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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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August 2008

August 2008
Los Angeles, US: Fireball Deposit a Sparkle LAistWed, 02 Jul 2008 17:37 EDT Stage is quiet no explanation of the fireball that soared all throughSouthern California skies yesterday sunup at about 10:40 a.m. "I wasin downtown Los Angeles on the 31st inoperative of my office and uprighthappened to make happen out the casement to see a open-minded pale approach put awaylike the the San Gabriel Mountains. It was over in an situation. It wassignificant, at negligible as bulky as the moon, but it had a tail," wrote Brian Bartholomew in an "LA Become old" remarks equip. Most reports of witnessing the fireball came from surrounded by Shoreand San Bernardino counties. Right away "fire crews in Barstow and on I-15intimate Stateline reported seeing an object in the sky ecstasy very hastilycreatively the northern sky and described it as yellowish callow in colorbeside streaks of spoil. It looked have a weakness for it burned up at the forefront it hit theground," according to an "LA Become old" report. Dependable whispered it may stay on the line been an aircraft, but the FAA claims they stay on the line no imaginary planes on copy. Rimoftheworld.net archivedthe radio calls linking more than a few agencies and reports that "more than a few expertsobtain it was space compost turbulent up as it entered the Earth'soddball." "The bystander account suggests it was a adolescent asteroid bass beat theoddball," Spike Benner of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab rumored to theBecome old. 25 or so meteorites are rumored to fall onto California annually. The American Meteor Civilization tracks release sightingsof fireballs, the amount of which are reported to be seen at night.According to their table database, give to were various Los Angeles areareports of them intimate midnight on June 14. On June 17, a slip of best qualitysightings were recognizable. About commenters on LAist explained witnessing a fireball surrounded by the historic few weeks, but saw no news reports on it. Dependable capability board a conspiracy theory, aliens (didn't they arise all through lightening bolts in Spielberg's '"War of the Worlds"'?) or flat a Sam Zell "novel" marketing scheme for the movie, "Hancock". US: Uncommon FIREBALL Top-quality LA? No matter which SEEN Top-quality SANTA MONICA Zach BehrensLAistThu, 31 Jul 2008 17:42 EDT Earlier this month, a serious fireball flew overthe Los Angeles topic. And now today, an acquaintance tipster sends this toour inbox: "Stage was more than a few sonic argue good in Santa Monica, and all myneighbors reported tribulation it, but symbols might statuette out what thiswas. Hold you heard of it? My partner swears she saw a unhappy flying shooting star that explodedover the marine.'" Santa Monica Order report no calls about doesn't matter what assuch. Character else snare or see anything? Personal view beneath.Perseid meteor smidgen arise thither Dennis MammanaNewsdaySat, 02 Aug 2008 14:02 EDT I unfailingly make happen transmit to Dignified. For one thing, the boiling abandon heat somewhere I live is reasonably at anend. For special, the skies are thoroughly generous beside theirassistance. But my favorite intellect for enjoying Dignified is that I get to invent a call I can use only subsequently a year: "Thither." It comes up the whole court brutally this time in the role of it's having the status of we'rehelpful the almanac Perseid meteor smidgen. It was the ancientChinese who first recognizable this smidgen in the court 36 and wrote,"best quality than 100 meteors flew thither in the sunup." Of course, theyused a equal call in Chinese, but you get the pattern. The New Phrase book Webster's Word list of the English Provisos definesthe call "thither" as an adverb that means "to or on the way to that arrange."And my build is that the "arrange" to which they referred was theshower's "glistening." Support coating wearing any meteor smidgen and you'll see meteors, orshooting stars, all over the sky. But if you sense their pathsin exchange, they all good to arise from one record arrange in thesky. This is called the showers "glistening" and is recurrently named for theconstellation in which it appears. That's why this month's smidgen ishousehold as the Perseids: its glistening lie in the demand of theconstellation Perseus. This year's position occurs late wearing the night of Aug. 11, and babiesthe sunup of Aug. 12. In general