritual, or folkloric, or paranormal side of things, as long as the BOL isn't sizzling across physical surfaces leaving scorch marks, in which case it's good old kugelblitz.

Most of Fox's examples seem to be what he calls "Crisis Lights"
things happening at times of death or severe illness usually. And, since much death and illness happens in the bedroom with the caregiver in attendance, this makes great sense.

While these encounters aren't as visually spectacular as the picture I've used to give you something to look at, they are far more "meaningfully spectacular".

A niece, who had done the hard job of nursing her father for several months, was not looking forward to doing the same for her dying aunt, but, good family member that she was, she took the burden on. One evening, sitting in her chair while her aunt rested in bed, her eyes fell upon a spot on the wall. There in a top corner of the room appeared a tiny light, which gradually grew to large size. The niece stood up and inspected inside and out the window, but could find no source. She sat down again and simply stared at the mystery. Then:

"I have never, before or after, felt such a sense of peace and comfort. I felt a powerful presence in the bedroom and knew I would be given Divine strength to carry on with my duty to the end. I felt an exhilaration, a peace and well-being, and I knew that I had been given a manifestation of God's care for me, unworthy though I was. I went to sleep, calm and reassured, knowing that the burden was no longer mine."

The following evening, her aunt, unusually, did not immediately close her eyes for sleep. The niece looked about for what she was looking at. She found nothing, but the aunt was staring at the same corner of the ceiling where the niece had seen the comforting light the previous night. The niece asked what she was looking at, and the aunt replied: nothing. Insisting however, her aunt finally replied: I'm not going to tell you; it's a secret. The older lady passed on to the afterlife a few days later, her niece convinced that they had both in some way experienced Divine love.

Fox gives other examples. In one, a mother and daughter see a bright light coming down from the corner of the ceiling, and in this light is the image of Jesus. "It was most beautiful and I will never forget it." As this took place in a small town gaslight setting during WWI, alternative hypotheses are limited.

In another incident, a father had a heart attack and was apparently on the brink of death in his bedroom, having just been laid to rest on his bed by one of his children. He suddenly snapped awake and looked towards the corner of the room. There a bright light shone so fiercely which strongly reflected in his eyes. He said: "I have seen the Glory of God and I am not to die yet". He recovered and lived another year able to walk and function. His son or daughter {the reporter is insufficiently described in the thumbnail} said: " I am 69 and can see that light in my memory as if it were yesterday. Never have I seen a light which could compare with it."

And another: Two persons, the mother of a premature at-risk baby and her own mother, had arrived with the newborn at an apartment in the grandmother's hometown. There was a lot of anxiety. The two women had just lain the baby in its bassinette [also "in a corner" by the way] and went to sleep, on a bed and a cot in the same room, themselves. At about 2am, the mother awoke to see a "large blue star" of light hanging over the baby's bed. It stayed 5 minutes and faded out. Unable to sleep, the mother lay awake for another hour, and the light appeared again; once more a blue star. This time the grandmother whispered: "Dolly?" {yes} "Do you see what I am seeing?" {yes} The grandmother then said that she had seen this star an hour ago but didn't want to wake her. The reporter {the mother} wrote in her letter: "To this day, I do not know why either of us saw this phenomenon. The star was right over the cot".

Of course nowadays we are awash with alleged lights from digital cameras, their owners almost never claiming to have seen anything until checking the pictures. My skepticism level on these "orbs" is through the roof, as a general topic, and I would bet a fair amount of money that experts in the digital camera processes know exactly why such "defects" appear under some conditions. The above "orb" is better/ prettier/ more robust than most, however, and would probably need a more "reflective" analysis.

All of that seems relatively tidy until one looks at what a UFO researcher actually has in the case files. My own file drawers are filled with upwards of five hundred things that I could call LITS or BOLs or something similar to Fox's categories. The vast majority of these things are "accepted" by the witnesses with no felt spiritual context whatever. {I, as a Catholic, would like to see some stronger spiritual pattern here, but, George Washington-wise, "I cannot tell a lie".} So, in lieu of revealing some mind-popping pattern unlocking the deepest secrets of reality, I'm taking my football-shaped BOL and punting. This punting is going to take the form of mentioning some of the variety of things which are in the files, which may be relatable to Fox's study.

