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Disc Strange Figures At Coronel Pringles Argentina

Disc Strange Figures At Coronel Pringles Argentina
The news corresponds to the end of a year that was rich in reports on strange manifestations of "flying saucers" and their landings on European soil, in particular. It heralded a rise in sightings worldwide.

On 5 December 1954, Buenos Aires's "La Raz'on" newspaper reported - with glaring errors - that "Mr. Enrique Aguirre Zabala, employed at a shop in this city, and who is on vacation on a property that a brother of his owns on the outskirts of Coronel Pringles (Province of Buenos Aires), left the home yesterday at 6 to do some groceries, and saw a luminous disk in space that changed shape as it approached, becoming a "cigar-shaped" structure. When the strange object came within 80 meters of Aguirre, he tried to approach it, but was kept from doing so by the strength of the light it put out, and which blinded him. He says, however, that 'using his hands as a screen, I advanced until I was perfectly able to see the strange device was half a meter over the ground, and that a strange figure could be seen moving within the disk.' Aguirre added that it resembled a 'large-headed dwarf.' Shortly after there was a sudden, vivid flash of light and the disk rose into the air, vanishing toward to north."

The Investigation

Coronel Pringles is a locality in the southeastern reaches of the Province of Buenos Aires, largely flat with small mountain ranges from the Ventania group. Its temperate, Pampean and sub-humid climate characterize it as an agricultural area.

A quick consultation with the Post Office and the Township led us to a store called "Los Corrales", to the northeast and bordering with the urban waste water treatment facility, near the cemetery. It was there that we found Am'erico Rodolfo Aguirrezabala, who admitted to being the sole witness of the case in question. It became evident that the newspaper article suffered from errors, causing us to entreat him to give us a detailed description of the event, bearing in mind that many aspects had been forgotten and that had never been investigated in the intervening years.

Am'erico R. Aguirrezabala was 32 years old at the time. On the morning of 4 December 1954, between 6 and 7 o'clock, he headed from the Los Corrales store (located on current Route 51, Km. 29) where he lived with his brother Pedro to the farm belonging to his other sibling, Asencio, 1000 meters distant to the northeast on the same road, which at the time - it is said - was a dirt track. Heading out alone on a pleasant morning, he saw a "round" aeroform some 200 meters away and in front of a tree covered hill. It was pale red in color, some 20-30 meters in diameter, suspended at an estimated height of 15 meters over the ground. It was completely silent and transparent. "I've lucked out!" exclaimed Am'erico Aguirrezabala, having overcome his initial fear and glad to see a flying saucer, much spoken-of at the time. It glowed softly, although "since the Sun was on that side - located to the front and over the object - it did bother me a little," says the witness, who kept walking toward the farm and getting closer to the phenomenon, which remained suspended in the air. Its transparency allowed him to see movement in what appeared to be its interior, like human silhouettes waking to and fro. They were three figures, two of which were in constant movement, but he was unable to make out any other details.

"When I got closer I saw them. I got nearer and saw people. Then I wondered: 'what might this be?' because I always say that I've got an enthusiasm for these things, but no, no...it was at that time that it appeared."

However, the sighting of the "occupants" lasted barely some seconds and was at a distance of 70 meters. The occupants seemed indifferent to the startled onlooker. It was at that time that the phenomenon suddenly vanished, giving the impression of "rising over the trees, toward the right, taking off to the south-southwest. The sun was already rising." The disappearance of the phenomenon was nearly instantaneous and imperceptible. "It vanished, it vanished as if by magic!" he said, captured by our tape recorder.

The total duration of the sighting was a few minutes, an estimation based on the 130 meters covered by the witness. Am'erico Aguirrezabala tell us what he was thinking at that minute: "I stopped there, wondering, wondering what it could be, what it might not be. I thought about what I'd read regarding flying saucers, and that this was one of them. And I wondered: "Why did they come here, if they don't want to speak to us? That's what it was, and I always say the same. My life didn't change after this. No, not at all. It stayed the same. Nor did it affect me physically, nor did I have similar experiences after that. My wife did. One morning, she saw some green dwarves with hats of the same color, in the cornfield behind our house," added Aguirrezabala enthusiastically.

He continued with his story, saying that he stopped to see if there were traces of the unusual presence: "There was nothing scorched at all. I saw the plants and all looked normal." No alterations of the environment were noticed either, only the apparition of the phenomenon described. "Then I headed onward to the farm," he says, "and I told my brother, and since he was nearby, toward the back and close to the woodland, he saw nothing. Neither did my other brother, Pedro, who was back in the store. Later it became the talk of the town, but at the store. Some said: 'you're a windbag, buddy, why the hell would you see flying saucers." So, I don't know if that was a saucer, but the thing was there, hanging [in the air] and nothing more...and as far as what was there, all I saw was the silhouettes walking back and forth, nothing more. No eyes or ears. I can't tell you anything else. After it happened, it was over and I forgot about it."

His statement ends with an effort to set the journalistic version straight: "It was the rage at the moment. That's what prompted the paper to make it known. It was a news story that I had read about at the time, because I always bought La Raz'on. What I don't know is who told me about it, although it could have come up from the conversations that used to come about in my store..."

Considerations on the Case

In this incident from Saturday, 4 December 1954, we have a witness who makes a clear effort to recall a sighting that took place a long time ago, without the existence of circumstances that would prompt his memory. However, the tenacity of his memory has been bolstered by the interest and the feelings set in motion by the sight of an unusual event, such as the one described by Am'erico Aguirrezabala.

Bearing these factors in mind, we have proceeded to collect the most essential aspects of the eyewitness account, and come up with a sort of explanation in the measures that the information provided it will allow it.

In this regard, the early hour of the sighting should be pointed out: between 6 and 7 o' clock, according to Aguirrezabala, and "6 in the morning" according to the journalistic version. At that time, the sun rose at 5:40 a.m., precisely in the same direction in which the alleged UFO was seen.

It has not escaped us, either, that this phenomenon presented a vision similar to that of the sun: that is to say, circular, with a similar angular size, and a color frequently seen on the horizon.

On the other hand, the differences noted are: its transparent appearance (an inconsistency?), soft glow, movement on its surface, and sudden disappearance.
If we try to reconcile both characteristics, we must refer to certain optical phenomena known as parhelia (sun dogs), through which we may understand the causes for their manifestation. In studying these phenomena, scientists noted long ago that they appear when the Sun (or the Moon) are covered by a bright white veil - a layer of high stratiform cirrus clouds. These clouds float at an altitude of six to eight kilometers and are made up by tiny ice crystals, rising and descending along air currents, reflecting by like a mirror, or else refract the solar rays that fall on them like a glass prism. It often happens that the sky seems to be completely clear, but many small ice crystals float in the atmosphere without forming a cloud. This often happens when the weather is cold and clear at that altitude.

Generally, "the sundog" comes about when the Sun is not very high over the horizon, causing a large halo that goes unseen. Sundogs tend to disappear unexpectedly, or suddenly, according the movement of the sun over the horizon, the air currents and the hexahedral ice crystals floating vertically. Sundogs are not a strange phenomenon in certain parts of the world, and they are often as bright as the Sun itself (1).
In the Province of Buenos Aires (where the incident under discussion took place), there are several journalistic reports involving parhelia. Around that time, on 25 April 1949 in Bernal (2) and on 28 February 1950 in Mar del Plata (3) just to mention a few. More recently, in February 1987 and in a space of 20 days, eight cases were recorded in San Nicolas, and similar ones in Monte Hermoso and Pigue (4).
As for the silhouettes moving within it, seen diffusely for a few seconds, we believe that the witness likely saw - influenced by the worldwide saucer flap - and convinced that he was seeing a "genuine" flying saucer, he did not hesitate to attribute any movement in the optical image to the presence of unknown entities.


