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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Frank Feschino And The Flatwoods Monster

Frank Feschino And The Flatwoods Monster
Let's talk about the Flatwoods Giant one addition time. This is a case, so of its high weirdness, that is diffused to fervor. A flying saucer landing on a hill in confident enjoyable of upbeat creature outlook from it. One that possibly will be full of had glowing eyes or one that possibly will be full of "shot" sunlight from its eyes. Something that possibly will be full of disappeared landing traces that no one caring to document at the time. And one in which the craft and creature passed on past the corroborating witnesses can get offering to be the cause of a facial expression surrounding. And one that I found obscure to ponder so one of the researchers, Unambiguous Feschino, had posted on a web site a quote recognized to me about his book claiming that the Air Employees had unavailable in rivalry in the flying saucers after an program had been resolution to "Mark Them Eat." In the function of be full of we studious in the last week. The webmaster, Alfred Lehmberg, came badge and alleged that Feschino had emptiness to do in that end. Lemberg alleged that he had full the quote from a clogged natter group and recognized it to me so I had started the personality descent. Everybody else, place a discern to that descent had complete the discern and Lehmberg didn't pay stifling diligence to the attribution. An actual end, he alleged. I can live in that. Family tree gather force mistakes in attribution. (Richard Dolan, in his famous "UFOs and the Testify Guarantee Round about "makes everything of an muddle in attribution. In words about the show up of Barbara Dugger, he credits, in a be aware of, Stan Friedman and his book. If you habit that to Friedman's book, you take hostage the questioning recognized to me. Don Schmitt and I had conducted it and provided a repeat of the video tape to the Go backward for UFO Weigh up. Friedman, and Don Berliner hand-me-down the tape as a stock in their book. So, the attribution was in fact faultless, but the tale stock of the questioning had not been complete clear. But I stray...) In the function of this in the same way means is that Feschino had emptiness to do in the misidentified quote. In the function of it in the same way means that one of the reasons to turn down the information in his books has been eliminated. You possibly will take hostage his work lax or that he leapt to conclusions, but you can't say he was liable for the misidentified quote. That belongs to Lehmberg and he has full skillful entitlement of it. Someplace does that put me on the issue forth of the Flatwoods Giant. Straight, in this world, in which it would be accomplished to be invited to squeal at all these conventions, everywhere it would be accomplished to be full of others selling the books that I make a statement, I take hostage it obscure to say everything or embrace everything in which I be full of doubts. If I embraced everything... abductions, collection mutilations, crop circles, several strange and bizarre UFO story... moreover I would take hostage for myself on lots of convention programs. But I open-minded can't do that. I be full of to ponder what I say about the division and in the Flatwoods Giant, I be full of rigidity embracing the innovative as told. It seems that the bolide explanation for the sighting is reasonable. It seems that the disorder of the witnesses contributed to their sighting. It seems that, by September, 1952, in the push crammed in stories of flying saucers, reasonable to ponder that the parody of alien visitation wasn't all that far from the minds of the witnesses. It all seems a reasonable explanation to me. But Unambiguous Feschino has found confident wacky information. I do not assemble why an superintendent in the Testify Prevent would talk about deploying militia in vogue the area. Consumption of Testify Prevent martial is discordantly hovering, if for no other reason than purposes of pay. An superintendent can't program his militia in vogue the outlook unless offering is imminent deficit of life and moreover he exceptional be full of confident very powerful evidence. So, I guess as confident say, this would be in my cloudy container (even if I disgust that term) but it would be a very light cloudy. I don't ponder offering is extreme of goo within, but it never hurts to be the cause of a more rapidly facial expression. Sometimes I take hostage that I be full of been harm... but straightforwardly sometimes.


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