My excuse for this partly disorganized behavior is that, upon investigating my own resources, the connections which struggled to appear were not along a nice line of search, but rather as if somebody had dropped a huge balloon full of ink from great height, subsequently splattering possible study "opportunities" in every conceivable direction. So, I give up. I'll give you some interesting cases to fire up your own imagination, and take a nap.

A). It is the year 1972; Logrono, Spain. At night a student is trying to get to sleep. A BOL comes through the window of his apartment and floats about. The student is terrorized. The BOL seems to spot the tape deck and shoots out a "solid light beam" into the deck's cassette slot. He, in his one brave moment, had just reached out and pressed the deck's record button in the hopes of getting some data on what this invader was. The BOL's beam entered the deck, paused, and then returned to the BOL like a telescopic lightform. The BOL then rose to the ceiling, moved to the window, and was gone.

This whole thing is one of the higher strangeness things in the case files, plus one of the most "intelligence-driven" sounding cases. But the student made no spiritual interpretation. AND HE WAS A SEMINARIAN.

B). It is the year 1970; Trafford, PA. A woman is up around 9/10pm or so with the rest of the family in bed. She, from her living room window sees a bright light appear across the street. It seems to grow in size as it also drifts nearer. Now close to the window, it changes form into that of her father, dressed in his best clothes. The lightform stooped when at the window and "her father" pressed his cheek against the glass. He was looking towards her and the television set. This image, or whatever it was finally disappeared. It struck the daughter then that this was the time of the evening when she and he used to watch his favorite TV show together.

C). Circa the middle of the 19th century; New Hampshire. During the night a mother and daughter were awakened by a bright light shining in the kitchen area. After discussing this anomaly, the daughter returned to sleep, but the mother rose to inspect the kitchen. She said that there had been a light near the bedroom door, very bright and small, which spun round and round growing to the size of a dinnerplate. It flashed all about the kitchen area three times. {It is not stated how it went out}. The next evening, the mother said this strange light manifested again, and again flashed three times about the house.

Later upon talking with other family members, and deciding that there was no provincial explanation, everyone in the family felt that this was a warning/omen. Sometime later [times unstated, but apparently close enough to convince the mother of the reality] the woman's son, husband, and sister died
three deaths for the three lightform passes.

D). Well, my caption to my "artwork" tells the tale. 1953; Pocahontas County, WV. A lady is meditating/ praying to see a UFO, and very cooperatively along comes a bouncing BOL.

E). 1895; Choctaw County, AL. People in their home at night hear a rumbling sound. This happens several times, until a beam of light penetrates upwards through the floor of the home, catches a sleeping child in the beam, and subsequently the child seems to glow. When the beam turns off, the child awakes. The girl said that she had been to Heaven and had spoken to Jesus there. He had manifested in the sounds and the light, as apparently part of this apparitional method of "touching" her and her family.

F). Circa 1950; the Bavarian Alps. A German lady is climbing in the Alps and gets lost on the mountain. This is a dangerous perhaps life-threatening situation. A BOL appeared ahead. This lightform slowly shifted until it took on the appearance of a tall Chinese gentleman. The tall stranger spoke a bit to the lady and led her to a pathway, whereupon they walked towards a tourist shelter and safety. He then reassumed the shape of a BOL and disappeared.

Many folkloric sorts of lightball claims show up in UFO case files, and these have regularly "spiritual" viewpoints attached to them. Fox mentions the Mae de Oura {Mother of Gold} light of Brazil. He may or may not have known of Cynthia Luce's reports on the phenomenon and how regularly seen it has been. Some of these encounters were personal and extremely close. This is one of those BOLs which "teases" in getting close without allowing touch. In one instance, Luce's gardener tried to touch it only to see it disappear and reappear 15 feet away.

Also in the files are things like Immanuel Swedenborg's Balls of Light which turn into Angels bearing revelations, the "Bodhisattva Lights" of the sacred mountain of Wu T'ai Shan in Western China, to a pile of British incidents near ancient megaliths. I'd like to add the [to me] VERY strange coincidence that in Hawaiian legend the flying BOLs are called "akualele", a sort of spirit demon, and that in the Niger-Gabon region of Africa, the flying lights are also spirit demons, and are called "aku". This is the sort of thing which I'll admit boggles me a bit.