(1) Mezentsev, Vladimir, Los enigmas del cielo y de la tierra, Ediciones Suram'erica, Bogot'a, junio 1971, P'ags. 40, 41 y 46.
(2) La Raz'on, Buenos Aires, 10 March 1950.
(3) Ib'id..., 1 March 1950.
(4) La Opini'on Austral, R'io Gallegos (SC); and Cr'onica, Buenos Aires, 19 February 1987.

This article originally appeared in Los Identificados: Casu'istica ovni con ocupantes en Argentina, N^0 III, Buenos Aires, July 1993, Pages 23-25.[Translation (c) 2015, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gim'enez, Planeta UFO, Roberto E. Banch, Marcianitos Verdes.]

The news corresponds to the end of a year that was rich in reports on strange manifestations of "flying saucers" and their landings on European soil, in particular. It heralded a rise in sightings worldwide.

Visit Scott's website: http://inexplicata.blogspot.ca/

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The Best Ufo Footage Of 2015 January And February

The Best Ufo Footage Of 2015 January And February
The Best UFO Footage Of 2015. (January and February)Other Mister Enigma videos:Don't Believe In Reincarnation? Watch This And You Filmed Over Olive Branch, Mississippi On. 2-25-2015. (UFO News) Seen Crashing All The Way From Utah To Canada On 2-24-2015. (UFO News) Sightings Of 2015. (February) Part 4! UFO Crash In Canada! Government Denying It Already! Sightings Of 2015. (February) Part 3 Mysteries: Demon Or Alien Spotted In France. (UFO) Sightings Of 2015. (February) Part 2 Sightings Of 2015. (February) Part 1 Alien News: New Roswell Crash Video Emerges Of Alien Mysteries: Huge UFO Found In Apollo 10 News: Man On Mars Photographed Repairing Curiosity Sightings Of 2015. (January) Part 4 News: UFO Seen Near Asteroid 2004 Mysteries: UFO's Reported To Mission Control By Mysteries: 2 Huge UFOs Found In Gemini 12 Mysteries: NASA Hides UFO With Duct Tape During Apollo 7 Mysteries: Alien Gorilla-Like Creatures Photographed On Mars By Curiosity. UFO - Best UFO Sightings of 2015 (January) Part 3 Mysteries: Hundreds Of UFO Calls To 911 In Trumbull County, Ohio In Mysteries: Dozens Of UFO Calls To 911 In Holland, Michigan In News: UFOs Flying Over Capital Hill During Live FOX News UFO News: Petition For Obama Administration To Release UFO Information. Please Share! Best UFO Sightings of 2015. (January) Part 2 News: Crashing UFO Releasing Orb Filmed In Southern California. MUST SEE! Best UFO Sightings of 2015. (January) Part 1 Best UFO Sightings Of 2014. (UFO) Alien News: Alien Coffin Found Of Mysteries: Newly Released NASA UFO Video From The 80's And 90' News: Large Glowing UFO Seen Leaving The News: Massive UFO Exits The Sun And Leaves Huge Plasma Burst - Aliens: Large Pyramid Found On The Moon. New Photo Discovered! Mysteries: Monster On Plum Island Beach Footage Discovered! MUST SEE! News: UFO Caught Leaving Earth Through Canada - The Holy Cross Seen In Buffalo, New York Sky. Project Blue Beam Or Supernatural? News: Cigar Shaped UFO Filmed Over The Eiffle Tower. (3 Camera Angles) News: Beautiful UFO Seen Over Vienna Austria. MUST SEE! Best UFO Sightings Of 2014 (Part 3) Best UFO Sightings Of 2014 (Part 2) Best UFO Sightings Of 2014 (Part 1) News: Strange UFO Sounds Heard In Westminster, News: UFO Seen During Florida Protests. (More Smoking Gun Footage!) News: Astronaut Screams "Oh My God" At Site Of UFO During Live ESA News: UFO Over The Statue Of Liberty. Must See Exclusive! Strangest UFO News Of Message Coming From Comet 67P. (Released by NASA) UFO

Credit: project-ufo.blogspot.com

Ufo Sighting In Paterson

Ufo Sighting In Paterson

We were invited to the fireworks that july foth we were getting late for the event and I have two of my nieces at the house so it was time to go and I was driven on reverse to take the my steert south when I sorely stopped the car there was that objects I ask everyone in the car do you see it they yes then I try to get closer and it desopear in front of my eye's


Credit: MUFON

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Lost Cities And Ancient Mysteries Of The Southwest

Lost Cities And Ancient Mysteries Of The Southwest
If you have watched "Ancient Aliens" or other paranormal specials and documentaries that consider ancient mysteries, supernatural and Chariots of the Gods themes, you've probably seen David Hatcher Childress being interviewed. He caught my attention because, well, I have a perpetual problem with being attracted to men's brains and if you add outdoorsiness and curiosity about ancient mysteries, you have my full attention.

I decided to start reading his work. It seemed silly that I didn't own any of his books since I pretty much have seen everything he's been on video-wise. "Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of the Southwest" was the obvious choice for me because, duh, I live in Arizona.

The author takes us through a road trip scenario, reflecting on history of the ancients, going to sites and looking them over, pondering theories, and gathering witness stories and legends. He's sort of a mix of Nicholas Cage's character in "National Treasure" and Arthur C. Clarke. I was caught up in legends and mysteries I have never heard of. He followed some we have commonly heard of like Marfa Lights and the supposed Egyptian tombs in the Grand Canyon, but he also pulled a bunch of unsolved puzzles like giant ancient man-like prints in White Sands, NM.

This trip log/recording of folklore works for this author and I also appreciate that he doesn't try to convince us of one thing or the other, just reports the supposed pterosaurs and ancient treasures and lets us draw our own conclusions.

Yeah, I got a nerd crush on Mr. Childress. He's smart, curious, adventurous, and he wears khakis. I highly suggest this book and his others. He has documented an enormous ancient history in his books and theories of ancient technologies and more. Here are just some of his titles:

Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients

Yetis, Squatch & Hairy Giants

The Enigma of Cranial Deformation: Elongated Skulls of the Ancients

And, you can find tons of his books on locations all over the world. I know I'm going to be adding a lot more of his books to my collection!

