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Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer

Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer


by Timothy Green Beckley

It's UFOlogy's dirty little secret. It's something that is better left swept under the rug.

Stanton Friedman doesn't talk about it. Stephen Bassett most assuredly would keep the subject at arm's length. The late Richard Hall would have deleted you from his address book. And Steven Greer would never consider it part of his ongoing disclosure program.

To coin ourselves a catchall phrase that brings together all the negative aspects of the subject, I prefer to call it the DARK SIDE OF UFOLOGY! It would appear - at least at first glance - that only those who consider themselves Christian fundamentalists have a rigorous drum to beat on the subject matter, and it would seem to be almost an exclusive part of their zealous religious belief system that says if they can't find it in the Bible it can't be so - or if it is and they can't define it in any other way then it must be DEMONIC!

The truth is we are not dealing solely with physical craft from outer space occupied by off-world astronauts coming to Earth merely to check out our lifestyle and warn us that we might possibly annihilate ourselves either ecologically or through our warlike activities.

More and more emphasis needs to be placed on the spiritual, occult and paranormal nature of the phenomena seen in our skies and invading our homes and personal boundaries. It's not all "sweetness and light," kiddies. The truth is that there are frequently a lot of negative elements associated with UFO encounters. Some of the entities involved could very well be leading us down the primrose path. You can believe, and the evidence clearly is undisputable, that there are cosmic criminals in our midst who have successfully managed to possess and control the minds of some utterly frightened participants who had no warning that they were to be caught up inside a nightmarish web of confusion and chaos.

There are numerous aspects of this dark side of UFOs.

* The connection between UFOs, demons, and possibly Satan himself.

* The fascination for and the link between Nazism, occultism and German-made flying saucers.

* The ghastly exercise of blood draining and human sacrifice throughout antiquity and their relationship to animal and human mutilations and blood letting in modern times, which align closely to the appearance of UFOs in specific theaters of operation on our planet.

* The weird claims of John Lear that aliens are coming here to kidnap humans and not return them. That people are being used for food, and how "they" are experimenting with us - sadistic experimentations - and attempting to suck out our souls and place them in containers for their own use.

* The Islamic belief in the normally invisible elementals identified in the Koran as the Jinn and how these malevolent spirits are able to misrepresent themselves by camouflaging their true identity and traveling around at fantastic speeds.

* Shape shifters who can turn into human looking beings, animals, orbs, fireballs or manifest themselves even as physical "hardware" to fool us into believing they are mechanical devices.

* The casting of magical spells, occult rituals and the ability to conjure up spirits and beings often mistaken for UFOnauts but more closely aligned with the elemental kingdom.


Cases of mind-altering UFO possession seem to be occurring on a global scale and at an alarming rate. There have been reports of entire towns being placed under a strange "spell," with the simultaneous appearance of flying saucers in the area.

A large-scale attempt to invade and seize the minds of human beings occurred on April 29, 1967, when a coastal village on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro became the target of a strange aerial visitor.

For approximately one hour on that day, the hundreds of citizens of Barra de Tijuca, Brazil, were literally forced into establishing contact with an unearthly intelligence, which quickly subdued every single person in town.

The series of disturbing events began at noon, when an emergency telephone call reached Dr. Jeronemo Rodriguez Morales, chief physician at Barra de Tijuca's general hospital. An excited voice explained how a man in his late 60s had fallen unconscious on the beach near town. The caller seemed alarmed because he felt certain the man had suffered a heart attack.

Apologizing to his waiting patients, Dr. Morales immediately drove to the scene.

Upon arriving, he found the man brushing sand from his clothes. He was standing and talking quietly to a crowd of people who had gathered to offer help.

"I was merely walking about the sand dunes," the man explained. "I had been watching the birds high above the water when suddenly I blacked out."

An on-the-spot examination, conducted in the hospital's old ambulance, ruled out the possibility of a heart attack, and Dr. Morales decided that the man had suffered a mild case of sunstroke. Knowing he was needed back at the hospital, the physician headed back to his waiting patients. Within minutes, however, the ambulance's shortwave radio blurted out the disturbing news that a fisherman had been discovered in shallow water beneath a nearby bridge and was said to be trembling from shock.

Dr. Morales quickly drove to the area and arrived just in time to see the "stricken"

fisherman casual y drying himself off and inquiring what all the excitement was about.

When the doctor explained that he had blacked out, the man seemed insulted.

"I'm not sick," he argued. "I feel perfectly well."

He assured Dr. Morales that he had been tossing his nets into these waters every day for 20 years without any difficulty and would do so for 20 more.

Within a short while, Dr. Morales received word of six other "stricken" individuals. All followed the identical pattern: people "keeling over," then reviving themselves without aid, and, after a flurry of excitement, vehemently insisting, "It was absolutely nothing."

The next episode, which occurred a little after one p.m., involved a young woman who had been innocently strolling along the beach with her three-year-old child at her side. Suddenly they both "passed out." Because of the child's age, Dr. Morales insisted the youngster be taken to the hospital for an extensive vaccination. The worried mother readily agreed.

While carrying the young boy into the emergency ward, Dr. Morales happened to glance skyward. High above, glistening in the sun, was a tremendous elongated object - a UFO. He watched as the shiny craft wobbled back and forth. It went through an entire series of gyrations. Several times it dropped lower in the sky, offering a better look at its metallic surface. Then, just as rapidly, it would dart back to its former position high in the clear blue sky.

During lunch, several other physicians and nurses on the hospital staff excitedly commented on their own sightings of a "cigar-shaped" craft which they had noticed suspended over the town that day since noon.

Coincidental? Most unlikely. Three days later, the same craft appeared again. Once more, a number of people dropped unconscious to the ground. During these two days, many other individuals were treated at the hospital for headaches and dizziness, no rational cause being found for their illness. From the evidence we have uncovered, the cause seems apparent.





IS THERE A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BLOOD SACRIFICES AND ANIMALS AS WELL AS HUMAN MUTILATIONS ATTRIBUTED TO EXTRATERRESTRIALS? It's the dirty little secret of UFOlogy -- something that only a few insiders dare discuss amongst themselves. For example, Lord Hill-Norton, the late five-star Admiral and the former head of the British Ministry of Defence, believed strongly in the existence of UFOs. But he did not see them in a positive light, professing instead in his privately printed UFO Concern Report: "UFOs are essentially a religious matter rather than a military threat and furethermore there is certainly a degree of psychic involvement in almost every case. Quite often, however, such experiences are definitely antithetical to orthodox Christian beliefs."

Journalist and author of "The Mothrman Prophecies" (made into a film starring Richard Gere) John A. Keel was adamant when he stated: "....The UFOs do not seem to exist as tangible manufactured objects. They do not conform to the accepted natural laws of our environment...The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon."

Other researchers of supernatural phenomena have noted that...The casting of magical spells, the performance of occult rituals and a ceremony to conjure up spirits are sometimes attempted by witnesses prior to a UFO appearing in their proximity.



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