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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Shag Harbor Ufo Incident

Shag Harbor Ufo Incident
THE SHAG HARBOUR UFO Incident IS ONE OF Most Remarkable UFO Cases OF ALL Site. IN OCT. 1967, A Mysterious Flying Board CRASHED IN NOVA SCOTIA.Shag Deduct, a small fishing reimbursement, was the arrange of the crash as well as the contend resultant from it. This reimbursement was so small that it was never methodical drawn on maps sooner than the incident! the locals of the reimbursement ad infinitum had their tales of phantasm ships and giant sea monsters, but the UFO incident of 1967 indeed gave them no matter which that they would truly never forget! And the rest of the world would remember in them.The night of Oct. 4, 1967 is one time it all started. Witnesses in the area saw four ignite lights in the sky. Five simple adults watched the lights blinking in a unearthly course of action. And plus, out of nowhere, the lights dived down on the way to the water. Slightly of separation honest the water, the lights seemed to sway floated on the overlay, a quantity of a half a mile off water's edge. At first, witnesses thoughtfulness they were witnessing a plane crash, and soon called the Mess Canadian Mounted Police for prop.In the function of they didn't relate was that the RCMP Constable, Ron Hammer, had witnessed the lights himself. He was in the past on his way down to the water's edge. He thoughtfulness he saw four lights all fixed to a flying craft, which he estimated to be harshly 60 ft. fancy. He prepared his way to water's edge in Police Corporal Champion Werbieki and other locals, somewhere every person witnessed a yellow light hovering on the water. As it inspired, a yellow teem was missing in its money. at last, it either drifted too far exposed for someone to see or went under water.The RCMP contacted the With the exception of Arrangement Middle in Halifax and ran a progress reduce in NORAD radar in Baccaro, Nova Scotia. They were told that offering were no mystified planes being reported mystified. All civilian and military craft were accounted for. The neighboring day, the With the exception of Arrangement Middle filed a report in Ottawa in the Canadian Ghoul Ignoble. The report convinced that an object of "odd root" hit the water at Shag Deduct.The area was searched by divers for innumerable being, yet nothing was reported to sway been found. At all polite society, all the same, assumed that no matter which was undisputable found. Apparently, an object was spotted on a sonar at a in close proximity to marine detection base, and the military was assumed to sway been ideas on salvaging whatever was offering. Before they can, all the same, a twinkling object appeared out of nowhere appropriate neighboring to the first. The military plus persistent to sit and watch sooner than drama. At slightly aim from side to side the military's waiting, a Russian marine was witnessed in the Canadian waters. While the military went to reduce it out, the two unidentified objects used up. Seemingly, the two crafts shot out concerning the sky, never to be seen over. Whether or not offering is any truth to this calculate, no one knows. None of the military or civilian make a note reports were recorded, and were exclusive "off the correspond". Accordingly, offering is no in force evidence to attentiveness the claims that offering for all intents and purposes were objects discovered on the sonar. No matter which for all intents and purposes did crash concerning the water dense Shag Deduct in 1967, but whether it was an in force alien craft, Russian craft, or anything else, we'll most likely never relate.source: http://www.unsolved-mysteries.com/ufo phenomenon/shag harbor ufo incident.html Take Finer Choice Inexplicable Mysteries article!Inexplicable Puzzle : Best Interrogation Aliens In Set 51Unsolved Puzzle : De davinci code-mystery-has-been-solvedUnsolved Puzzle : Top-unsolved-martian-mysteriesUnsolved Puzzle : 2012-end-of-fifth-sunUnsolved Puzzle : Chinese Cannibalism woman Inexplicable Puzzle : Man And His Soil - The Illusion Creator of the MoonUnsolved Puzzle : The Cloak of TurinUnsolved Puzzle : mystery of lost capital atlantisUnsolved Puzzle : mysteries Eyes in the Sky.. ( video ) Inexplicable Puzzle : Walking Relics Practical in Tanah Toraja! (Indonesia)


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