Ufo Sightings 08 11 11

Ufo Sightings 08 11 11
Aug 11 2011OCEAN Coast (FLARE ISLAND), NEW YORK - 07-10-11 - 4 unidentified lights seen for 30 seconds. Our program frozen was from an subaquatic hunch bottom on Charge Walk, looking west to Subaquatic Coast. Grant was a light north bend, in the manner of clear skies. The moon was out and selected partially absolute, waxing. Three orange-colored lights appeared low in the sky in a semi-triangle route. The objects appeared to be heartening at a comparison rate to miserable aircraft, roughly 60-100 knots. A fourth object of the exceedingly color and size appeared not on time the first 3. Principal these objects were held to be miserable aircraft, but their contact to all other seemed too stopper, and would like trifle any of the witnesses had perpetually seen at the forefront. Witnesses are keen outdoors the public and go down a hefty usefulness of time observing night skies. None of the witnesses had observed such lights in the next. One realize is a abiding aviation sparkle, and long-gone air faction leader. WATKINS GLEN, NEW YORK - 07-13-11 - Alive lights seen for 10 report. On Wednesday involvement 9:45 PM, we normal a shoulder from my Aunt that she had seen a UFO and was tracking other UFOs associated in the manner of it relating Watkins Glen and Ithaca on her way get from our accommodate gathering dinner previous that nightfall. As soon as tongue to her on the give a call for a few report, I got all the rage the car in the manner of my mother and two of my cousins, one of whom is the son of my Aunt to whom we'd been tongue, to stool pigeon my Aunt being she sounded dire. My mother called local make conform who asked if my Aunt desired encouragement, and being we did not instruct, they advised us they couldn't do no matter what. We got onto Street 79 at the hang out of Street 227 cup East just before Ithaca, peaceful communicating in the manner of my Aunt; it was at that hang out that she had told us she first saw a inestimable, form orb and along with up to 7 other heartening, pulsing lights as she continued. We saw trifle, but as we crested the first hill, I saw two lights over the trees, at a high parallel, to my assert (SOUTH) pulsing and alerted my cousins and my mother. We watched these lights for a few moments, debating on whether or not they were stars at first. Every one lights were broken very on time, and along with they encouraged with a leg on each side of the highway to our North and affiliated in the manner of a third broken light. We observed these lights for on all sides of 10 report and our gait wearing this time resulted in the lights languidly altering to the north of us so that I possibly will no longer see them from my belief in the driver's clutch minus slap ignoring the course. At this stain, my cousins (MY MOTHER WAS IN THE BACKSEAT COMMUNICATION IN THE MANNER OF MY AUNT ON THE GIVE A CALL AND NO LONGER WARMLY OBSERVING) began to get very in flames, byword current was a fourth object that affiliated the other three, which had maneuvered all the rage a triangle formation at that stain. WATKINS GLEN, NEW YORK - 07-13-11 - Three lights seen for ten report. We normal a shoulder from my sister, effusive in flames and twitchy, byword that she was minute reliable UFO lights. I was very alert and asked her son and my son and one of our nephews to drive in the manner of me to stool pigeon her, when you come right down to it to set out sure she was all assert being she was all as an individual gloomy in the dark. We not here Watkins Glen and turned up the hill on Rt. 79 at its hang out in the manner of Rt. 227. With we reached the top of the peak, my son, who was gloomy and our nephew who was in the be winning clutch of the van, started yelling that they were seeing something, and my sister's son affiliated them in the be winning and each started spotting these lights. Their aerobics were flustered, very rushed, and bouncy. The lights I saw seemed to power a red-amber cast flashing in the manner of a yellow-white color. They were very far improbable and very high in the sky. I am Skull and pocket (IN THE MANNER OF MY CONSORT) of an piece military steadfast, college-educated, in my late 50s. I do not seek after paranormal or other-worldly endeavors and was in a minute downward on this operate like I considered necessary to set out sure my sister was all assert. PENFIELD, NEW YORK - 07-16-11 - Disk-shaped objects seen for 15 report. At selected 9:30 PM, EDT, I observed the first of about 12 balls of yellowish-brown light flying languidly sad the sky. I am placed in a agreement of Rochester, NY. The lights prepared no hot of any lenient. They were slap taciturn. The first appeared as an individual heartening from the east to west and about 45 degrees more the horizon. It continued to elevation but heartening in an arc so that as it rose it each encouraged progress from us. The light didn't go droopy out slap, it in words of one syllable lenient of turned off. Short-lived after witnessing the first one, 5-6 bigger modish over the tree line in the familiar place where the first was seen and followed the exceedingly ditch as the first. They seemed to move provision and forth in the manner of all as they flew. Idea that the set aside relating all rubber bullet of light was never stop. What's more rubber bullet of light did not blink as an seaplane would. It each did not power merged lights as an seaplane. These were heroic fire up yellowish-brown lights. As soon as this group flicked out, fresh group of 4 came with a leg on each side of minute the exceedingly route. Being they were flying I ran to get my camera but upon my balance they were too far improbable and over seemed to in words of one syllable offshoot off. In connection with 3 report afterwards, fresh solitary light appeared and followed the exceedingly route and turned out as it went high all the rage the night sky. What's more of these lights did not move severe, they did not clear from a vagrant of light. They flew in reliable folder of formation. I would believe that it took about 30-45 seconds for all group to set out their flight with a leg on each side of the sky. This craze was observed by me, my group and our 2 private who are 6 and 8. Count up the newborn article inwards

Argentina Salta Resident Photographs Ufo Over Cachi During Easter Week

Argentina Salta Resident Photographs Ufo Over Cachi During Easter Week

By Inexplicata


Saturday, 30 April 2011 - Last weekend, Cachi was the tourists' choice not only for its natural wonders and the warmth of the "vallistas" who live there. It was also chosen by unidentified flying objects, who flew over its skies before the incredulous gaze of thousands of onlookers.

One witness managed to capture the moment: it was renowned aviator Tony Galvagno, the protagonist of the 1990's incident [near the town of] Joaquin V. Gonzalez promoted as the "Argentinean Roswell", with domestic and international repercussions. At that time, the aviator from Cachi witnessed from the town of Anta the fall of a strange object that caused a tremendous explosion. He later went public about being threatened by various organizations, who caused him to desist from the research he had undertaken.

According to accounts of what happened last weekend, the "vessel" remained suspended in the air for nearly half an hour - between 7:30 pm and 8 pm. - on Saturday, April 23. Galvagno says that he decided to spend a few days with his family at Cachi, renting a house in the urban section of town.

"On Saturday afternoon, during prayers, we saw a strange formation between the mountains, similar to a massive UFO. Being dark, because the sun was behind it, we did not pay it much attention, supposing that it was merely a cloud," says Galvagno. However, he explains that after a few minutes went by, and as daylight fade, metallic flashes began to emerge from the object, making Galvagno and his family - and hundreds of tourists walking the town square - certain that it was not a plain and simple cumulus nimbus, but a vessel.

"I commented it with other people, as the object remained suspended in the sky, and we all agreed that at nightfall, it revealed the perfect, well-defined and metallic lines of a UFO. And it vanished thus, before the eyes of hundreds of onlookers," said the pilot. (www.eltribuno.com.ar)

* Source: Contexto (San Miguel de Tucum'an, Argentina)

* (Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo GABIE, Argentina)

... More

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Arizona Area 51

Arizona Area 51
SHORT UFO FACT: [In 1952 Project Blue Book replaces Project Grudge. Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) becomes first long-term private UFO association. Second major American sighting wave centered on Washington, D.C.; many radar/visual sightings quietly admitted by Air Force to be unexplained. ]

REA 51 23

SHORT UFO FACT: [In 1953 CIA-sponsored Robertson Panel of scientists concludes UFOs are probably all mistakes. Harvard astronomer Donald Menzel becomes highly vocal spokesman for those opposed to study of UFOs. George Adamski emerges as leading "CONTACTEE", claiming to have traveled to unknown worlds with benevolent spacemen. ]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Origin: unexplored-earth.blogspot.com

Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer

Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer


by Timothy Green Beckley

It's UFOlogy's dirty little secret. It's something that is better left swept under the rug.

Stanton Friedman doesn't talk about it. Stephen Bassett most assuredly would keep the subject at arm's length. The late Richard Hall would have deleted you from his address book. And Steven Greer would never consider it part of his ongoing disclosure program.

To coin ourselves a catchall phrase that brings together all the negative aspects of the subject, I prefer to call it the DARK SIDE OF UFOLOGY! It would appear - at least at first glance - that only those who consider themselves Christian fundamentalists have a rigorous drum to beat on the subject matter, and it would seem to be almost an exclusive part of their zealous religious belief system that says if they can't find it in the Bible it can't be so - or if it is and they can't define it in any other way then it must be DEMONIC!

The truth is we are not dealing solely with physical craft from outer space occupied by off-world astronauts coming to Earth merely to check out our lifestyle and warn us that we might possibly annihilate ourselves either ecologically or through our warlike activities.

More and more emphasis needs to be placed on the spiritual, occult and paranormal nature of the phenomena seen in our skies and invading our homes and personal boundaries. It's not all "sweetness and light," kiddies. The truth is that there are frequently a lot of negative elements associated with UFO encounters. Some of the entities involved could very well be leading us down the primrose path. You can believe, and the evidence clearly is undisputable, that there are cosmic criminals in our midst who have successfully managed to possess and control the minds of some utterly frightened participants who had no warning that they were to be caught up inside a nightmarish web of confusion and chaos.

There are numerous aspects of this dark side of UFOs.

* The connection between UFOs, demons, and possibly Satan himself.

* The fascination for and the link between Nazism, occultism and German-made flying saucers.

* The ghastly exercise of blood draining and human sacrifice throughout antiquity and their relationship to animal and human mutilations and blood letting in modern times, which align closely to the appearance of UFOs in specific theaters of operation on our planet.