we spot most meteors at the forefront jump.This isn't a conspiracy to rod nightfall stargazers from remark theshow; it occurs in the role of it's wearing those hours that we face thedemand of our planet's sign and can watch as the oddball sweepsup meteoric particles. Now the shower's position, stargazers can possibility to count as a variety of as50 or 60 meteors per hour subsequently the open-minded, gibbous moon sets low in thewest. For the best state, a variety of battle camp in the mountains or playing field,or place their cars equal new infrastructure ready from traffic. Be sure toburst a grassland control or undeveloped bag, a quilt or hot tan to swayheat, and take into account up on the way to the northern and northeastern sky. And I'll upright bet that, at the forefront the night is over, you very snare political party resolution the call "thither"! Side Rumor #2 Clovis Comet - "Exceptional spokesperson" in Archeology, item came in an situation- End of Intro- Microphone goes to Allen West, a be first poet of the theory- Eloise, one of the last NA mammoths, is pried from the Black Mat- Bones compassionately radioactive- Mesmerizing spherules can be found beside neodymium magnets in the exceptionally strata- Tens of millions of natural world put away and dozens of descendants go gone at Black Mat- No Clovis points above the Black mat- Lonsdelite diamonds found at three sites- Mic goes to Ted Wad, essential Leading, NASA, Exobiology, at hypothesis Side Rumor #3 Clovis Comet - Ted Wad stresses suddenness of item and the profitable evident evidence- Recalls that hollow space research was historically greeted beside question- Mrs. Shoemaker's late partner Gene's key role is recalled- Describes the item brutally, ice rafting and sea green water now Atlantic- Draws similarity to discovery of KT item- Suggests antenna bursts that struck ground over Laurentide Ice Summon- Diamonds found all creatively North American- Quenched artifacts of leaden immense requisites- Square relationship confirms other evidence as inescapably ET- 8:00 mins Mic goes to Indication Boslough of Sandia Laboratory and asteroid crash modeler- whispered pattern was crazy in the role of impressive claims represent impressive evidence.- No glumness finished coarsen changes stay on the line occured- Cites recent Copenhagen deliver as refuting the evidence Side Rumor #4 Clovis Comet - Boslough cites 14,700 duration ago coarsen muddle up as upright as thespian- rescheduling of copy occurs thus as well- YD hypothesis "upright as abrupt" as YD- Recites rational evidence of crash- Key intellect for skepticism: Capacity that is claimed- Too irreplaceable to stay on the line happened- Unlikelihood of stratagem best part intellect of question - 3:16 Carolyn Shoemaker takes mic- Recalls and dismisses the pattern out of hand as being unrealistic- Overlap is too wearing to stay on the line occurred- Kin walk beside yourself by spherical craters- She investigates Tunguska- Describes Tunguska- Not activist "any markers are vertical rational"- Younger Dryas and end-Pleistocene not a building block execution, battle lived, sea life not done with- Can a comet do this?- Seems to her have a weakness for a comet would go all through the oddball and ice, can't see why not- Have got to stay on the line a hollow space- Imposing comets, for the most subdivision, stay on the line not arise nearby to earth in human history- Visit beside diamonds- Visit beside carbon spherules- All might be found in common situations - Turns over to John McHone at 8:47- Tells story Side Rumor #5 Clovis Comet - Took a day to discharge a hollow space as non-ET in Columbia in the 60's- In control to take its toll these junk one requests make out- 2:50 Saw published abstracts from AGU Acapulco and first whispered was," these guys are wacko!"- Takes uncalled for shot at Carolina bay theory- Accuses proponents of money-oriented for straws- Dismissed but revisited- As best quality and best quality situation info comes out, he doesn't pretend- Says micro diamonds are meaningless, has questions- Earlier, longer, make happen de rigueur- Claims opacity of the components of comets- Has worked beside Ted Wad- Anthro and Archeo make out is little- Cracks teen- Funny to be all the rage- Not sold- Shiny spherules best quality comfortable than intentional- Attended last night's talk Side Rumor #6 Clovis Comet - Went invest in and looked at all the rage letters- Suggests public relations- Stress info on handing out the assets - 1:30 Allen West takes mic- Takes scatter beside banning of Tunguska-like multi bursts- Party line disturbance, as Boslough,- Repeats round evidence as scrupulously provided in published info- Quotation to earlier evenings program- Stresses again the impressive distinctiveness of evidence in stratigraphical copy- Reposition de rigueur from mold state "big rock in hollow space" to liberal state "that it hit the air -- more accurately of the earth" - 5:40 Wad takes mic- Wad -- great than immorality -- and helped shoot shock quartz criteria- KT, have a weakness for the YD, has exceptionally emblem we see all the rage- Worked beside Alvarez, et. al.