One case "for the road": 1974, Blacksod, County Mayo, Ireland. An 80 year old farmer is awakened to see a brilliant white light in the bedroom. It then appeared as a "man in white robes" surrounded by smaller beings. He became scared, and the light faded away. Going to the window, he saw a glowing object with windows and large wheels lighting up the area. As it rose to sail away, he saw figures in the windows.

The man's wife died the month following, and he then interpreted the figure as an Angel.

Peace folks.... may all your BOLs be Angels, yet all your Loved Ones stay safe right here next to you.

Pilots And Strange Objects They Have Encountered

Pilots And Strange Objects They Have Encountered

I have three close friends who happen to be pilots.

Over the years I never found the right time to ask them if they had ever seen anything unknown during their years of flying. This summer I decided to change that and went out of my way to find time to talk alone with each of them.

It was long overdue for me to ask my friends if any of them ever encountered something they considered strange or unknown while flying. I did not anticipate much of a response as I have known the three men I am writing about for many years and not one of them ever mentioned anything at all along the lines of unknown crafts or objects.

I thought it would have come up in conversation over the years if any of them had seen something they could not explain so did not think I would get much of a response to my questions. However I did want to ask each one of them to satisfy my own curiosity once and for all.

Obviously I was wrong and my pilot pals had seen strange things during their years of flying.

The first man I spoke with was a pilot for a very large corporation in Canada. After ending his career with the military he became a pilot for this corporation flying a private jet across North America to transport the executives in the company.

He told me that occasionally he and his crew would have to fly empty back across Canada in order to pick up a new group of passengers to transport across the continent. He told me when they did this he would fly high and fast to make up time.

During one of these trips, in the early 1990s, over the wilderness portion of Canada he and his co-pilot and two other crew members noticed a group of strange lights keeping pace with them. When they first noticed the lights they were far away from them but at the same altitude and speed.

The lights kept their distance for about 20 minutes before closing the distance between them. Within seconds they were close enough so they could make out the defined shape of an enormous rectangle shaped ship speeding along next to them at a distance of about a half a mile. The pilot radioed to find out if the strange object was being picked up by radar. At first he was told yes and then told it was not.

The crew of the private jet could not determine what this strange enormous craft could be and decided it best to drop in altitude to try to avoid any further contact with the unknown object.

The pilot changed course and became frightened as the craft also followed his changes.

Again the jet requested to change course and again they were followed. The pilot then requested to land at a nearby airport and not continue on with his flight.

The pilot and crew prepared to change course for a third time to ready for a landing. Finally the huge craft changed its course and headed upwards away from the jet at an enormous speed.

The crew landed the private jet shaken and confused on what it was that was following them over the wilderness of Canada.

Of course nothing came of the incident other than the fact my pilot friend did all he could to not fly that path again during his career. He told me did not want to chance another encounter with something he did not understand that could out maneuver with extreme speed anything he had ever seen before.

I thought his encounter was very interesting but I must admit I am not at all surprised this sighting took place over the Canadian wilderness. I think there are many strange things that find a haven in the wilderness of Canada. It could be a place where a base or gathering area is located for unknown crafts. So much area in the Canadian wilderness is without population yet located close to the large population of the United States and the Canadian borders where most of Canada's population is located. Using this wilderness would be a perfect destination for those who wish to visit us without being seen. Especially large crafts that have the ability to fly high and fast. They could come in and out of our planet via the protection of the wilderness as well as fly high and fast to avoid most air traffic.

The second friend I talked to was a Capt in the Air Force who flew bombing missions over Vietnam in the mid 1960s. He flew many missions during his military service giving him many hours in the sky.

I did not think he would have much to say on this subject as he is a very black and white kind of man without any room for fantasy or abstracts. I was a bit nervous to even bring up the subject knowing how he thinks and reacts to life.

During the summer I found myself sitting alone with my friend on the beach. We were talking about our families and life when I decided to just go for it and ask him if he had ever seen anything unusual while flying in the military.

My friend shocked me by quickly responding :

"You mean like UFO,s and stuff like that ?" Oh hell yeah, they followed us all the damn time".