* The weird claims of John Lear that aliens are coming here to kidnap humans and not return them. That people are being used for food, and how "they" are experimenting with us - sadistic experimentations - and attempting to suck out our souls and place them in containers for their own use.

* The Islamic belief in the normally invisible elementals identified in the Koran as the Jinn and how these malevolent spirits are able to misrepresent themselves by camouflaging their true identity and traveling around at fantastic speeds.

* Shape shifters who can turn into human looking beings, animals, orbs, fireballs or manifest themselves even as physical "hardware" to fool us into believing they are mechanical devices.

* The casting of magical spells, occult rituals and the ability to conjure up spirits and beings often mistaken for UFOnauts but more closely aligned with the elemental kingdom.


Cases of mind-altering UFO possession seem to be occurring on a global scale and at an alarming rate. There have been reports of entire towns being placed under a strange "spell," with the simultaneous appearance of flying saucers in the area.

A large-scale attempt to invade and seize the minds of human beings occurred on April 29, 1967, when a coastal village on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro became the target of a strange aerial visitor.

For approximately one hour on that day, the hundreds of citizens of Barra de Tijuca, Brazil, were literally forced into establishing contact with an unearthly intelligence, which quickly subdued every single person in town.

The series of disturbing events began at noon, when an emergency telephone call reached Dr. Jeronemo Rodriguez Morales, chief physician at Barra de Tijuca's general hospital. An excited voice explained how a man in his late 60s had fallen unconscious on the beach near town. The caller seemed alarmed because he felt certain the man had suffered a heart attack.

Apologizing to his waiting patients, Dr. Morales immediately drove to the scene.

Upon arriving, he found the man brushing sand from his clothes. He was standing and talking quietly to a crowd of people who had gathered to offer help.

"I was merely walking about the sand dunes," the man explained. "I had been watching the birds high above the water when suddenly I blacked out."

An on-the-spot examination, conducted in the hospital's old ambulance, ruled out the possibility of a heart attack, and Dr. Morales decided that the man had suffered a mild case of sunstroke. Knowing he was needed back at the hospital, the physician headed back to his waiting patients. Within minutes, however, the ambulance's shortwave radio blurted out the disturbing news that a fisherman had been discovered in shallow water beneath a nearby bridge and was said to be trembling from shock.

Dr. Morales quickly drove to the area and arrived just in time to see the "stricken"

fisherman casual y drying himself off and inquiring what all the excitement was about.

When the doctor explained that he had blacked out, the man seemed insulted.

"I'm not sick," he argued. "I feel perfectly well."

He assured Dr. Morales that he had been tossing his nets into these waters every day for 20 years without any difficulty and would do so for 20 more.

Within a short while, Dr. Morales received word of six other "stricken" individuals. All followed the identical pattern: people "keeling over," then reviving themselves without aid, and, after a flurry of excitement, vehemently insisting, "It was absolutely nothing."

The next episode, which occurred a little after one p.m., involved a young woman who had been innocently strolling along the beach with her three-year-old child at her side. Suddenly they both "passed out." Because of the child's age, Dr. Morales insisted the youngster be taken to the hospital for an extensive vaccination. The worried mother readily agreed.

While carrying the young boy into the emergency ward, Dr. Morales happened to glance skyward. High above, glistening in the sun, was a tremendous elongated object - a UFO. He watched as the shiny craft wobbled back and forth. It went through an entire series of gyrations. Several times it dropped lower in the sky, offering a better look at its metallic surface. Then, just as rapidly, it would dart back to its former position high in the clear blue sky.

During lunch, several other physicians and nurses on the hospital staff excitedly commented on their own sightings of a "cigar-shaped" craft which they had noticed suspended over the town that day since noon.

Coincidental? Most unlikely. Three days later, the same craft appeared again. Once more, a number of people dropped unconscious to the ground. During these two days, many other individuals were treated at the hospital for headaches and dizziness, no rational cause being found for their illness. From the evidence we have uncovered, the cause seems apparent.





IS THERE A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BLOOD SACRIFICES AND ANIMALS AS WELL AS HUMAN MUTILATIONS ATTRIBUTED TO EXTRATERRESTRIALS? It's the dirty little secret of UFOlogy -- something that only a few insiders dare discuss amongst themselves. For example, Lord Hill-Norton, the late five-star Admiral and the former head of the British Ministry of Defence, believed strongly in the existence of UFOs. But he did not see them in a positive light, professing instead in his privately printed UFO Concern Report: "UFOs are essentially a religious matter rather than a military threat and furethermore there is certainly a degree of psychic involvement in almost every case. Quite often, however, such experiences are definitely antithetical to orthodox Christian beliefs."

Journalist and author of "The Mothrman Prophecies" (made into a film starring Richard Gere) John A. Keel was adamant when he stated: "....The UFOs do not seem to exist as tangible manufactured objects. They do not conform to the accepted natural laws of our environment...The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon."

Other researchers of supernatural phenomena have noted that...The casting of magical spells, the performance of occult rituals and a ceremony to conjure up spirits are sometimes attempted by witnesses prior to a UFO appearing in their proximity.


President Eisenhower Had Three Secret Meetings With Aliens

President Eisenhower Had Three Secret Meetings With Aliens
source: dailymail.co.uk

by: Anthony Bond

President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former Pentagon consultant claims

Now in latest development, according to a former US government consultant former American President Dwight D. Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens.

The 34th President of the United States met the extra terrestrials at a remote air base in New Mexico in 1954, according to lecturer and author Timothy Good

Eisenhower and other FBI officials are said to have organised the showdown with the space creatures by sending out 'telepathic messages'.

The two parties finally met up on three separate occasions at the Holloman Air Force base and there were 'many witnesses'.

But the claims from Mr Good, a former U.S. Congress and Pentagon consultant, are the first to be made publicly by a prominent academic.

Speaking on Frank Skinner's BBC2 current affairs show Opinionated, he said that governments around the world have been in regular contact with aliens for many decades.

Aliens have made both formal and informal contact with thousands of people throughout the world from all walks of life,' he added.

Asked why the aliens don't go to somebody 'important' like Barack Obama, he said: 'Well, certainly I can tell you that in 1954, President Eisenhower had three encounters, set up meetings with aliens, which took place at certain Air Force bases including Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico.'

He added that there were 'many witnesses'.

Eisenhower, who was president from 1953 to 1961, is known to have had a strong belief in life on other planets.

The former five-star general in the United States Army who commanded the Allied Forces in Europe during the Second World War, was also keen on pushing the U.S. space programme.

His meeting with the cosmic life forms is said to have taken place while officials were told that he was on vacation in Palm Springs, California, in February 1954.

The initial meeting is supposed to have taken place with aliens who were 'Nordic' in appearance, but the agreement was eventually 'signed' with a race called 'Alien Greys'.

Mr Good added: 'We know that up to 90 per cent of all UFO reports can be explained in conventional terms. However, I would say millions of people worldwide have actually seen the real thing.'

