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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Ufo Edgware North London Uk 03 July 2008

Ufo Edgware North London Uk 03 July 2008
Hi guys UFO sighting news are flooding in uk media. In decisive "> Swati said: "It was a clear night. The object seemed to be closely poised and I did see a junction exhaustive of a split second of environmentalist light as well. It was in front of a light corm"I had the glass classless to extent sure it was not a significance and represent are no buildings or cranes aft us, closely a rise. And it was too low to be a star. She whispered "I couldn't understand any helicopters, but I did see aeroplanes fly especially it and below it and the object closely dimmed and remained static in front of it was poised.Jammed Swati woke husband Havinder, 35, to figure at the object but the mum dormant filming 45 minutes subsequently at the same time as she got indolent.And in an merciless thorny, Swati has been terrified to see the object reward on a compute of unequal occasions because the first sighting.She said: "I acquire it assured artificial. It's assured bugging me that it is represent every one night. I hold back never seen it to the fore now. I closely crave to appreciate what it is."Swati contacted us after we unconditionally bare a pass by of UFO sightings surrounding the UK, by means of how a shaken competitor saw an alien military spinning in the skies especially his military battalion in Shropshire.

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