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Rendlesham Forest Ufo Alien Sightings Disinformation Prt 2

Rendlesham Forest Ufo Alien Sightings Disinformation Prt 2
In our first part of the alledged alien landing at the Bentwaters RAF Woodbridge base in Rendlesham Forest we looked at the original report filed by Lt Colonel Charles Halt of the united states air force.

In this report, the Colonel suggested that on the 28th December 1981 he and other USAF personnel witnessed an alien craft landing in the Rendlesham Forest woods just outside the military base. In this installment of the Rendlesham Forest incident we will dissect this report further.

Contrary to the dates provided on the report it would appear that the initial event actually took place on the night of the 26th December 1980. Local Suffolk Police were called to the scene at 4.11am on the 26th December 1980 to view for themselves the unidentified lights hovering in the sky and forest of Rendlesham. The police report on record suggests that nothing of significance was observed at the time other than the lights emanating from the local Orfordness light house.

A further visit to the site from the local Suffolk Police was undertaken on the morning of the 27th December to observe the 'landing marks' sighted within the forest itself. It is reported that the officers attending assumed the three depressions in the ground to have been caused by Rabbits.

The conflicting dates recorded by that of Colonel Charles Halt and the local Police force bear further scrutiny. You would be forgiven for thinking that a highky ranked Lt. Colonel in the USAF would be in a position to correctly identify dates in which arguably a significant event in his life was observed. However, in this case it appears not. This raises further questions regarding the motives for inputting the incorrect dates of the sightings.

It is noted that on the 26th December 1981 the overall commander of the Woodbridge base, commander Gordon Williams was present on the 26th and some references to himself and others confiscating evidence obtained at the site is known. Several portable cameras were being used by witnesses of the event and it is understood that this evidence along with soil samples taken from the landing site were also confiscated by Gordon Williams.

To surmise for a moment upon these conflicting dates; could the reason behind these statistical errors be due to some form of disinformation to render reliable evidence inadmissible?

Consider this;

Investigation of the released MoD files show that inquiries around the radar reports of the 27th ">Tags:rendlesham forest, bentwaters air base, woodbridge air base, bentwaters raf, usaf ufo, uk ufo sighting, alien sightings"


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