Leonard Nimoy A Pop Culture Force As Spock Of Star Trek Dies At 83 Feb 2015 Ufo Sighting News

Leonard Nimoy A Pop Culture Force As Spock Of Star Trek Dies At 83 Feb 2015 Ufo Sighting News
I am completely shocked. My favorite Alien of them all is no more. But more than this, Leonard Nimoy, the Man, the Actor, the Director has left us. I simply cannot believe it. As someone once said: "I've grown accustomed to his face...". To imagine him never appearing on the screen or on stage again, is simply intolerable to me. He was such an intelligent, intuitive, insightful and yes, even funny person. I can only imagine what his colleagues of Star Trek, but not only, must feel right now, not to speak of what his family must be going through. I mourn with them all. The loss of such a great talent, is a huge loss for us all. He leaves an immense chasm after having walked this Earth of ours. I am sure he will be remembered for many, many decades and centuries from now, thanks to his filmed legacy (as well as through his photography, his greatest private passion), if just through his sentences, such as: "Live long and prosper" or "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the one", and again "Who ever said humans were logic?". I believe that Leonard would be proud and very happy, if people remembering him, would live from now by following the principles introduced through by Star Trek, as the IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations). This would be the best gift of respect toward such an intelligent and brave man. May he rest and live forever in our memories. SCW

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Credit: chupacabra-digest.blogspot.com

Two Humanoid Cases

Two Humanoid Cases
Location. Near Stasov, Kapustin Yar, Russia

Date: February 18 1990 Time: 0745A

Teenager Dmitriy Milkin was ice fishing in the banks of the Ahtuba River when he was suddenly confronted by a globe-shaped object resembling two hemispheres placed together. The craft landed on three pods, a hatch opened in the lower section and a ladder was automatically released to the ground. Two tall aliens (more than 2 m in height) came out. He described them as having oblong faces, large eyes, and small mouth, dressed in metallic looking outfits. They wore small caps on their heads with two short antennas.

Via telepathy the aliens said, "You will fly with us", clearly heard inside the witness' head. Apparently some kind of preliminary mental influence was "beamed" inside the teenager even before he noticed the UFO. The witness felt, as he was being treated indifferently by the aliens and felt somewhat inferior.

He was taken onboard and found himself in a round room about 8 m in diameter. There he saw control panels, buttons, screens and other equipment around. The room had 6 seats. He was told to sit in a single armchair made out of semi-transparent yellowish material. One of the pilots pressed a button, and a flight program was apparently inserted into the ship's "computer", he then heard a telepathic command: "Close your eyes and don't be afraid, we will say when to open them again." Then Milkin felt heaviness on his body, he partially opened his eyes and was stunned to see the hour pointer in his watched rotating faster than the minute pointer. The whole flight lasted only 40-45 seconds.

After the craft landed he went outside and was confronted by an alien landscape. There were two suns: the bigger star was of the orange color; the second sun was dark orange in color. The flora was dense and the trees were of unusually bright green color. The ground was sandy color, but not sand. The air was extremely fresh, uncommonly light and tasty. The gravitational pull was less than the earth. He saw several other crafts there, some looking like spheres others disc-shaped. He was accompanied to a 2-story building; light bluish in color, with some yellowish elements, of almost cubic shape, with a domed shaped roof and big glassy windows. He was then sat in a room where a meal was presented to him. Incredibly, the spoon had Russian markings on it. (!). The food resembled Jell-O and was tasty and sweet. Later he saw robotic creatures apparently used for domestic purposes. The aliens spoke among themselves in a tonal language.

He was told that: "HE WAS NOT FIT FOR THEIR PURPOSE BECAUSE OF YOUR MENTAL CAPABILITIES". And he was returned back to earth.

One last stunning detail: The alien spacecraft was some sort of interstellar machine, since when they arrived to earth it apparently was in the distant future. The aliens asked him if he wanted to stay in this time, but he refused.

After the encounter Milkin mental capabilities apparently improved.

HC addendumSource: Gennadiy S. Belimov, Anton Anfalov

Location. Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine

Date: Spring 1990 Time: early morning

The female witness, Natalya Shishkina was awakened by a strong sound, resembling that of a helicopter or tractor hovering over the small wooded house where she was sleeping, where she lived temporarily in her grandmother's property. The sound was more like that of farm equipment but more muffled.

She looked out the window and saw a silver object, descending from the sky resembling a "big belly" barrel. The object gave off bright rainbow-colored lights. The barrel-shaped object landed softly on the ground.

Then a clicking sound was heard, and the witness suddenly went into a semi-sleep, semi-awake state. Nearby a small woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The woman was shorter than of average height, and was dressed in a silvery tight-fitting suit. She had very long hair, light brown in color. The strange woman seemed to change her appearance on several occasions. She had unusually large eyes, very kind and clever looking. They emanated much energy and kindness. Filled with emotion Natalya began to cry while she stared at the alien woman.

The alien woman then began to communicate with Natalya telepathically. Natalya asked where she was from; the answer was, "FROM THE FIRST PLANET BEYOND THE SUN IS WHERE WE LIVE". The woman further stated that only the blond entities lived there, that they were very kind and intelligent. They always had warm conditions on their planet, unlike the earth. They enjoyed their planet immensely and took care of it. All the dark shades or colors were absent on that planet (dark hair, etc).

After that the woman commented that it was very cold here but that it would get warmer in two days. Natalya asked the woman how they managed to fly by the sun without getting burned by its immense temperatures.

At this point she heard the clicking sound once more and heard the question, "Would you like to fly with us? But the alien woman then added quite ominously, "But for that to happen, you must die physically, according to your terrestrial notions. We have no one like you where we live, with dark hair, but you will feel good on our planet." She added, "You will again become a human being on our planet". Natalya agreed with her (!) and the alien woman began to caress her hair on the back, saying, "What beautiful hair" Natalya had tears in her eyes, but felt very good and calm, as if she was in the hands of a loving mother.

Natalya further understood that the aliens were very intelligent, full of wisdom and lacked greed or aggressiveness. But we have something, which they did not possess (it is not clear what). Soon Natalya thought about her mother and after that the clicking sound was heard in her head again, the alien woman then bade her goodbye and wished her well and hurried back to the landed UFO approaching the object in an unusually quick pace.

After she entered the object it began to rotate around its axis and vanished in plain sight. At this point Natalya seemed to snap out of a trance, her eyes were still wet, tears still streaming from her eyes. At first she thought it had been all a dream but soon realized that the event had been real.

The branches of a nearby plum tree appeared broken on top, near where the barrel had landed. Her brother sleeping in the next room had also heard the engine sound, but was unable to awake from a deep sleep.

Two days after the contact, the cold temperatures seemed to lift from the village and became very warm. Natalya's hair acquired a beautiful appearance for a whole year without using any shampoos or conditioners. All of her acquaintances were amazed at her hair.

But her teeth began to fall out, and her immune system became weaker, as if she had been suffering from radiation poisoning. She also began to experience prophetic dreams.

HC addendum

Source: Anton Anfalov, quoting "Interesnaya Gazeta" Kiev #121998

"Thanks to Albert Rosales, Humanoid Sighting Reports

Stratagem The Last Novel Of Jacques Valle

Stratagem The Last Novel Of Jacques Valle
"Stratagem" is the last novel written by the prolific Dr. Vall'ee that once again deals with the UFO subject.(Documatica Research, LLC, California, 2007, 220 pages).

To my great surprise, Colares, in the Amazonian region of Brazil, is the hot spot chosen for the beginning and the end of the novel.

Those who frequently read these pages have been able to know about what happened in Colares during 1977. (See: "Colares (Brazil), Caronia (Italy) A Challenge to UAPSG Members - published on September 19, 2008).

Well, something extraordinary happened in Colares to the main characters of this novel, and they develop a plan -the stratagem of the title-to know who's behind what they experienced.

One of the weakness of the novel is that the stratagem is finally known by too many people, when the intelligent thing should have been to keep it as secret as possible.

In itself, it remembered me in certain way the "Operation Lure" suggested by Donald Keyhoe in his book "Aliens from Space"."

But the approach here is not mythical and na"ive as the one suggested by Keyhoe that expected to attract presumed extra-terrestrials.

Here the stratagem is directed to those guys who appear to have something to do with the UFOs, and try to control the whole issue.

Who are those rude thugs that are even capable to kill someone in order to keep a secret? Whom do they work for? And why they do so?

This serves as a pretext for Vall'ee who takes the opportunity to share with the readers some other pieces of his ideas about the official investigation of the UFO phenomenon by the US authorities, and by others.

The novel shows how it is possible to create a faked UFO landing, and all the consequences -some of them foreseeable, some of them not- that the event will create, and how it becomes an unstoppable snow ball that runs throughout the world. Exactly what had happened with many "UFO cases".