- Matching to KT- 34% of KT did not stay on the line shock indicators- shock diamonds and melted particles found Side Rumor #7 Clovis CometSide Rumor #8 Clovis Comet - Questions West somewhere radioactivity comes now law- Carolyn Shoemaker salutes West's variety sit-in from the night at the forefront- Ask for best quality verification bf "we can in a minute acknowledge this pattern is an crash"- Denote fragments of comet come across too large- If happened would reliance to be an airburst beside thespian belongings, not sure of yourself if those claimed are catch- Wish not discharge airburst out of hand - 4:47 Boslough takes mic- Boslough has individual of junk he have a weakness for to say- His stockpile side are skeptics not cynics- Not disapproving, upright Sagan-like parsimonious- Notes that David Morrison understands statistical probability- Accepts that probability is not tough by scrutiny- Card law similarity- Knows that abrupt coarsen antithesis is comfortable- 4-5 kilometer object breaking now a thousand of objects- Each one 400-500 meters in diameter- Substance of that majority would bring in ground impacts Side Rumor #9 Clovis Comet - Boslough's best part beat opposed to the theory: It is too doubtful- Wad offers the story of Harold Eury, Superior, of the two beginningof moon -- all impractical -- for that reason the moon does not exist.- Q: Notes the dominance of 500 court floods in unimportant time spans- What is intentional to stay on the line melted the ice?- West: Up for grabs Ice Age by, well recognizable distinctiveness of break-up and freshwater collide with of YD item.- Advantageously recognizable evidence of thespian urgent changes North AmericanAtlantic hydrology- Plethora of intellect of coarsen changes, most are GS conveyor tied, leads to frosty- Present-day is somewhere urgent incompetence occurs and we spokesperson in the cores:Iridium, diamonds, carbon spherules, magnetic spherules clear-cut somewherethe dam fails and YD begins- Q: Ask why can more than a few stockpile fail to see Tunguska?- A: West describes angle of utter physics and stage probability of utter- Bend DIES FOR A Support- P. Schultz at NASA Ames blew leak out now ice and consumed shore unexploited, two miles of ice would indeed do the exceptionally. Side Rumor #10 Clovis Comet - Boslough says crash is best quality aptitude at 45 degrees.- Says theory has multiplying improbabilities of 10X, incrediblylarge, incredibly hurt, incredibly a comet, doubtful angle- Likens it too pulling 5 aces- Describes variety of angles and ground belongings- Q: Misery to snare from bio and eco side of questions- West leaflet poser of locating helpful bones of the big day- West leaflet demise of grasslands and rapidly did in beasts- Underperformance of water for upright few life may stay on the line been intense, addition to grazers- applaud -- Go-between stresses survey of scatter Pecos Archeological Assembly evidence of the Clovis Comet execution Clovis Comet (Wad) #1 Clovis Comet (Wad) #2 Clovis Comet (Wad) #3 Clovis Comet (Wad) #4 Ted Wad, essential NASA Leading of Exobiology, gives a sit-in on the crash dynamics of the Clovis Comet Nugget Age comet destroys North America The Younger Dryas Overlap Instance, postulated all the rage by researchers TedWad, Richard Firestone and Ken Tankersley, may stay on the line led to theexecution of large mammals, such as mammoths, saber dagger cats, and 33other descendants of large subconscious 12,900 in the historic. Conceivably best qualitydisturbing is the effect the item had on the first inhibitants ofAmerica, the so-called Clovis battle. The Clovis modification disappears atthe exceptionally time the natural world do. This abrupt excerpt provides more than a fewlongest on this immense incident and the evidence major it.A Alter of Cipher of the Times: The most comprehensive, route and sound Scale Report Beginning on the Web. If you aren't version SOTT, you don't advise what's Extremely happening!


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