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Triangle Ufos What Are They

Triangle Ufos What Are They
In the last 20 to 30 years you will find an abundance of UFO reports describing "V" shaped or Triangular craft. They are often silent, have multiple glowing amber or white round lights on the underside, and range in size from relatively small to as large as a mile wide, as in the case of the Phoenix Lights incident back in 1997. The Phoenix Lights incident is one of the most compelling UFO cases in history, with hundreds if not thousands of credible folks who clearly witnessed an extremely large "V" shaped craft fly over a good swath of Southern Arizona, including the greater Phoenix area. While triangle or "V" shaped UFO sightings are not commonly as large as witnesses described in Phoenix, they are quite numerous. Other sightings worth noting would be the Boomerang shaped Hudson Valley New York UFO sightings in the early 1980's and the Belgian Triangle UFO wave from 1989 to 1990.

So what are these craft? There are some who claim these sightings to be experimental airships that are being tested by the government or by government funded aerospace companies. The video at the bottom of the post is a promo for JP Aerospace, and their ATO Airship to Orbit program which is in full swing. What's interesting is the fact that this program uses an Ascender airship, which is a fairly large "V" shaped craft, and a second "V" shaped craft, an Orbital airship which is about a mile long... sounds familiar huh?

It would be easy to point to programs such as this one as the smoking gun in many cases where "V" shaped or triangular craft are witnessed. But there are many problems with that assumption, at least in regards to this particular program.

Clearly, these craft are not what witnesses have been reporting. For starters, the "mile long" Orbital airship is a "lighter than air" craft that can only be built and flown at 140,000 feet or it would not survive within the turbulence of earth's atmosphere. The Ascender airship? Its just a big "V" shaped balloon which will float up vertically to very high altitudes... so it basically will fly in a similar fashion to any airship or intelligently controlled balloon. Certainly this craft is not capable of incredible speeds, or the gravity defying maneuvers that have been described in many of the triangular UFO reports. The ATO craft specifications don't seem to fit most of the UFO report descriptions either, in many ways, including the lights that are often witnessed on the reported crafts. However, this program is only one example. We can only imagine what similar top secret technologies the government may be working on.

Let us not forget the fabled TR-3B, if it does exists it could be responsible for many triangle UFO reports over the last two decades. But a government black project supposedly based on reverse engineered alien craft is entirely another discussion in itself. There is an ongoing debate on the existence of the TR-3B and its counterparts and there is much to explore in regards to this craft. It is also worth mentioning that the TR-3B's alleged maiden flight was not until sometime in the early 90's which would not account for the Belgian sightings which occurred previously. There are numerous claims that the Belgian sightings were actually sightings of the TR-3B. Regardless of the dates, we must ask... why would the U.S. government fly a top secret craft around Europe instead of the many remote and secured areas we have here in the U.S.?

Then there are claims that the government has built and flown "lighter than air" transport craft, delta or triangular in shape with ground based, possibly microwave or tether based propulsion. Others suggest that the craft may be using electrokinetic or electrostatic propulsion in which electrostatic fields accelerate ions in the air surrounding the craft to produce reaction force and create lift. While these technologies do exist, I still find it unlikely that a "lighter than air" craft as large as a mile wide would be able to handle the turbulence and surface winds of the Earth's atmosphere.

Next we have the Stealth Blimp... often mentioned as the possible culprit behind some triangle UFO reports. But just look at the image below... I think you will agree there is no point in discussing further.

Last but not least, you have the most reasonable question to ask in many reported triangle UFO cases... why would the government fly top secret experimental craft over populated areas... over Phoenix Arizona at 8:30pm on a clear evening for example.

There is certainly a possibility that some triangle UFO sightings are "ours" but this cannot account for all reports of triangular craft. In fact, triangle UFOs have been reported since the 1960's. It is doubtful that we had anything in the air, experimental or not, back then to explain some of the early triangle UFO reports. There are many questions, in fact more questions than answers on the subject of triangle UFOs. The mystery and the speculation deepens with every new sighting.

What do you think they are? Please comment. I would love to hear your theories.

Check out the ATO promo video below. Please let me apologize in advance for the soundtrack that JP Aerospace chose for this video... wow... not a good choice. I have also included a link to the brochure for the ATO program. It is an interesting program even though it does not provide any answers on the triangle UFO mystery, but its all food for thought.

JP Aerospace: ATO Program Brochure


Reference: mayan-secrets.blogspot.com


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