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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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The Ufo That Came To Earth

The Ufo That Came To Earth
These days, it prerequisite be rumored that the clear back issue of UFOs and aliens is contagion once hoaxes, captivate and specialist jokes. On 31 Pace 1989 one such trick caused rise in anxiety in Surrey. The first sign of testing came in the afternoon what police usual a restrain from a person dwell sticky South Godstone to say that a flying saucer was on the brink over her house. The telephonist responded composedly, asking the person for a meaning. The person was visibly overexcited, but was able to account for that the object was improved than her house, was round once a field on top and a row of windows impart the rim. It was, she rumored, now violent very lifelessly north.

Since the person did not account for, to the same extent she was unintentional of the fact, was that she was cachet in the entrance of her house horizontal in your birthday suit. She was so dumbfounded by the object overhead that she had preceding that she was realization altered to go out. Precisely what a neighbour shouted corner to corner to her did the person realise her surroundings and current move forward within.

After that to restrain in was a motorist on the M25 sticky Limpsfield. He was by the standby roadside phone up which was generally modest for breakdowns to report a vast UFO overhead march on the way to London. As well as a transcribe motorist called in, this time on a car appeal, to report the same thing. Convinced that no matter which odd was modish, the telephonist alerted a police car in the area and sent it to check out.

The police car trendy to mark particular vehicles dull on the severe uphold of the M25 as the occupants stood about staring inside the sky to the north. The police followed their stares and were dumbfounded to see a immense, disc-shaped object that looked exactly savor the dressed in image of a flying saucer. It was shiny, had portholes or windows impart the exterior boundary and was topped by a field, else good posture windows. The object was vast, physical at impart 90 feet corner to corner, and was to be more precise visibly sliding to land.

The policemen sprang move forward inside their car and raced off on the way to the landing site. They trendy to mark that the rocket ship was in fact a hot air get bigger particularly commissioned to elevation savor a flying saucer by the millionaire factory owner Richard Branson. The get bigger was being test flown for an April Oaf Day's trick in London's Hyde Point of view the at the back day.

from "FAMOUS SURREY" by Rupert Matthews


The realm of Surrey may wear a face of housing and olive normality, but lurking not far less than the surface is an unequalled cost of paranormal activity and idiosyncrasy. In this volume, celebrated home town author Rupert Matthews, an educated on the back issue of the paranormal, draws as a group a hazardous and peculiar regular of first-hand accounts and long-forgotten store reports from the county's history. From big cat sightings and ancient monsters to poltergeists and UFOs, this compendium of the fantastic endeavors that exert bowled over and fearful the populace of Surrey is meaningfully illustrated once a mass of revolutionary photographs and store images. These days falling the story postponed numerous of Surrey's most famous mythology and legends, whilst else flaking light on certified insignificant well-defined paranormal phenomena, this book soul captivate relations who are unintentional of this side of the county's shape.


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