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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Alien Mysteries Coming To Us Television

Alien Mysteries Coming To Us Television


The Canadian UFO television series "Alien Mysteries" is coming to the United States.


"Alien Mysteries" just debuted on "Discovery Canada" on March 3. But according to "C21Media", the cable network "Destination America" (a "Discovery"-owned network) is bring the show to a U.S. audience.

A recreation of an abduction case on Alien Mysteries. (Credit: Discovery Canada)

Describing the show, Discovery Canada's website explains that "Alien Mysteries" is "a fantastically creative and imaginative new take on some of the most enduring UFO mysteries from the last 50 years. Each story is backed up by credible witnesses, investigative reports, and tangible evidence such as physical markings, photographs, radar reports, and videos."


"Alien Mysteries" premieres on "Destination America" in April. And, in the near future, the show will reportedly appear on various international channels owned by "Discovery".


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