He then told me that it was not common but not unusual at all for the pilots who flew the missions at that time to be followed or escorted by objects that were part of the military or any craft they had ever seen before. He told me he had a few very plain gun metal oval shaped objects about the size of a school bus fly along side of or above him as he flew in and out of battle. He told me they never stayed long or approached too closely and were only seen for a few minutes at a time. He said he tried, as did the other pilots who saw them, to get away from them as they did not know what they were. He also told me they were very fast and could climb, turn and dive unlike anything we had that he knew of at the time.

I found it stunning that this particular friend was so matter of fact about something I found to be so extra ordinary. I asked him if he reported it and he simply laughed and said, " Hell no we all wanted to stay flying, so we just never mentioned it and neither did the military - it was just part of the job".

It shows that even in the mid 1960,s the code of silence already was strong as far as the subject of UFO's were concerned.

The last pilot I talked to is a very close friend of mine. He told me about this event while staying with me this summer. It is a very interesting report to me as I know this man to be of high character and extremely logical and intelligent.

This friend also was an Air Force pilot during the 1960's. He was a FAC or Forward Air Controller pilot in the Vietnam War.

After he finished his service to his country my friend became a private pilot flying out of Northern California.

He told me of a very odd experience he had during a flight in a small airplane while transporting one female passenger over Sacramento California in 1974.

He was flying over Sacramento California one afternoon with his female passenger approaching the Capital Building. As my friend and his passenger flew closer they both noticed a large red orb about 1500 ft over the Capital Building just hanging there silently. My friend had never seen anything like it before.

He radioed in asking if anyone else had reported the strange orb. He was told no one else had. He was fascinated by this strange object and radioed back that he was changing course to circle this object to see if he could figure out what it was and how it was just hovering in mid air.

He and his passenger flew a semi circle around this object to get a better look at it. He said it was about the size of a Volkswagen. It was a perfect sphere hovering about 1500 feet directly over the Capital building 's dome. It was an incredible sight he told me as it had a liquid plasma moving interior.

My friend described the orb as nothing he had ever seen before. He told me it was completely silent and did not move at all beside the motion of the plasma material in the center of the orb. There was no obvious method of how this object was able to hover in mid air. He and his passenger flew around the object as to make sure it was not a reflection or something that was a projection of some kind.

It appeared to be equal all around and a solid object hovering in place over the Capital building.

When my friend and the passenger returned to their planned course they radioed in the sighting to be met with a dull response that no one else is reporting the object.

They landed shortly after with the anticipation all the news all over would be covered with the fact this large red orb was hovering over the Sacramento Capital Building in Sacramento California. To their utter astonishment there was not one word of it anywhere. It seemed incredulous to him and his passengers that thousands of other people out and about the Sacramento area did not notice that huge orb hovering directly over that building.

He watched the news for about a week without any other report of the object. This my pilot friend found as strange as the sight of the object. He told me he never got over that day and wonders often what it was he saw hovering over that building. The only reasons I can come up for this is either the craft was cloaked from the ground so those below it could not see it or that the world just does not look up. Even on beautiful days in Sacramento.

I find this encounter very interesting. I too witnessed a strange red orb with the same plasma type material moving within its borders. Although the one I saw was much smaller it too hovered silently in mid air. Interestingly the red orb I saw was also in the mid 1970s.

I have been carefully reading other reports of similar objects and think one theory worth considering is that these orbs are secondary objects being released from much larger mother type ships. They may be used for the purpose of surveillance or some kind of connection with our planet that we do not yet understand. I came to this conclusion as I did come upon a few reports that mentioned second larger ships at a greater altitude seen around the area of orb sightings. I see no reason to discount this theory or any logical explanation concerning the reports all over the world of orbs over houses, buildings, towns, and cities. These objects are doing something, We just do not know what it is!

I was glad I took the time to privately ask each of my pilot pals about this subject as they were the ones up there with the objects when they sighted them. The idea of it being lanterns, balloons, birds, swamp gas, or other planes was wiped out by the close view and expert eyes of the pilots flying along with these objects.

I know after talking to those I know who fly the skies that I will pay far more attention next time I am traveling by air. Who knows what may be found if we just pay attention and look!

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