And also there is an explanation about what happened in a place near Roswell, which goes not exactly but quite along with what I wrote in my latest book.

I will not say a word about the nature of the strange phenomena seen in Colares, because it would be like revealing who is the assassin in a police novel.

But I cannot end this brief comment without saying that one of the most interesting ideas suggested by Vall'ee is that the investigation of the UFO phenomenon has been transferred from the official to the private sector.

And also that the organization that develop such a task with a worldwide scope, has not the headquarters in the USA but in Belgium.

If you want to know more, just read the novel.


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A Petition To The Mufon Board Of Directors Is Currently Circulating The Mufon Membership

A Petition To The Mufon Board Of Directors Is Currently Circulating The Mufon Membership


By James Carrion

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I have written before about the coming war between the Intelligence Agencies and Ufology and a series of recent events lead me to believe that this war which started some time ago is now in full battle.

You see, these intelligence agencies are absolutely obsessed with control and when an intelligence source like MUFON acts outside of the box the intelligence agencies would like to contain it in, then the gloves come off and the punches fly.

MUFON - an intelligence source? Yep, that is exactly how the US Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) and other related three letter agency see any UFO organization that collects detailed data on strange things flying around our atmosphere. Of course, AFOSI knows what's operating in US Air Space, but they want to control what data reaches say the Russians and the Chinese about what is flying around. AFOSI prefers that the general public think of it as a "UFO" and not the latest US stealth fighter or bomber, but of greater concern is what our less than believing and less than glazed eye enemy intelligence analysts glean from the published sighting data.

Recently, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned of the unanticipated advances in Chinese stealth technology that led to the development of the J-20 stealth fighter. Did the Chinese develop this technology of their own accord or did they "borrow" it through espionage and gleaning open intelligence sources. Regardless of how they did it, clamping down on any intelligence source foreign enemies can exploit is what keeps the AFOSI in business.

If an intelligence source cannot be contained, then the next logical action is to terminate it, the same way NICAP was, once it outlived its usefulness to those in the know and in control. MUFON has been around for 40 plus years and to bring down an established grass roots organization requires much more finesse with proven destabilization techniques and tools. Let me share some of those with you.

Tool # 1: Agent Provocateurs

An Agent Provocateur per Wikipedia's definition is a person employed by the police or other entity to act undercover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act. More generally, the term may refer to a person or group that seeks to discredit or harm another by provoking them to commit a wrong or rash action.

When I was the International Director of MUFON, a MUFON member who recently joined approached me with the alleged criminal record of a MUFON State Director. It was suggested that I use the criminal record information as grounds for removing the State Director. I did not.

Subsequently this State Director became very vocal and critical of anything that I did at MUFON beginning with his criticism of the Discovery Channel show "UFOs Over Earth" that I was involved in. He started a long and tireless campaign of spreading false information and inciting others within MUFON to action.

Then this State Director's criminal record was released to other MUFON members from an anonymous email address (perpetrator now known) which unleashed another endless tirade of accusations against myself and the MUFON Board.

Now you are probably wondering where I am going with this? Consider for a moment that the new MUFON member who gave me a copy of the criminal record, the alleged State Director victim and the perpetrator of the anonymous email are all on the same intelligence agency payroll and you can get an idea of how a defamation and smear campaign works. Agent provocateurs can be very effective in inciting unrest inside of an organization. I think many in MUFON can put names to the characters. I will reveal their names in due time.

Does this sound paranoid to you? Maybe, but in the shadowy world of spies and counter-spies where a country's national security is at stake, you best put your paranoid hat on, because anything is fair game.

Tool # 2: Rumor and Innuendo

Internet message boards like the Open Minds Forum, Above Top Secret and even MUFON's own original message board (RIP) which are based on public postings from anonymous individuals are an excellent medium for keeping smear campaigns going. I have already posted many articles on my blog about the disinformation tactics used on these boards and the dangers of anonymity. Critical minds can normally read between the lines, but many do not.

Despite the dangers these open media sources pose for the truth, it was still a very bad idea for the new MUFON International Director to trash MUFON's original board in favor of one that does not allow divergence of opinion or is too heavily moderated. Now the anonymous intelligence agency thugs active on the remaining boards can point to this as evidence of an organization that is more interested in its own image rather than in promoting open discourse and truth.

Of course the intelligence agencies like to have multiple data streams to push their message, so UFO email lists are also used to reinforce the intended message.

Tool # 3: Human Nature

It is human nature to become defensive when attacked especially if you feel you are outnumbered. Which defenses you mount will tell whether you repel the attack or are overrun. Sometimes the agencies will simply exploit ego or leadership style to ensure an intended result.

Clifford Clift has done an incredibly good job of causing dissent within MUFON's ranks by firing productive State Directors, taking an authoritarian bureaucratic stance on managing MUFON's image at the expense of the truth, and is leading MUFON into dangerous waters by plotting a course that started with his actions trying to preserve the MUFON-BAASS relationship.

A petition to the MUFON Board of Directors is currently circulating the MUFON membership and across the Internet demanding changes within the MUFON Board. The ranks of MUFON are not happy.

Tool # 4: Person of Influence

A strategically placed individual on the MUFON Board can reinforce rumor and innuendo that organizational collapse is imminent, that the peasants are rising in revolt and that additional severe (but counterproductive) methods should be used to regain control. It is at this point that the organization is in most danger of sinking because without an ethical and moral compass, it is now floating aimlessly.

After I resigned from MUFON, I discovered that someone on the MUFON Board was leaking emails intended only for Board Members to an outside third party. Someone on the Board (perhaps the strategically placed individual) accused me of hijacking Board Member computers and being the source of the leak. The MUFON Board would rather believe that their computers were hijacked rather than consider that there is an inside mole.

End Game

If the MUFON Board and those critical minds within the organization can't put up the proper defenses to the current Intelligence Agencies' onslaught, in the end, yet another UFO organization will bite the dust, nothing but a page in the long and troubled history of the UFO conundrum. Perhaps another will rise to take its place and this time the watchers and handlers will take even greater care in ensuring its control. End game - Ufology loses, Intelligence Agencies win.


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O Roswell Argentino Pelo Suposto Mistrio Ufo Em Salta Veja As Fotos E Vdeo

O Roswell Argentino Pelo Suposto Mistrio Ufo Em Salta Veja As Fotos E Vdeo
* o

O mist'erio de Salta UFOVEJA MAIS FOTOS


UFOALIENCURIOSIDADES DO MUNDOSALTO -. Na manh~a de 18 de Agosto, 1995 foi a data em que um evento conhecido como o Roswell Argentino, um mist'erio que envolve a presenca de um suposto OVNI em Salta, mais precisamente na Serrania Colorada, Joaqu'in V. Gonz'alez ocorreu. A primeira investigac~ao foi feito sobre o caso estava nas m~aos de Carlos Iurchuk, um pesquisador que se mudou de La Plata Salta dedicada exclusivamente ao fato, com testemunhas e fotografias.

Em seguida, transcrever trechos do artigo original publicado em 1995:

Em setembro de 1996 eu estava publicado no boletim "UFO ROUNDUP", que 'e distribu'ido atrav'es da Internet, que a queda de um objeto no sul de Salta tinha sido um UFO e tamb'em havia se recuperado 200 corpos do navio que foram levados para a cidade de Victoria, Entre Rios. Algumas dessas declarac~oes foram atribu'idas `a Argentina Fundac~ao Ovnilog'ia (FAO), o que n~ao era verdade. Quando parecia que tinha chegado a um impasse na pesquisa, faz telefonemas para reviver o caso. Antonio Galvagno, conjugais fatos mais pesquisados desde o in'icio, estava em Buenos Aires e queria encontrar-se com pessoas da Fundac~ao.

