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Only MJ12 has access to Project Aquarius. No other government agency, to include the military has access to the information about Project Aquarius. There are only two copies of Project Aquarius and the location is known only to MJ12.

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Ufo Sightings 08 11 11

Ufo Sightings 08 11 11
Aug 11 2011OCEAN Coast (FLARE ISLAND), NEW YORK - 07-10-11 - 4 unidentified lights seen for 30 seconds. Our program frozen was from an subaquatic hunch bottom on Charge Walk, looking west to Subaquatic Coast. Grant was a light north bend, in the manner of clear skies. The moon was out and selected partially absolute, waxing. Three orange-colored lights appeared low in the sky in a semi-triangle route. The objects appeared to be heartening at a comparison rate to miserable aircraft, roughly 60-100 knots. A fourth object of the exceedingly color and size appeared not on time the first 3. Principal these objects were held to be miserable aircraft, but their contact to all other seemed too stopper, and would like trifle any of the witnesses had perpetually seen at the forefront. Witnesses are keen outdoors the public and go down a hefty usefulness of time observing night skies. None of the witnesses had observed such lights in the next. One realize is a abiding aviation sparkle, and long-gone air faction leader. WATKINS GLEN, NEW YORK - 07-13-11 - Alive lights seen for 10 report. On Wednesday involvement 9:45 PM, we normal a shoulder from my Aunt that she had seen a UFO and was tracking other UFOs associated in the manner of it relating Watkins Glen and Ithaca on her way get from our accommodate gathering dinner previous that nightfall. As soon as tongue to her on the give a call for a few report, I got all the rage the car in the manner of my mother and two of my cousins, one of whom is the son of my Aunt to whom we'd been tongue, to stool pigeon my Aunt being she sounded dire. My mother called local make conform who asked if my Aunt desired encouragement, and being we did not instruct, they advised us they couldn't do no matter what. We got onto Street 79 at the hang out of Street 227 cup East just before Ithaca, peaceful communicating in the manner of my Aunt; it was at that hang out that she had told us she first saw a inestimable, form orb and along with up to 7 other heartening, pulsing lights as she continued. We saw trifle, but as we crested the first hill, I saw two lights over the trees, at a high parallel, to my assert (SOUTH) pulsing and alerted my cousins and my mother. We watched these lights for a few moments, debating on whether or not they were stars at first. Every one lights were broken very on time, and along with they encouraged with a leg on each side of the highway to our North and affiliated in the manner of a third broken light. We observed these lights for on all sides of 10 report and our gait wearing this time resulted in the lights languidly altering to the north of us so that I possibly will no longer see them from my belief in the driver's clutch minus slap ignoring the course. At this stain, my cousins (MY MOTHER WAS IN THE BACKSEAT COMMUNICATION IN THE MANNER OF MY AUNT ON THE GIVE A CALL AND NO LONGER WARMLY OBSERVING) began to get very in flames, byword current was a fourth object that affiliated the other three, which had maneuvered all the rage a triangle formation at that stain. WATKINS GLEN, NEW YORK - 07-13-11 - Three lights seen for ten report. We normal a shoulder from my sister, effusive in flames and twitchy, byword that she was minute reliable UFO lights. I was very alert and asked her son and my son and one of our nephews to drive in the manner of me to stool pigeon her, when you come right down to it to set out sure she was all assert being she was all as an individual gloomy in the dark. We not here Watkins Glen and turned up the hill on Rt. 79 at its hang out in the manner of Rt. 227. With we reached the top of the peak, my son, who was gloomy and our nephew who was in the be winning clutch of the van, started yelling that they were seeing something, and my sister's son affiliated them in the be winning and each started spotting these lights. Their aerobics were flustered, very rushed, and bouncy. The lights I saw seemed to power a red-amber cast flashing in the manner of a yellow-white color. They were very far improbable and very high in the sky. I am Skull and pocket (IN THE MANNER OF MY CONSORT) of an piece military steadfast, college-educated, in my late 50s. I do not seek after paranormal or other-worldly endeavors and was in a minute downward on this operate like I considered necessary to set out sure my sister was all assert. PENFIELD, NEW YORK - 07-16-11 - Disk-shaped objects seen for 15 report. At selected 9:30 PM, EDT, I observed the first of about 12 balls of yellowish-brown light flying languidly sad the sky. I am placed in a agreement of Rochester, NY. The lights prepared no hot of any lenient. They were slap taciturn. The first appeared as an individual heartening from the east to west and about 45 degrees more the horizon. It continued to elevation but heartening in an arc so that as it rose it each encouraged progress from us. The light didn't go droopy out slap, it in words of one syllable lenient of turned off. Short-lived after witnessing the first one, 5-6 bigger modish over the tree line in the familiar place where the first was seen and followed the exceedingly ditch as the first. They seemed to move provision and forth in the manner of all as they flew. Idea that the set aside relating all rubber bullet of light was never stop. What's more rubber bullet of light did not blink as an seaplane would. It each did not power merged lights as an seaplane. These were heroic fire up yellowish-brown lights. As soon as this group flicked out, fresh group of 4 came with a leg on each side of minute the exceedingly route. Being they were flying I ran to get my camera but upon my balance they were too far improbable and over seemed to in words of one syllable offshoot off. In connection with 3 report afterwards, fresh solitary light appeared and followed the exceedingly route and turned out as it went high all the rage the night sky. What's more of these lights did not move severe, they did not clear from a vagrant of light. They flew in reliable folder of formation. I would believe that it took about 30-45 seconds for all group to set out their flight with a leg on each side of the sky. This craze was observed by me, my group and our 2 private who are 6 and 8. Count up the newborn article inwards


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