Antonio Galvagno viveu com sua esposa, na cidade de Salta Joaqu'in V. Gonz'alez, do Departamento de Anta.Aquele 17 de agosto, um dia claro, ambos foram almocar `as 13:47, quando voc^e ouvir todas as pessoas "duas explos~oes enormes. Para a segunda polegadas explos~ao comeca a se mover ch~ao, tectos, as l^ampadas "movimento. As primeiras cr'iticas sugerem a queda de um meteoro ou um avi~ao. Galvagno piloto civil e dedica-se a pulverizac~ao. At'e ent~ao tinha uma aeronave ultraleve de dois lugares utilizados para esta finalidade. No momento do incidente o avi~ao estava na pista, "t~ao cheio de gasolina imediatamente e ir na direc~ao da longa coluna de fumaca que vimos." Quando voc^e faz o seu primeiro contato com a pluma descrito como "como uma nuvem de fuligem, com part'iculas met'alicas. Naquele dia, a busca prossegue sem incidentes. Voe como 3 horas at'e eu ficar sem gasolina. Eu n~ao encontrar nada ".

Os pr'oximos 15 dias s~ao tamb'em dedicada aos resultados de pesquisa sem positivos.A quil^ometros de Joaqu'in V. Gonz'alez tinha uma propriedade em que havia pessoas tomando sol. "Quando eles v^eem o fen^omeno, depois de alguns segundos que s~ao impactadas por aquilo que v^eem, correr, tirar foto da c^amera e sess~ao de fotos de voc^e." Ent~ao naquele dia depois de sua busca frustrada, primeiro comecou a coletar depoimentos pessoas que testemunharam o incidente. Pessoas que tomam "a foto acima voc^e v^e 'e uma explos~ao, um enorme flash. Posteriormente dizem ver uma bola vermelha comeca a cair com movimentos oscilantes. E essa bola vermelha dizer desaparecendo por tr'as das 'arvores. "De acordo Galvagno, essa" bola vermelha "n~ao se desintegram no ar, mas caiu todo." Quando o seu impacto no solo 'e quando vamos sentir o terremoto. "Andando pela cidade mais pr'oxima De facto, a evid^encia comecou a clarificar a imagem.

"Todos os relatos concordam que a partir sul da Bol'ivia uma esp'ecie de placa met'alica aparece, mas j'a era ruim, ziguezagueando". Testemunhas dar um tamanho aproximado de 200 a 300 metros de di^ametro. "Gastar muito baixo pelo povo de Tunal e Warehouse. Em um momento de v^oo muito lento, que eles estavam fazendo-lhe algumas coisas voltam velocidade muito r'apida, metalizada, que fazem fora de um pouco de fumaca por tr'as.Quando esses dois objetos chegarmos `as explos~oes famosos ocorrer. As cidades mais pr'oximas para o fato de ouvir seis explos~oes. Dizem as testemunhas que est~ao mais pr'oximos a explos~ao que estava estacionado dois objetos no ar, em seguida, deixando cair o dispositivo desaparecer up ".

Com estas declarac~oes, Galvagno mudar a 'area de pesquisa
", apesar de n~ao coincidir com a direc~ao que eu pensava que era. Eu estava voando do outro lado da colina. Quando eu me encontro com esses testemunhos me dizer: se os navios est~ao l'a, obviamente, a coisa est'a l'a. " Na manh~a do primeiro dia de busca na nova 'area, ap'os cerca de 15 minutos de v^oo, "Eu vejo uma faixa queimada no ch~ao. Um trecho muito longo, cerca de 1.500 metros de comprimento e tem 600 metros de largura. " Quando eu me aproximo da virada e bater o ponto novamente o avi~ao comeca a parar. Eu estava a 200 metros do cume da colina, por isso era bom altura. (...) N~ao havia vento, foi legal, foi bonito de se voar. Eles n~ao poderiam ter sido problemas de turbul^encia ou de baixa press~ao era perfeito. O avi~ao cair eu sinto, me cai. Coloquei motor para segurar, eu coloquei em uma pirueta e soltar o mesmo como se a colina me chupar. Acidente muito estranho. "

Durante os primeiros dias ap'os a queda do objeto, voc^e 'e apresentado Galvagno um grupo de cerca de nove pessoas pertencentes a Gendarmerie que "Pro'ibo pesquisa, eu proibir pesquisa, pro'ibo a voar", argumentando que 'e o espaco a'ereo fechado por seguranca nacional. "Eles eram como meia hora deliberar entre eles. Logo vem um oficial e um sub-tenente e diz, bem, Tony, aqui temos obviamente unificar pesquisa. Diga-me o que voc^e sabe que eu te dizer que eu sei, e n'os nos tornamos amigos. "Eles sentaram-se para conversar. "Eles me disseram que ele tinha ca'ido um pouco sobre o afloramento El Gallo, em Met'an l'a. H'a uma ca'ida l'a e eu, pessoalmente, tenho que ir para baixo no domingo, com um helic'optero para resgatar peca. Eu digo que j'a tateando, mas n~ao conseguimos porque 'e muito grande. Ele diz que foi uma peca met'alica como 3,50 metros de comprimento e n~ao tem peso. Voc^e construa e eles gostam que pesa 200 gramas. Mas se n~ao for, n~ao podemos tomar helic'optero.O sub-tenente me disse, e eu, pessoalmente, vir para baixo com uma corda e salvar a peca. "

Galvagno Quando perguntado se havia pessoas da NASA, eles respondem. "N~ao sei se voc^e 'e da NASA, mas s~ao Yankees que est~ao lidando com tudo isso Eu estranho porque a NASA n~ao funciona bem", disse o Galvagno. "O mais prov'avel 'e que amanh~a voc^e comecar a batida um pontap'e no rabo e n~ao deixar ir." Como antecipamos, no dia seguinte traz uma nova sub-tenente, e sem oficial, totalmente decepcionado. "Eu n~ao tinha permiss~ao para entrar na fazenda. Ouvi helic'opteros foram para o afloramento ". Galvagno querendo saber mais sobre o que estava por tr'as de receber uma resposta simples: "A fim de que os Estados Unidos deram 'e que a Argentina n~ao investigar."

Ver o v'ideo e fotos. (Especial )

Origin: dark-shadowy-line.blogspot.com

Billy Meier Story Ufo And Prophecies From Outer Space Free Movie

Billy Meier Story Ufo And Prophecies From Outer Space Free Movie
Published on Apr 28, 2012 by RealityEntertainment

In 1958, Billy Meier predicted the Iraq Wars, AIDS and global warming. Is it the biggest hoax or... the most important story in human history?

You'll find the startling answer in this remarkable, true-life story about how a young Swiss boy's meetings with extraterrestrials would eventually lead him later in life through dozens of countries, meeting many famous world leaders -- including Saddam Hussein -- in order to fulfill ancient prophecies.

This one-armed farmer from Switzerland has taken hundreds of the most startling photos in UFO History and has even filmed what he refers to as "Beam Ships" used by sentient beings that hail from a star system near the Pleiades. He has been able to produce photographs, film footage, sound recordings and even metal samples as evidence of his visitations.

You'll be captivated by how in his twenties, "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier was transformed into "The Phantom" (a real life combination of Indiana Jones, Lawrence of Arabia and Han Solo) and by packing a.44 Magnum was able to apprehend serial killers and mass murderers. Meier's life story is an enigmatic journey that ultimately culminates with him becoming the messenger for an advanced race of beings know as the Plejaran.

Their message is clear: earth is in trouble, the people have been asleep, and we must make drastic changes or there will be devastating consequences for all of mankind.


Credit: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

Channeling The King

Channeling The King
Years ago, before blogs were invented, Larry King used to write a column for USA Today. (For you youngsters, he was also the only major TV talking head who ever hosted UFO panel discussions on a quasi-regular basis, hopelessly jumbled and chaotic as they were). Anyhow, no matter what King wanted to riff about - celebrities, politics, a new stickshift, his own masculine prowess, mindless cheerleading - USA Today gave him a blank check. Mostly they were jellybeans, disjointed and weightless, idle whimsy in a spot-on precursor to the self-absorption of social media. I found them curiously visionary and addictive, like empty calories you shove down your pie-hole when you aren't even hungry. The other night, in tribute, by incense and candlelit skull, I channeled Larry King doing UFOs. The sad results:

'Take me to your leader -- no wait a minute, I AM the leader!'/CREDIT: twitter.com

UFOs, UFOs, UFOs! Cue the "Close Encounters" music, man, we're talking UFOs!... I hate it when they turn out to be weather balloons, like the one earlier this month in Phoenix. Thanks for nothin', NASA and WPTV. I hate it when science museums resort to staging UFO hoaxes at baseball games in order to draw consumers to new exhibits that don't have anything to do with UFOs. That's like flashing Salma Hayek in a bikini on the jumbotron and getting Roseanne Barr at the door. Really? That low?... If you media types are gonna get people worked up into a UFO frenzy about balloons, please, at least make 'em interesting, ok, like the seahorse-looking thing over Belfast the other day. Human ingenuity knows no limits and I'm personally hoping for one that looks like Gaudi's Sagrada Familia.

Steven "Sirius documentary" Greer is so buff, if they had a Mr. UFO America contest, I'd put my on that hoss... A B-52 that crashed over North Carolina in 1961 was loaded with nuclear bombs. We've known that from the beginning. But today, 52 years later, we're only "NOW" finding out that a single low-voltage safety switch kept one of those four-megaton suckers from blowing the eastern seaboard to smithereens? For all you nay-sayers bloviating about how Washington can't keep a secret, trust me, Lance Armstrong's gonna win next year's Tour de France... We subsidize an entire classified infrastructure to keep these things under lock and key, and I for one sure as heck don't wanna hear about it, OK? These fellas keep telling us everything they know, I'll be bleaching my skivvies from here to eternity... No brag, just fact: If Hollywood tries to remake Bill Murray singing "Star Wars" on SNL, my wallet stays shut tighter than a clam fossilized in 100 million years of sediment.

If extraterrestrials look like Neytiri in "Avatar," beam me up, Scotty, I'm ready for the sequel. But sorry, the tail's gotta go... Wanted to reach Citizen Hearing on Disclosure financier Thomas Clearwater last month. The Canadian millionaire dropped a lotta bread on that week-long hearing in Washington in May, but the anticipated residual media payoffs never materialized. CHoD organizer Steven Bassett doubted the media-shy Clearwater would talk, but he'd check and see. Never heard back, so I blogged on 8/30/13. Three weeks later, Clearwater posted this comment: "The author would be best to check his drama and actually research and contact people about whom he writes, including me." Kismet - now I had his email. Queried him back about an interview. His reply: "I give reporters one chance to show themselves. If what I see or experience does not meet a certain high threshold of integrity I seek, I have no further interactions with them. I will pass on your offer to chat." Clearwater's like Robert De Niro in "The Deer Hunter." One shot, pal. Just one shot - that's it. Gotta respect the man.

Is the mainstream media finally applying some good old-fashioned shoe leather to UFOs? The other day, the - get this - Dallas Morning News (!) broke this story: Texas trailed only California in UFO reports last year, making the Lone Star State a "hotbed" for UFO activity. This was so sensational, even public radio station KERA ran with that scoop. (Psst. Bet I know which state is a coldbed for UFO activity: Rhode Island)... It's been two weeks since Lincoln, Neb., ABC affiliate KLKN aired pretty cool footage of a diamond-shaped UFO acquired by its tower-mounted Weathercam. Where's the followup, 'Huskers? To quote disco queen's Andrea True Connection: "More, more, more!".... I don't need Viagra, man... Art Bell's back and the man still rocks. Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year... When is Hollywood gonna turn Ann Druffel's "Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science" into celluloid? Johnny Depp needs a break from playing weirdos. Put him in the title role and we're talkin' box office magic... Call me old school, but I liked it better when they were flyin' saucers... Viagra? Not for me, thanks!

The Ufo That Came To Earth

The Ufo That Came To Earth
These days, it prerequisite be rumored that the clear back issue of UFOs and aliens is contagion once hoaxes, captivate and specialist jokes. On 31 Pace 1989 one such trick caused rise in anxiety in Surrey. The first sign of testing came in the afternoon what police usual a restrain from a person dwell sticky South Godstone to say that a flying saucer was on the brink over her house. The telephonist responded composedly, asking the person for a meaning. The person was visibly overexcited, but was able to account for that the object was improved than her house, was round once a field on top and a row of windows impart the rim. It was, she rumored, now violent very lifelessly north.

Since the person did not account for, to the same extent she was unintentional of the fact, was that she was cachet in the entrance of her house horizontal in your birthday suit. She was so dumbfounded by the object overhead that she had preceding that she was realization altered to go out. Precisely what a neighbour shouted corner to corner to her did the person realise her surroundings and current move forward within.

After that to restrain in was a motorist on the M25 sticky Limpsfield. He was by the standby roadside phone up which was generally modest for breakdowns to report a vast UFO overhead march on the way to London. As well as a transcribe motorist called in, this time on a car appeal, to report the same thing. Convinced that no matter which odd was modish, the telephonist alerted a police car in the area and sent it to check out.

The police car trendy to mark particular vehicles dull on the severe uphold of the M25 as the occupants stood about staring inside the sky to the north. The police followed their stares and were dumbfounded to see a immense, disc-shaped object that looked exactly savor the dressed in image of a flying saucer. It was shiny, had portholes or windows impart the exterior boundary and was topped by a field, else good posture windows. The object was vast, physical at impart 90 feet corner to corner, and was to be more precise visibly sliding to land.

The policemen sprang move forward inside their car and raced off on the way to the landing site. They trendy to mark that the rocket ship was in fact a hot air get bigger particularly commissioned to elevation savor a flying saucer by the millionaire factory owner Richard Branson. The get bigger was being test flown for an April Oaf Day's trick in London's Hyde Point of view the at the back day.

from "FAMOUS SURREY" by Rupert Matthews


The realm of Surrey may wear a face of housing and olive normality, but lurking not far less than the surface is an unequalled cost of paranormal activity and idiosyncrasy. In this volume, celebrated home town author Rupert Matthews, an educated on the back issue of the paranormal, draws as a group a hazardous and peculiar regular of first-hand accounts and long-forgotten store reports from the county's history. From big cat sightings and ancient monsters to poltergeists and UFOs, this compendium of the fantastic endeavors that exert bowled over and fearful the populace of Surrey is meaningfully illustrated once a mass of revolutionary photographs and store images. These days falling the story postponed numerous of Surrey's most famous mythology and legends, whilst else flaking light on certified insignificant well-defined paranormal phenomena, this book soul captivate relations who are unintentional of this side of the county's shape.

Ufo Hovers Near New York School

Ufo Hovers Near New York School
"By Roger Marsh via The Canadian National Newspaper"

Okay. Maybe it's just me. But does this "UFO" look strikingly similar to a bundle of balloons? - Mason I. Bilderberg

A New York family walking through Flushing, Queens, reported watching and photographing a "strange organic-type UFO with appendages" about 5:40 p.m. on June 5, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

"The object was hovering in the south direction," the reporting witness stated. "Luckily I had brought my new camera to record the school production. This occurred at about 5:40 p.m. We stood and watched it periodically and noticed it hadn't moved at all. It just floated there at a very high altitude."

When the family reached the school, they pointed out the object in the sky to other people.

"There were over 30 people all outside waiting to be let into the school. Quickly, all eyes were turned to the skies. Many met what they were seeing with confusion, keen interest and some skepticism. Soon, even the skeptics were unsure what they were seeing with their own two eyes."

The witness described the object.

"The object was still hovering and unmoved - still giving off some kind of odd glow. After four more attempts with the camera, I finally managed to get it. It didn't take long for all those who witnessed what I'd seen to be convinced, whether they believe in ETs or not, that this was simply not something man-made, but rather some kind of organic life form."

When the concert was over about an hour later, the object was gone.


via The Canadian National Newspaper

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